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January-February 2010 Lector Schedule DATE






1/2-1/3 The Epiphany of the Lord

D Caillet M.Lafargue

T.Abel A.St.Cyr

R.Miller J.Carville

J.Darville L.Reno

C.Ledoux L. Laird

1/9-1/10 The Baptism of the Lord

J.Pennington L.Pennington

M.Wyble G.Cronan

M.Polson P.Litty

T.DeBaene S.DeBaene

B.Baker C.Baker

1/16-1/17 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

D.Postlethwait R.Parenton

D.Himel K.Myers

I.Dugas A.Wolf

J.D.Anders M.Adams-Anders

I.Doran L.Falcon

1/23-1/24 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

R.Walsh D.Fernandez

D.Duhon V.Massey

I.Landry K.Maddox

E.Stradley M.Foshee

B.Baker C.Baker

1/30-1/31 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time

J.Pennington L.Pennington

K.Myers J.Easley

M.Polson E.Buster

L.Raynal G.Hernandez

I.Doran L.Falcon

2/6-2/7 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

H.McClain R. Parenton

D,Himel B.Cherry

H.Doran C.Chaplin

T.DeBaene S.DeBaene

C.Lanoux L.Laird

2/13-2/14 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

D.Postlethwait G.Cronan

J.Easley K.Gill

I.Dugas S.Brown

J.Darville G.Hernandez

C.Baker B. Baker

** Please notify the church office if you are not receiving your lector schedule by e-mail or if you have no access to e-mail and need your schedule mailed to you. By now also I hope you each have a “roster� of all lectors so that if you need to find a replacement you may do so. As always, please call us or email with any questions or concerns. Lector Coordinators Lynn and Jeff Pennington 751-2244 or


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