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Parish Office Hours: Monday 9.00am-2.30pm Tues- Fri. 9.00am-3.00pm


St James the Apostle Church 336 Derrimut Road, Hoppers Crossing North


Thursday 21 March Saturday 23 March Palm Sunday 24 March

Tuesday 26 March Wednesday 27 March

Holy Thursday 28 March Good Friday 29 March

Easter Saturday 30 March Easter Sunday 31 March





Combined St James and St Peter’s Second Rite of Reconciliation Liturgy followed by individual confession at St Peter’s (38 Guinane Ave, Hoppers Crossing) Palm Sunday Vigil Mass

Parish Priest: Parish Office Fr. Jude Pirotta mssp Hours: Assistant Priest: Tuesday to Friday Fr. Paul Kierce 9.00am to mssp 3.00pm Telephone: 9748 6800 Facsimile: 9748 9791 Parish Priest: email: Fr. Jude Pirotta (mssp)

9:00 am 7:00pm8:30pm

Daily Mass First Rite of Reconciliation (this will be the last opportunity for Reconciliation before Easter)

9:00 am 6:30pm 7:30pm 8:15pm

Daily Mass Rehearsal – Holy Thursday Rehearsal – Good Friday Rehearsal – Easter Vigil


Mass of the Lord’s Supper and Washing of the Feet (no 9:00am Mass)

10:00am Stations of the Cross at St James Church and Grounds 3:00pm Solemn Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion at St James Community Hall (no 9:00am Mass or Reconciliation available) 9:00am 7:30pm 6:00am 7:30am 9:00am 10:30am

Morning Prayer (in the Church) Easter Vigil (no 9:00am Mass or Reconciliation available) Dawn Mass (followed by breakfast in the Community Hall) Mass (in the Church) Mass (in the Church) Mass (in the Church) (no evening Mass on Easter Sunday)

2ndSunday of Lent  24th February 2013 

Facsimile: 9748 9791 Parish Secretaries: email: Red Lusterio Tita Manalo Faith Formator Admin Support: Carmel Powell Maria Saldana

Parish Bookkeeper: Parish Council Tess Mijares President: Tues-Wed 9:30-3:30 Lee Revell

POPE BENEDICT XVI We thank God for the Spiritual Leadership of Pope Benedict XVI and remember to keep him in our prayers after his retirement on Thurs 28 Feb. We remember also to pray for the Cardinals who will be preparing to meet in Conclave for the election of our new Pope.

Parish Council President: Parish Secretary: Lee Revell Red Lusterio

SEASON OF LENT The Season of Lent has is a time of preparation for the most  invite everyone to consider participating in any of the many events that are on offer at our Parish.

Sacramental Co-Ord Parish Bookkeeper: Other Tess Schools: Mijares Claire Kemp. Ph:9974 6441 Baptism Co-ordinator:

Youth Ministry Angela Struthers Co-ordinator: Telephone: 9748 5385 Red Lusterio 0409 184 299

Sacramental Co-Ord Other

Counsellor Schools : Claire Kemp Verity Flower 9974 6441 Telephone: 1800 223 650 Youth Ministry Specifying a Tues and Thurs Co-ordinator: Red Lusterio appointment Telephone: 9748 6800

St. James' Primary St. James' Primary School: School: Telephone: 97499749 1000 1000 Telephone: Principal: Martin Enright Principal: Martin Enright Deputy Principal: St. Francis Primary School: Maria Scala Telephone: 9731 6004 ThomasJan Carr College: Principal: Keogh Telephone: 8734 2444

Principal: Bruce Runnalls

Thomas Carr College: Telephone: 8734 2444 Weekend Masses: Principal: Andrew Watson Saturday:

6.00 pm

Weekend Masses: Sunday: 8.30 & 10.30 am Saturday: 6.00pm 1st 2nd & 3rd Sundays:5pm Sunday: 8.30am , 10.30am Weekday & 6.00pm Masses: Tues - Sat:

9.00 am


7.30 pm

Weekday Masses: 1st Friday Monthly: Tues – Sat 9.00am

1st Friday Monthly: Adoration 8:00- 9.00 pm Mass 7.30pm Reconciliation(Confession): Adoration 8.00 9.30 - 9.00pm Saturday: - 10:00 am 5.00 - 5:30 pm Reconciliation (Confession) Saturday: 9.30of- 10.00am Sacrament Baptism: 5.00 - 5.30pm By appointment - 1st, 2nd & 3rd Sundays of the Month Sacrament of Baptism: Contact – Angela Sacrament of Struthers Marriage: 0438 793 630 By appointment with at least six months notice.

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336 Derrimut Rd, Hoppers Crossing North, 3029 Under the Pastoral Care of the Paulist Missionaries Telephone: 9748 6800


8:30am Mass (in the Church) 10:30am Blessing of the palms in the play plaza followed by Mass in the Community Hall 6:00pm Mass (in the Church)



THE WAY OF THE CROSS: During Lent, the Stations of the Cross will be available every Friday at 7:30pm in the Church, except for Fri 01 Mar where we will have an Ecumenical Service at 7:00pm for the World Day of Prayer. PROJECT COMPASSION: Your support leads to long-term partnerships for transformation around the world. This week we meet Raymundo who, at just nine, was destined for a life of drugs and crime. Thanks to Caritas Australia’s partner, Centro Ceativo Artistico “educar es fiesta” - an organisation that provides education and teaches circus skills to vulnerable children in Bolivia—Raymundo’s life changed. With your ongoing support, we will continue to advocate for children’s rights to an education and a fun-filled childhood.. PAULIST MISSIONARY SPONSORSHIP: For $5 per month, you can help with the wellbeing and education of children in Pakistan, Peru and the Philippines and enable them to have a proper childhood and a brighter future. If you are interested in taking up this ministry you can find Brochures on the Table beside the Project Compassion Boxes this weekend. These can be forwarded to our Missionary Sponsorship Committee with the address found in the Brochure. LENTEN FAITH SHARING GROUPS: These will be facilitated by Peter O’Toole over all Tuesdays of Lent at 7:30pm in the Presbytery. BIBLE STUDY: Led by Fr Mario on Wed 27 Feb at 7:00pm at Old Hall at St James. Additionally, combined St James and St Peters Bible Studies on Tuesdays at 7:30pm at St Peters.  DATES TO REMEMBER 26 27 28 01 02 05 11

Feb Tues Feb Wed Feb Thurs Mar Fri Mar Sat Mar Tues Mar Mon

Faith Sharing Group for Lent in Presbytery at 7:30pm Bible Study Group led by Fr Mario in Old Hall at 7:00pm Br Clinton in Community Hall at 7:30pm World Day of Prayer Ecumenical Service in Church at 7:00pm Carpenter’s Club starting in Community Hall at 7:30am Prep Information Evening in Church at 7:30pm Labour Day Public Holiday Parish Council Meeting in Presbytery at 7:30pm 12 Mar Tues St Vinnie’s Meeting in Boardroom at 7:30pm



In order to help differentiate between St James Primary School and St James Church, the church’s postal address has now changed to: 366 Derrimut Road, Hoppers Crossing 3029.

Fr Mario will be going on a Sabbatical Leave to the Philippines for an indefinite period. He will be leaving on Mon 25 Mar and will be commissioned on the weekend of 16/17 Mar at all Masses. There will be a light morning tea in the Community Hall after the 10:30am Mass. We wish him all the best and look forward to him returning later in the year.

Additionally, upon further review of the needs of our growing Parish and our Staff Members, the Parish Office Hours have again been updated. The new Parish Office Hours are: Mon 9:00am-2:30pm, Tues-Fri 9:00am-3:00pm. We thank you for your understanding. SACRAMENTAL PROGRAMS 2013 To register your child for First Reconciliation, First Eucharist or Confirmation in 2013, please contact the Sacramental Co-ordinator Claire Kemp on 9974 6441 or 0417 862 324. Registrations for First Reconciliation have ended and lessons have already started. Registrations for First Eucharist end Sat 18 May and Confirmation end Sat 27 Jul. Thank you to the Couples for Christ who will provide the Parent Sessions and to Fiona Weedon who has generously taken the role for First Eucharist Sacramental Catechist this year. FAITH DEVELOPMENT LOGOS/BIBLE: Come join as we continue to 'taste the goodness of the Lord' in the Book of Proverbs - just bring yourself & a Bible. Each Tuesday at 7:30pm at St Peters. WORLD DAY OF PRAYER St James the Apostle Parish cordially invites you to an ecumenical service of the World Day of Prayer as prepared by the WDP Committee of France, on Fir 01 Mar at 7:00pm in the Church followed by light refreshments. For catering purposes, please RSVP to Tess Mijares on 9748 6800. Please note that on this day only, this will replace the First Friday Adoration and the Way of the Cross Prayer. BIBLE STUDY GROUP The next Bible Study Group led by Fr Mario will be on Wed 27 Feb at 7:00pm in the Old Hall. This will be a time for study, sharing and prayer. All are welcome. COLLECTIONS LAST WEEKEND Thanksgiving: Presbytery: Flowers: Youth:

$ 5396.65 $ 1421.35 $ 11.50 $ 17.35

EASTER SUNDAY For all those who are Special Ministers of Communion, Lectors and Commentators, if you would like to help out during the Easter Sunday Masses, please indicate on the sheet on the Bench in the Narthex


SAT 6:00 PM

SUN 8:30 AM

SUN 10:30 AM

SUN 6:00 PM


Grace Bala

Crystal Suares

Chris Cabral

Caroline Rubite

Irene O’Shannassy

Cheryl Cabral

Clarisse Torres


Tina Alphonso Tony Cervini Claire Kemp Karen Norris Kieran Kiely

Maria Golia Dominic Golia Narcy Bartolome Cath Amor Peter Amor

Vini Beraldo Irene Revell Bev Winchcombe Dominic Vivona

Lauren Xuereb Haydee De Silva Dylan Menezes Nathan White Kim Marsland-Kelsey Hazel De Silva


Jill Dooley

Carole Keating

Bev Winchcombe


Marie D’Silva Chris Johnson Joseph Calleja


PREP ENROLMENTS The Parish Prep 2014 Information Evening will be on Tues 05 Mar at 7:30pm in the Church, for all families enrolling at either St James Primary or St Francis Primary. This meeting will give general information about enrolling at our two Parish schools, including the process for the opening of our third school in Truganina in 2015. St James Primary Prep 2014 Information Evening will be on Tues 19 Mar at 7:30pm in the Community Hall (Gym) for families in zone. Information packs and enrolment forms will be available on the night. St James Primary Open Day will be on Thurs 21 Mar. LENT—WHO IS JESUS? Lent—Who is Jesus?, an adult faith workshop for parents of St James and St Francis Primary Schools, will be held in the Church this Tues 26 Feb at 7:30pm. All interested Parishioners are also welcome to attend. ROSTERS If you have not received via email your Roster for Lectors, Commentators, Special Ministers of Communion, Piety, Cleaners and Altar Servers, please collect your copy from the Bench in the Narthex. RECENTLY DECEASED & ANNIVERSARIES Please pray for our loved ones whom we remember especially Helena Kovac and Maria Guido who both died recently, Sabina Citera, Joseph Cini, Angelina Almeida, Pedro Alinea, Tony Scerri, Frank Cassar, Frank and Rose Meilak, Manuel Rodrigues, Viniamor Dela Pena, Laurie Xuereb, Goerge and Josephine Galea, Francis Viegas and all whom we remember in our prayers.




Marlene Pablo Roderick Pablo

1st Reading: Exodus 3:1-8, 13-15 This is what you must say to the children of Israel: I Am has sent me to you.


Ralph Almirante

Responsorial Psalm: Ps 102:1-4, 6-8, 11 The Lord is kind and merciful.

YOUNG PAULISTS PRESENT BR CLINTON The Young Paulists are proud to present Brother Clinton Farrugia, a member of the Missionary Society of St Paul who has just completed his theological training in the Philippines and soon to be ordained as a Deacon in preparation for priesthood. Come and hear his inspiring life story on calling, vocation and everything in between. The Young Paulists are hosting an evening of music, discussion and a presentation by Brother Clinton for all Parishioners of all ages, this Thurs 28 Feb, 7:30pm-9:00pm in the Community Hall. All are welcome. COMBINED PARISHES RAFFLE Our Parish is once again participating in the annual Combined Catholic Parishes Raffle with chances to win a car! Tickets will be sold after all Masses from 01/02 Mar until 27/28 Apr. If you can assist with selling tickets after Masses, please leave your details on the form in the Narthex for a roster. Your assistance is greatly appreciated! PRAYER LIST FOR THE SICK With the start of the new year, we will once again be restarting our Prayer List for those in our community who are sick. As a Parish community, we wish to continue to offer our support, so if you would like these names to remain on the prayer list, please inform the Parish Office by Thurs 28 Feb.

2nd Reading: 1 Corinthians 10:1-6, 10-12 All this happened to the people of Moses in the desert was written for our benefit. Gospel: Luke 13:1-9 Unless you repent you will all perish as they did. ST VINNIE’S AT ST JAMES On behalf of our Vinnie’s team at St James, we would like to thank all parishioners for their generosity in donating to the St James Giving Tree last year. We made and delivered 80 hampers and would like to offer special thanks to our parish schools for their hampers. Thankyou to Gino, Knights of the Southern Cross (Werribee) and Thomas Carr staff for their financial gifts. A warm thank-you to those parishioners who stayed back after mass to help take the food to its storage location. We look forward to another successful year in 2013. God Bless. PRAYER LIST Let us pray and support those in our community who are sick. We especially pray for Paul Daglish, June Riddell, Philomena Leslie, Honora South, Fr John Allan, Walter, Alan Wood, Baby Ava Pattie, Baby Scarlet Dickson, Gerald Anthony Farrell, Guzi Galea, Paul Daglish, Mary Mallia, Jacinta Fisher, Lee Revell, Rose Kekesi, Rita Juhasz, Maria Hauk, Rosalina G. Santos, Lorna Palmer, Anne Rippline, Irene McGee, Antonia Diosy, Carmen Portelli, Robert Hart, Von Sleep and all those who are ill.

2nd Sunday of Lent  

February 24 2013