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President’s Message I am pleased that my first term as President of the Saskatchewan Council has started off with such a very successful year. This year we trained more people in first aid and related skills than in any previous year. We are working hard to fulfill our goal of having a first aid trained person in every home and business. In 2013 we continued to work with all our existing clients and programs and added an exciting MERT training program for the RCMP. These training numbers led to a financially profitable year for the Council helping us to continue our seven year trend of surpluses allowing us to invest back into our programs, volunteers and facilities. There are two major SJA volunteer programs in Saskatchewan. The Therapy Dog program continues to grow and by year end we had over 100 teams in the province. The First Aid Volunteer (Medical First Responder) program continued to decline for many reasons from changing demographics to overworked volunteers. Some have questioned if this was still a viable volunteer program. Saskatchewan has responded with a definite “yes”. To assure this, the Council went through a review process and decided to move to a staff administered First Aid Volunteer program not unlike that in our neighbouring provinces. This process will remove administrative work from volunteers allowing them to focus on patient care. To help with the transition, we have hired a second staff person in community services to help expand both programs and to reach the stated goal in our ten year plan of having a viable First Aid Unit in every city over 10,000 people.

Lawrence Wong

I am especially pleased to see the Honours and Awards program expand in 2013. Twenty-eight people were recognized for their role in helping to save the lives of people who needed first aid. In the upcoming year we hope to expand our awards program with some specific Saskatchewan elements.

I also wish to recognize the staff who works to keep Council operations flowing. The Board was proactive in hiring an outside professional group to assess the Council staff’s compensation compared to other like groups. We have accepted their advice and implemented a pay grade shift which, along with the other benefits and positive working environment, will continue to make St. John Ambulance an exciting and rewarding organization to work for.

CEO’s Message It is my pleasure to report on another successful year for St. John Ambulance made possible by our hard working volunteers, instructors and staff. Financially the year ended strong even after investing heavily in our facilities and our staff. We have good reserves to allow us to weather a disruption in operations as well as give us the ability to fund future changes to facilities and operations. Training continues to expand. Standard OH&S training remains the most common training but we continue to offer and expand programs such as MFR/EMR and Pet First Aid. In 2013 we added tactical first aid for the RCMP to our program inventory.

Kevin Moore

Our First Aid Volunteer program continues to face challenges, but our larger groups still covered many public events including the 101 Grey Cup held in Regina. The Board decision to move to a staff administered volunteer program involves much work but in the long run will provide a better service to the public and allow volunteers to focus on patient care. Our Therapy Dog program continues to increase with the major limiting factor being the ability to run enough dog evaluation sessions to handle the demand.

This year we increased our marketing budget and hired a dedicated marketing person. This has resulted in new professional marketing materials and will also allow us to target specific industries with specialized training. Also, a new national website in 2013 provides an easier interface, faster access, better ability to sell products on-line and in the furture, will allow volunteers to register on-line for duties at various events. As the CEO, my job is made easier by the professional staff I work with to assure all operations run smoothly. I thank them for their input and dedication.



St. John Ambulance Saskatchewan Our Mission: To be the provider of choice of health and safety training and community services to the people of Saskatchewan by competent and dedicated volunteers, instructors and staff.

Historical Financial Data: Revenues

2013 2,959,845

2012 3,182,557

2011 2,601,289

2010 2,485,028

2009 2,343,329

2008 2,195,920














Surplus (Deficit)

10 Year Plan The Council has a ten year strategic plan to help us improve our service to the public both in training and in volunteer services. Major goals have been set from now until 2023: Geographic: To be located or have a presence in all communities over 5,000 people. This can be anything from staffed offices to virtual classrooms. As well, have a viable MFR volunteer unit in every city over 10,000 and an active Therapy Dog in every community over 5,000 people. Training: St. John is to be the undisputed first aid training organization in Saskatchewan and training at least 5% of the population annually. This includes reaching all citizens of Saskatchewan with emphasis on First Nations and youth. Resources: Have upgraded facilities and procedures so that St. John is seen as a high profile, networked, professional operation by the general public, clients and partners.

2013 Board of Directors President: Lawrence Wong Vice President: Dr. Jim Coucill Robert Cade Past President: Darrell McFadyen


Board Members: Colin Bachynski John Ferrier Lynn Hamilton Don McDonald Gordon Neill Q.C. Darin Reeves

Madeleine Robertson Irene Schwalm Eric Vincent Mary Walters Grant Weyland CEO (non-voting): Kevin Moore


First Aid Training Highlights: The new National St. John Ambulance Website,, was launched creating a cleaner, user friendly experience for both customers and staff. Some of the features include: • • • •

Fillable forms for our community service requests Geo-location feature allowing users to default to their local office “Find a Course” form to easier locate courses in your area Provincial and Regional highlights sections that can be updated for each office or the province as a whole. Michael Brenholen, Director of Operations demonstrating CPR with the use of an AED.

Sponsored and ran the First Aid component of the Saskatchewan Mining Association’s Provincial Competition, and the Industrial Fire Rescue Competition.

Completed a benchmark survey to find out how consumers position St. John Ambulance when compared to our competition. Below are some of the results: • • • •

47% of respondents put SJA at top of mind for first aid, CPR, and advanced first aid programs 66% of respondents correctly identified the SJA Canada logo 80% of respondents indicate that “is a leader in first aid and CPR training in Canada” describes SJA well or very well 48% of respondents have taken their last first aid course with SJA

Number of Students Trained 35,689 27,754

















Financial Report We have had another successful financial year for the Council.

Statement of Financial Position Year ended December 31, 2013

Internally our controls are strong, financial processing is very efficient and we have literally no Accounts Payable. Our cash flow has been excellent as it has been for the last number of years. We have continued to reduce our long term Accounts Receivables and we have very little write off, accounts or products, at year end.


Our Balance Sheet shows us with strong assets and reserves. The near term target is to use these reserves to renovate existing or purchase new classroom building in Saskatoon.


Revenue numbers for 2013 were good. They were down slightly from last year, primarily in product sales due to a lack of larger equipment sales which tends to happen on a more cyclical basis. Expenditures were up with the single greatest increase being the approved changes in compensation to ensure we are in concert with the economic changes of the province. We ended the year with our eighth consecutive surplus which will allow us to expand programs in 2014 and continue to add to our reserves in anticipation of major capital renovations. Colin Bachynski Chair, Audit Committee

2013 ($)

Current Assets Capital Assets

Current Liabilities Deferred Capital Assets Net Assests

2012 ($)

1,614,785 822,015 2,436,800

1,422,138 747,196 2,169,334

161,147 15,362 2,260,291 2,436,800

143,271 21,609 2,004,454 2,169,334

Statement of Operations Year ended December 31, 2013

Training & Product Sales Cost of Sales Contribution Other Income Expenses Net Excess (Deficiency)

2013 ($)

2,739,116 750,558 1,988,558 220,729 1,953,450 255,837

2012 ($)

2,982,422 883,548 2,098,874 200,135 1,783,799 515,210

Statement of Cash Flows Year ended December 31, 2013

Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association St. John Ambulance thanks SPRA for their continued support!


Cash Beginning of the Year Net Operating Cash Flows Net Investing Cash Flows Cash End of the Year

2013 ($)

324,347 445,280 (353,537) 416,090

2012 ($)

443,958 468,435 (588,046) 324,347


Community Services Highlights: • SJA reached 100 Therapy Dog Teams for the first time in the history of the SJA Therapy Dog Program in Saskatchewan. These 100 teams provided over 6,000 hours to their communities across Saskatchewan.

Deb Clark and her dog Shelby at the Under the Harvest Moon Festival in Regina.

Thanks to our Therapy Dog Sponsors for their support! University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon SPCA Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse Warner Industries Craven Country Jamboree Nissan Regina Beatrice Stevens Memorial Foundation • During exams at the University of Regina, a room with Therapy Dog Volunteers was set up to provide stress relief for students. Over 200 hundred students visited our volunteers! With the success of our program we were able to offer our services again in the fall semester. • Grey Cup 101 took place in Saskatchewan this year and SJA First Aid Volunteers were on-site providing first aid services to everyone in attendance. Volunteers also provided first aid support at the Craven Country Jamboree to keep everyone who attended the event safe.

First Aid Volunteers Public Events Covered Volunteer Hours Patients Assisted







182 793 29,450 2,121

191 696 29,378 2,206

189 722 23,566 3,037

177 747 27,740 3,812

145 821 23,267 3,778

135 590 17,286 3,355

Changes to First Aid Volunteer Program Within Canada and Saskatchewan, the nature and types of volunteers are changing. People are volunteering fewer hours, prefer short term events and only volunteer when it fits their schedule. This does not fit well with the traditional demands of our First Aid Volunteer program. As well, in a more litigious climate, all activities must be monitored more closely. We are changing to a staff administered program that will create an environment for this new volunteer demand and also provide a system for monitoring activities. St. John can recruit more volunteers to cover shorter duties and allow volunteers freedom from administrative work so that they can focus on why they volunteered in the first place; to provide patient care.



Honours and Awards Award Recipients: Over the course of 2013, six award ceremonies were held to recognize the following individuals for their efforts: Diamond Jubilee Judith Hutton Alyssa Sutton Gold Life Saving Award Therapy Dog Team Alyssa Sutton and Priscilla receiving their Diamond Jubilee from Larry Wong.

Peter Chandler

Certificate of Commendation Kyle Faubert Paul Gallant Brett Gonie Brock Johnson Dana Johnson Melody Strong Brock Wilcox Patrick Zunti

Investiture of Robert V. Cade, CStJ, CD Lieutenant Governor Vaughn Solomon Schofield invested Robert V. Cade, CStJ, CD, as a Knight in the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem on August 21, 2013, in a ceremony at historic Government House, Regina.

Silver Life Saving Award Steve Bell Jeremy Brown Steven Dods Aaron Dutchak Pat Gotto Stewart Kingdon Robert Krismer Roger Peterson Kenneth Richardson Brad Rutledge Dr. James Stakiw Gregg Sheppard Wayne Strong Janelle Tarrant Herbert Weinmeyer Blaine Winterhalt Darren Wilcox

As a senior member of our organization, Robert is always available for consultation and mentoring to both volunteers and staff and is a strong advocate for St. John both provincially and nationally. He promotes St. John programs at every opportunity raising our public profile in the community and across the province. Robert has provided nearly 30 years of dedicated service to St. John Ambulance and is currently Director of Ceremonies for Saskatchewan Council.

In Memoriam The Saskatchewan Council of St. John Ambulance acknowledges with sadness the passing of the following members of the St. John family in 2013: Ron Bundas During his 51 years of service Ron dedicated over 10,900 hours to his community. He took on roles as Corporal, Divisional Officer, Divisional Superintendent, Provincial Administration Officer and Deputy Provincial Commissioner. Joe Yourkowski Provided 42 years of service as a volunteer for St. John Ambulance Saskatchewan Council and rose through the Order of St. John Canada to the rank of Commander.


7 Locations: Saskatoon Training Centre

Prince Albert Training Centre

1808 Broadway Avenue

1003 1st Avenue West

Tel. (306) 343-0041

Tel. (306) 922-0888

Monday - Friday 8:00 - 4:30

Monday - Friday 9:00 - 4:00

Lloydminster Training Centre

Swift Current Training Centre

#2 4620 - 44th Street

610 Cheadle Street W

Tel. (306) 825-3985

Tel. (306) 773-8236

Monday - Friday 8:00 - 4:00

Monday - Wednesday 8:00 - 4:00

Moose Jaw Training Centre

Yorkton Training Centre

1235 Main Street North

21 - 1st Avenue N

Tel. (306) 783-4544 Tel. (306) 692-1600 Training Centre Locations

Monday - FridayCentre 7:30 - 4:00 Monday - Friday 8:00 - Centre 4:30 Lloydminster Training North Battleford Training Saskatoon Training Centre #2 4620 - 44th Street 1225 - C 100th Street Regina Training Centre 1808 Broadway Avenue North Battleford Training Centre Tel. 825-3985 Tel. (306) 2625 445-3472 Tel. (306) 343-0041 3rd Avenue 1225(306) - C 100th Street Tel. (306) 445-3492 Tel. (306) 522-7226 Monday - Friday 8:00 - 4:00 Monday - Friday 8:00 - 4:30

Regina Training Centre 2625 3rd Avenue Tel. (306) 522-7226 Monday - Friday 8:00 - 4:30

Monday - Friday 8:00 - 4:30 Moose Jaw Training Centre Prince Albert Training Centre Swift Current Training Centre 1235 Main Street North 1003 1st Avenue West 610 Cheadle Street W Tel. (306) 692-1600 Tel. (306) 922-0888 Tel. (306) 773-8236 Find out what St. John Ambulance can do for you Monday - Friday 8:00 - 4:30 Monday - Friday 9:00 - 4:00 Monday - Wed. 8:00 - 4:00

Yorkton Training Centre 21 - 1st Avenue N Tel. (306) 783-4544 Monday - Friday 7:30 - 4:00

by contacting your local training centre.

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St. John Ambulance - Sask Council 2013 Annual Report  
St. John Ambulance - Sask Council 2013 Annual Report  

St. John Ambulance is a non-profit organization that provides first aid training and products to support our community services.