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Mark Huppe* Assistant Principal Director of Activities and Athletics

Business Office Jan Clary, Christy Peterson

Fr. Dan Morris* Chaplain John Muehlberger* Dean of Students Debbie Nearmyer Director of Catholic Faith Formation Shane Rapp** Principal Jessica Rolston* Assistant Principal Andy Tylicki* President

ADVANCEMENT Alyssa Dold Director of Marketing and Design Kim Feist Alumni Coordinator Eduardo Godinez Director of Integrated Marketing Amber Hellwig Director of Advancement Katie Lindgren* Director of Grants Management Karen Maginn* Director of Admissions

Campus Ministry Ruthie Greenhalgh, Emily Thompson* Counseling Audrey Amor, Jenny Hicks*, Kellie Maguire*, Cathy McNally, Natalie Muehlberger* Staff Anna Bomhoff*, Theresa Lyons, Julie Mayfield, Shalee Morris, Terri O’Neill, Officer Betsy Peterson, Caroline Schippers, Linda White* Technology Joseph Lindgren*, Cathy McNally, Jerry Tujague* Facilities Mike Medina, Jimmy Muehlberger, Steve Pippin, Rick Steagall Business & Technology Department Angela Charlton*, Michael Consiglio*~, Bonnie-Lyn Ray* English Department Rebecca Bishop, Samantha Branson*, Evan Bradfield, Theresa Gross, Antionette Ishmael*, Alli Jordan*, Colleen Kolich*~, Kirsten Miller, Bonnie-Lyn Ray* Math Department Julie Curnes*, Stan Dohm*, Sr. Mary Francis, Tanner Hageman, Samantha Hendrix*, Clare Larkin, Lee Ann Ochs*, Sam Rockford*, Donna Sharpnack*~

Social Science Department Angela Charlton*, Michael Consiglio*, Nancy Dorsey*~, Sr. M. Hedwig*, Matt Joshi*, Tom Radke*, Joe Walberg*, Tim Wuebker* Theology Department Sebastian D’Amico*, Luke Doyle, Annelise Feder, Andrew Foster, Alex Keith~, Charles Lanza, Emily Thompson*, Chris Walters*, Katie Walters* Visual & Performing Arts Jason Cole*, Sherri Denton*, Helen Harrelson*, Corbin Hernandez, Terra Henderson*, Anna Kinkade*~, Jeannie Nunn*, MacKenzie Wright* World Language Department Anna Kinkade*, Wendy Leon-Ryan, Deidre Speck*, Tyler Supalla, Sonia Toledo*~

BOARD OF TRUSTEES Mr. Kevin Kelly, Chair Mr. Kelly Dubbert, Vice Chair Mrs. Kathy Rasmussen, Secretary Mr. Marty Krebs, Treasurer Dr. Kathleen O’Hara, Ex Officio Mr. Bill Ebel Mr. Dan Heiman Fr. Jim Ludwikoski Mr. Terry Sexton Mr. Ernie Straub Fr. Mike Koller Mr. Tray Vedock Mrs. Zena Weist

Physical Education Department Sam Bruning, Nancy Dorsey*, Kerri Elstun*, Cole Orrick Science Department Greg Bomhoff*, Kerri Elstun*, Jackie Heinerikson*, Greg Hohensinner~, Paige James*, Anna Larsen, Angela Schermerhorn*, Julie Ward*

~ Denotes Department Head * Denotes having received Masters Degree ** Denotes having received Doctorate Degree

FROM THE DESK OF THE PRESIDENT Friends of St. James Academy, Our entire school recently celebrated Mass with Archbishop Naumann followed by a retreat for the St. James Academy Board of Trustees. The retreat was led by our Campus Ministry student team, a group of seniors who assist the faith formation department. The Board is charged with planning for the future and discussing topics with the “big picture” in mind but for this event they were part of typical interactions with our students. The Trustees’ experience was a “normal” day for me on our campus: a prominent athlete giving a witness about the challenges of six surgeries that left him on the sideline of the sport he loves for over two years; two students talking with a board member about their spiritual journeys; I could list several other experiences that were equally awe-inspiring. These are the students that lead our school, not just in ministry, community or academics, but also on our fields, courts and stages. The board members were amazed. The genuine love for Jesus, St. James Academy and classmates was very apparent that day. But it was a typical day for me. St. James Academy is blessed to have 932 students currently enrolled. We have experienced amazing success in the classroom, on the field, and on the stage over the past year and much of these successes are celebrated in the 2016-2017 annual report. A few highlights: • • • •

Updated long-range forecast Updated data from the 2016-2017 school budget Student achievements Recognition of St. James Academy benefactors

The wonderful families who believe in the mission of our school have made an incredible impact. You are the greatest promoters of what is happening at St. James Academy. Thank you for your unwavering support. The future of St. James Academy is bright and we look forward to sharing the heart of Jesus with even more students and families for a long time to come.

May God bless you and your family,

Andy Tylicki, President


2016-2017 FISCAL YEAR Tuition and Fees



Parish Support


Advancement Income


Misc. Income








2016-2017 FISCAL YEAR Salaries and Benefits Instructional




Faith Formation






Plant Maintenance/Utilities


Classroom Remodel


Loan Payments


Financial Expenses


Total Expenses

DEBT FORECAST LOAN BALANCE - BEGINNING OF YEAR Principal payments from Private Appeal Principal payments from St. James Academy LOAN BALANCE - END OF YEAR











ACTUAL FY 2022 $


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Astorga Burgos


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Mr. and Mrs. Chris Ascher Mr. and Mrs. Mike Barrett Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Colanero Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Dlabal Mr. and Mrs. John Duggan Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jones Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Geary Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Tony Sabatino Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Ziesman

St. James the Greater was among the first to leave everything and follow Jesus. He was part of a circle within the twelve that Jesus relied upon to lead in an extraordinary way. Making a pilgrimage along the route to his relics, El Camino de Santiago— The Way of St. James— is a powerful devotion that has endured for more than one thousand years. On our Christian pilgrimage, we are all called to be missionaries; some give by going, others go by giving. The circles of giving within the Camino Society bear the names of important stops along The Way of St. James, where pilgrims find rest, nourishment and camaraderie with others to continue the journey. Thank you for leading the way on this pilgrimage of sharing. We are immeasurably grateful for your generosity and for your support of Catholic education during the 2016-2017 fiscal year.

Jeff and Sara Bierbaum Mr. and Mrs. William Biggins Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Feiden Mr. and Mrs. Paul Frick Mr. and Mrs. Arron Heinerikson Mr. and Mrs. Andy Jarvis Mr. and Mrs. Scott Kincaid Mr. and Mrs. Marty Krebs Mr. John Ludwikoski Sr. Mr. and Mrs. David Maddox National Christian Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Person Mr. and Mrs. Mike Reilly Mrs. Joyce Solomon Mr. and Mrs. Jon Stewart Oak Run Olathe LLC Mr. and Mrs. Troy Sydzyik Mr. and Mrs. Sean Wheeler Anonymous B.F. Ascher KC Golf Cart Co.


($2,500-$4,999) Mr. and Mrs. Mario Brancato Mr. and Mrs. Dan Bruegger Mr. and Mrs. Clint Burns Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Carlstedt Mr. and Mrs. Dan Dolan Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Dubbert Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Holton Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kentfield Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Klinker

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kohlrus Mr. and Mrs. John Kubicki Mr. and Mrs. Troy Miller Father Dan Morris Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Nick Rodina Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schermerhorn Mr. and Mrs. Steve Smith Mr. Leo Storm Mr. and Mrs. Philip Straub Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Stuppy Mr. and Mrs. Bryon Vanlerberg Mr. and Mrs. Tray Vedock Mr. and Mrs. Steve Wisdom Security Bank of Kansas City Superior Moving & Storage Turf Design Mariner Wealth Advisors Mr. and Mrs. Will Cokeley Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Huber Bulleigh Orthodontics Greater Kansas City Community Foundation ~


($1,000-$2,499) Mr. and Mrs. Ray Abraham Ms. Denise Amor Dostal Mr. and Mrs. Paul Barrett Dr. and Mrs. Randy Brown Mr. and Mrs. Kent Charlton Mr. and Mrs. James Claiborne Mr. and Mrs. Sam Coffman Mr. Gary Creten Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fritschie Mr. and Mrs. Mike Frost Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Hashagen Mr. and Mrs. Scott Helt Mr. and Mrs. Craig Hemke Mr. and Mrs. Jay Holthaus Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Holthaus Dr. and Mrs. Brian Hornung Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hotze Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Huerter Mr. and Mrs. Randall Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Mason Jones Mr. and Mrs. Pat Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Keith Archbishop Emeritus James Keleher

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Kempf Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kleekamp Mr. and Mrs. Gene Kubicki Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Kuhn Mr. James Linn Dr. and Mrs. Chris Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lyons Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mancuso Mr. and Mrs. Korey Moellers Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Moore Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Myers Deacon and Mrs. Dana Nearmyer Mr. Merle Petz Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pikus Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Plattner Mr. and Mrs. Martin Quinn Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rasmussen Drs. Michael & Kirsten Reilly Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Ressegieu Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Reynoldson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rico Ms. Rose Rodina The Sports Medicine & Performance Center, University of Kansas Hospital Sabatini Architects Father Quentin Schmitz Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Schreiner Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Sexton Mr. and Mrs. David Shepard Ms. Ann Sieving-Erickson Mr. and Mrs. John Solomon Mr. and Mrs. Chris Spencer Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Stoltz Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Straub Mr. and Mrs. Paul Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Andy Tylicki Mr. and Mrs. Joe Walberg Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wall Dr. and Mrs. Harold Wallin Mr. and Mrs. Chris Walters Mr. and Mrs. John Weist Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Wieger Mr. and Mrs. Clark Zeit Four Seasons Home Products Jones Plattner & Associates Olathe Health Systems Country Club Bank Financial Wealth Landers Visions

Midwest Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, P.A. Scharnhorst Ast Kennard Griffin PC Shawnee Mission Health Straub Construction BKD, LLP Drive Now Auto Credit On Call Surgical Mosaic Life Care Van Deurzen & Associates, P.A. TABCO, Inc. Treat America MMR Enterprises LLC ShananiGanns Boutique Division of the Ancient Order of HIbernians Universal Engraving Inc. Rocket Properties


($500-$999) Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bartkoski Mr. and Mrs. Chris Berning Mr. and Mrs. James Bishop Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blatcher Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Bockwinkel Deluxe Corporation Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burns Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Burroughs Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Clary Mr. and Mrs. Brian Coens Mr. and Mrs. Mike Consiglio Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Costello Mr. and Mrs. Rick Cozzitorto Mr. and Mrs. David Cresswell Mr. and Mrs. Mike Dunsmore Mr. and Mrs. Robert Elbert Mr. and Mrs. Michael Farleigh Ms. Joyce Feder Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Feeney Mr. and Mrs. Doug Feist Mr. and Mrs. Tom Graham Mr. and Mrs. Rob Harber Mr. and Mrs. Rich Henry Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hoog Mr. and Mrs. Mark Huppe Mr. and Mrs. Ed Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Kearney Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kerschen King Chiropractic Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kipper

Ms. Julie Knoche Mr. and Mrs. Brad Kropf Mr. and Mrs. Chris Kumke Mr. and Mrs. Pete Leibham Mr. and Mrs. Steven Lovell Mr. and Mrs. (Brian) Kent Luther Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Maginn Kirk and Diana McLoughlin Mr. and Dr. Mitch Mellick Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Miller Mr. and Mrs. John Muehlberger Mr. and Mrs. Robert O’Neill Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Oprisu Mr. and Mrs. Mark Popp Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Protzman Mr. and Mrs. Peter Radford Mr. and Mrs. Terry Radke Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rieke Mr. and Mrs. Randy Ritchie Mr. and Mrs. Sam Rockford Mr. and Mrs. Dale Schippers Mrs. Kathy Schrage Mr. and Mrs. Pete Selenke Mr. and Mrs. James Smith Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stapp Mr. and Mrs. Chris Steinlage Mr. and Mrs. Brad Steinlage Mr. and Mrs. Brian Stephens Mr. and Mrs. Mark Twellman Mr. and Mrs. Mike Vielhauer Dr. and Mrs. James Voorhees Father Scott Wallisch Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Whitney Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wilkinson Ms. Karen Wisdom Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Wornall Mr. and Mrs. Peter Zevenbergen Anonymous Barrett Insurance Agency Century Link Employee Giving ~ DST Systems, Inc. ~ Holthaus Building, Inc. JE Dunn Pediatric Partners McDonnell & Associates Michael’s Heritage Florist Nigro Brothers RAZEK Environmental, LLC Shanan Realty Group

Tax Favored Benefits


($250-$499) Mr. and Mrs. Greg Bomhoff Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Boone Mr. Martin Boos Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brazil Mr. Gabe Brown Mr. and Mrs. Greg Bruning Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Buehler Mr. and Mrs. Brian Burwell Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Scott Coup Mr. Bob Cunningham Mr. John Dehan Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Diel Mr. and Mrs. Kurtis Doyle Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ebel Mr. and Mrs. Jay Ellzey Mr. and Mrs. Jim Frank Mr. and Mrs. Rick Gasaway Mr. and Mrs. Edward Geris Mr. and Mrs. Marc Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Grable Ms. Erin Graham ‘09 Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hafner Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hamele Mr. and Mrs. Kelby Hellwig Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hess Mr. and Mrs. Chris Holton Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Hotzel Mr. and Mrs. Joe Huerter Mr. and Mrs. Michael Huerter Mr. and Mrs. Jason Imlay Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Irvine Mr. and Mrs. John Joerger Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Ben Kalny Mr. and Mrs. Alex Kuhl Mr. and Mrs. Bob Kurland Mr. and Mrs. Kent Lamfers Mr. and Mrs. Chris Lang Mr. and Mrs. Paul Laures Mr. and Mrs. John Le Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lindgren Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Lipp Mr. and Mrs. Jay Lock Ms. Mary Kate Lynch ‘13

Ms. Kyli Maddox Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Jodie Maddox Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Manning Mr. and Mrs. Arlin Mast Mr. and Mrs. Robert Matulis Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mauro Mr. and Mrs. Pat McNally Mr. and Mrs. Dan Melchior Mr. and Mrs. Jim Moore Mr. and Mrs. Martin Muder Mr. and Mrs. Jim Munda Mr. and Mrs. Mark Myzer Mr. and Mrs. Bob Nickloy Mr. and Mrs. Gil Niesen, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mike O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Terry Obershaw Mr. and Mrs. Robert Opitz Mr. and Mrs. Robert Oyler Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Paquette Mr. and Mrs. Mike Parsons Mr. and Mrs. Jeff and Jillian Pattison Mr. and Mrs. Tom Peddicord Mr. Bradley Peterson ‘12 Chuck Pyle and Margi Yoakum Pyle Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Ranck Mr. and Mrs. Jason Rhodes Mr. and Mrs. Dave Ripp Mr. and Mrs. Domenic Rizzi Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Rodriguez Mr. and Mrs. Gene Russell Ms. Susan Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Schaefer Mr. and Mrs. Matt Schreiner Mr. and Mrs. Chris Sirridge Mrs. Julie Spatz Mr. and Mrs. Lee Stark Mr. and Mrs. Jon Steffens Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Stelzer Ms. Genevieve Stoops ‘12 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Thornhill Dr. and Dr. Cary Thurm Mr. and Mrs. Mark Walters Mr. and Mrs. Brian Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Welding Mr. and Mrs. Duane Wiley Mr. and Mrs. David Wilkes Dr. Everett J and Mrs. Wilkinson Mr. and Mrs. James Winger Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Wurtenberger

American Century Investments Foundation ~ Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund ~ Body Guitar Bednar Interiors Breakout KC Construction DesignWorks Grin Eye Care Harvest Graphics Huerter Orthodontics Jostens Reilly Holding Company

PAMPLONA ($100-$249)

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Alley Mr. and Mrs. Chris Arth Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bailie Mr. and Mrs. Doug Banks Mr. and Mrs. Keith Berning Mr. and Mrs. John Biondo Dr. and Mrs. Shannon Blunt Ms. Kelena Bockwinkel ‘20 Mr. and Mrs. Brady Bolton Mr. and Mrs. Brian Boutte Mr. and Mrs. Greg Branson Joe and Betsy Breault Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Breeden Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Broxterman Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Bruggeman Mr. and Mrs. Tom Brungardt Mr. Bob Bryan Mr. and Mrs. Tim Buchanan Mr. and Mrs. Brian Bucklin Mr. and Mrs. Paul Buechler Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Bumgarner Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Burkard Mr. and Mrs. Jason Burritt Mr. and Mrs. David Carlton Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Carolan Mr. and Mrs. John Cashero Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chadwick Mr. and Mrs. David Cobb Mr. and Mrs. Scott Comer Mr. and Mrs. Edward Condon Mr. and Mrs. John Conley Ms. Peg Coughlin Mr. and Mrs. Derek Cox Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Coy

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Crain Dr. and Mrs. Philip Curnes Mr. and Mrs. Michael Deggendorf Ms. Sherri Denton Dr. and Mrs. Robert Devine Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Dobson Mr. and Mrs. Stan Dohm Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dold Ms. Kim Douglas Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Duker Mr. and Mrs. Gary Dulek Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Dumovich Mr. and Mrs. Roger Dykmann Mr. and Mrs. Geoff Edds Mr. and Mrs. Dan Enos Mr. and Mrs. Tom Fangman Mr. and Mrs. Steve Farnsworth Mr. and Mrs. Derek Feist ‘10 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. Dan Forst Mr. and Mrs. Mark Garies Mr. and Mrs. James Giglione Mr. and Mrs. John Goetz Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gomric Mr. and Mrs. Jody Gossman Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Green Mr. and Mrs. Jason Green Mr. and Mrs. Michael Grove Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Growney Mr. and Mrs. Tim Hand Mr. and Mrs. Dave Hannam Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hartegan Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hartman Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Hatfield Mr. and Mrs. John Hecke Mr. Jake Heller ‘11 Mr. and Mrs. Cameron Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hendricks Mrs. Dorene Henley Mr. and Mrs. Corbin Hernandez Mr. and Mrs. Tim Hicks Mr. and Mrs. Troy Hinkel Mr. and Mrs. Hal Holmquist Mrs. Debbie Hosty Mr. and Mrs. Mark Huppe Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Hurd Mr. Andrew Ingolia Mr. and Mrs. Phil Ishmael Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Jacquinot

Mr. Noah Kalny ‘20 Mr. and Mrs. Chris Keith Mr. and Mrs. Alex Keith Mr. and Mrs. Dan Kenagy Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kerschen Calvin and Tricia Keyes Mr. Kevin Klein ‘12 Mr. and Mrs. Vince Koehler Bill and Colleen Kolich Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kouri Ms. Marie Langdon Mr. and Mrs. Greg LaPlante Mr. and Mrs. G Dennis Larkin Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lavery Mr. Doug Leikam Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Leiker Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lidtke Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Lisak Mr. and Mrs. John Ludwikoski Mr. and Mrs. Robert Macan Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mackey Mr. and Mrs. John Malecki Mr. and Mrs. Jay Manning Dr. and Mrs. Mark Manroe Mr. and Mrs. Mike Mathews Mr. and Mrs. James Maurer Mr. and Mrs. Michael Maurer Mr. and Mrs. Jim Mavec Mr. and Mrs. Ed Mayfield Ms. Heidi McIntyre Mr. and Mrs. Jan McMillian Mr. and Mrs. John Meiers Mr. and Mrs. David Menghini Mr. and Mrs. Greg Mies Ms. Kirsten Miller Mr. and Mrs. David Miller Mr. and Mrs. Austin Mindedahl Mr. and Mrs. Alex Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Joe Modica Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moloney III Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Moore Mr. and Mrs. Cory Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Chris Morrissey Mr. Jimmy Muehlberger Mr. and Mrs. Scott Munk Mr. and Mrs. Rod Murrow Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Travis Newkirk Mr. and Mrs. John Nguyen

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Norton Mr. and Mrs. Morris Nunn Mr. and Mrs. Paul Oberrieder Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ochs Mr. and Mrs. Jim Olinger Mr. and Mrs. Doug Parke Mr. and Mrs. Randal Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Kendal Peterson Ms. Brigid Pikus ‘12 Mr. Matthew Pikus ‘14 Ms. Colleen Pikus ‘16 Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Porter Mr. Logan Pyle ‘11 Dr. and Mrs. John Quinn Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Quinn Mr. and Mrs. Tom Radke Mrs. Monica Rapp Dr. and Mrs. Shane Rapp Mr. and Mrs. Martin Reece Miss Larkin Reilly ‘17 Mr. & Mrs. Mark Rezac Mr. and Mrs. Keith Rickert Mr. and Mrs. Robert Riscoe Mr. and Mrs. Sean Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Robert Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Cory Roshau Mr. and Mrs. Peter Roszel Mr. and Mrs. Vance Rzepka Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Sabatino ‘11 Mr. and Mrs. Rick Salsbury Mr. and Mrs. Eric Scheele Mr. and Mrs. Eric Scheier Mr. and Mrs. Ken Scheve Mr. and Mrs. Craig Schneider Mr. and Mrs. Bill Schnieders Mr. and Mrs. Scott Schulte Mr. and Mrs. Bill Seigle Mr. and Mrs. Tony Semaan Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sharpnack Dr. and Mrs. Louis Sojka Mr. and Mrs. Sam Somerhalder Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Spiller Drs. Michael & Sylvia Spradlin Mr. and Mrs. Michael Steckline Mr. and Mrs. Roger Steiner Ms. Marlene Stoltz Mr. and Mrs. Ed Stork Mr. and Mrs. Dean Striler Mr. and Mrs. Jake Stuhlsatz

Mr. and Mrs. David Sublette Mr. Tyler Supalla Mr. and Mrs. Brett Swanson Ms. Elizabeth Swartz ‘12 Mr. Joel Sydzyik ‘18 Mr. and Mrs. James Tepper Mr. and Mrs. John Terranova Mr. Rob Tinker Mr. and Mrs. Greg Tjaden Mr. and Mrs. Fred Tolman Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tripp Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Tujague Mrs. Mickey Tylicki Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Van Gilder Mr. and Mrs. Peter Vandeleuv Mr. and Mrs. Tim Vannoy Mr. and Mrs. Chris Vlach Mr. Mike Walberg Mr. and Mrs. Tobie Waldeck Mr. and Mrs. Brian Ward Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Ward Mr. and Mrs. C.C Warlop Mr. and Mrs. Rich Weitz Mr. and Mrs. Joe Westhoff Mr. and Mrs. Paul Weybrew Ms. Kristen Whalen ‘12 Mr. and Mrs. Tom White Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Wilk Ms. Nia Williams ‘09 Mr. and Mrs. John Williams Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wortmann Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Wranosky Mr. and Mrs. Casey Yunger Mr. and Mrs. Michael Znidarsic Ameriprise Financial, Teresa Kempf Caldwell & Moll, L.C. Farmers Insurance, Office of Leah Smith James T. Voorhees D.D.S. Sunflower Benefits


Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Adams Mr. and Mrs. Richard Adams Mr. Mason Adkins ‘20 Mrs. Janet Alex Ms. Maureen Alexander Ms. Audrey Amor ‘11 Mr. Taylor Anderson ‘14

Miss Laura Ascher ‘19 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Avery Ms. Suzann Azzaro Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Bade III Miss Katy Baechle ‘18 Mr. and Mrs. Dan Baker Mr. and Mrs. Frank Barber Miss Emily Barber ‘19 Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Barragree Mr. Benjamin Barrett ‘19 Ms. Angela Barrick Mr. and Mrs. Jesus Barrientos Mr. and Mrs. Geoffery Bass Mr. Noah Bates ‘17 Mr. Ryan Bednar ‘19 Miss Paige Bengtson ‘18 Miss Lauren Beringer ‘19 Mr. Bradley Berning ‘14 Mr. Jeff Berning ‘16 Miss Kim Berning ‘18 Mr. Nathan Berning ‘19 Miss Meredith Bierbaum ‘18 Mr. Sean Biggins ‘11 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Billquist Miss Lindsey Billquist ‘18 Miss Madi Biondo ‘20 Miss Kelena Bockwinkel ‘20 Miss Ellie Bolton ‘20 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Book Mr. and Mrs. Mike Booth Ms. Nancy Borisov Mr. and Mrs. Doug Boucher Miss Gabrielle Boucher ‘17 Miss Jennifer Boucher ‘19 Miss Alexandra Boutte ‘19 Ms. Allison Boyd ‘11 Mr. and Mrs. David Bradley Miss Ariana Brancato ‘18 Mr. Patrick Brazil ‘20 Miss Katie Breeden ‘18 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Bright Mr. Kellan Bright ‘20 Miss Cassie Broxterman ‘18 Miss Anna Brune ‘20 Mr. Carlo Brunellie ‘10 Mr. and Mrs. Chad Brungardt Mr. Tate Brungardt ‘20 Mr. Brian Buechler ‘13 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bunker

Mr. Paul Bunker ‘19 Mr. Spencer Burkard ‘18 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Burke Miss Katie Burns ‘18 Miss Annie Caldwell ‘18 Miss Anna Callahan ‘17 Miss Mia Campanelli ‘17 Miss Michael Campbell ‘20 Miss Allie Canfield ‘18 Mr. Josh Carlstedt ‘20 Miss Brooke Carlstedt ‘17 Mr. Jerrod Carlton ‘12 Ken and Kim Cashman Mr. Keith Chadwick ‘12 Mr. Kyle Chadwick ‘12 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Chandler Mr. Max Charlton ‘20 Ms. Barbara Childress Mr. Johnny Childress ‘18 Mr. and Mrs. Jon Christiansen Mr. Jim Clark and Mrs. Rebecca Lapointe Miss Katie Coens ‘17 Miss Kaley Coffman ‘19 Mr. Michael Collins ‘11 Miss Allison Comer ‘20 Miss Elizabeth Conley ‘20 Mr. and Mrs. Toby Cook Miss Annie Cook ‘20 Miss Molly Cook ‘17 Miss Katie Cosse ‘19 Mr. Sam Coup ‘18 Mr. Will Coup ‘20 Miss Alex Cozzitorto ‘19 Mr. and Mrs. Joel Crews Mr. John Crum Miss Andrea Curnes ‘19 Mr. Carson Davis ‘18 Miss Michaella Day ‘19 Mr. and Mrs. Michael DeBrevi Miss Bella DeBrevi ‘19 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Dedrick Ms. Myra Deters Miss Kerry Devine ‘20 Miss Tara Devine ‘19 Ms. Haley Diel ‘14 Mr. Jonah Dobson ‘20 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dodds Mr. Ryan Dodds ‘19 Miss Quincy Dolan ‘20

Miss Kendall Dolan ‘18 Ms. Alyssa Dold Mr. and Mrs. Todd Donaldson Miss Maddi Douglas ‘18 Mr. Theodore Duff ‘14 Miss Bridgette Dwyer ‘17 Ms. Noelle Dykmann ‘12 Ms. Natalie Dykmann ‘16 Miss Meredith Eaton ‘20 Mr. Grant Eaton ‘18 Mr William Egger Miss Rose Elbert ‘20 Mr. Charlie Elbert ‘19 Miss Isabelle Ellington ‘17 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Engen Mr. Mason Enos ‘20 Miss Lexi Eskina ‘18 Mr. Abby Eskina ‘17 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Espinosa Ms. Morgan Fangman ‘15 Miss Elizabeth Fangman ‘19 Mr. Jack Farnsworth ‘18 Mr. Quinn Farris ‘18 Mr. Connor Farris ‘19 Miss Mary Feiden ‘18 Mr. Dylan Feist ‘20 Miss Brighton Ferrara ‘19 Mr. and Mrs. Jim Finan Mr. and Mrs. Tj Fitzgerald Mr. TJ Fitzgerald ‘20 Mr. Zach Flax ‘19 Miss Sarah Flax ‘17 Dr. and Mrs. John Flucke Mr. Joe Frank ‘18 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Free Miss Katie Free ‘20 Mr. Aaron Frick ‘17 Mr. Alex Frick ‘19 Mr. Kyle Funke ‘18 Miss Sara Funke ‘19 Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Gallegos ‘09 Mr. and Mrs. Dion Gartner Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Geer Miss Samantha Geer ‘17 Ms. Gloria Geither Mr. Ryan Geris ‘17 Miss Antonette Gichou ‘17 Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo Godinez Miss Mary Goetz ‘18

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Golomski Mr. and Mrs. Chris Goode Mr. Owen Gordon ‘18 Miss Emma Gossman ‘18 Miss Emma Gothard ‘18 Miss Jessica Gottesburen ‘19 Ms. Stacy Green ‘16 Mr. and Mrs. Jason Green Mr. and Mrs. Victor Green Mr. Jared Green ‘19 Mr. Maxwell Grisnik ‘10 Miss Emma Grob-French ‘19 Miss Katherine Grove ‘19 Miss Ann Growney ‘17 Miss Gabrielle Gutierrez ‘19 Mr. and Mrs. Gj Haarhuis Mr. Colman Haarhuis ‘20 Mr. Keatin Haarhuis ‘17 Mr. Shawn Hackett Mr. and Mrs. Jason Hall Miss Katelyn Hall ‘20 Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hammersmith Ms. Kelsey Happer ‘16 Mr. and Mrs. Simon Happer Miss Meghan Happer ‘19 Mr. and Mrs. Everett Harper Mr. Ethan Harper ‘19 Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hartegan Miss Erin Hartegan ‘18 Miss Grace Hartman ‘19 Mr. Hunter Hatfield ‘18 Mr. Tim Hebberger Miss Anna Hecke ‘17 Mr. and Mrs. Travis Helm Miss Samantha Hemke ‘18 Ms. Ann Hess Miss Mary Katherine Hess ‘20 Mr. William Hess ‘18 Mr. and Mrs. John Higgins Mr. Johnny Higgins ‘17 Mr. and Mrs. Greg Hohensinner Miss Anna Holmquist ‘18 Miss Alison Holthaus ‘20 Miss Maureen Holthaus ‘18 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hoover Miss Rebecca Hopwood ‘17 Mr. and Mrs. Damian Hornick Miss Molly Hornich ‘20 Miss Clare Hotze ‘20

Mr. Albert Hotzel ‘19 Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Howes Mr. Burt Huerter Miss Caroline Huerter ‘18 Mr. Mitchell Huerter ‘19 Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hug Mr. Irvin Hulsing Mrs. Jean Humphrey Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Hunter Miss Kaitlyn Imlay ‘20 Mrs. Ivey Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Jackson Mr. Anthony Janatello ‘20 Miss Alexis Janatello ‘18 Ms. Laura Jennings Miss Maddie Joerger ‘19 Mr. Erick Johnson ‘20 Miss Elise Johnson ‘18 Miss Anna Johnson ‘20 Mr. Evan Johnson ‘17 Mr. and Mrs. David Jones Mr. Ryan Jones ‘17 Mr. and Mrs. Jim Jussel Miss Kylie Jussel ‘19 Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kalny Miss Emily Kaufman ‘17 Miss Quinn Kearney ‘20 Miss Claire Kearney ‘18 Miss Torri Kempf ‘19 Miss Caroline Kenagy ‘18 Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kerner Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Killen Miss Brenna Killen ‘17 Mr. and Mrs. John Kindhart Miss Kelly Kleekamp ‘19 Mr. and Mrs. Dan Klein Miss Natalie Klein ‘18 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Klemp III Miss Audrey Klemp ‘19 Mr. Drew Klemp ‘19 Miss Natalya Klepikow ‘20 Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Klis Miss Alicia Koehler ‘18 Mr. Zach Kohlrus ‘ 11 Miss Debbie Kohlrus ‘19 Mr. and Mrs. Chris Kopecky Mr. Adam Kopitke ‘19 Miss Kelly Krebs ‘20 Miss Mary Kate Krebs ‘18

Miss Jillian Kubicki ‘18 Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kuckelman Miss Juliana Kuhn ‘18 Miss Katie Lamfers ‘20 Miss Sarah LaPlante ‘19 Rebecca Lapointe & Jim Clark Ms. Clare Larkin Mr. Aidan Lavery ‘20 Miss Anna Le ‘17 Mr. & Mrs. Darius Lechtenberger Mr. Paul Lee ‘20 Mr. Andrew Lee ‘17 Miss Arden Leiker ‘20 Mr. Jacob Letourneau ‘17 Ms. Grace Lewis ‘12 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lickel Mr. Ben Lidtke ‘19 Miss Anna Lisak ‘17 Mr. Benedict Livingston ‘20 Mr. Brandon Lobb ‘18 Mr. Jayson Lock ‘20 Mr. and Mrs. Brady Lowther ‘10 Miss Megan Luby ‘18 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Luna Mr. and Mrs. Mike Lutz Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Luu Mr. Ryan Macan ‘17 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Maddock Mr Chris Magana Mr. and Mrs. Mark Magee Miss Morgan Magee ‘17 Mr. Andy Maginn ‘17 Mr. and Mrs. Martin Maguire Miss Joey Malecki ‘19 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Maloney Mr. Anthony Maloney ‘20 Miss Annie Mancuso ‘19 Ms. Rachel Maner ‘18 Mr. Gabriel Mansfield ‘20 Mr. Tyler Martin ‘20 Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Martinez Mr. and Mrs. Brad Masek Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mast ‘11 Ms. Maria Matulis ‘20 Mr. John Matulis ‘19 Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Maurer Miss Emily Maurer ‘19 Miss Laura Maurer ‘19 Mr. and Mrs. (Alan) Chris Maxwell

Mr. and Mrs. David May Miss Bridget May ‘19 Miss Maddie Mayfield ‘20 Mr. and Mrs. Matt McCoy Mr. and Mrs. Gene McGraw Miss Katie McIntyre ‘19 Mr. and Mrs. John McMahon IV Mr. Nathan Meiers ‘20 Miss Lauren Melchior ‘17 Mr. Evan Melchior ‘20 Mr. and Mrs. Roberto Melgar Miss Isabel Mellick ‘20 Miss Anastacia Mendoza ‘ 19 Mr. and Mrs. Rick Mendoza Miss Annie Menghini ‘20 Miss Josie Menghini ‘18 Miss Sophie Menghini ‘17 Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Merrick Miss Maggie Merz ‘18 Ms. Kim Meyers Miss Lily Mies ‘18 Miss Page Mindedahl ‘19 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Miranda Mr. Michael Moore ‘18 Miss Morrigan Morales ‘19 Mr. and Mrs. Charles (Carlos) Morales II Miss Alexa Morgan ‘20 Ms. Shalee Morris Mr. and Mrs. Michael Morrissey Miss Emma Morriseey ‘19 Miss Andie Morrisey ‘20 Mr. and Mrs. Tom Mosburg Ms. Lisa Motley Ms. Elyssa Munda ‘13 Mr. Josh Munda ‘19 Mr & Mrs David Murphy Miss Julia Myers ‘18 Mr. and Mrs. David Naumann Miss Grace Naumann ‘19 Mr. Blake Nearmyer ‘14 Miss Rebekah Nelson ‘19 Miss Audrey Nelson ‘19 Mr. Matthew Newkirk ‘20 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Nguyen Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Nguyen Miss Lauren Niesen ‘17 Miss Greer Norton ‘20 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Nothnagel Miss Jianna O’Dwyer ‘17

Miss Allison Oberle ‘20 Miss Emily Oberrieder ‘20 Miss Jessica Oberrieder ‘17 Miss Murphy Obershaw ‘17 Mr. Connor Odum ‘17 Miss Tara Olinger ‘20 Mr. and Mrs. Scott Ollendick Mr. William Oprisu ‘17 Ms. Kathleen Orel Miss Madison Oyler ‘17 Mr. Wyatt Parsons ‘20 Mr. Reid Parsons ‘18 Miss Savannah Peddicord ‘20 Mr. Jacob Peddicord ‘17 Mr. and Mrs. Shannon Perr Mr. Austin Perr ‘20 Mr. Xzavier Person ‘20 Mr. and Mrs. James Peters Mr. Andrew Peters ‘20 Mr. and Mrs. Dan Petersen Mr. and Mrs. Justin Peterson ‘09 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Petty Mrs. Sarah Petz Miss Grace Petz ‘20 Mr. Jack Petz ‘18 Miss Mary Kate Pikus ‘19 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Pippin Carlos Rojas & Jane Plumberg Mr. Samson Porter ‘19 Ms. Liz Pratt Mr. Jack Protzman ‘18 Mr. Jeff Pyle Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ramm Mr. Taylor Ray ‘18 Miss Tessa Redding ‘20 Mr. Jesse Reece ‘20 Miss Olivia Reece ‘20 Ms. Annie Reilly ‘12 Miss Ellayna Rettinger ‘19 Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Rickert Mr. Alex Rickert ‘18 Miss Mikayla Rico ‘18 Mr. Will Riedler ‘17 Miss Catherine Rieke ‘18 Mr. Grayson Ritchie ‘13 Miss Meredith Ritchie ‘20 Miss Addison Ritchie ‘17 Mr. Jonathan Rizzi ‘18 Mr. Cliff Roberts ‘20

Miss Olivia Roberts ‘18 Mr. Ryan Roberts ‘20 Mr. Jarod Roberts ‘19 Miss Hannah Robinson ‘20 Mr. Zack Rodina ‘18 Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Rodriguez ‘09 Mr. and Mrs. Ernesto Rodriguez Ms. Monica Rojas-Plumberg ‘16 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Rolston Mr. and Mrs. Paul Root Mr. Elbert Rose ‘20 Ms. Olivia Rosebrough ‘20 Mr. Cory Roshau Jr. ‘18 Mr. and Mrs. Victor Rosqueta Mr. Vince Rosqueta ‘17 Mr. and Mrs. Eric Rowcroft Mr. Adam Rowcroft ‘20 Miss Avery Rowcroft ‘17 Miss Claudia Russell ‘19 Miss Madison Russell ‘18 Miss Samantha Russell ‘19 Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Sanchez Mr. Robert Santamarina ‘14 Mr. and Mrs. Pat Saysoff Miss Molly Saysoff ‘20 Miss Hannah Saysoff ‘18 Ms. Sarah Schaefer ‘15 Miss Katherine Schaefer ‘20 Mr. Lucas Scheele ‘17 Miss Hannah Scheele ‘19 Miss Theresa Scheier ‘19 Mr. Mark Schermerhorn ‘19 Mr. and Mrs. Hal Schierts Miss Zoe Schierts ‘19 Miss Bridget Schippers ‘20 Mrs. Elaine Schmidtberger Mr. and Mrs. Noel Schnake Miss Jordan Schneider ‘20 Miss Maddie Schneider ‘20 Miss Rachel Schneider ‘19 Miss Megan Schulte ‘17 Ms. Katherine Selenke ‘17 Mr. Joseph Selenke ‘20 Miss Sophie Semaan ‘20 Miss Francesca Semaan ‘17 Miss Bridget Sexton ‘20 Miss Clare Sexton ‘18 Mr. William Sharpton ‘19 Miss Kathleen Shepard ‘20

Mr. Jackson Shepard ‘18 Mr. William (Ben) Shields ‘19 Miss Samantha Shonfelt ‘18 Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Sickels Miss Olivia Simma ‘19 Mr. and Mrs. Ed Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Robert Slater Mr. Reid Smith ‘10 Ms. Julianne Smith ‘14 Ms. Carla Smith ‘17 Mr. Jakob Smith ‘18 Mr. Reed Smith ‘20 Mr. and Mrs. Brian Smith Mr. and Mrs. David Smith Mr. and Mrs. Arron Smith Mr. Garrett Smith ‘19 Miss Karly Somerhalder ‘20 Miss Emily Somerhalder ‘17 Ms. Megan Spradlin ‘10 Mr. Josh Spradlin ‘18 Mr. Joshua Stapp ‘20 Miss Ava Stapp ‘17 Mr. Sam Stapp ‘17 Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Starkey Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Starkey Miss Ryan Starkey ‘18 Mr. Aaron Starkey ‘19 Mr. Brady Steffens ‘20 Mr. Bryce Steffens ‘17 Miss Macy Steinlage ‘20 Mr. Will Steinlage ‘18 Miss Claire Stephens ‘18 Mr. Isaiah Stoltz ‘19 Miss Natalie Stork ‘20 Mr. and Mrs. Leon Storm Mr. Joseph Straub ‘20 Miss Lexi Streeter ‘19 Miss Brianna Streeter ‘19 Miss Halle Striler ‘18 Miss Sarah Stuppy ‘19 Mr. Joseph Sublette ‘11 Miss Jennifer Summers ‘12 Miss Paige Talken ‘20 Miss Emma Taylor ‘19 Mr. Jacob Taylor ‘18 Miss Emma Taylor ‘19 Mr. Owen Tenbrink ‘17 Mr. Stephen Tepper Mr. and Mrs. Dan Thomas

Miss Megan Thomas ‘18 Ms. Emily Thompson Miss Caylee Thornhill ‘19 Ms. Sonia Toledo Mr. and Mrs. Dan Trehey Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Tubbesing Miss MaryLucy Tujague ‘18 Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Tylicki Mr. JJ Tylicki ‘20 Miss Marilee Tylicki ‘18 Mr. and Mrs. Joe Urich Miss Grace Vannoy ‘18 Mr. and Mrs. Nilton Vasconcelos Miss Marcia Vasconcelos ‘19 Miss Sophie Vedock ‘19 Mr. Aaron Waldeck ‘13 Miss Julianna Wall ‘19 Mr. and Mrs. Troy Wallace Miss Sophie Wallin ‘20 Miss Hannah Wallin ‘20 Mr. Peter Walsh ‘17 Miss Margo Walters ‘17 Mr. Mitchell Walters ‘18 Mr. Cole Warlop ‘20 Miss Brooke Warlop ‘18 Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Warren Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Wasko Mr. and Mrs. Tim Weaver Miss Vivian Weaver ‘17 Miss Solveig Weinberg ‘17 Miss Michaela Weist ‘18 Mr. Logan Weist ‘17 Mr. and Mrs. James West Mr. Jacob West ‘19 Mr. Grant Whitney ‘18 Ms. Olivia Wieger ‘15 Miss Grace Wiley ‘20 Mr. Willaim Wilk ‘17 Miss Alyssa Wilkes ‘20 Mr. Erik Wilkinson ‘17 Miss Angelina Williams ‘20 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Willy Mr. Joe Winger ‘18 Mr. Logan Winters ‘19 Mr. and Mrs. John Wohletz Miss Madeline Wohletz ‘19 Mr. Casey Worley ‘18 Mr. Mason Worley ‘20 Mr. Max Worley ‘20

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Worley Mr. Ryan Wornall ‘20 Miss Marea Wortmann ‘20 Miss Briana Wranosky ‘19 Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wunder Mr. Zach Wurtenberger ‘20 Miss Ashley Wurtenberger ‘18 Ms. Marla Youk Mr. Alex Young ‘18 Miss Ali Yunger ‘20 Miss Michelle Zamora ‘18 Ms. Sheridan Zarda ‘12 Miss Elizabeth Zeit ‘19 Miss Jessica Znidarsic ‘20 M A Wren

ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS Finish the Race, Keep the Faith Amici Fideles Scholarship Marilynn O’Connell Memorial Oprisu-Rosner Scholarship Lauren Dopp Memorial --Every effort has been made to include all of our contributors. If your name is misspelled, entered incorrectly, or omitted, please accept our apology and help us by informing Amber Hellwig, Director of Advancement, at

+ Deceased * Legacy Society ~ Matching Gift Companies ‘ Class of


ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT NATIONAL MERIT FINALIST Megan Schulte NATIONAL MERIT COMMENDED Joseph Barragree Julia Condon Ryan Geris Emily Kaufman Emily Miller Sarah Rose Peter Walsh Vivian Weaver NATIONAL HISPANIC RECOGNITION PROGRAM Ryan Geris Vivian Weaver KANSAS HONORS SCHOLAR Joseph Barragree Jacob Bednar Abby Davidow Isabelle Ellington Douglas Farleigh Ryan Geris Anna Hecke Amanda Helt Johnny Higgins Rebecca Hopwood Anna Le Emily Miller Lauren Niesen Jacob Peddicord Bridget Plunkett Sarah Rose Madeline Rosebrough Megan Schulte Courtney Setter Peter Walsh Margo Walters Vivian Weaver KANSAS DESIGNATED STATE SCHOLARS Sierra Alley

Taylor Alley Joseph Barragree Jacob Bednar Clara Bing Gabrielle Boucher Brooke Carlstedt Mark Christiansen Julia Condon Abby Davidow Tom Deane Hope Dedrick John DuBois Bridgette Dwyer Isabelle Ellington Dylan Garnett Ryan Geris Anna Hecke Amanda Helt Johnny Higgins Rebecca Hopwood Kathryn Hurd Corie Ivanuska Nick Kalny Emily Kaufman Anna Le Brady Manning Conor Mehrer Emily Miller Todd Miller Lauren Niesen Jacob Peddicord Molly Reilly Helen Rhodes Katherine Rhodes Derek Ripp Sarah Rose Megan Schulte Courtney Setter Claire Smrt Emily Somerhalder Monica Spencer Nicole Tubbesing Peter Walsh Margo Walters Vivian Weaver Logan Weist

Erin Wheeler Erik Wilkinson Max Yates KANSAS GOVERNOR’S SCHOLARS Abigail Davidow Lauren Niesen Sarah Rose THUNDER 30 (30 or above on ACT) Taylor Alley Joseph Barragree Jacob Bednar Clara Bing Gabrielle Boucher Cole Bradley Brooke Carlstedt Mark Christiansen Samuel Cokeley Julia Condon Abby Davidow Tom Deane Hope Dedrick John DuBois Bridgette Dwyer Isabelle Ellington Douglas Farleigh Dylan Garnett Ryan Geris Antonette Gichohu Anna Hecke Amanda Helt Johnny Higgins Rebecca Hopwood Kathryn Hurd Corie Ivanuska Ryan Jones Emily Kaufman Anna Le Brady Manning Connor Mayfield Conor Mehrer Emily Miller Todd Miller Lauren Niesen

Jacob Peddicord Molly Reilly Derek Ripp Sarah Rose Madeline Rosebrough Vince Rosqueta Avery Rowcroft Eddie Schreiner Megan Schulte Nicole Tubbesing Peter Walsh Vivian Weaver Erin Wheeler Erik Wilkinson Max Yates KANSAS STATE HIGH SCHOOL ACTIVITIES ASSOCIATION: CITIZENSHIP AWARD Kyla Douglas Logan Weist COLLEGES ATTENDED BY 2017 GRADS Belmont University Benedictine College Concordia University Cornell University Creighton University DeVry Embry Riddle University Emporia State University Florida Southwest State University Indiana University at Bloomington Johnson County Comm. College Kansas City Kansas Comm. College Kansas State University Loras College MCC-Longview Community College MidAmerica Nazarene University Missouri State University Missouri Western State University Montana State University Newman University Northeastern Oklahoma University Northern Illinois University Oldenburg University Olivet Nazarene University

Park University Pittsburg State University Regis University Rockhurst University Saint Louis University Southern Illinois University Texas Christian Univeristy University of Alabama - Huntsville University of Arkansas University of Central Oklahoma University of Dallas University of Dayton University of Denver University of Illinois Urbana - Champaign University of Kansas University of Missouri University of Missouri - Kansas City University of Nebraska - Lincoln University of Nebraska - Omaha University of North Carolina University of Oklahoma University of Saint Mary’s University of South Carolina Washburn University Seminary College Air Force Academy NET Ministries

PERFORMING ARTS ACHIEVEMENT BLUE STAR AWARD WINNER Outstanding Orchestra STATE ENSEMBLE 1 RATING Percussion Ensemble A Percussion Ensemble B Percussion Ensemble C String Ensemble Clarinet Ensemble A Cappella Choir STATE SOLO 1 RATING Alex McLoughin - Euphonium Joseph Barragree - Clarinet Emma Grob-French - Oboe Ryan Jones - Oboe Josh Lopeman - Percussion Connor Ranck - Horn Breaelyn Smith - Flute

Vivian Weaver - Flute Hope Dedrick - Choir Alexa Morgan - Choir Allie Canfield - Choir Michael Moore - Choir STATE PIANO FESTIVAL 1 RATING Hope Dedrick Rosie Smock

HIGHLAND ART DAY COMPETITION 1ST PLACE Clara Bing, Rose Willy, Elayna Marquis, Jessica Steiner, Molly Reilly, Madeleine Johnson, Marion Farnet, Taylor Alley, & Annelise Hammeke


HIGHLAND ART DAY ARTISTIC EXCELLENCE Jessica Steiner - White Charcoal Jessica Steiner - Acrylics Helen Rhodes - Oil Pastels

KMEA DISTRICT BAND Josh Lopeman, Percussion





5A 1ST IN STATE Sammy Cokeley - 160 lb Wrestling Clay Lautt - 182 lb Wrestling Emma Gossman - 400 Meter Dash Sarah Murrow - 3200 M Run Ashley Wurtenberger - 4 X 400 Meter Relay Emma Gossman - 4 X 400 Meter Relay Katie Moore - 4 X 400 Meter Relay Celeste Buchanan - 4 X 400 Meter Relay Mary Goetz - 4 X 400 Meter Relay Nick Callahan - 50 Yard Freestyle Swim

KMEA DISTRICT 9TH GRADE BAND Elizabeth Conley - Clarinet Aubrey Crain - Clarinet Allison Oberle - Trombone KMEA DISTRICT 9TH GRADE ORCHESTRA Jaida Collins - Violin Julia Mitchell - Violin KANSAS MTNA Senior Woodwind Division Winner: Braelyn Smith - Flute KSHSAA STATE LARGE GROUP SJA Wind Ensemble: I, I, II Concert Band: II, II, II


5A STATE RUNNER UP Girls Tennis Boys Swim/Dive Volleyball Girls Cross Country Girls Track and Field 5A 2ND IN STATE Celeste Buchanan - 300 Meter Hurdles Andy Maginn - 100 Yard Backstroke Swim Caroline Klemp - Golf Catherine Rieke - Tennis ACADEMIC ALL-STATE TEAM Catherine Rieke - Tennis Meredith Bierbaum - Tennis Bridgette Dwyer - Tennis Adam Burke - Tennis Isaac Howes - Tennis Cole Leiffer - Tennis

Josh Spradlin - Tennis Carlie Yunger - Cross Country Hannah Schaefer - Cross Country Erik Wilkinson - Cross Country Gabrielle Boucher - Cross Country Clay Lautt - Wrestling Maureen Reilly - Volleyball 5A ALL-STATE 1ST TEAM Carly Yunger - Cross Country Sarah Murrow - Cross Country Katie Moore - Cross Country Caroline Klemp - Golf Allison Comer - Golf Brady Manning - Soccer Luke Schaefer - Soccer Jack DuBois - Soccer Jake Dunsmore - Soccer Allison Coens - Volleyball Catherine Rieke - Tennis Bridgette Dwyer - Tennis Meredith Bierbaum - Tennis Zach Thornhill - Basketball Clay Lautt - Wrestling Sammy Cokeley - Wrestling Andy Maginn -Swimming Nick Callahan - Swimming Travis Pickert - Football Nick Kalny - Football Emma Gossman - Track and Field Ashley Wurtenberger - Track and Field Katie Moore -Track and Field Sarah Murrow - Track and Field Celeste Buchanan - Track and Field Alexis Streeter - Track and Field Mary Goetz - Track and Field Jilli Jones - Track and Field Gabrielle Boucher - Track and Field Will Crabtree - Track and Field 5A All-STATE 2ND TEAM Morgan Miller - Volleyball Luis Alvarado - Soccer Sam Enna - Soccer Tanner Bramlage - Baseball 5A ALL-STATE HONORABLE MENTION Will McKee - Basketball Keenan Fitzmorris - Basketball Zac Storm - Football Derek Ripp - Baseball

ALL-METRO 1ST TEAM Travis Pickert -Football Carlie Yunger - Cross Country Clay Lautt - Wrestling Sammy Cokeley - Wrestling ALL-METRO 2ND TEAM Sarah Murrow - Cross Country Katie Moore - Cross Country Zach Thornhill - Basketball ALL-EKL 1ST TEAM Travis Pickert - Football Annie Caldwell - Soccer Zach Thornhill - Basketball Allison Coens - Volleyball Luke Schaefer - Soccer ALL EKL 2ND TEAM Keenan Fitzmorris - Basketball Will McKee - Basketball Emily Kaufman - Basketball Nick Kalny - Football Mackenzie Blatcher - Volleyball Jake Dunsmore - Soccer Michaela Weist - Soccer Derek Ripp - Baseball Davis Ernsdorff - Baseball ALL EKL HONORABLE MENTION Conor Mehrer - Footballl Sammy Wheeler - Football Connor Mayfield - Football Nick Farnsworth - Football Dominic Stean - Football Bryce Steffens - Football Cole Barrett - Football Clay Lautt - Football Zac Storm - Football Lauren Niesen - Volleyball Morgan Miller - Volleyball Jack DuBois - Soccer Sam Enna - Soccer James Foster - Socccer Brady Manning - Soccer Caylee Thornhill - Soccer Nick Modrcin - Baseball Courtney Setter - Basketball Spencer Kaifes - Basketball Kyle DeKraai - Basketball Page Mindedahl - Softball

Katie Coens - Softball WICHITA EAGLE ALL-STATE 1ST TEAM Travis Pickert - Football WICHITA EAGLE ALL-STATE HONORABLE MENTION Nick Kalny - Football Zac Storm - Football TOPEKA CAPITOL JOURNAL ALL-STATE 1ST TEAM Travis Pickert - Football TOPEKA CAPITOL JOURNAL ALL-STATE HONORABLE MENTION Nick Kalny - Football Bryce Steffens - Football ALL-EKL CROSS COUNTRY Carly Yunger Gabrielle Boucher Katie Moore Sarah Murrow Hannah Robinson Hannah Schaefer Erik Wilkinson Matt Kipper ALL-EKL WRESTLING Sammy Cokeley Drew Ernsdorff Cade Lautt Matt Lutz TJ Miller Dominic Stean ALL-EKL SWIM Nick Callahan Harry Tjaden All-EKL GOLF William Wilk Caroline Klemp All-EKL TRACK AND FIELD Ashley Wurtenberger Emma Gossman Katie Moore Sarah Murrow Hannah Schaefer

Celeste Buchanan Claire Smrt Julianna Johnson Will Crabtree Sammy Wheeler KC STAR SENIOR SCHOLAR ATHLETE NOMINEES Carlie Yunger Hannah Schaefer Clay Lautt NAIA CHAMPIONS OF CHARACTER NOMINEE Luke Schaefer

LEADERSHIP SCHOOL CAPTAINS Emily Miller Kyle Dekraai COMMUNITY CAPTAINS Mary Ascher Anna Callahan Sarah Flax Ryan Geris AnnMarie Growney Ryan Jones Brenna Killen Jacob Letourneau Morgan Magee Andy Maginn Lauren Melchior Lauren Niesen Larkin Reilly Vince Rosqueta HOUSE CAPTAINS Taylor Alley Jasmine Barrientos Jacob Bednar Abi Bishop Mackenzie Blatcher Gabrielle Boucher Hannah Brock Jordan Burgmeier Mia Campanelli Brooke Carlstedt Katie Coens Karissa Duker

Bridgette Dwyer Isabelle Ellington Abby Eskina Dylan Garnett Keaton Haarhuis Molly Hackett Amy Helt Kathryn Hurd Karah Kniola Hannah Kouri Anna Le Andrew Lee Joanna Lopez-Bourmann Taylor Mathews Roberto Melgar Jessica Oberrieder Murphy Obershaw Skylar Opitz Madi Oyler Meghan Peterson Lilliana Pokropski Helen Rhodes Katie Rhodes Derek Ripp Katie Robke Madeline Rosebrough Avery Rowcroft Hannah Schaefer Megan Schulte Courtney Setter Carla Smith Claire Smrt Monica Spencer Ava Stapp Matt Surface Mary Kate Sutton Margo Walters Sammy Wheeler Carlie Yunger


Over 28,000 hours were served by the students in our community to the following agencies and locations. Adelante Thrift Advice and Aid Agricultural Hall of Fame Alex’s Lemonade Stand Alexandria’s House

Alpha Montessori Angels of Grace Apostles of the Interior Life Ascension Catholic Church Be Somebody Bear Hugs Project Benton House Blue Valley Special Olympics Boys and Girls Club Brandon Woods Brookdale Overland Park Camp Courage Camp Nash Camp Win Caring Transitions Catholic Charities Catholic Youth Organization Center of Grace Food Ministry Champions Special Ministries Children’s Mercy Hospital Christian Youth Theater Church of the Resurrection CLO Midnight Farm Conception Abbey Crosslines Community Outreach Curé of Ars Catholic Church Deaf Ministry of the Archdiocese of KCK DeSoto Youth Ministries Distribution & Assistance Divine Mercy Parish Domestic Mission Trip Down Syndrome Guild Dream Center Due West Ranch Therapeutic Riding Center Evergreen Community Faith Chapel Church Feed His Lambs First Hand Foundation Fleece for Friends Franciscan Poor of Jesus Christ Gabriel Project Gardner Animal Hospital Gardner Community Garden Giving the Basics Good Beginnings Daycare Good Samaritan Society Good Shepherd Catholic Church Gotta Have Hope GRACE Mission Trip Great Plains SPCA Habitat for Humanity

Haiti Collection Happy Bottoms Harvesters Heart to Heart International Heartland Therapeutic Riding Hillside Village of DeSoto Holy Cross Catholic Church Holy Spirit Catholic Church Holy Trinity Catholic Church Holy Trinity Early Ed Center Hope Faith Ministries Horizon Elementary School Humane Society Inclusion Connections Jerusalem Farm Johnson County Court House Johnson County Human Services Johnson County Park & Rec Johnson County Youth Court Kansans for Life Kansas City Pet Project Kansas City Public Library Kansas City Zoo KC Kids Music Company Kids Stop Kitty City Knights of Columbus Lake Mary Center Lakeview Village Lawrence Humane Society Lenexa Baptist Lenexa Park and Rec Liberty Catholic School Lighthouse Linus Blanket Little Learners Daycare March for Life Meals on Wheels Micah Project Mill Creek Animal Hospital Mill Creek Middle School Mission Adelante Monticello Trails Middle School Morning Glory Ministries Mother’s Hands Foundation Mount St. Scholastica Move for Hunger Nativity Catholic Church New Hope Food Kitchen Olathe Public Library Olathe Public Schools

Old St. Patricks Oratory Operation Breakthrough Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church Our Lady of Presentation Catholic Church Padre Pio Academy Poor of Jesus Christ Prayer & Action Prince of Peace Catholic Church Prince of Peace SOR Project Hope Project SKIP Project Uplift Queen of the Holy Rosary Catholic Church Ravenwood Elementary School Reach Out and Read KC Ronald McDonald House Rose Estates Sacred Heart Catholic Church Sacred Heart Youth Band Safe Haven Safe Gatherings Salvation Army Santa Marta Santisimo Sacramento Savior Pastoral Center Shalom House Shawnee Commuinty Service Shawnee Mission Health NICU Shawnee Mission Park Sister Servants of Mary Sisters of St. Francis at JPII Convent Smeltzer Summer Camp Solace House Special Olympics Kansas St. Patrick’s Catholic School St. Agnes Catholic Church St. Cecilia Band St. Joseph Catholic Church St. Mary’s Food Kitchen St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church St. Michaels Adapted Religious Education St. Patrick’s Parish School St. Paul Catholic Church Sunflower House Sunrise Assitsted living Ten Thousand Villages The Culture House The Upper Room Theater in the Park Timberlake Care Center

Toganoxie Public Library Totus Tuus Trinity Lutheran Church Urban Scholastic Center Vacation Bible School Veterans Community Project Villa St. Francis Vintage Park Stanley Wayside Waifs Willow Tree Support Win for KC Wyandotte County Fair Wyandotte Pregnancy Clinic YDisciple Sacred Heart YMCA Young Disciple Young Neighbors in Action Youth Volunteer Corps



16 17 annual report  
16 17 annual report