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Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time, February 23, 2014 16166 S. Harrell’s Ferry Road Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70816  PARISH STAFF Pastor Deacon Deacon Deacon Director of Religious Education Religious Education Assistant Director of Youth Ministry Receptionists/Secretaries Director of Social Responsibility Facilities Manager Music Director SJV School Principal Assistant Principal Assistant Principal Director of Preschool Asst. Dir. of Preschool

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Rev. Tom Ranzino Rev. Mr. Brent Duplessis Rev. Mr. Dan Borne Rev. Mr. Jeff Easley Mrs. Denise Louviere Mrs. Betty Wright Mr. Craig Baker Ms. Belinda Smith Mrs. Mickie Marchiafava Mrs. Lori Aucoin Mr. Terry Blackwell Mrs. Karen Ullo Ms. Wendy Gilmore Mrs. Cherie Robinson Ms. Theresa Cannon Mrs. Amie Williams Mrs. Dana Sunseri

753.7950 753.7965


Monday thru Thursday 8:30 AM—6:00 PM Friday 8:30 AM—4:00 PM  RELIGIOUS EDUCATION OFFICE Phone 751. 2926 Hours Monday thru Friday 9:00 AM—4:00 PM  SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OFFICE Phone 751. 0502 Hours Monday thru Friday 9:00 AM—4:00 PM  SJV PAROCHIAL SCHOOL Phone 751.1831 Hours Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM—4:00 PM  PRESCHOOL Phone 752.5356 Hours Monday thru Friday 9:15 AM—2:00 PM

MASS TIMES Saturday Sunday

4:00 PM Vigil 7:30 AM, 9:30 AM 11:30 AM & 5:30 PM Weekdays Monday & Wednesday, 8:30 AM Friday 8:00 AM Tuesday & Wednesday 6:15 AM  SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION Monday & Wednesday 8:15 AM Tuesday & Wednesday 6:00 AM Saturdays 2:45 PM—3:30 PM All others times by appointment only.  BAPTISMS Please call the parish office in the early months of pregnancy.  WEDDINGS Contact parish priest at least six months prior to anticipated date of wedding.  CARE OF THE SICK Notify the parish office of homebound and hospitalized.  PRAYER REQUESTS Contact Mrs. Theresa Himel at 755.3709 or email at PARISH MISSION STATEMENT Our mission as the Body of Christ in the parish of St. Jean Vianney is to model the love of Jesus by discerning and doing God’s will, consciously Sharing the Word and Eucharist at worship, educating in faith all ages, evangelizing our parishioners for Christ’s mission, and serving justly God’s people, our sisters and brothers within our parish boundaries, our larger Baton Rouge community, and into the world.

Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP) is a process designed to bring members of a parish together in Christ. It stresses a clear focus on the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ. This process emphasizes continues growth in Christian life and in our daily contacts with others. The weekend can be a spiritual experience that can make a lasting difference in your life. The renewal weekend is given for parishioners by parishioners. The retreat team has been trained and formed over a 15 week period to be prepared to share this weekend with you. This weekend is an opportunity to hear and discuss how we live as Catholics in our modern, complex society. It is an occasion for individual spiritual growth through prayer and personal reflection. Christ is offering you a chance to respond to a closer and deeper relationship with Him. WHEN: March 15th-16th. Beginning 7:30am Saturday, ending 4:00pm Sunday. ACCOMODATIONS: Bring your own sleeping equipment (air mattresses). If you need sleeping equipment, please advise on registration form. DONATION: $25 donation suggested. ATTIRE: Casual, comfortable clothing. MEALS: Good food prepared with love will be served with regular snacks and coffee. WHO: Open to the women of St. Jean Vianney over the age of 19. Space is limited so register early. REGISTRATION: On line or after masses through March 2nd

LIFE TOGETHER Dear Friends, We are going to be experiencing some changes in our Parish Office staffing, beginning the first week of March. Mrs. Mickie Marchiafava, who has worked here for 12 years will be retiring. Thank you Mick, for your faithful service and happy days ahead with your husband, Sam. Mrs. Patsy Burgess will begin work on Friday, March 7th, as the “Friday” receptionist. Patsy will be the welcoming face and voice on Fridays to the office. Welcome Patsy!! The season of Lent is right around the corner. It’s been many Sundays since the end of the Christmas season. Ash Wednesday is March 5th. The informational Board about the Lenten-Easter season will be in Church soon. On it you will find the schedules for Ash Wednesday, Christ Renews His Parish Women’s Retreat, Way of the Cross, Weekly Lenten Suppers, Schedule for the Mondays of Lent Reconciliation, plus the Lenten Penance Service, and Holy Week. This is a fertile time for us all, bright Lent, which helps reveal that which is weak and needs to be strengthened in the spiritual life, and support that which is strong as well. Lenten penances should cost us something of the pleasures of life, so that we can remember that God is God and all of our enticements are not. The Women’s retreat is still accepting registrations. Make this a part of your Lenten experience. One of our parishioners, Carmen Smith, is completing her Internship at the Archdiocese of New Orleans Spiritual Direction Formation and will be joining a number of Directors in offering a 5 Day Directed Retreat, June 20-25, 2014 at St. Mary of the Pines Retreat Center in Chatawa, Mississippi. If you would like to make a 5 day directed retreat the cost is $325, no deposit required. Information and Registration can be acquired at the Spirituality Center, 504.861.3254. Let the parish office know if you would like to receive the weekly email “Preparing For Sunday at St Jean Vianney.” All we need is your email address. This weekly look-ahead at Sunday reviews the focus of the Sunday readings, and looks at the parish upcoming events.

I hope this week brings you blessings. Love,

Structure and Boundaries: Critical Strategies for Raising Healthy Children in the 21st Century Rescheduled Tuesday, February 25th at 7:00 pm Fr. Engels Hall In the modern world of major technological advances, instantaneous communications, and daily activities and demands pulling at our children, raising emotionally, mentally and behaviorally healthy children can be a challenge for most if not all families. How can families maintain a healthy balance of structure and boundaries in a fast-food culture while helping their children to develop secure self identities from infancy through adolescence? On February 25th Rusty Miller, LCSW-BACS will explore with parents how structure and boundaries throughout a child's developmental phases are more critical now than ever before in helping them grow into healthy young adults. Rusty is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Board Approved Clinical Supervisor with 20 years of experience assisting families in the Louisiana behavioral health system. He is currently working in the Louisiana managed care system for public behavioral health and has a private practice where he serves couples and families and also specializes in assisting adults with unwanted same sex attractions and provides education and guidance to adolescents and parents who may be facing unwanted same sex attractions. Babysitting is available; however we do request that you email Patti Clement at to register. Please provide the number of children and their ages.

ASH WEDNESDAY March 5th Masses 6:15 & 8:30am 12:00 Noon 6:30pm Go to to get your online copy of Stewardship Today, a monthly publication for parishioners to embrace the importance of stewardship in daily living.

Parish Stewardship Summary Fiscal Year to Date July 1, 2013–February 16, 2014


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Year to date Offertory



Weekly Offertory



Offer no resistance; love your enemies (Matthew 5:38-48).

Via Smartphones, Computers, or Tablets Now it’s even easier to use your phone to give to the church. Go to and click on the Online Giving tab. Simply click on “create an account”. Then, enter the needed information, and submit. You will get an email with a verification link to finish setting up your account. If you do not see the email, check your spam folder. It’s that simple to give anytime and from anywhere using a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Your participation is a significant help to our parish’s stewardship of finance, and we appreciate it. Youth Ministry Update Mardi Gras Zumba/Dance Party Sunday March 2nd after the 5:30 Mass in Fr. Engels hall Families/middle school/high school welcome High School Youth Going Deeper Join us as we meet Jesus in the Scriptures Wednesdays @ 7pm Starting February 5th in Fr. Engels Hall Middle School Youth 2nd Sunday of the Month @ 4pm Dinner to follow the 5:30pm Mass

Marriage Preparation: Sponsor Couple: assists engaged couples in preparation for marriage using specific prep program. [Usually three to four sessions at home with engaged couple; two–three times a year; formation offered and required.]

Are you interested in Adult Confirmation? If you have completed high school and never were confirmed, now you have an opportunity to do so. We will begin classes in March; Adult Confirmation will be celebrated at the Cathedral on Pentecost Sunday, June 18th. Please call Denise at the parish office for further details. (225.751.2926)

We need your Palms! Please bring your Palms from Palm Sunday and put in the basket in the back of the Church.

VOCATION If you feel you are being called to the priesthood or religious life, take courage, the Lord is with you! Call Fr. Matt Dupre at 225.336.8778,

St. Jean Vianney Social Responsibility News MARCH FOOD DRIVE We will be collecting the following non-perishable food items at all the Masses the weekend of March 1st & 2nd. Please bring your donations to church this weekend, and place them in the designated area near the front doors of church. dry milk crackers mayonnaise pop tarts instant potatoes beets drink mix catsup

stuffing mix pork ‘n beans fruit juices lima beans breakfast cereals spaghetti pancake mix cooking oil fruit snacks canned potatoes jelly helper dinners

Items to be frozen, such as ground beef, chicken, bacon, sausage, sandwich meats, or fish may be brought to the parish office during the week only, during office hours. Please do not bring these items to the church with you. As always, we appreciate your generous support.

Newspaper and White Paper Recycling Has Ended The green and red recycling bins that we have used since 1988 for our parish’s newspaper and white paper recycling program have been picked up, and we are no longer recycling here on the church property. You are encouraged to recycle your paper through your neighborhood curbside recycling bins. We appreciate the many years of recycling support many of you participated in to the benefit of our parish’s Social Responsibility Ministry.


Jas 3:13-18; Ps 19:8-10, 15; Mk 9:14-29 Tuesday: Jas 4:1-10; Ps 55:7-11a, 23; Mk 9:30-37 Wednesday: Jas 4:13-17; Ps 49:2-3, 6-11; Mk 9:38-40 Thursday: Jas 5:1-6; Ps 49:14-20; Mk 9:41-50 Friday: Jas 5:9-12; Ps 103:1-4, 8-9, 11-12; Mk 10:1-12 Saturday: Jas 5:13-20; Ps 141:1-3, 8; Mk 10:13-16 Sunday: Is 49:14-15; Ps 62:2-3, 6-9; 1 Cor 4:1-5; Mt 6:24-34

Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time February 23, 2014 Leviticus 19: 1-2, 17-18; 1 Corinthians 3:16-23; Matthew 5:38-48 Reflection by Karen Ullo This week’s Gospel contains one of the most challenging lines in all of scripture, and one of my favorites: Jesus says to us, “Be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect.” Here we are, about to enter Lent, a time of acknowledging and atoning for our imperfections, told by Christ not to “get better,” but to “be perfect.” It is tempting to respond the way the Pharisees so often did and point out that this is heresy. Doesn’t Jesus know about Original Sin? Human beings are fallen creatures, incapable of redeeming ourselves. We cannot “be perfect.” Yet here is the One who redeemed us, giving us that very command. The obvious question we must ask is, “How?” Jesus gave us the answer: “Be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect.” In case we are too dense to catch Jesus’ meaning, St. Paul lays it out for us in today’s epistle: “Everything belongs to you… and you to Christ, and Christ to God.” Our perfection does not lie within ourselves, but in the grace of God the Father shared with us through the Son. “Do you not know that you are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?” God does not demean Himself to dwell in imperfection; rather, by dwelling within us, He perfects us. Sin has no power over us except when we deny that we are God’s children. Yes, we are all sinners, and we do well to reflect upon our failings. But it is equally true that we all share God’s perfection. We are chosen to be His body, called to live His will. So, as you prepare to enter your Lenten journey, I challenge you not to do so with the resolution to become “better.” This year, why not fast, give alms, do penance–and then go be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

BASEBALL TOURNAMENT St. Michael Baseball is hosting a youth baseball tournament on April 11-13. Ages 9U through 14U. Entry fee is $250/ team. Contact Vince Cannatelll ( or Tim Edens ( for more information.

SJV CALENDAR Monday, February 24 6:00pm Elem./Jr. High Religious Ed Tuesday, February 25 7:00pm Ed. Commission 7:00pm CRHP Women’s 7:00pm Adoration Wednesday, February 26 7:00pm High School Youth Group 7:00pm RCIA 7:00pm Choir Thursday, February 27 6:30pm Bible Study

Friday, February 28 Preschool Mardi Gras Parade Saturday, March 1 8th Sunday in Ordinary Time Food Dr. Weekend Sunday, March 2 8th Sunday in Ordinary Time Food Dr. Weekend Monday, March 3 Parish Office Closed Preschool and School Out

MASS INTENTIONS Monday, February 24 8:30am Tuesday, February 25 6:15am Wednesday, February 26 6:15am Molly Langlois 8:30am Betty Applin Thursday, February 27 6:15am Communion Service Friday, February 28 8:00am Emile Jacquin Frank Dispensire, Sr.

Saturday, March 1 4:00pm Deacon Tommy St. Pierre Joseph Campagna, Fly. Jack Manno, Fly. George Campagna, Sr. Joey Campagna Langlois Emile Noto Sunday, March 2 7:30am For Parishioners of SJV 9:30am Bobby Landry 11:30am 5:30pm Marsha Kuhlman

SANCTUARY LAMP (2/24/14-3/2/14) For The Parish

REMEMBER ST. JEAN VIANNEY PARISH IN YOUR WILL If this parish has meaning to you and your family, then please consider remembering St. Jean Vianney Parish in your will. Call Fr. Tom for information. (753.7950)

AUTOMATIC BANK DRAFT Automatic Bank Draft is available as an option for your weekly or monthly tithing and capital campaign contribution. Please call 753.7950, or come by the parish office for more information.

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February 23 2014 original