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Leadership There are many opportunities for members of Greek organizations to become leaders. Leadership opportunities are available in various campus organizations and activities. Each year, members of Greek organizations are found among the campus leaders and officers in every phase of the University, including Student Government, academic honor societies, and various other organizations. Greek Life enables it members to learn how to live and work within a group environment. It also helps members gain planning skills and time management. The leadership knowledge and skills you gain through your experience will prove invaluable and rewarding during your college career and beyond.

Scholarship The mission of the University is to provide a solid learning environment for its students, and Greek organizations provide a network of support to succeed academically. Serious scholarship and academic excellence are encouraged among all students. A variety of incentives and programs are designed to help all members reach their fullest potential. St. John’s has two Greek Honor Societies: Gamma Sigma Alpha and Order of Omega. Dedicate yourself first to academics, as its rewards will ensure a more enjoyable college experience, as well as a successful future. Greek life is a commitment to scholarship excellence.

Community Service The Greek organizations at St. John’s University pride themselves on community service participation; it has been a corner stone of the Greek experience since its founding days. Philanthropy projects are events in which the Greek community as a whole or as individual chapter donates their time and efforts to raise money for a variety of worthwhile causes. Each organization participates in at least two community service projects per semester to benefit various agencies. Throughout the year, Greek organizations strive to strengthen the relationship with the community by increasing individual member involvement in local causes and events. Participation in such events provide meaningful learning experiences for all.

Sisterhood Sisterhood is more than wearing Greek letters, attending meetings, and participating in activities. It is the joining of individuals in love and friendship, striving for similar goals that draw them together as one strong unit. It is the opportunity for you to meet new people and appreciate their individuality while sharing a common bond. You will learn many things about yourself and what it means to have shared lifetime commitments to the same values. Your sisters will be a part of your life for many years to come and will help you to create some wonderful memories throughout your college career and beyond. Each organization has something unique to offer, just as you have something unique to offer them.

Social Social opportunities are another way for all organizations to come together and interact with others. Some of these activities include Retreats, Greek Week, athletic competitions, alumnae gatherings, mixers with other Greek organizations, step shows, and formals. These events create a closer bond among the community and helps the organizations support one another’s events. Through these activities, Greek organizations fulfill their goal of bringing together a group of people to build their values, while enjoying the bonds of friendship.

In the spring, the Panhellenic Council hosts Formal Recruitment. This is a fully structured 3 day program designed to introduce you to every organization in the council and help you make a well informed decision about which organization to join. Formal Recruitment 2012 Schedule: February 3 • 5p.m. - 10p.m. February 4 • 10a.m. - 3p.m. February 5 • 11a.m. - 2p.m.

Register at: Any questions, please email **You must be a full-time, undergraduate, St. John’s University student with at least a 2.25 to be eligible for New Member Education. However, the minimum GPA may be higher, depending on the organization.**

2/3/12 • Day 1 • Open House 5:00p.m. Registration 6:00p.m. Spend 20 minutes with each of the 8 Panhellenic Sororities. 10:00p.m. Each PNM will choose 5 sororities she is most interested in and then rank the remaining three by privately filling out a preference card. 2/4/12 • Day 2 • Invitational 10:00a.m. When you arrive, you will be given a schedule for the day. 11:00a.m. You will spend 30 minutes each with up to five sororities that you have matched with for their invitational round. 3:00p.m. Each PNM chooses 2 sororities she is most interested in and ranks the remaining three by privately filling out the Preference Card. 2/5/12 • Day 3 • Preference Parties 9:00a.m. PNM’s will receive a phone call from their Rho Gamma informing them which sororities they have matched to Preference Parties for. 11:00a.m. PNM’s spend 50 minutes with up to 2 organizations for a special ceremony called a “Preference Party”. 2:00p.m. After both Preference Parties, women will rank the organizations in order of Preference. 2/8/12 • Bid Day 11:00a.m. Women who have gone through the entire three day process and have matched to a sorority will be invited to Bid Day. Here a member of the Panhellenic Council will tell you which sorority has offered you a Bid. ___________________________________________________________________ Glossary of Terms: PNM • YOU! PNM = Potential New Member Rho Gamma • Unbiased members of the Panhellenic Community that are dedicated to helping you find your home in the Greek Community. Rho Gamma = Recruitment Guide. Bid Matching • The computer system that uses your preferences and the sororities preferences to match each women to the right sorority. We have a 95% match rate for women who attend all three days of recruitment. Bid • An offer of membership into an organization.

The following sororities will be participating in the Panhellenic Council Formal Recruitment:

Delta Phi Epsilon Gamma Phi Beta Kappa Phi Beta Kappa Phi Lambda (Asian Interest) Lambda Phi Phi Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Rho (South Asian Interest) Theta Phi Alpha

Nickname: D-Phi-E Founded Nationally: March 17, 1917 at New York University Established at STJ: 1996 Chapter: Beta Omega Colors: Royal Purple & Pure Gold Flower: Lovely Purple Iris Symbol: DPhiE Crest Mascot: Unicorn National Website: Type: Social

Nickname: Gamma Phi Founded Nationally: November 11, 1874 at Syracuse University Established at SJU: January 22, 2000 Chapter: Zeta Mu Colors: Brown, Mode, & Pink Flower: Pink Carnation Symbol: Crescent Moon National Site: Type: Social

Nickname: Kappa Established Locally at STJ: September 1957 Colors: Red & White Flower: Red Rose Symbols: Comedy & Tragedy Faces. Fig Leaves & Cross Type: Local Social

Nickname: Kappa Founded Nationally: 1995 at Binghamton University (SUNY) Established at SJU: June 24, 2002 Colors: Red, White, & Grey Mascot: Phoenix National Site: Type: Asian Interest

Nickname: Lambda Founded Locally at STJ: September 1977 Colors: Blue and White Flower: Fleur de Lis Symbols: Lamp and Key Type: Local Social

Nickname: Phi Sig Founded Nationally: November 26, 1913 at Hunter College Established at STJ: May 11, 1988 Chapter: Epsilon Omicron Colors: King Blue & Gold Flower: American Beauty Rose Symbols: Pyramid and Sphinx National Site: Type: Social

Nickname: Sig Sig Rho Founded Locally at STJ: June 24, 2002 Chapter: Alpha Colors: Blue, Black & Silver Flower: White Rose Mascot: Black Mare National Website: Type: South Asian Interest

Nickname: Theta Phi Founded Nationally: 1912 at the University of Michigan Established at STJ: 1960 Chapter: Alpha Epsilon Colors: Blue, Gold, and Silver Flower: White Rose Mascot: Penguin National Website: Type: Social

Panhellenic Recruitment Guide  

A guide to St. John's University Panhellenic Recruitment

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