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Year 9 Royal Armouries Trip Review On Thursday 18thApril 2013 56 year 9 pupils went to visit the Royal Armouries on a History trip. It was a good experience and we learnt a lot about WW1, which we are currently studying. We were split into two groups and had a range of activities to do. We learnt how they dressed and had a competition in pairs to see which group was able to do the uniform correctly. We also learnt how to march as WW1 soldiers would have and we were taught the correct way to hold and throw a grenade from the trenches. In the second activity we got to hold guns, sword and other artefacts used in the war and we were also able to try on clothes that the Germans, British and French soldiers used during the war. After lunch we all got to go in our own groups with a teacher and we visited exhibits such as the hunting rooms and the Medieval exhibit. It was fun because we got to see how history has changed and how weapons and clothes have developed. We also got to see an exhibition were two Medieval knights explained their armour to us and told us how to put it on and how it protected them. They then fought a battle and explained what moves they were making and how their opponent would block them. It was really fun watching them fight. We all enjoyed the day at the Royal Armouries and it was really good to learn about WW1 in an interesting and different way.

Louis Jelves and Hannah Hussain

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Review of Royal Armouries visit

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