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Focus on Prayer Alison Berry reviews Prayer Saturated Kids by Cheryl Sacks and Arlyn Lawrence


ollowing the small article about prayer and children in the last issue of transform, one of the pieces of feedback I received from a parent was “there must be so much more to say…”

So, I set about finding more to say! Surprisingly, there seemed to be few books specifically aiming to help Christian parents teach their children to pray, but I stumbled upon Prayer Saturated Kids and didn‘t look back. Once you manage to put aside the slightly cringe-worthy title, and the fact it‘s written by two American women, and has a style to match (apologies to any American readers!), it‘s a wonderful instructive and insightful manual. For those who believe in prayer, believe in the next generations and believe in God's purposes to give life more abundantly, this is a must.

teach them how to listen to God‘s voice, instruct them in how to lay hands on people who are ill, and give them opportunities to practice. Children like action – they don‘t just want to hear about heroes of the faith, they want to have adventures themselves; ―don‘t just teach me about David and Goliath. I want to slay a few giants of my own!‖. The book gives practical help, realistic steps and inspiring real life stories to equip you to teach and mentor children to become powerful lifelong pray-ers while your own prayer life is growing with theirs. It includes a whole chapter on making your home a house of prayer as well as real encouragement that it‘s never too late to start praying, and there are specific ideas for hurting families and those with grown-up children too.

Whatever stage you are at with prayer, I would recommend this book, In case you‘re tempted to switch off right now, a ―prayer saturated kid‖, and its focus on prayer as an adventure. The children in the Narnia is simply a child who is prayed for, prayed with, and taught to pray. stories learned that with each new adventure and battle, that the further Prayer saturated kids are full of faith – equipped and released to pray in up and further in you go, the bigger everything gets. So it is with prayer, ways that change the world and people around them. and this book gives a real glimpse of that - showing how, through Importantly, this book is not just for parents! It‘s for Nowhere in the bible do we prayer, you can help children discover and fulfill their original design and destiny, and then turn them loose to grandparents, godparents, anyone involved in chilread that supernatural be history-makers and world changers! Not a bad deal dren‘s ministry, anyone in fact who knows any children! adventures are reserved for for £7.99! Read it too if you‘re a teenager, especially the great examples of the history of church revival and what happens when the youth start praying!

people over twenty one.

It‘s a disturbing read – a description I chose deliberately. It‘s disturbing in the sense that it‘ll require that you make a change after reading it. Maybe a change in the way you pray, or the way you pray with and for children, or even the need to release our own expectations and dreams of who we would like our children to be. It‘s all too easy to project our own hopes and desires onto them and miss entirely the plans God has for them.

Jesus said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.” And he placed his hands on their heads and blessed

It also disturbs our view of what children‘s ministry should be all about. It‘s not enough to tell children bible stories that hint about the fact that they can hear God‘s voice or that Jesus does heal the sick. We need to

Prayer Saturated Kids is published by Nav Press and is available from Canaan Bookshop in Staines priced £7.99

Transforming the sewers in Zimbabwe


big thank you to everyone who prayed or gave money for Zimbabwe as part of the St John‘s Lent Appeal. An impressive £1,295 was raised and sent to Tearfund so they can help the Zimbabwean church transform their community. The work of the local churches is a wonderful example of what can be achieved when Christians are prepared to gets their hands really dirty! The efforts of Zimbabwean Christians can be seen in Bulawayo. The city‘s century-old crumbling sewage infrastructure has fallen into disrepair because the local council is unable to pay workers and invest in maintaining the system. Broken pipes and sewer blockages have led to open streams of raw human waste running through the streets which in turn have caused cholera outbreaks. Christians partnering with Tearfund have paid for council worker transport costs and given staff protective clothing and equipment so they can get the sewerage system working. A Tearfund team accompanying Bulawayo city council engineers visited the home of a 51-year-old widow called Sabina. She had a manhole outside her back door from which raw sewage was flowing. Sabina ex-

them . Matthew 19:13-15

plained this had been going on for six months and sewage had on occasions entered her house. At times the sewage overflows and comes up the toilet,‘ said Sabina. `I‘m so tired of this place. Who can stay in this place? I‘m trapped. `I‘m alone here with my children and I‘m stressed about the situation. My husband died nine years ago.‘ As she was speaking, city council engineers got to work on clearing the manhole blockage. Another area of Tearfund partner involvement in drought-prone Bulawayo is working with the council to restore 20 boreholes in the poorest parts of the city. Many have been neglected and some have been vandalised but when working they can supply clean drinking water. They become a valuable asset allowing other projects such as helping vulnerable people, living with HIV, to use land around the boreholes to develop market gardens.

Right: Beitbridge (close to the South Africa border) is filthy. Rubbish litters the streets, mixed with raw sewage. Local church volunteers have spent the last three weeks clearing the rubbish with shovels in the hope it will help prevent the spread of the killer disease cholera in their town.

Ladies’ Prayer Breakfast

Speaker - Heather Chivers on Scripture & Prayer

Saturday 26th September

Come and join us for prayer, worship, food and friendship.

8.30am in the Church Centre

For further details please contact Linda Matthews on 01784 245110


Left: Water distribution facility at a church in Pumula, Bulawayo western suburbs, funded through local Churches. Photos: Marcus Perkins/Tearfund – used by permission (

Dear St John’s...

iz Angell, a friend known by many of us at St John‘s was ordained on 4th July in Leicester Cathedral, along with six other ordinands all supported by family and friends. The Cathedral was packed and


there was a wonderful celebratory atmosphere, almost a feeling of worshipping with the real angels! The following morning she led her first Communion service and spoke movingly about her journey of how God has called her to be ordained.

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land. (2 Chronicles 7:14)

he very first thing Jesus

usually the first step that needs to be taken along the in our daily, weekly and monthly life. And we have

said in both Mark and Matthew‘s Gospels was

way to renewal of faith in the church and revival of the plans for a New Church Centre which are progressGospel in the community. Imagine what God could do ing towards a launch next year.

―Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near‖. The es-

with a congregation wholeheartedly turned towards We cannot achieve any of these goals by our own him in faith and obedience. When someone said to efforts. It is only as we turn round and align ourselves the evangelist D L Moody that: "The world has yet to to God‘s plans that they become possible. And God

sence of repentance is turning round: going in a new direction.

see what God will do with a man who is fully conse- is calling us to do just that in this call to repentance. crated to him", it spoke to Moody's heart, and he The first step is personal and individual as we ask Some months ago I shared determined to be just that man! God to show us what we need to turn from; any activiRev Jeff Wattley with St John‘s my conviction We have three ambitious goals that we are working ties, attitudes or attachments that dishonour his that God was giving us, as a towards at the present time: we are committed to name. We then need to look at our life together as a church, a call to repentance. In fact this is something Transforming our Community through touching Church. Are there ways in which we can be a Church that several people have discerned through their people‘s lives with the love of Christ. The Pyramid which is more loving, more inviting, more faithful,

For any ladies interested in hearing more from Liz - she is the guest speaker at the

reading of scripture or through prayer and reflection. Rock Holiday Club did just this for well over a hundred more willing to walk in faith and obedience? Is God So what does it mean for a Church to have a call to children last month, and many of their parents were calling us towards reconciliation and forgiveness over

Ladies' Prayer Breakfast in March next year.

repentance? Actually a call to repentance is a very blessed by refreshments and conversations at the past conflicts? What could God do with a Church that positive and encouraging thing. God always calls United Church. is fully consecrated to him?

Family News : Liz Angell’s Ordination transform September-October 09

Issue 4 Issue September-October 3 July-August 2009 2009

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those whom he loves to turn away from the things in We are seeking to become a House of Prayer as we Imagine what God will do in our community if we our lives that cause grief to God and instead to run explore and develop new ways of engaging with God together will heed his call to repentance. towards his love and forgiveness. Repentance is

Editor’s Bit Grown ups go first


hen yo u watch the video demonstration at the beginning of every plane flight, we hear something like ―In the event of a loss of cabin pressure, transform Editor, Alison Berry oxygen masks will drop from the ceiling. Please secure your own mask first before assisting your children‖. We can apply this principle directly to prayer. How can we begin to assist our children learn to pray, unless we are rooted and established in prayer ourselves? This is a great analogy used in a great book, which formed a big part of our family holiday reading this summer. Read the review of “Prayer Saturated Kids” on page 8 – not just parents, but anyone who knows any children, in whatever capacity, then start making your home a house of prayer. I‘d love as many people as possible to read this book, as I truly believe it would give our entire church a vision for raising the bar for what our children can be and do through prayer.

Live Young


art of our holiday was spent in Evianles-Bains, right on Lake Geneva, and home to the world famous Evian water. If Evian‘s marketing claims are to be believed, then it‘s the best mineral water in the world, and they sell many millions of bottles of the stuff in hundreds of countries around the world, with the promise that when we drink it we‘ll Live Young! Along a relatively inconspicuous street somewhere up one of the many steep hills in the town of Evian is the source of this water. We stopped there and had a long drink, and I have to admit it did taste good. Then we saw local people arriving with large empty bottles and water containers, which they filled with real Evian water. For free. What we would pay lots of money for in Tesco, was available for free, directly from the source. I couldn‘t help but be reminded of the Samaritan woman at the well, from John Chapter 4. Jesus asks her for a drink of water, but takes the opportunity to offer her fresh, ―living water‖ the soul quenching and spirit-lifting water of life.

transform September-October 09 ―

St John’s Community ― EVERYONE WHO DRINKS this water WILL BE



never thirst.


Jesus knows about the woman‘s past, but because of who he is, she still qualifies for the living water. Despite her past struggles and present situation, the water was available for her to have, free of charge.



a spring

of water welling up to eternal life." John 4:13-15 about The magazine for members of St John‘s Church in Egham. It is produced bi-monthly, with the aim of helping to connect and build our church family. Its purpose is to provide information and encouragement on church life and our family – specifically to show how God is transforming situations and people. It‘s not designed for people who don‘t yet come to St John‘s. But, if when you‘ve finished reading your copy, you‘d like to pass it on to a friend or neighbour, then that would be great too!

When you can have Evian water, directly from the source, for free, why would you drink anything else? People in our community are striving to satisfy their thirst with things that don‘t satisfy, or they make do with stagnant water. However unworthy or broken we may feel as a church family – we still have everything that our local community needs. Our role is to invite people to the well, to the source of all creation, the source of all forgiveness, so they can drink from the well that never dries. Oh, and they‘ll be fairly transformed in the process! Amelia, Victoria & Joel drinking from the source of Evian

Susie looks back on ―a year with a great variety of experiences and some were more fun than others! But through it all God shaped me and grew me. In the less comfortable times, I learnt the responsibility it is to follow God's call...when you are in a position of leadership it can be great fun but you are primarily there to serve those around you, regardless of how you feel at that moment. I saw God meet me in deep ways when I felt so empty, and learnt more about His goodness and faithfulness‖. John Hermes is about to take over the student work. He shared his immediate thoughts: ―I think Christian student work is really important because university years are often the most challenging and formative of a persons life, so to have the support of a loving church family and people available to pray with and bring encouragement and challenge is a great thing and something I believe God really wants. As for my time as St John's student worker, I really want to play a part in seeing every student who comes to our church deepen their friendship with God and live their lives more and more out of His life and wisdom and power and love.‖ John Hermes prepares to chart a course as the new St John‘s Student Worker

Editorial We welcome items for inclusion or ideas for stories. Ideally these should be submitted in an MS Word document, hi - res J P G s or o t h e r e l ec t r oni c f o r m , a n d s e n t b y e m a i l t o

Songs and Sponge Cakes Betty Wheeler talks about how we’re reaching some of the senior members of our community through a ministry of praise….


ommunity Songs of Praise started in December 2000 led by Curate Michael Broadley, with the original intention of inviting back people who no longer thought of St John‘s as their church after the building was re-ordered. The events have continued and been increased now to four each year - Spring, Summer, Harvest and Christmas. Community Songs of Praise is really about both inviting and belonging – it provides those who find difficulty in coming on a Sunday with an opportunity to attend a service. They choose most of the hymns and there are prayers, a bible reading and a short talk. Tea afterwards is very much a social occasion with church members interacting with those who come. The Pastoral Assistants organise each event - but many church members provide cakes when they are asked and several are now regular helpers before, during and after the service. Between 80 and 100 people usually come along. The Over 60's club cancel their meeting and the Manor Farm Day Centre brings some of their members by bus. Many others come through the posters and flyers, and through word of mouth. Those that come clearly value the opportunity – in the words of a few people who came along in June: ―I appreciate the spirit of it and that people care‖, or ―I come to join in God‘s fellowship and to sing His praises‖, to the simple but revealing statement of ―we do enjoy how we are made so welcome‖. If you‘re interested in becoming involved in Songs of Praise, please talk to one of the Pastoral Assistants. Anybody is welcome to come along and sit and talk to the visitors as well as to serve them tea.

The team transform is edited by Alison Berry, with the support of a wider team. The original magazine layout and design was by Richard Jack. Many of the photos are thanks to the talent of David Charlwood and Sheila Wattley. Advertising We accept adverts each issue both from within the church family, and a small number of external advertisements. Acceptance of any advertising is at the discretion of the editing team, and the acceptance of an advertisement in transform magazine is not necessarily an endorsement by the editorial team of the service or product offered. Deadlines The deadline for submissions to be considered for the next edition of transform (November / December 2009) is 9th October.

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Using Microsoft Publisher to produce the magazine‘s artwork ready for printing every two months. If you‘re interested, or for more information please email

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Regular or occasional appointments. Competitive rates


Private, NHS, carer respite and direct payments clients

Terry 07847 531478 (mobile) 01932 568 774 (ansaphone)

Call in and talk to us, without obligation

transform September-October 09

Free assessment & advice

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Focus on Students

Naomi Page catches up with former Student Workers to hear their reflections….


tudents are a lively part of the St John‘s community, involved in many aspects of church life – from music and prayer to working on the sound desk and helping in Children‘s Groups. Lani Thomas, the most recent student worker has just come to the end of two years in the role, and John Hermes is stepping up to take it on. I spoke to some of the past student workers to find out what being student worker meant to them. ―Being at university is a vital season for a student,‖ Lani told me. Chris Tisdall agreed: ―University is often a time when people sink or swim as Christians; it‘s the first time away from home, meeting lots of new people and experiencing new things away outside the family structures they‘ve been used to. In this situation I believe the church needs to take responsibility to help students feel accepted, to welcome them as part of the church

Supporting Mission

family and to support them to live and grow as Christians in what for many is a challenging time.‖ Susie Templeton, who was student worker from September 2005 to July 2006 said ―University is often make or break time for your personal faith when you have grown up in a Christian home, or can be the first time you are really exposed to people who are in a genuine loving relationship with Jesus. Either way, there is a window of opportunity with students who are starting to make their own decisions about what life means to them and I believe church has an important role to play in that.‖ Each of them had their own vision for their time in the post: Susie mentioned providing ―a welcoming place for freshers‖ whilst Lani said, ―Our vision began to emerge and clarify – to ground, encourage and challenge the students in their faith. Our aim was to help young leaders to grow and to send them out of university as confident men and women of God. It has been both a joy and a privilege to see leavers this year entering Mission fields such as Operation Mobilisation, NGM, Careforce and UCCF.‖ In the last five years, two student teams have gone abroad on short term mission trips – in 2006 to Brazil and 2007 to Bosnia. Both Susie and Chris felt that God had given them the perfect time and opportunity as student workers to lead these trips. ―It was one of those things I didn't feel I had a lot of choice in. It would have been disobedient not to go.‖ Susie says, ―I learnt a lot about the benefit of short term missions, especially to mission partners like Ian and Simea, about relationship, partnership between the western church and the mission field, and

Congratulations to Mrs and Mrs Hardy!

about learning from different cultures and seeing God through different eyes. Looking back at what God has done with that one trip, the impact it has had on everyone that went, it still leaves me speechless. And so humbled that He chose to involve me in His plans for all the people that shared that experience.‖ Chris said, ―A former student at Royal Holloway and member of St John‘s, Kate Wilson, made contact with me to see if there was anyway we as a church could support her work with the organisation NoviMost International, a charity that supports and empowers young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It came to light that they were recruiting teams of people to go to Bosnia to support their summer youth programme. Following some thought, prayer and a conversation with Jeff, I felt this would be a great opportunity to follow-up on the trip to Brazil the previous year. This trip had been a real blessing to me and the timing of Kate‘s visit seemed like a God given chance to do something similar with a new group of students.‖

University is often make or break time for your personal faith

All three of them take fond memories from these years, from student baptisms and ―overnight prayer‖ to ―singing an unusually monastic version of 'Wig-Wam-Bam' in Bosnia‖ and ―falling into rivers‖. Chris mentions ―the privilege of working alongside the fantastic staff team at St Johns...who made me feel welcomed and supported‖ and Lani also remembers her two years as ―a personal privilege to walk alongside these students and a joy to see them grow in the love of Christ and passion to live their lives for Him.‖

transform September–October 09

Leah Robson asks if we know the FACTs?


id you know that the Faith Awareness in Children Trust or FACT is one of St John's Mission Partners? St John's undertakes to give at least 10% of its annual income to support its six Mission Partners. Our UK-focused Mission Partners are FACT, East to West and CPAS (Church Pastoral Aid Society). The overseas-focused Mission Partners we support are Bible Society, Bishop Donald Mtetemela in Tanzania, and Ian and Simea Meldrum in Brazil. FACT aims to enable children to reflect on the Christian Gospel. This is achieved by helping children explore the Christian faith in schools, churches and the community. FACT also helps parents in their primary role of parenting. With FACT's help teachers, church leaders and community groups are able to offer children opportunities to examine the Christian faith. FACT's Parenting courses aim to make a difference to children by helping their parents. Simon Shutt is the Founder of FACT and also its Director of Children's Ministries. Simon has recently held two parenting courses for local church groups, a six week course at St. Richard's Church, Hanworth and a three week course at The Salvation Army Citadel in Ashford. He has also been involved in a couple of Dad's days at The Lawns in Windsor and is about to lead a parenting 'taster' evening at Ashford CE School. Feedback from all courses has been extremely positive and the highlight for Simon was watching parents who were shy, nervous and with low self esteem, change and develop during the course. One parent wrote: "You have helped me more than you will ever know."

Could you help?

One of the other ways in which FACT impacts local schools is to run R.E.days. These aim to show schools how pupils can experience R.E. in a cross-curricular way, and that R.E. can be fun. Titles for 2009/2010 include "What can we learn about the Christian faith from the Chronicles of Narnia?" "Heroes of faith and their qualities"; "Why should we care for God's world?"; and "Bible heroes and their qualities".

FACT needs more volunteers to take on specific strategic roles. They would like additional trustees, particularly a treasurer. More details from FACT on 01784 470744

“Thanks to FACT our eyes were opened to an innovative way of teaching R.E through ALL areas of the Curriculum. Our children are learning so much more and hold deeper conversations because they have been captivated by this teaching and learning style.” Local School Teacher

Water, a bus and a library Ben Wattley reports back on his trip to Uganda

Continued on page 7

Laura Robins tells us about a great wedding…. I decided somewhere just slightly north of Birmingham that it MUST have been love for Ally to have made this drive every weekend for eighteen months...the distance between Egham and Southport is not small! In the end, about 15 of us from St John‘s managed to struggle up to the deepest darkest north, where we were met with bright sunshine and a beautiful, beautiful bride. Ally Halford became Mrs Benjamin Hardy on 18th July 2009 at Leyland Road Methodist Church, Southhport, and, as her godmother, I was one of the honoured few invited to make the trek from Surrey to Lancashire to celebrate her special day. Many of you at St John‘s will remember her baptism in February this year, and as her Dad said in his speech, it was a joy for the family and friends who had been present at that special occasion to also be present at her wedding After a honeymoon in the Lakes, at Soul Survivor (!) and then Gran Canaria, they are moving to Birmingham as Ben starts his university course in October.

Photograph by Charlwood Photography

Puppets and Parables Page 6

Interested in a short term mission opportunity? Why not come to Tanzania in July 2010 with a group from St John‘s. More details from Chris Matthews 01784 245110

transform September— October 09


even eager, fresh faced students stepped off the plane at Entebbe on 7th July and were immediately taken into the African way of life – well at least the African pace of life! After a 2 hour wait we finally left the airport and embarked upon our journey to Mbale where we would stay for the majority of our trip. After quickly adopting our new nickname as Muzungus we set about work on our projects. Task 1 was to provide clean water to two rural villages. Most of the villagers had never left their mud hut community and many of the children had never seen white people before and were therefore fascinated by our skin. We were quickly handed hoes and started digging out the trench for the well. Despite much laughing at our novice technique we pressed on, many of the skilled locals quickly gave us a hand. By the end of the week it was completed and the village had a running spring well which should flow for over 20 years not only providing water for drinking, cooking and cleaning but also flowing into the fields to aid the growth of the crops. Once a week we would gather a team of four doctors, a bus full of medicine and travel to a rural village to perform a medical outreach. Hundreds of villagers, so desperate to be seen, would flock to the building where we set up in order to receive medical treatment. We

would register people, take their temperatures and blood pressures then send them onto the various doctors to be diagnosed. It was shocking how simple most the conditions were to treat, yet without access to the most basic medicine how quickly they had developed. Overall we gave out over 2300 prescriptions and vaccinated hundreds of children but you can't help but think of those who we could not treat. At a school we were shown to the room where we were meant to read to the children. The room had rubble all over the floor and you could barely see due to the dust and the fact there was only one small window. We had some money left and decided as a group to spend it on making this shack into a working library and reading area for the school. Regardless of age every child was willing to help. This was the now the only library in the area, but almost all of the teachers had never been to a library so we had to teach the teachers to show the kids how to use it. There are 600 pupils enrolled to this primary school but last year just one child graduated onto secondary school. I hope that the new library may do something to help more children graduate school and expand their horizons above village life. Thank you to all at St John‘s for supporting my trip. I would definitely recommend a visit like this one to anyone! Page 3

Focus on Youth

St John’s : Soul Survivor 2009

23young people, 22 sleeping bags (someone forgot theirs), 12 rubber ducks, 4 gazebos, 1 gas fridge from heaven and 10,000 happy campers = Soul Survivor 2009. Andy Audsley tells us more….. This is the second time Core Groups (new name for CYFA) have been to Soul Survivor, which is a 5 day Christian youth festival held each summer at the Bath & West Showground. On the 12th of August we filled the Besom van with our camping gear, piled into a minibus + cars and began our intrepid journey down to Somerset. Once we had arrived it was all hands on deck to set up camp, cook dinner (Sausages & Mash) and of course put the kettle on, before heading off to the first evening meeting at 7pm. The days at Soul Survivor consisted of morning and evening meetings with seminars & workshops interspersed throughout the day. After the evening meeting there was a couple of hours to hang out, go to gigs, the cinema, Mr Boogies (that‘s disco to the rest of us) visit the skate park or check out the ToolShed (market place) and eat cake! It has been a great time to worship, learn, discuss, laugh and grow in our faith while also eating Pot Noodles giving out free hugs (see photo) and just hanging out as a group.

A good way to understand Soul Survivor can be to see it as a tool to be used by the church and youth groups. It‘s a place where we can connect with God and be changed, inspired, challenged and then equipped to do God‘s mission here on earth. This call to mission is a central theme of Soul Survivor. The challenge this year was ‗Mission Impossible‘ getting into God‘s mission however he calls you. There was no direction towards a particular project. Instead we were all encouraged to listen to God about how he is calling us as individuals and groups to be part of what he is doing. To act, serve and love our neighbours, whether they live next door or on the other side of the world. This is really exciting as it confirms many of the challenges, discussions and ideas we had already been having within Core Groups and Mosaic. It is a challenge that we want to step up to. In order to do this both Core Groups this term will be looking at the material provided by Soul Action (, which looks at God‘s mission from five different angles combined with a personal bible study series. We are also planning to do Slum Survivor, which will involve spending one weekend living how many spend their entire lives to raise awareness and money for Soul Actions mission in Durban. Please pray for us as we continue our journey to grow more in our relationship with God and earnestly seek out how we can be part of his mission.

Our God is on a mission and he‘s asking us to see what he‘s doing and get involved. He asks us to work alongside him to bring his love, light and life to a broken world. He calls us to join him in making the impossible mission possible.

Prayer Points

I am really glad I came to soul survivor this year and I have got a lot out of it and I definitely feel closer to Jesus

Our on going follow up and support of the young people and leaders that we would all follow Gods call for us into his mission. Pray for returning numbers next year and an additional trip to momentum with a potential total of 50 attendees. Pray for the provision of large marquee (£700).

It’s a place you can reaffirm your faith, reconnect with Jesus, have a great time with all your friends and ……..WORSHIP!

It was worth breaking down to be here!

Thank you to : Besom, Christ Church VW, The Upcotts and The Guides for lending us your stuff.

Transform Magazine Issue 4  

Transform Magazine Issue 4 Sep - Oct 2009