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Easy Maintenance For Outside Furniture Good outside furniture will cost you a decent amount of money. So it's important to care for your investment. Each type of furniture whether it is wrought iron, recycled plastic or natural wood will require a different kind of maintenance, but some general rules apply to all varieties of outdoor furniture. 

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Avoid strong chemicals. Besides the health hazards to humans and animals, they will strip the paint off of your metal furniture and strip the natural oils from wood outdoor furniture reducing their longevity. Before cleaning, use a soft brush or cloth to remove any extra dirt on the surface of your furniture. Use a mild solution to remove deeper dirt and grease from your outdoor furniture. An easy mixture is to combine one gallon of water with one cup of vinegar and 4 tablespoons of common dishwashing detergent. Apply this with a smooth cloth or sponge before rinsing off with a hose. Allow to dry thoroughly before applying a sealer. Patio cushions can also be washed with the water and vinegar solution. Just like with the furniture, be sure to remove any extra dirt with a soft brush and NEVER allow them to soak in water for any length of time. Sun dry immediately to prevent the build up of mold and mildew. Wooden patio furniture can be washed with a special oil soap. The oils in this type of soap will seap into the grain of the wood, helping it to keep from drying out. Sturdy recycled plastic garden furniture that mimics wood may be able to receive an occasional power washing if it has been left outdoors for several seasons. Check with the manufacturer. Wood and painted metal outside furniture should never be power washed as the pressure may damage wood fibers and may cause paint to flake or chip. Consider putting your outside furniture away in an enclosed space at the end of the summer. A garage, shed or other indoor space is ideal. If this is not available, consider purchasing a good quality outside furniture cover made of marine-strength material to protect your furniture from wind, rain, sleet, and snow.

With proper care, your outdoor patio set should last for decades to come. So use these simple tips to start protecting your investment today.