Hilltopper Spring 2014

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poured over historic photographs from Streets, Public Buildings and General Views of St. Johnsbury, Vermont, published by F.O. Clark in 1884. They were fascinated by the changes in town over the last 130 years. They clamored to point out familiar buildings and spot even the slightest changes in these landmarks. The walk back to campus was magical: they looked at Main Street in a whole new light, pointing out churches and where buildings like the Y.M.C.A. and the Musical Hall once stood.” The law firm, Primmer, Piper, Eggleston & Cramer, PC, the current owner of 421 Summer Street, is generously allowing the History and Heritage Center to use the building while money for its purchase is raised. To date, $176,000 of the $250,000 goal has been raised through several fundraisers. For example, the Center began a “250 Club” (an idea from volunteer, Jennifer Peters Paine ’68), which has encouraged 250 individuals or groups to become members at $1,000 each. Also, an open house was held in December orchestrated by Liz Pearl Sargent ’67 and Beth Reed Wechsler ’67. The deadline for raising funds toward the purchase of the Summer Street building is mid-June. Peggy Pearl said, “We hope Academy alumni will visit our web site and Facebook page to follow our progress and projects and to participate in that progress. Together, we will make this dream a reality and we believe the founders of the St. Johnsbury Academy would be proud of this community partnership.”

Standing (L-R) Bob Desrochers ‘71, Liz Pearl Sargent ‘67, Susan Crosby Gallagher ‘65, Jim Impey ‘64 and Brenda Wilkins ‘77. Seated (L-R) Peg Pearl ‘65, Reg Wakeham ‘65, Jen Peters Paine ‘68, Angela Drew ‘00 and Denise Goodhue Scavitto ‘99

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