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Attention Seniors!

Tips on Business Etiquette (Do’s and Don’ts) Landing a Job: What to Do During Spring Break

In order to receive your cap and gown in May, you MUST attend a Senior Exit Interview with Career Services!!

Upcoming Graduate Program Deadlines Go Anywhere: A Look at Study-Abroad Programs Looking for Cool Things to Do This Summer?

Seniors! After you finish your masterpiece, don’t forget to schedule your senior exit interview.

Schedule of Spring Events Career Services Office Contact: Career Services 505-984-6066 Fax 505-984-6167 Web address: admin/SF/career.shtml AGORA: Facebook: Look us up: St. John’s College (SF) Career Services

February 19 & 20 – Great Hearts Academies Interviews: Fireside Lounge, 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. (Seniors & Graduating GIs, by appointment only) To schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Peter Bezanson at and give him your availability on both days. February 22 – Job Hunting Advice with Alumni Senior Common Room, 6 - 8 p.m. Get general advice from alumni about ways to talk about your SJC education with prospective employers. Alumni can also take a look at resumes and give tips on interviewing. Good warm-up if you will be job hunting during Spring Break.

Email: Office located in the basement of Weigle Hall, room 13 Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. or by appointment Career Services Staff: Margaret Odell Director

Barbara Lucero Sand Assistant Director Terrance Manning Internship Coordinator Jillian Burgie Publications Editor Melissa Latham-Stevens Art Director

March 7 – Claremont Graduate University School of Politics and Economics Information Table: Peterson Student Center Hallway 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Information Session: Thorpe Room (upstairs PSC) 3:15 – 4:15 p.m. Claremont Graduate University offers masters in numerous academic areas, including public policy, political philosophy, political science, economics, and international studies. Students interested in graduate study in politics and/or economics are invited to speak with Mr. Albert Ramos to learn more about academic and fellowship opportunities at CGU. Over the past few years, many Johnnies have applied to or attended Claremont, including Alicia Elkins, Alisa Kaufman, Ian Dagg, and Paul Denby. 1

It is important for Career Services to speak with each senior in order to compile statistics about this year’s graduating class, which are used for recruiting, to reassure parents, and for accreditation. Also, Career Services enjoys hearing what you are planning for the future, and this is a chance for us to see if there is anything we can do to help as you are making plans to leave St. John’s. The exit interview is a short, painless process that should only take about ten minutes, so why not get it out of the way? Please call or come in to make an appointment. Career Services is located in the basement of Weigle Hall, Room 13. Our phone number is 984-6066. We look forward to seeing you!


Ariel Deadline!! There has been a rush of inquiries regarding this year’s Ariel Internship. We hope to see completed applications from all of you who have inquired and others. REMEMBER, the final deadline for the Ariel Internship Application is February 17, 2012 at 5 p.m. In order for your application to be considered “complete” it MUST be reviewed by one of the Career Services staff prior to the February 17 deadline. We hope to see you soon!

Internships The Fund for American Studies Internships in Washington, DC – The Fund for American Studies seeks to instill in young people an appreciation for the American form of government and the free enterprise system. To do so, the Fund sponsors institutes, held at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, that teach college students about the principles and values upon which the United States was founded. The institutes focus on comparative political and economic systems, journalism, business and government affairs, philanthropy, and voluntary service. The program combines substantive professional experience with a challenging academic experience. Application deadline is March 7, 2012. For more information visit Santa Fe Opera Apprenticeship – The Apprentice program for Theatre Technicians, established in 1965, is an intermediate to advanced training program. The program offers instruction and practical experience in stage operations, properties, audio/video, costumes, production/music services, make-up, wig construction, stage lighting and scenic art. The Santa Fe Opera is offering over 75 apprentice positions for this summer. They will need apprentices for this season’s productions including Tosca, The Pearl Fishers, Maometto II, King Roger and Arabella. Application deadline is March 12, 2012. For more information visit or meet with Terry Manning in Career Services. The Washington Center Internships - The Washington Center is a nonprofit education organization that provides students of all majors with tailored internships in Washington, DC. Internships can be during academic semesters or over the summer, and are offered in a variety of locations. Sample internships sites include the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Amnesty International, the White House, CNN, and the Peace Corps, among thousands of others. The minimum GPA requirement is 3.3. Application deadline is March 16, 2012. For more information and to apply, visit Think New Mexico - Through its internship program, Think New Mexico trains students in how to develop and enact sound public policy. The objective is to train a new generation of potential leaders in New Mexico to be effective in making a difference in their home state. Applicants must have good research, computer, and communication skills, and an interest in public policy. Strong preference is given to applicants who have some background in NM and are committed to working in NM after they graduate. Send a resume, brief writing sample, two references, and a cover letter on why you are interested in working with Think New Mexico. Application deadline is March 30, 2012. For more information visit


Outside Magazine Editorial, Art, and Web Internships – Outside Magazine offers six-month internships in editing, art, and online resources. Interns attend meetings, work closely with top editorial/art/online staff, and gain hands-on experience at an award-winning magazine. Students work full-time in Santa Fe offices, and a small stipend is offered. Former interns have gone on to edit or write at Mother Jones, the New York Observer, New York Times, Metropolis, Harper’s, and Outside itself. Application deadline for Summer internships is April 10, 2012. For more information visit Outside-Magazine-s-Internship-Programs.html U.S. Olympic Committee Internship Program The USOC offers summer internships at Colorado Springs, CO, Lake Placid, NY, and Chula Vista, CA. Eligible applicants must have completed at least two years of college and be enrolled in a Bachelor or Masters degree program. Interns have the choice to work in broadcasting, communications, marketing, event planning, public relations, journalism, sports administration, and strength and conditioning. For specific program requirements and dates, visit Johnnies in the Lab Many research-based programs, such as National Science E S PLEA !! Foundation’s Research NOTE Experience for Undergraduates: ( index/1544) give special consideration to students from colleges with limited research opportunities. In addition to a generous stipend, many of these programs offer housing and travel assistance! Don’t be dissuaded by programs requiring specific majors; often times a call to the program director explaining the unique curriculum at St. John’s will result in permission to apply. For more research experience opportunities and medical internships, please visit eat_summerlinks.html

Jobs Career Activities to Consider for Spring Break By Margaret Odell

Spring Break is an excellent time to network and interview for summer internships or jobs. To make the most of that time, think about where you would like to spend your summer and what you would like to be doing. Do you want to return home, stay in Santa Fe or checkout another part of the US or the world? Would you like to have a unique internship, an interesting job, a challenging volunteer experience, or a combination of study, travel and work? Once you have possible goals in mind, think about people you know who might be able to help you: friends, parents, friends’ parents, parents’ friends, the Career Services office, SJC alumni. The more people who know that you are looking for something specific, the more chances you have to get constructive assistance. Does your family know someone in a local business or civic organization who would be willing to meet with you for an “informational interview?” This type of interview is

Job Opportunity: Mentoring at Punahou (MAP) Program for New Teachers – This year-long teaching program at Punahou School in Honolulu, Hawaii is designed to give support, training, and experience to college graduates who are considering teaching as a career. The MAP Program provides an opportunity for teachers with little or no teaching experience to develop teaching skills in a supportive environment, and work closely with experienced teachers to learn. During the first semester of the mentorship, new teachers will teach with their mentor, attend support groups and seminars in the art of teaching, as well as teach two classes of their own. The second semester, new teachers teach all of their own classes.

Application deadline is March 31, 2012. For more information visit

With a little work over spring break, you can be first in line for summer jobs.

specifically to find out details about a particular career or business. It is less stressful than an actual job interview, but can lead to a clearer understanding of a particular career. As an alternative, you could volunteer with a non-profit organization for two weeks to show them your work ethic and skills. With some pre-planning, job interviews are also quite possible during Spring Break. Any initial contact will normally require a cover letter/letter of interest and a resume. Take time in February to work with Career Services on writing or updating your resume and learning what makes a strong cover letter. Once you have a solid resume, be sure to post it on Agora at the same time you are sending it out to potential employers. Also look for alumni mentors in Agora who can offer career and job hunting advice or help you arrange interviews with their own companies or with their contacts. In addition, look at newspapers and craigslist postings for the locations you are considering for summer. Follow up with emails or phone calls, letting employers know that you would be available for an interview in mid-March. When your pre-planning pays off and you are asked to interview, continue to be prepared. Research the company to find out who they are and what they do. Put together an appropriate interview ensemble that is a bit conservative and shows that you are taking this meeting seriously. You only get one chance to make the right first impression. Both men and women should plan to have a small briefcase or binder that contains copies of you resume, business cards (if you have them), paper and pens. You want to project the image of someone who is ready to work. If you are nervous about interviewing, find someone to practice with you. There are, of course, many other things you can do with your Spring Break, but if you are serious about spending at least some of that time concentrating on summer internships and jobs, be sure to plan ahead and don’t hesitate to ask the Career Services staff for advice or coaching. 3

Liberal Arts students CAN be employed! Get advice about job searching and find out what employers are specifically looking for in new Liberal Arts graduates. Check out at http://www.nxtbook. com/nxtbooks/nace/JobChoices2012_business/

Business Etiquette – Do’s and Don’ts for the Workplace The workplace environment is somewhat different from social environments, and understanding how to navigate the professional world with grace and good manners is often the “little extra something” that lets you go farther in your career. Treating people with consideration and respect is a good start, but there are some subtle etiquette tips that can really make the difference between a pretty good employee and a great one with many opportunities. Introductions Always introduce the lower-ranking person to a higher-ranking person. When being introduced, be sure to make eye contact, smile, and give a firm handshake. Handshake etiquette has gotten a bit confused in today’s culture, but a good rule of thumb is to shake hands at the beginning and end of a business encounter, firmly but not aggressively. These little physical connections can make a great impression and set the stage for a positive business relationship. Communication Keep emails professional and to-the-point. This excludes smiley faces and other emoticons. Care should be taken in crafting emails just as much as for published work including spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Remember, emails are an example of your professional correspondence. Maintain your professional image. When you receive a phone call or email, be sure to respond promptly, even if only to let the person know you are looking into the subject. Don’t let them feel ignored. Time Ethics In business, time is money. Remember that everyone is as busy as you are. Respect other people’s time. If you need to interrupt someone, try to do it unobtrusively and get to the point quickly. When time is a factor in anything business related, whether it’s a deadline or a meeting start time, don’t be late. Punctuality shows your associates that you are committed to what you are doing. Attire If the dress code is uncertain, it is always safer to be overdressed than underdressed. Whether or not the dress code is clear, always dress in good taste and maintain a tidy appearance. This includes bathing, ironing clothing, and maintaining personal hygiene.


Professional Dining When you are out dining with associates, pay attention to basic table manners such as keeping glassware to the right, bread plates to the left, and elbows off the table. Especially, be sure not to have more than two drinks. Getting tipsy at business meetings or formal business events can be very damaging to your image. Public Speaking When you are delivering a formal lecture, it is important to stand. Standing helps draw the attention of the listeners and help them concentrate on what you are saying. Also, remember to maintain eye contact and respectful, professional language. Relationship with the Boss Don’t overdo compliments and agreements regarding your boss. Behaving differently toward a superior can appear to be brown-nosing, and is generally unnecessary. You should, however, provide your boss with more information, since he/she is ultimately responsible for your performance. Keep your boss informed of any delays, setbacks, new developments, or concerns. Remember the Basics Above all, remember the simplest manners you were taught as a child. “Please,” “thank you,” and “you’re welcome” are some of the most basic (and most forgotten) basic spoken manners. Also remember to avoid raising your voice and using offensive language. These little spoken manners can make a big difference in making a professional impression. Information from

Graduate Programs ENVIRONMENT Northeastern University, JD/MA in Sustainable International Development Northeastern University’s School of Law and Brandeis University’s Heller School for Social Policy and Management have joined together to train lawyers who can serve as development planners and policymakers in the United States and abroad. The combination JD/MA in Sustainable International Development is an accelerated four-year program, including combined law/international development co-op externships, providing students with experience in applying the law in an international development context. Application deadline is March 1, 2012. For more information and to apply, please visit their website at Goucher College, MA in Cultural Sustainability – Located just north of Baltimore, Maryland, Goucher College’s Master of Arts in Cultural Sustainability brings together knowledge from anthropology, history, folklore, ethnomusicology, communications, business and management, linguistics, history, and activism to teach students how to effect positive, community-driven change in the cultures they care about most—whether it be an African village, an American inner-city neighborhood, a remote tribe in Asia, or a threatened public space just down the street. The program is an online, limited-residency program. Much of the coursework is done in an immersive, online environment. There are also two one-week residencies which are periods of intense engagement. Application deadline is April 20, 2012. For more information and to apply, please visit their website at

other programs – to help students excel. Study abroad and internships are available. Application deadline is March 15, 2012. For more information visit

LAW Vermont Law School, LLM, MELP, JD, and JD/MELP Programs – As a stand-alone law school, VLS offers focused instruction that addresses the fundamentals of law, but also offers opportunities for students to customize their education. Located in South Royalton, VT, Vermont Law School is nationally known for its groundbreaking environmental programs, but they also offer a wide range of international and public interest courses along with a broad-based spectrum of experiential opportunities. Vermont Law School also offers a joint JD/MELP degree program with other universities, which provides students with a unique opportunity to take Environmental Law in the first year. Preferred application deadline is March 1, 2012. For more information visit Washington University in St. Louis, LLM and JSD Programs – Washington University offers numerous degrees to provide students with tailored education to meet their goals and needs. The LLM degrees in Taxation and Intellectual Property and Technology Law provide in-depth study in two highly technical areas of practice. The LLM in U.S. Law is very flexible, especially designed for students from law school abroad. The JSD program prepares students to teach legal studies abroad. Washington University prides itself on training high-caliber legal professionals, and has accepted Johnnies in the past. Application deadline is March 1, 2012. For more information visit New England Law-Boston, JD Program – New England Law-Boston dedicates itself to preparing students to be successful lawyers and leaders through practical, theoretical, and ethical education. It also seeks to improve American, foreign, and international legal systems through discussion, research, publication, public service, and other work that furthers the interests of justice. The JD program is flexible and takes an integrated approach to education, and includes half of the courses in electives – more than most 5

University of New Hampshire School of Law, JD and LLM Programs – The University of New Hampshire School of Law (formerly Franklin Pierce Law Center) is an intimate, innovative law school committed to teaching students who enjoy challenging dialogue and practice-based learning. Located in Concord, NH, UNH is one of the few law schools to integrate traditional first-year courses with practical skills, and offers a dynamic faculty, small classes, and personalized hands-on instruction. As a result, students gain both a thorough academic foundation and relevant skills for successful careers in lawyering. Application deadline is April 1, 2012, but students must have applications turned in by March15th to be considered for merit scholarships. For more information visit Yeshiva University Cardozo Law School, LLM and JD Programs – Located in New York City, Cardozo Law offers one of the leading intellectual property law programs, and is one of the only law schools to offer flexible enrollment – in January, May, or the Fall. Cardozo Law is an ambitious, intellectual community committed to training lawyers who think creatively and are valuable in their work. New clinical offerings in

Scholarships & Fellowships Berkeley Repertory Theatre Fellowship Program – Berkeley Rep provides a year-long fellowship program for serious-minded, highly motivated individuals who are ready to embark upon a professional theatre career. Berkeley Rep seeks applicants who have already acquired basic training and experience in their field and are ready for the next step toward a career in professional theatre. There are fellowships available in the areas of directing/artistic administration, theatre management, costumes, fundraising, education, graphics, lighting, marketing, dramaturgy, properties, scenic art, scenic cons-truction, sound, and stage management. The deadline to apply is April 1, 2012. For more information and to apply, please visit their website at http://www.berkeleyrep. org/fellowships/index.asp

Sallie Mae Fund – A wide variety of scholarships are available from the Sallie Mae Fund, a charitable organization that works to increase access to higher education and largely targets under-served populations. A definitive guide to the many programs available can be viewed at their web site. View the options and decide whether one is right for you at

Below are some great graduate schools for Johnnies aspiring to become doctors and nurses.

Indie Film, Immigration Justice, and Guardianship provide students with opportunities for real-world experience and skill acquisition in nationally recognized programs. Application deadline for JD program is April 1, 2012, and June 15 for LLM program. For more information visit Golden Gate University School of Law, LLM and JD Programs – GGU School of Law seeks to provide students with the intellectual and moral foundation which will enable them to become ethical, competent, and socially responsible professionals in a complex and interrelated legal world. With locations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, and Seattle, GGU focuses on skills training, and includes traditional skills courses, clinical programs, simulation courses, and an apprenticeshipbased Honors Lawyering Program. LLM degrees are available in Environment, Intellectual Property, International Legal Studies, US Legal Studies, and Taxation Law. Application deadline is April 1, 2012. For more information visit Chapman University School of Law, LLM Programs - Chapman University School of Law in Orange, CA is fully accredited by the American Bar Association and a member of the Association of American Law Schools. Committed to providing a personalized education for each student, Chapman has 550 full-time students and 52 full-time faculty. Their emphasis programs include Advocacy and Dispute Resolution, Environmental/ Land Use/Real Estate Law, Taxation Law, Entertainment Law, and International Law. Application deadline is April 15, 2012, but the priority deadline for scholarship consideration is April 1, 2012. For more information and to apply, please visit their website at 6

SCIENCE/PRE-MED University of Vermont, Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Program – UVM’s Post-Bac Pre-Med program is designed for students who have completed a bachelor’s degree, but lack the core science courses needed for admission to medical school. The Pre-Med Program helps students gain the foundation to pursue careers in medical, dental, veterinary, pharmacy, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, physical therapy, and many other health professions. The program also has a variety of linkage programs open to their students, and guarantees interviews at schools such as UVM College of Medicine, UVM Nursing, University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, University of New England Physician Assistant program, and Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences (Vermont campus). First application deadline is March 15, 2012, then June 1, 2012. For more information visit Boston University School of Medicine, Master of Arts Vesalius Program – The Vesalius Program is a two-year Master of Arts degree consisting of graduate courses in biomedical sciences, teaching courses, mentored teaching experience, and biomedical research. Students gain an advanced understanding of biomedical sciences and neurosciences, and work with faculty to refine their technique and skills. The program culminates in the student performing a primary research project and independent research thesis. Application deadline is March 31, 2012. For more information visit Eastern Virginia Medical School, Surgical Assistant Program – The EVMS Surgical Assistant program puts graduate students on the path to a medical career with 10 months of didactic instruction and 12 months of clinical training.

Located in Norfolk, VA, the EVMS Surgical Assistant program is the only pathway for individuals with a four-year degree or higher, with no medical training, to enter the specialized surgical field. EVMS’ program is the only Surgical Assistant program that does not require students to be trained as surgical technicians. Application deadline is April 1, 2012. For more information visit Columbia University, Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Program – As the oldest and largest program of its kind, the Columbia University Post-Bac Pre-Med Program is highly regarded for its rigorous approach to medical school preparation. Whether students are seeking a career in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine or the allied health fields, this resource-rich New York City campus, dedicated academic advisors, network of clinical and research opportunities, and internationally recognized faculty will help them realize their future in medicine. Application for summer term is April 1, 2012. Application for fall term is June 15, 2012. For more information visit Loyola University Chicago, MA in Medical Sciences Program – This program is ideally suited to students with a good overall medical school application packet who want to enhance or modernize their skills and credentials in the biological sciences. The MA program prepares students for successful entry to medical school. This one-year, coursework-only, degree-granting program, located in the Department of Biology, offers: a guaranteed interview at the Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine to all students who meet certain test score and GPA criteria; academic development; critical placement services; skills development assistance; a balanced learning environment; and personal attention. 86% of graduates matriculate to medical school within two years of receiving this degree. Application deadline is May 15, 2012 for scholarship consideration and competitiveness. Final deadline is July 15, 2012. For more information and to apply, please visit their website at Medical School for International Health, MD Program – The Medical School for International Health is part of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel in collaboration with Columbia University Medical Center in New York City. It is a four-year medical school that incorporates global health coursework into all four years of the curriculum. Their mission is to address the global need for doctors who understand the impact of cultural, economic, political and environmental factors on the health of individuals and populations worldwide. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but don’t wait! For more information, please visit their website at

Study Abroad Here are more programs with excellent opportunities for students to study abroad: AIFS Study-Abroad Program – AIFS offers a wide range of unique programs in Asia, Australia, Europe, South Africa and the Americas. Most AIFS campuses offer courses in English or in foreign languages from beginner to advanced levels, so you don’t even have to know a foreign language to study abroad. AIFS includes housing and a meal plan, as well as organizing social/cultural activities and field trips to help participants learn more about their location, along with round-trip air fare, an advisory Center, support services and on-site staff, and even grants and scholarship opportunities. Application deadline for summer programs is March 15, 2012. For more information visit 7

Ohio State University PhD in Physics – Located in Columbus, Ohio, Ohio State University has one of the top 25 Physics departments and a history of research excellence. PhD students have opportunities for rigorous study with the department’s 60 faculty members and new facilities, as well as for extensive research in astrophysics, cosmology, molecular physics, optical physics, biophysics, condensed matter physics, nuclear physics, and more. Applications are accepted through March, but students are encouraged to apply early. For more information visit

SOCIOLOGY University of New Hampshire, PhD and MA in Sociology Programs – Students in the Ph.D. program specialize in a major area, generally in one of the program’s five areas of concentration: crime and conflict, social stratification, community and environment, sociology of the family, and health and illness. The M.A. program emphasizes theory and methodology. All students participate in research with the attentive guidance of faculty members. The internationally renowned Family Research Laboratory, the Crimes Against Children Research Center, Justiceworks, Prevention Innovations, and the Casey Institute are affiliated with the department and provide opportunities for students to participate in research on social change, family violence, child victimization, criminal justice, sexual violence prevention, sustainable communities, and related issues. Recommended application deadline is April 1, 2012. For more information and to apply, please visit their website at or cfm?id=102&page=programs&program=247

Alliance for Global Education – Alliance for Global Education offers an opportunity for students to study and work in public health and ayurveda at India’s Manipal University. Courses offered include public health services, mother and child health, national health policies, and Indian medical traditions. Internship and research opportunities available. Application deadline for scholarships for summer programs is April 1, 2012. For more information visit /manipal/public-health-and-indian-studies For application visit

AustraLearn – The largest study-abroad program in the Pacific region, AustraLearn offers students a chance to gain global perspective and widen the scope of their education without the barrier of language. The intent is to foster the development of future leaders who will have a greater awareness, respect, and understanding of the relationship between North America, Australia/New Zealand, and the South Pacific. Programs can be anywhere from a summer to an entire year and include internships, degree programs, summer programs, and teacher education programs. Tuition and application deadlines vary by program. Scholarships available. For more information visit Center for Cross-Cultural Study (CC-CS) – Since 1969, CC-CS has provided unique learning experiences in Spain, Argentina, and Cuba. CC-CS’s programs immerse students in practical Spanish language training and cultural enrichment. Individuals have the opportunity to improve their Spanish language skills by teaching Spanish as a second language or engaging in intensive or advanced Spanish language courses. Tuition varies by program. Scholarships available. Application deadlines for summer programs are April 15, 2012 and May 1, 2012. For more information and specific application and program dates, visit http://www. CET Academic Programs – Based in Washington, DC, CET Academic Programs has been designing and administering innovative educational programs abroad since 1982. CET is known for high academic standards, innovative approaches to teaching, and careful student management. Semester and summer programs are available in China, the Czech Republic, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Syria, Vietnam, and more. For specific deadlines and more information visit College Year in Athens (CYA) - CYA is a study-abroad program focused upon the history and civilization of Greece and the East Mediterranean region. Its mission is to offer each student an academically rigorous program of studies combined with the vibrant experience of day-to-day contact with the people, monuments, and landscape of Greece – a rapidly changing country with a uniquely varied past. Students interested in short-term, intensive study abroad are invited to take advantage of the CYA summer courses, which offer experience-based opportunities for learning. Two consecutive sessions run from May 28 to July 21, 2012. Application deadline is March 1, 2012. For more information visit Global Changemakers - The mission of Global Changemakers is to empower youth to serve as catalysts for positive social change, based on 3 main tenets: Learning, Doing, and Advocacy. The core curriculum includes project management and presentation skills. Global Changemakers also supports grassroots projects with initial funding and mentoring. These projects cover a vast range of topics – from advocacy and awarenessraising on issues such as climate change, HIV/AIDS and gender equality to projects that confront social challenges like hunger, poverty and unemployment, and are designed and run by students. For more information and to register visit GlobaLinks Learning Abroad – GlobaLinks Learning Abroad provides a wide range of study-abroad opportunities throughout Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Asia, and Europe. The organization focuses on academic success, personalized student services, 24/7 on-site resident directors, and custom program opportunities. Scholarships and financial aid available. Application deadlines vary by program. For program deadlines and more information visit


Next Step China – Next Step China offers three study-abroad paths. Students can attend one of the top universities in China, enroll in the intensive tutoring program to learn Mandarin, or teach English in China. Next Step China participants have full access to program features such as insurance, tutoring sessions, gym membership and more. For program details and to apply, visit Teach and Learn in Korea (TaLK) – TaLK is a unique scholarship opportunity for undergraduates looking for a personal, professional, and educational experience in Korea. Students can choose a one-year or a six-month commitment, and are provided considerable benefits, including health coverage, accommodations, tickets, and more. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but don’t wait. For more information visit Unite for Sight’s Global Impact Corp – The Global Impact Corps is an immersive global health experience for students and health care professionals. Through hands-on training, Global Impact Fellows gain a comprehensive understanding about practices in global health and social entrepreneurship. Fellows work daily with local doctors to facilitate comprehensive eye-care for patients living in extreme poverty. Fellows may volunteer for as few as 7 days and as many as 10 weeks or more in the Kumasi and Shanti Regions of Ghana; Tegucigalpa, Honduras; Patna, India; and Dhenkanal, India. There are no tuition charges for training, but volunteers are responsible for their own air fare, travel and VISA expenses, immunizations, and living expenses. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but programs fill quickly. For more information visit

Summer Opportunities Most schools offer summer courses and workshops in various subjects. If you have an eye on a certain school, look up their summer schedule. It’s a great opportunity to get to know a school you may be considering for graduate study. Below are some great programs with upcoming deadlines:


Pre-med/Science Johns Hopkins Human Anatomy for Undergraduates Summer Program – This four-week course, running from June 4 – June 29, 2012, is designed to give undergraduate students an introduction to all aspects of human anatomy. The course provides written and practical education, with an emphasis on cadaver labs. Applications require an application form, college transcript, and a letter of recommendation from an academic advisor. Application deadline is March 15, 2012. For more information visit The Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University - Located in North Grafton, MA, the Cummings School offers a summer “Adventures in Veterinary Medicine” program that is intended to help prospective students determine if veterinary medicine is the right career for them. Participants have the opportunity to shadow fourth-year veterinary students in clinical and surgical rotations, allowing students to have a firsthand look at the rigors and demands of veterinary school. In addition there are lectures from the faculty, opportunities to ask current students about their experiences, a chance to Start your vet study this summer with Cummings — soon you’ll be caring for meet with admissions wonderful patients like Seymour. and financial aid staff members, and a chance to participate in discussions about critical issues in veterinary medicine. There are two sessions: June 4-8 or June 11-15, 2012. The course is open to current college students or recent graduates. Tuition is $950 and includes daily lunch, all program activity fees and lab fees. Applications are accepted until space is filled – act early! For more information, and to apply online, visit:

Pre-law The University of Iowa College of Law Hubbard Law School Preparation Program – This program seeks to support diversity in the legal profession by inspiring students from groups historically under-represented in the law to become lawyers, and by providing them with skills and assistance that will strengthen their preparation for law school. The four-week program runs from June 3 to June 29, 2012, and focuses on all areas of law, the legal profession’s tradition of service and commitment to justice, and improving writing and study skills. Hubbard Fellows are housed for 9

free in the dorms, and receive a stipend for living expenses and groceries. Application deadline is March 19, 2012. For more information visit prospective/pre-law/hubbard.php Florida State University College of Law 2012 Summer for Undergraduates Program – This intensive four-week program at Florida State University provides students with an inside look at law school and the legal profession. During the four weeks, students attend daily classes taught by law school professors and writing instructors to familiarize them with the legal system and hone their writing skills, talk to admissions staff about the law school application process, workshop for the LSAT, work on resumes and statements of purpose, and visit the Florida Supreme Court and local law firms. The program runs from May 21 to June 14, 2012. There is no tuition or room and board charges for the program, but students are responsible for their travel expenses. Application deadline is March 23, 2012. For more information visit summer_undergraduates/index.html LSAC’s Pre Law Undergraduate Scholars (PLUS) Program – This four-week immersion into the legal world is made possible by a generous grant from the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC). The PLUS Program seeks to support students from underrepresented groups, or who face significant financial or familial obstacles in their pursuit of a career in law. In the program, students will be exposed to the fundamental skills necessary to succeed at law school and as a lawyer, and have opportunities to meet and interact with law school professors, deans, directors, practicing attorneys, judges, and law students. The program is offered at no cost to students, and includes housing, a travel stipend, weekly stipends, a meal stipend, and field trips. Program runs from June 4 – June 29, 2012. Application deadline is April 16, 2012. For more information visit pplication Cornell University Pre-Law Summer Program – The Cornell Pre-Law Program is designed for college grads and undergraduate sophomores, juniors, and seniors and offers an unparalleled chance to develop an accurate picture of the reali-

With immersive summer courses in language, you can learn a foreign language in no time.

ties, rewards, and challenges of being a lawyer today. The program features for-credit courses in law, selective internships at law firms, and a rich opportunity to learn and live in New York City. The program runs from June 4 – July 13, 2012. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until classes are filled. Act early! For more information visit

Foreign Language Stony Brook University, Russian Language Program in St. Petersburg, Russia –This four-week study-abroad program requires no previous knowledge of Russian. Students take classes (taught in English) together with their peers from Russia, the former Soviet Union, Eastern and Western Europe and elsewhere, selecting seminars in Linguistics, Cultural Studies, Psychology, Film & Media Studies, and other topics. Students will also study Russian at the beginning or intermediate level. The program will be held from July 8 to August 8, 2012. Application deadline is April 1, 2012. For more information visit Amrita University in Kerala, Sanskrit Retreat – This four-week retreat, located at an authentic ashram on the Arabian Sea, offers students the opportunity to study Sanskrit in an immersive, innovative way. With its combination of Sanskrit conversation, traditional grammar study, and classes on the Bhagavadgita, yoga, and Vedic chanting, the program is a beneficial study and a rich experience. Any student seriously interested in learning Sanskrit may apply. Students are especially reminded that sensitivity and willingness to live in an ashram and respect its code of behavior is critical. The program runs from July 11 to August 10, 2012. Application deadline is April 18, 2012. For more information visit Monterey Institute of International Studies, Summer Intensive Language Program – The Monterey Institute offers programs in a variety of languages, including Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish, and Japanese. The program is for motivated learners, and offers beginning-, intermediate-, and advanced-level courses, each consisting of 180 hours of instruction over 8 weeks. Monterey Institute has broad experience in providing intensive language instruction, and offers many rigorous, highly effective, programs in language acquisition. Application deadline April 28, 2012. For more information visit


Middlebury College Summer Immersion Programs – Middlebury College offers a wide variety of intensive summer immersion programs in Vermont and at 12 schools abroad. Undergrads can study Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Hebrew and more. Students can also choose to study in Argentina, Egypt, Germany, and Uruguay as well as many other countries. Recent graduates or graduating seniors can pursue M.A degrees in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian, or Spanish. Students can earn an M.A. over four summers at the Vermont campus or by spending one summer in Vermont followed by the academic year at one of the schools abroad. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but don’t wait! For more information visit Université de Genève, Summer Courses in French Language – Université de Genève, located in Geneva, France, offers three summer courses in French Language. Students can choose between three-week courses for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students; a nine-week intensive course for beginners; and a six-week session for advanced students. For more information and to register for classes, visit index_en.html

Math University of Nebraska Lincoln, Summer IMMERSE Program – For students starting graduate school in mathematics in the fall, Nebraska’s IMMERSE program offers a unique opportunity to mentor in mathematics and get a jump start on graduate school. IMMERSE seeks both to strengthen the preparation and to develop the teaching, research, and mentoring skills of students. Students will be mentored by senior UNL faculty, and attend intensive courses in algebra and analysis. Unlike many textbook-based math programs, IMMERSE focuses on reading research papers. Students will also attend special presentations, colloquiums, and workshops to help prepare them for graduate study. The program runs from June 11 to July 20, 2012. Application deadline is March 15, 2012. For more information visit

English, History, and Classics University of New Hampshire/ Cambridge University, Summer School – Cambridge University, in conjunction with University of New Hampshire, offers classes in English literature, writing, classics, and history, taught by Cambridge University or University of New Hampshire professors. Students also have opportunities to travel to London, Stratford-on-Avon, and other places in the UK for weekly field trips. The program runs from July 8 to August 17, 2012. Application deadline is March 15, 2012. For more information visit

Economics Institute for Humane Studies Seminars on Liberty – The Institute for Humane Studies provides an opportunity for students to reexamine society and politics from outside the usual boundaries. IHS seminars explore questions like, ‘what is the proper role of government,’ ‘how much liberty is good for the individual,’ ‘how is globalization reshaping our world,’ and ‘what conditions foster peace and prosperity.’ Seminars draw on history, economics, political theory, public policy, law, and more, and most have professors from at least three different disciplines to give a broad and comprehensive look into political and economic issues. The seminars take place on college campuses in Baltimore, MD; Chicago, IL; Orange County, CA; Philadelphia, PA; and Winston-Salem, NC. Application includes online form and multiple brief essays. Application deadline is March 31, 2012. For more information visit www.

Volunteer Opportunities Literacy Volunteers of Santa Fe is once again seeking volunteers in their Basic Literacy and English as a Second Language programs through the Adult Basic Education program at Santa Fe Community College. Tutor training is offered through ProLiteracy America and New Mexico Coalition for Literacy and consists of 20 hours of training. Volunteers are expected to commit to two to three hours a week for nine to twelve months and programs run all year long. For ESL contact Roxie Daggett at 505-428-1167 or roxie. daggett For basic literacy contact Kevan Morshed at 505-428-1482 or


Publishing Columbia Publishing Course – With Columbia’s six-week publishing course, students gain broad exposure to current issues in publishing, access to top publishing professionals, hands-on experience, extensive career support, and access to a large, active alumni network. Columbia’s Publishing Course prepares students for careers as editors, literary agents, publishers, designers, publicists, and more. The program runs from June 17 – July 27, 2012. Application deadline is March 19. For more information visit University of Denver Publishing Institute – The Denver Publishing Institute is the ideal launch-pad for a career in book publishing. The four-week program introduces students to the process of book publishing and provides a solid educational foundation and excellent network for subsequent careers. The program involves workshops in editing and marketing, lectures, and special sessions including field trips. The program runs from July 15 to August 10, 2012. Application deadline is March 20, 2012. For more information visit NYU Summer Publishing Institute – The Center for Publishing at NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies is offering graduating seniors and graduate students a summer program in book, magazine and digital publishing from June 4-July 13, 2012. This is an opportunity to learn firsthand about the publishing industry from leaders in the field. In six intensive weeks, students at the Summer Publishing Institute attend lectures and workshops conducted by prominent publishing executives, engage in mock publishing launches, both print and digital, benefit from career planning and a career fair, and more. Application deadline is March 26, 2012. For more information visit 11

Arts Naropa Summer Writing Program – A fourweek-long workshop provided by the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University, the Summer Writing Program offers writers of all genres and backgrounds a chance to convene and work on their art. The Summer Program includes workshops, lectures, panels, readings, colloquia, special events, and one-on-one discussions about students’ writing and ideas with renowned artists. As a long-standing harbor of powerful scholarship and counterpoetics, the Summer Writing Program offers students a unique opportunity to study, explore, and grow in their creative field. The workshop runs from June 11 to July 8, 2012. Tuition is $475/week. Scholarships available; Scholarship deadline is April 1, 2012. For more information visit

Architecture Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Career Discovery Program – This program is an unparalleled opportunity for college undergraduates, and other people interested in exploring an education in landscape architecture, urban planning or urban design. This six-week summer Career Discovery program is for those who are not just considering a career in design or planning, but also have a broad spectrum of interests and remarkably diverse plans and goals. Participants commit themselves fully to a path of intensive studio work, lectures, workshops, and field trips. The program runs from June 4 to July 13, 2012. Application deadline is April 2, 2012 for international students, April 30, 2012 for all others. For more information visit http://www.gsd. Arcosanti Architecture and Ecology Workshops – Arcosanti is an urban laboratory focused on pursuing lean alternatives to urban sprawl through innovative design and environmental accountability. Through the five-week hands-on workshop, the one-week seminar, or various three-month internships, students study the theory and practice of conscientious design, as well as work directly on projects with Arcosanti. The five-week workshop runs every five weeks from now through November. Tuition is $1550. The one-week seminar coincides with the first week of the workshops and costs $550. Registration available online. For registration and more information, visit

Cooking Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) Summer Classes – Located in New York City, ICE is home to the largest program of hands-on recreational cooking, baking, and wine classes. Classes are offered day and night, 355 days a year, and have taught over 26, 000 people the techniques, skills, and experience to have command of the kitchen. Courses provide students with highly trained faculty, the highest-quality ingredients, recipes and instruction packets. Most classes conclude with a large family-style meal served with wine or beer. For more information, and a schedule of classes, visit CulinAerie Summer Classes – CulinAerie is the foremost recreational cooking school in Washington, DC. In the heart of downtown DC, CulinAerie offers instruction to enthusiasts of all skill 12

levels. CulinAerie offers classes in a variety of cooking techniques, including breadmaking, tapas, Thai food, knife skills, and more. For more information visit Santa Fe School of Cooking Summer Classes – For recreational cooking classes nearby, check out Santa Fe School of Cooking, right on the Plaza! They offer a wide variety of classes throughout the year, from chiles to salsa, desserts to enchiladas, soups to specialty breads. Keep an eye out for summer course listings at

Business Harvard Business School, Summer Venture in Management Program — The Summer Venture in Management Program (SVMP) is a week of Harvard Business School instruction that exposes high-potential college students in the summer between their junior and senior year to the Harvard MBA experience and the variety of opportunities a degree in management can afford. This unique educational experience, in combination with a summer internship at a sponsoring company or organization, gives participants a broader understanding of the challenges business leaders face, the innumerable opportunities that exist in management, and the impact they can have on their community and the world through leadership. The program runs from June 16- 22, 2012. Application deadline is March 16, 2012. For more information visit Stanford University, Summer Business Program – Stanford’s Summer Institute for General Management (SIGM) is an opportunity for students to learn more about business, to develop their professional skills, and to gain excellent insight into an MBA curriculum. SIGM is a fourweek residential program designed for college juniors, seniors, and recent graduates majoring in non-business fields. Taught by the same outstanding faculty who lead the MBA program, SIGM provides students with a fundamental knowledge of business with courses in 12 core management disciplines. In addition to the academic curriculum, students receive training from the Career Management Center, individualized coaching, and meet with guest speakers from prominent local companies across a variety of industries. Program runs from June 24 to July 21, 2012. Application deadline is April 20, 2012. For more information visit

Camp Counseling Opportunities: Camp Courageous of Iowa – Camp Courageous offers various volunteer positions, internships, and paid positions. Camp Courageous is a year-round recreational and respite care facility for individuals with disabilities. Positions available include counselors, nature specialists, recreation specialists, outdoor living specialists, kitchen staff, health staff assistants, and more. Please visit the website for more information about specific positions and deadlines. For more information visit Little Keswick School – Little Keswick School is a therapeutic, special-education boarding school for boys located in the southwest mountains of Virginia. The school provides a structured and nurturing environment to children ages 10-15 years old with complex learning and emotional disabilities. Immediate openings are available for Residential Counselors and Teachers. For more information visit

the young people on your crew by building strong community and teaching both life and job skills. Positions vary in length, from 3 to 5 months between April and October and include three weeks of training. For more information visit Wisconsin Badger Camp – Wisconsin Badger Camp serves children and adults with developmental disabilities and special needs. Volunteers will learn valuable life and work skills by spending a summer there, regardless of major. Skills include leadership, management, training, and enrichment. The camp provides a competitive salary package including room and board for the duration of the summer and internship opportunities. Positions available include camper coordinators, program coordinators, nature specialists, art specialists, counselors, health care providers, kitchen assistants and more. For more information visit

The Vermont Youth Conservation Corps (VYCC) – Leading a crew for the VYCC is a job unlike any you’ve ever had before! As a Crew Leader you will live and work in the outdoors and, after comprehensive training, you will complete conservation projects such as trail construction, bridge building, and stone staircase construction. You will also serve as a teacher and role model to


Summer Camp Jobs Interested in working at a summer camp this summer? Check out CampStaff, a database of thousands of jobs at over 300 of America’s best camps. The site is completely free of charge with a simple online registration process. Visit to get started!

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Odyssey Bound Newsletter for St. John's College  

Odyssey Bound February 2012 Career Services Newsletter

Odyssey Bound Newsletter for St. John's College  

Odyssey Bound February 2012 Career Services Newsletter