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April-May 2012 Lector Schedule DATE






4/21-4/22 3rd 2nd Sunday of Easter

D.Postlethwait R.Parenton

D,Caillet K.Gill

J. Ledford MCastleberry

E.Wright G.Hernandez

A.Gaudet L. Laird

4/28-4/29 4th Sunday of Easter

R.Walsh C.St.Pierre

C.Chaplin K.Myers

E.Buster K.Maddox

J.D.Anders E.Stradley

B.Doran L. Falcon

5/5-5/6 5th Sunday of Easter

J.Pennington L.Pennington

L.Langlois A.St.Cyr

H.Doran I. Dugas

J.Darville L.Reno

L.Laird A.Gaudet

5/12-5/13 6th Sunday of Easter

H.McClain K.Dufrene

M.Wyble D.Duhon

M.Polson A.Wolf

T.DeBaene G.Hernandez

L.Falcon B.Doran

5/19-5/20 7th Sunday of Easter

D.Postlethwait D.Fernandez

T.Schexnayder G.Cronin

MCastleberry P.Litty

J.D.Anders L.Raynal

A.Gaudet L. Laird

5/26-5/27 Pentecost Sunday

J.Pennington L.Pennington

D.Caillet C.Chaplin

I.Dugas J.Carville

E.Wright LReno

B.Doran L. Falcon

6/2-6/3 The Most Holy Trinity

H.McClain C.St.Pierre

K.Myers A.St.Cyr l

R.Miller I.Landry

T.DeBaene E.Stradley

A.Gaudet L. Laird

Lector Coordinators Lynn and Jeff Pennington 751-2244 or