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LAGNIAPPE The Epiphany of the Lord, January 2, 2011 16166 S. Harrell’s Ferry Road  PARISH STAFF Pastor Deacon Deacon Director of Religious Education Religious Education Assistant Director of Youth Ministry Receptionists/Secretaries Director of Social Responsibility Facilities Manager Music Director SJV School Principal Assistant Principal Assistant Principal Director of Learning & Growth Asst. Dir. of Learning & Growth

PARISH OFFICE Phone Fax Website E-Mail

Rev. Tom Ranzino Rev. Mr. Brent Duplessis Rev. Mr. Dan Borne Mrs. Denise Louviere Mrs. Betty Wright Mr. Craig Baker Ms. Belinda Smith Mrs. Mickie Marchiafava Mrs. Lori Aucoin Mr. Terry Blackwell Mrs. Karen Ullo Ms. Wendy Gilmore Ms. Dana Murray Mrs. Linda Tate Mrs. Amie Williams Mrs. Dana Sunseri

753.7950 753.7965


Monday thru Thursday 8:30 AM—6:00 PM Friday 8:30 AM—4:00 PM  RELIGIOUS EDUCATION OFFICE Phone 751. 2926 Hours Monday thru Friday 9:00 AM—4:00 PM  SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OFFICE Phone 751. 0502 Hours Monday thru Friday 9:00 AM—4:00 PM  SJV PAROCHIAL SCHOOL Phone 751.1831 Hours Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM—4:00 PM  LEARNING & GROWTH CENTER Phone 752.5356 Hours Monday thru Friday 9:15 AM—2:00 PM

MASS TIMES Saturday Sunday

4:00 PM Vigil 7:30 AM, 9:30 AM 11:30 AM & 5:30 PM Weekdays Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:30 AM Tuesday & Wednesday 6:15 AM  SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION Monday & Friday 8:15 AM Tuesday & Wednesday 6:00 AM Saturdays 2:45 PM—3:30 PM All others times by appointment only.  BAPTISMS Please call the parish office in the early months of pregnancy.  WEDDINGS Contact parish priest at least six months prior to anticipated date of wedding.  CARE OF THE SICK Notify the parish office of homebound and hospitalized.  PRAYER REQUESTS Contact Mrs. Theresa Himel at 755.3709 or email at PARISH MISSION STATEMENT Our mission as the Body of Christ in the parish of St. Jean Vianney is to model the love of Jesus by discerning and doing God’s will, consciously Sharing the Word and Eucharist at worship, educating in faith all ages, evangelizing our parishioners for Christ’s mission, and serving justly God’s people, our sisters and brothers within our parish boundaries, our larger Baton Rouge community, and into the world.

St. Jean Vianney Catholic School Student Applications for the 2011-2012 school year Will be available on Tuesday, January 5th The application, as well as admissions information, can be picked up from the school office or accessed on the school’s website For additional information call 751-1831

Qualified students admitted regardless of race, gender or ality.


LIFE TOGETHER Dear Friends, Happy and Blessed 2011. Somehow it feels like the Holidays have been compressed with Christmas and New Years falling on a Saturday. I hope the ringing in of the new year was marked in a good way. Sometimes we are happy to say goodbye to the old and happy to welcome in the new. New Year comes along each year to remind us of the Paschal Mystery- something dies and gives way to new life. The Epiphany Feast comes with the story of the Magi, the threat of Herod, the guidance of a star. When it comes to our life journey, even though we know our destination we soon discover that there is no direct or clear –cut route. The journey of faith has many detours. If we wish to arrive at our eternal destination, we must surrender our plans and expectations to a God who often takes us to unexpected places and unexpected persons. It will not be a star to guide our eternal destination. But this does not mean God is less present to us than to the Magi, guiding us where the divine will wants us to go. God guides us today through the proclamation of the Scriptures, by the model of goodness and holiness of people around us, by our consciences, during prayer, even through the action of our enemies—in any place where we look beyond ourselves to the good of others. Recognizing God’s guidance is one part. Another part is dying to self- following God’s guidance even when it takes us where we might not want to go. January is our annual time to consider financial stewardship in our parish life. Parish finances provide for the ministries of the church. Later in the month you will hear from some parishioners about why they choose to be financial stewards; and, you will receive your 2011 Financial Stewardship Commitment form. Again this year, if you would want a copy of your 2010 Financial Stewardship record, please call the parish office and it can be given to you. Thank you to all in the parish who have been generous to the parish staff. We are all grateful this past year for your support and love in and through our ministry life together. Love,

St. Jean Vianney School will not have bus service on January 4th, 5th, or 6th, 2011. Regular bus service will resume on Friday, January 7th. Please allow extra time for carpool and traffic. Carpool starts at 7:55 am with the gate closing at 8:12 am. Afternoon carpool begins at 3:30 pm to 3:45 pm.

PARENT’S NIGHT OUT Parents with special needs children are invited to have a worry free night out, while their children enjoy pizza, fun activities and friendship. Adult and youth volunteers will care for children with special needs and their siblings to create a fun night for them. A medical professional will be available to assist children with their special needs. Parents’ Night Out will be held on the Fridays listed below from 6:30 – 9:30pm in Fr. Engels Hall at St. Jean Vianney. We serve children ages 2 – 12 and a five-dollar donation per family is suggested. Please contact Kristen Thompson at 756.9231 or for more information or to register for one of the following dates: 7-Jan-2011 4-Feb-2011 4-Mar-2011 8-Apr-2011* 3-Jun-2011 8-Jul-2011 *Multi-purpose room

The festive season of Christmas will conclude next week with the feast of the Baptism of the Lord. Jesus’ baptism is a significant moment in his public ministry. As we celebrate this feast we recall our own baptism and renew our baptismal commitment. It is fitting that this feast marks the beginning of National Vocation Awareness Week. Consider participating in our special celebration next week.

Advent-Christmas Season at St. Jean Vianney Church New Year’s Day Solemnity of Mary Mother of God (Not a Holy Day of obligation this year) January 1, 2010 8:30am Solemnity of the Epiphany January 1st – 2nd 4:00pm Saturday 7:30, 9:30, 11:30am & 5:30pm Solemnity of the Baptism of the Lord January 8th -9th Called By Name National Vocations Awareness Week January 9th thru 15th Season of Ordinary Time Begins January 10th YEAR END STEWARDSHIP CONTRIBUTIONS AND ANNUAL CHARITABLE DONATION LETTERS Many of you like to make year end donations for tax purposes. The parish welcomes all donations and stewardship and appreciates your support in this way. In order to credit your financial stewardship account for 2010 and complete year-end bookkeeping procedures, all stewardship contributions and any other donations need to be received before December 31st. Stewardship and other donations given or received after 31st of December cannot be posted for 2010. This year the Parish will mail 2010 Charitable Donation letters by request only. If you would like to receive a statement of your 2010 Stewardship to St. Jean Vianney Church, please call the parish office at 753.7950. Statements will be mailed out weekly.

MEN’S CLUB The Men’s Club will be selling chicken and sausage gumbo dinners on Sunday, January 9th. The cost is $7.00 and will include bread and drink. Please help support our Men’s Club. Monthly Meeting January 4, 2011 @ 6:30pm in Father Engel’s Hall. Start your New Year with us for fellowship & good food. All men 21 and older are welcome! District 9 Councilman Joel Boe will be speaking. Please call Jeff Brown with any questions. (225-937-7806)

A CALL TO THE SERVANTS OF GOD : Born in the Spirit of Faith In the coming weeks, as part of our ongoing Total Stewardship program, we will discuss the significance of the Ministry of Finance. Five elements of spiritual giving—the Five Giving Principles—help us “live in a manner worthy of God’s call” as his servants, those “born in the spirit of faith.” The five include the following: 1. Giving is planned. It is intentional and involves decisions made thoughtfully, in advance. 2. Giving is proportionate, a select percentage of a person's income, no matter how substantial or how modest. 3. Giving is sacrificial. Modeled on the example of Jesus, it summons our best—not after expenses, savings or investments, but first, right off the top. 4. Giving is a free expression from the heart, neither coerced nor conditional. 5. Giving is an act of prayer, offered in thanksgiving from a heart of gratitude. Beginning next week, we will focus on each of these principles in turn, and will consider our financial commitments to the valuable work God provides through the ministries of our Parish. Collection December 18th and 19th: Identified $32,582.50 Unidentified $ 1,029.06 Collection for December 26th, January 1st and 2nd will be next weeks bulletin Average Weekly Operational Expenses: $23,181.32 Church Environment Committee: Responsible for the seasonal liturgical environments in Church. [six times a year at specific dates and times in Church.] Today we remember the three wise men from the East who came to pay homage to the infant Jesus, bringing Him rich gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. The gifts we bring - our time, service, and some share of what we earn for the work we do - are equally precious in His sight.

PARISH OFFICE HOURS The parish office will be closed January 3rd.

Youth Ministry


Request for Help If you are interested in helping provide dinner/food for the high school or middle school events, please call or email Craig - (817)727.0639 or

DOUBLE NICKELS Double Nickels will meet on Sunday, January 9th at 2:00pm Please call Libby Pate at 273.6880 for more information.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY NEWS January Food Drive We will be collecting the following non-perishable food items at all the Masses the weekend of January 8th & 9th. Please bring your donations to church this weekend, and place them in the designated area near the front doors of church. dry milk crackers mayonnaise toothpaste butter beans field peas tomato sauce toilet tissue

breakfast cereals koolaide mix muffin mixes cookies potatoes spaghetti sauces tomato paste carrots

ketchup lima beans bath soap juice peas sugar BBQ sauce spaghetti

Items to be frozen, such as ground beef, chicken, bacon, sausage, sandwich meats, fish, and wild game or fish (cleaned, wrapped & labeled) may be brought to the parish office during the week only, during office hours. Please do not bring these items to the church with you. As always, we appreciate your generous support.

2010 - 25th & 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration on February 13, 2011 at 3:00pm. Bishop Robert Muench will celebrate a liturgy at Sacred Heart Church honoring couples on their 25th, 50th and 65th or longer wedding anniversary. The families of the honored couples are also invited to attend the liturgy and reception afterward in the Sacred Heart Gym. Couples contact your parish office for the registration form. Deadline for registration is Monday, February 1, 2011.

Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday:

1 Jn 3:22 — 4:6; Mt 4:12-17, 23-25 1 Jn 4:7-10; Mk 6:34-44 1 Jn 4:11-18; Mk 6:45-52 1 Jn 4:19 — 5:4; Lk 4:14-22a 1 Jn 5:5-13; Lk 5:12-16 1 Jn 5:14-21; Jn 3:22-30 Is 42:1-4, 6-7; Ps 29; Acts 10:34-38; Mt 3:13-17

VOCATION Wise Men brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. The gift of self is far more precious than these. If you think God is calling you to His priesthood or religious life, call Fr. Matt Lorrain at 225.336.8778,, or visit, A REFLECTION ON THIS WEEK’S SCRIPTURES FEAST OF FAITH The Liturgy of Emmanuel The assembly has gathered from near and far, on foot, by bus, by car, by subway, singly and by twos and threes: single people, couples, families. Now that movement is ritualized and made visible in the liturgy’s entrance procession. We are not alone on this journey; Christ is with us. The procession is led by the cross, with the image of Christ upon it. Candles, signs of a living presence, are carried around the cross. Candles also accompany the Book of the Gospels, another sign of Emmanuel, God-with-us. The priest presider is likewise a sign of Christ’s presence in our assembly; he will act in persona Christi, in the person of Christ, who presides at every Eucharist. As the procession begins, we stand and sing together in our first act as a community. The joining of our voices begins to turn many into one. The songs we sing range from ancient chants to contemporary hymns, but they have the same purpose, to foster our unity and turn our thoughts to the mysteries we gather to celebrate. We may feel that we can’t sing well, but “Christ always invites us to enter into song, to rise above our own preoccupations, and to give our entire selves to the hymn of his Paschal Sacrifice” (USCCB, Sing to the Lord, 14). —Corinna Laughlin, © Copyright, J. S. Paluch Co.

SJV CALENDAR Monday, January 3 Parish Office Closed Tuesday, January 4 6:30pm Men’s Club 7:00pm Baptism Seminar 7:00pm Adoration Wednesday, January 5 6:30pm Community Life Commission Mtg. 7:00pm RCIA 7:30pm Choir Thursday, January 6 6:30pm KC Office Mtg. Friday, January 7 6:30pm Parents Night Out

Saturday, January 8 Epiphany Food Drive Sunday, January 9 Epiphany Food Drive Men’s Club Dinner 2:00pm Double Nickels 6:45pm High School Rel. Ed Monday, January 10 6:00pm Elem./Jr. High Rel. Ed 7:00pm Catholic Daughters

MASS INTENTIONS Monday, January 3 8:30am Darrell Ledoux Tuesday, January 4 6:15am Mary Kron Wednesday, January 5 6:15am Molly Langlois 8:30am Manuel Guileyardo Thursday, January 6 6:15am Communion Service Friday, January 7 8:30am Joey Campagna Langlois

Saturday, January 8 4:00pm All Souls Sunday, January 9 7:30am For Parishioners of SJV 9:30am Richard Weaver 11:30 am 5:30pm

SANCTUARY LAMP (01/03-1/09/11) For the Parish

ADORATION Join Deacon Brent Duplessis every Tuesday evening at 7:00pm for Eucharistic Adoration. Taking special time with our Lord is a great way to grow closer to Him.

AUTOMATIC BANK DRAFT Automatic Bank Draft is available as an option for your weekly or monthly tithing and building fund contribution. Please call 753.7950, or come by the parish office for more information.


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