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Board of Trustees Samuel E. Bain Jr. ’64 John T. Benoit ’80 Gregory E. Boardman ’75 Bruce E. Buxton Peter F. Crosby ’68 Marcia D. DeRosia ’69 Robert M. Fairbanks Nancy Usher Goodrich Susan O’Neil Grayson ’67 Lee P. Hackett ’57, President John S. Hall ’66 James H. Impey ’64 Alex P.M. Ko Bernier L . Mayo ’56 Garth B. Moulton ’88 Kimberly A . Silloway ’82 Ronald W. Steen Dale R. Wells ’64T Jay O. Wright ’87 Edward R. Zuccaro

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Reunion Weekend 2012

Thaddeus Fairbanks Society Benefit Golf Tournament Homecoming

Ernest A . Begin ’63 Gordon V. DeWitt ’56 John M. Farmer Robert C. Fuehrer John P. Garey ’57 Kenneth F. Hammer ’85H William A . Julian ’45 Russell A . Reed ’34 Jean McGregor Rogers ’56 Roderic B. Vitty ’51

Jose Bruzual ‘84 and Frank Empsall ‘83

Art Director/Designer: Diego Melendez Published by St. Johnsbury Academy, Volume LIV Number 1, Autumn 2012 ADVANCEMENT OFFICE Director of Development and Alumni Relations Tammi Sullivan Cady ’88 (802) 751-2010 Associate Director of Alumni Relations Alan Ruggles ’84 (802) 748-7725 Prospect Research and Development Assistant Gail Rossier ’73 (802) 748-7797 Development and Alumni Assistant Bonnie Jenks (802) 751-2011 Associate Headmaster Advancement and Admission Jack Cummings (802) 751-2131 Acting Director Marketing and Communications John Suitor (802) 751-2366

ON JUNE 4, the Academy community celebrated the achievements of more than 200 seniors. Reunion Weekend was filled with much joy as people from all over the world came to visit with their classmates, friends, and former teachers. Some came for their 80th reunion! The excitement carried onto Homecoming Weekend, as we welcomed and honored members of the 1952 and 1982 State Championship Football teams. This year, St. Johnsbury Academy brought the World War II trophy home, after defeating Lyndon Institute 20-6. Don’t forget to mark your calendars with all the exciting upcoming events that the Alumni Office is preparing. We look forward seeing you! The Hilltopper is published in the autumn, winter, and spring by the Office of Alumni and Development, St. Johnsbury Academy, PO Box 906, St. Johnsbury, VT 05819.

Address changes and e-mail addresses can be sent by mail to Alumni Office, St. Johnsbury Academy, PO Box 906, St. Johnsbury, VT 05819, by e-mail to or by phone at (802) 751-2011.

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Pictures courtesy of Alumni and Development Office, The Caledonian-Record, Merle Haskins, Diego Melendez, Jenks Studio, Joe Healy, Craig Harrison, and Alan Ruggles. Printed at Queen City Printers, Inc., Burlington, Vermont.

Cover image: (row 1 L-R) Rachel Reis ’15, Richard Johnson ’54, David Caplan ’53, Mary Ellen McCarthy Reis ’81, (row 2 L-R) Kevin Kemp ’83, John Robillard ’83, Rob Ward ’83, (row 3 L-R) Nola Brown Forbes ’70, Taylor Ruggles ’14, (row 4 L-R) Griffin Comerci ’13, Victoria Hutchins ’13, Quinn Fogarty ’13

Message from



e are just coming off a very successful Spirit Week, highlighted by the return of the State Championship Teams of 1952 and 1982, punctuated by a convincing win by the Hilltoppers, and made even more enjoyable for my family by the fact my youngest son Patrick got to ring the Colby bell in victory, as did my oldest son John, who coached him. The energy on campus was extremely high and positive, and that combined with the 70-degree game day temperature brought me back to last June.


The Headmaster’s Weekly Message Each week, Headmaster Tom Lovett will share his thoughts inspired by the Academy’s Chapel assembly, on our Website. Please tune in to the Headmaster’s message to gain insights into themes that are part of Academy life. Scan the QR code above or visit

For those of you who were able to join us at the beginning of summer, we enjoyed one of the most joyful weekends of the year as we celebrated the accomplishments of the Class of 2012 and welcomed them into the ranks of the alumni, hundreds of whom journeyed back to the Academy for Alumni Weekend. Personally, the weekend was a time to reconnect with former students and athletes, some of whom I had not seen for 25 years, and also a time to say thank you to students, faculty, and staff who had inspired me throughout the year. Now months removed from Reunion Weekend I still have strong and warm memories. These range from catching up with Katie Ducham (Class of ’92), who used to babysit our oldest children when she was my student and advisee, to meeting the members of the Class of ’62 in the Brantview parlors, several of whom I have met during other receptions around the country. I am also still moved when I remember the return of Chen Lin to receive the Burlingame Award and the fact that Danielle Prevost and Shane LaCroix received the first ever Melissa Jenkins Prize for carrying on their advisor’s challenge of quietly loving those the most who need it the most.

Message from The Headmaster

Sam Hutchins and Chen Lin

Reflecting back, I am also grateful for the work of our Audio Visual and Information Technology teams who made the sound work so wonderfully in the fieldhouse and who added the large screens to help everyone get a close up view of the ceremonies. Likewise, I am grateful for the work of our custodial and maintenance crew, our safety officers, our food service, and all of our secretarial and support staff who managed the events and kept everything in good order. By all accounts, this year’s events were the smoothest and most trouble-free in recent memory. As you leaf through this magazine, I hope you are filled with the same degree of gratitude, joy, and nostalgia for the feeling of community we experienced


during this past Reunion, Commencement, and Homecoming Weekends. While we have much good news to report in our upcoming Winter Hilltopper (new faculty/staff, new initiatives, and new accomplishments), I want to take this moment to simply enjoy the memories of good times spent with good people. That is the spirit that strengthens “our strong band” that “can ne’er be broken.” I hope you, too, have specific people you remember with gratitude and joy and can find a way to let them know.

FELICIA HAMMER Good morning, and thank you to the faculty, staff, trustees, family, and friends who have helped to make this day a reality. I am honored to speak before all of you today. It seems only yesterday that I found myself walking up the steps of South Congregational Church as a freshman into Mr. Lenzini’s advisory, and now, here we are, the graduating Class of 2012. At the time, I wanted nothing more than to leave my younger years behind, but today, things are not quite as simple. Fyodor Dostoyevsky said, “ Taking a new step, uttering a new word, is what people fear most.” Although I am excited and certainly ready to leave high school, rather than afraid, the transition will still be bittersweet for most of us. We have all grown so much over the course of the past four years in a variety of ways, and now we stand on the threshold of perhaps the most drastic changing point of our lives thus far. In some ways it seems daunting, but it is a new beginning we are all looking forward to.


New opportunities are always something to embrace. As David Battaglia might say, an empty purse is always the same because there is never any change in it. Hesitant though I may be to admit it, receiving a daily dosage of David’s awful puns between classes is only one of the things about my fellow classmates that I will miss next year. Also, I will never forget wandering through the streets of Florence when Bill Kerin told a salesperson that Giovi Mier and I were his French Canadian relatives, despite the fact that we couldn’t speak a word of French. A rather one-sided conversation with the man followed, and sometimes I still wonder how long it took for our recurring usage of the word “oui” to tip him off. And of course, who could forget the pancake-eating skills of Seth Stevens and the playwriting genius of Eric Rauert?

This class has proven to be one of the most dedicated and incredible group of people I could ever imagine. We are writers, artists, state champions, actors, athletes, singers, tech lovers, and kilt wearers. We have grown together and shaped each other during these past four years. We have been there to support each other, and we have learned, through the challenging months behind us, the strength of our community and the unity of our class, and we must carry that onward after we leave. I think it is important to move forward without forgetting or disregarding the past, because our time at the Academy has helped make us who we are. Parents, friends, faculty, and staff have all contributed greatly to bring us to this point. I have had some incredible opportunities throughout my four years at the Academy, from having dinner and conversation with diplomats from Kenya, Germany, and India, to meeting an Olympian athlete on a Cross Country trip to Nike Regionals. I have been prepared for the world beyond the Academy in many ways, from learning Mr. Grasso’s fabled “prison math” to experiencing the gentle guidance of teachers such as Mr. Boisseau and the dedicated oversight of Mrs. Daley. I have learned that when making change, we cannot be afraid of taking bold steps. Moving forward means taking risks. As a freshman, I thought all runners were pain-loving lunatics, and as I watched cross country races, even into my sophomore

year, I promised myself that this was something I would never be crazy enough to pursue. And yet somehow, here I stand today, a 3-season varsity runner, with the sport constituting one of my greatest passions. I know I speak on behalf of my entire class when I say that the opportunities and experiences over the course of the past four years have made me into the individual I am today, and as eager as we are to move forward, we must stop for a brief moment to realize the role of this place in shaping us. Here, I must again mention the members of the Class of 2012, a diverse, talented, and passionate group of people with whom I have been privileged to spend the last four years. We must look forward, but simultaneously appreciate and remember our experiences over the past four years and how they have helped us become who we are today. We must not be afraid to charge into this new chapter of our lives, and remember that wherever our next steps may lead us, we will always be members of the Class of 2012. In the words of Barbara Kingsolver, “Listen. Slide the weight from your shoulders and move forward. You are afraid you might forget, but you never will.” With the help of our friends and the willingness to take risks, we will accomplish this. Together, we have overcome the adversities of this year. The strength, resilience, and determination that we have shown will only continue to help us as we move forward, for as many opportunities as the Academy has been able to offer, many more await us as we leave here. When our paths cross in the future, I look forward to meeting all of you again and seeing where your steps have taken you. Again, listen. Slide the weight from your shoulders and move forward. You are afraid you might forget, but you never will. I thank you.

Headmaster Lovett presents Felicia with the Charles L. and Angelina Swift prize during Commencement.



embers of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Mayo, Mr. Hackett, Mr. Lovett, Mr. Cochran, friends, teachers, students, staff, coaches, and, most especially, family, thank you all very much for coming. I know from experience that your seats are not especially comfortable and, as much as I’m sure you all love hearing prizes being handed out for the better part of an hour, this ceremony can run a little long, so I will try to keep this brief. As I sat down to write this speech last night, having procrastinated once again in the proud tradition of generations of high school students, my first thought was to talk about what makes St. Johnsbury Academy a great institution. My second thought was that a speech lavishing compliments on my Alma Mater was a little too clichéd, even for a salutatory address. I then made my way through a number of other ideas until I realized that I’d gotten it right the first time, that what I really want to talk about is why and how the Academy is so special and so worthy of praise. I realized that claiming one’s Alma Mater as the pinnacle of all institutions is a universal constant. Every principal and headmaster prides their school on the supportiveness, vitality, and general quality of its community, but very few institutions ever have that claim put to the test. I realized that this year, in the face of tragedy and hardship I had not imagined possible, our community at St. Johnsbury Academy has been tested and has proved deserving of the highest praise.


My next step was to think back on some of the ideas and principles that have defined our community this year. It wasn’t long before I struck upon what felt like the perfect topic. Seniors and faculty, I’m sure you remember the series of chapel talks earlier this year about the importance of grit. At the time, I felt that grit was well and good, but that maybe we could have skipped one or two of the speeches. In retrospect, nothing could have been more appropriate to really hammer home. Grit, resilience, tenacity, whatever you like to call it, is not the only thing that defines our community or the only thing that sets it apart. Of course I value the diversity, the tolerance, the dynamism, the friendliness, the classiness, and all the other positive traits that characterize our community. However, these qualities, admirable as they are, are not quite as uncommon as the tremendous grit we have displayed this year. Standing at the end of four years with you, I can say confidently that what I love most about us is our resilience and our tenacity. This fall, the Cross Country team endured a hard loss at the state championship. But did that discourage our runners? No. They stormed back, epitomizing resilience, winning both the indoor and outdoor track titles. At the Big Game against LI, we were down 14-7 with less than two minutes to go. But did the team fold, throw up their hands, and surrender? No. They made the touchdown and just narrowly missed scoring the extra point to go

into overtime. They may not have won, but to fight down to the wire like that takes tenacity. Fellow Capstone students, first, thank God it’s all done, and second, I think it’s safe to say we learned to apply our resilience and tenacity to our academic lives. We say goodbye to many beloved faculty members this year, but we also had and will have the privilege to say hello to many competent, smiling new faces that will continue a tradition of excellence. This is a testament to the resilience of the Academy’s devotion to academic rigor. Finally, and most importantly, there are the two hardships that we will all remember for the rest of our lives. Chen, may I simply say I’m so glad you made it here today. The resilience and tenacity you have shown in your recovery have been inspirational to us all. As for my wonderful advisor, Ms. Jenkins, the tragedy of your loss hurt and still hurts immeasurably, but we can proudly say that we, as a community, did not divide but became stronger as result of the calamity. I’m not known for being nostalgic. In fact, I would go so far as to say I have something of a track record of being aggressively forward looking. In third grade, I couldn’t wait to be in middle school; at the end of seventh grade, I thought I’d die if I had to wait a whole year more for high school. My transitions between these stages of life were marked by a general lack of wistfulness. However, today, the past month, and, truly, the past year, have for me been departures from this long established pattern. Now, no doubt part of my present sentimentality arises from the natural anxiety of someone raised in Vermont facing life at a college that suffers through nearly 300 days of sun per year and an average temperature of 69 degrees Fahrenheit, but I would say a much greater, and more serious, reason for my uncharacteristic hesitation is what I’m leaving 3,147 miles behind. Friends, teachers, students, staff, coaches, and, most especially, family, I will sincerely miss you.

Cyrus accepted the Clare Catherine Lovett Memorial prize from Headmaster Lovett during the Commencement Ceremony.


Rick Cochran, owner of Mobile Medical International Corporation (MMIC), and father of Zach, a member of the graduating Class of 2012, Mandy (’03), Lindsey (’08), and Casey, gave the Commencement address during the Academy’s June 4 ceremony. Mr. Cochran was recognized last year when he was named the U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) 2011 National SBA Person of the Year.



Joshua Rosenfeld CLASS OF 1980 SUE TEMPLE PRIZE

Eric Rauert CLASS OF 1947 PRIZE

Jackson Staab CLASS OF 1996 PRIZE


Elizabeth Baker CLASS OF 1967 PRIZE



Tyler Newell Olivia Thomas MARLENE PETTY ROCK PRIZE






Andy Hoang

Samuel Hutchins






Amanda Allen

Elizabeth Baker Nedim Kapic JOURNALISM PRIZE


Daniel Choy FRENCH

Perry Emerson SPANISH

Peter-John Trapp CHINESE



Cyrus Ready- Campbell MATHEMATICS PRIZE





Nguyen Nguyen Anna Williams PHOTOGRAPHY PRIZE

Elizabeth Baker Weihong Xu NED & SARAH HANDY DANCE PRIZE

Kiara Cole Faith Darling

Xiangru Chen



Jessica Beliles Anna Williams



Tyler Barnes

Ayla Yersel

Ethan Goss




Nathan Nichols Luke Anderson

Parichat Mungpleng


Keith Norris




Max Correia



Zachary Cochran CULINARY ARTS

Tyler Newell DRAFTING


Michael Leclerc Lucas Wilkins FORESTRY


Danielle Prevost BASIC WELDING

Brett Parkhurst



Rebekah Balch

Eamon Roosa





Shannon Jefferson

Samantha Ruggles

Felicia Hammer




Zachary Cochran

Allyson Bruckner Benjamin Bunnell

Cyrus Ready- Campbell


Ningyi Xi





Xiangru Chen




Johannah Driscoll David Duong

Gregory Piper

Elijah Doerfler


Jennifer Hastings


Alex Rogers





Jonathan Duncan Jonathan Inamura Tyler Newell HORACE AND HULDAH RANDALL PRIZE




Jordan DeKett





Camille Leblanc Clare Neal









Devon Biggie Lincoln Lemieux FRANCIS X. RYAN MEMORIAL PRIZE

Maureen Myrick

Brendan Hughes Hannah Valence

Xiangru Chen Olivia Thomas Xin Wei Haoyue Yang KLEIN TOOLS PRIZE




Deanna Emery Eli Kerr Dengyu Yang

Chen Lin receives the James Burlingame Prize


Christopher Dussault accepted the Class of 2008 Impact Prize during Commencement.

Robert Fairbanks (center) was presented with an honorary diploma during the 2012 Commencement ceremony for his long-standing and dedicated service to the Academy. A member of the Fairbanks family and a living reminder of the Academy heritage, Bob has served on the Board of Trustees for over two decades sharing his wisdom and expertise. Welcome to the Class of 2012, Bob.



Stanislas Walden

Christopher Mazzonna



Hannah Valence

Devon Biggie









Danielle Prevost Shane LaCroix CLASS OF 2008 IMPACT PRIZE

Christopher Dussault

Lucas Wilkins



Sarah Garey

Madeleine Salmon

Joshua Seamon accepted the Laudamus Verum Magistrum Award during Commencement.



Eric Rauert Ava Schein

Sarah Garey accepted the Unsung Hero Award during Commencement.


A Message from

Jack Cummings Associate Headmaster, Advancement and Admission


ongratulations! The five year, $15,000,000, comprehensive campaign announced just over two years ago during the 2010 Alumni Weekend celebration has surpassed its goal and stands at nearly $16 million! With three years remaining until the conclusion of the Campaign during Alumni Weekend 2015, we hope to reach our newly announced goal of $20,000,000—more than three times our previous record raised during the Just Imagine Campaign in 2001. This campaign has truly been comprehensive. Not only has every student, faculty member, and program at our school benefitted from this effort, but support has come from across our entire community with nearly 4,000 donors, including students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff, friends, and foundations. In short, not only has this campaign raised the most money in our history, but it also stands out for having the largest and most diverse number of donors. The generosity of those alumni who have provided for us by including us in their estate plans has been essential in helping us to provide a world-class education to each of our students. In total, alumni bequests have generated nearly $2,500,000 toward this campaign. Increasingly, planned giving and estate gifts, both large and small, have been key to growing our endowment. This year, a generous gift from the estate of Esther A. Beck Straszko ’35 made it possible for us to renovate the family home of Graham Newell into the new Straszko Center at Graham’s House, in the process providing much-needed office space for our alumni, development, and marketing offices—and most importantly creating a warm and friendly space for our alumni to gather when in town. Most recently, a bequest from the estate of Marion Galbraith Merrill ’33 has added more than $1 million to the Academy’s endowment. Our endowment keeps the Academy special by providing generous and sustainable funding to support all Academy programs. Mrs. Merrill’s gift represents the sixth gift of $1 million or more that the Academy has received since 2000. During the next three years, we hope you will continue to support our efforts to meet both the long-term and

annual needs of the Academy. One of our primary goals, in addition to the Annual Fund and endowment, is to increase and improve our access to technology. As we continue to transform the way our teachers teach and our students learn, your support will be more vital than ever. Since its founding, the Academy has been an integral and unique part of the St. Johnsbury community. A soonto-be-released economic impact study by Dr. Art Woolf of Northern Economic Consulting, measuring the economic impact of the Academy on the town of St. Johnsbury and local area, begins by pointing out that in 1842 fewer than five percent of New England students had access to a high school education. The Academy and its commitment to area youth was remarkable then and is remarkable today as we continue to offer our students unmatched opportunities. The report concludes that St. Johnsbury Academy, because it draws so many students from outside its region, plays a much more important economic role in the area than other high schools. After accounting for all Academy spending and the accepted multiplier effect, the report finds the Academy supports a total of 418 jobs and $16.1 million of earnings in St. Johnsbury and the surrounding Caledonia County. Your support of the Academy is not just good for the school and our students, but also helps to keep our area community economically healthy and viable.

The annual fund helps to support the day-to-day operations of the school. To keep our campus looking as beautiful as we do, to continue to provide the array of academic offerings and experiences, and to carry on the Academy tradition of “providing for those who come after,” we ask you to consider making a gift to the annual fund. You can reach us on the web or on your mobile device by connecting to giving. And, we always like to hear from you by phone at (802) 751-2010 or by email at, too.


Rod Vitty ’50, Marylin Hoar Bixby ’52, and Hazel Simpson Billheimer ’52

Alumni Awards St. Johnsbury Academy’s Dwayne B. Sherrer Distinguished Service Award is presented annually to an alumnus/a who has shown distinguished, loyal service to the Alumni Association, his or her community, state or nation and who has exceptional achievement in his or her chosen field of endeavor. This year’s award was presented to Lee Hackett ’57. Lee has 46 years of experience directing international valuation and consulting activities, and provides advisory services to his firm’s key clients worldwide. Within the appraisal and valuation profession, his activities span from Burlington to Beijing, and his positions and honors are many. Lee has led the way in generosity, providing an example of altruism virtually unmatched in Academy history, giving not only the lead and first gift in the current campaign and to many before that, but giving hundreds of hours of his time as the current Board President, and thousands of hours over his tenure as a Board member. Described as the quintessential, high grade gentleman, Lee gives generously from his heart to many, but the Academy considers itself extremely lucky to call Lee one of its own. Congratulations, Lee!


Denyse Lanctot Daly ’65 accepts the Class of 1964 Faculty Service Award for 25 years of service to the Academy from Director of Development Tammi Sullivan Cady ’88.

The Class of 1962, celebrating their 50th reunion, accepted all three of the reunion gift awards from Trustee President Lee Hackett ’57. Class representatives accepting the awards were Curt Utton, Kay Powell Robinson, and Brent Beck. The class raised over $29,000 from 64 classmates with a total class giving percentage of 43.26%.

The St. Johnsbury Academy’s Northeast Kingdom Service Award is presented annually to an alumnus/a for his or her unselfish dedication and service to the continued improvement of the Northeast Kingdom. This year’s award was presented to Lisa Wilkins Warren ’82. Not only was Lisa an athletic standout during her years at the Academy, but after graduating she coached youth track and field for the St. Johnsbury Recreation Department, served as a Recreation Department Board Member, and also was active in the St. Johnsbury Academy Track Campaign. In her professional life, Lisa serves as the first female State’s Attorney in Caledonia County. Congratulations, Lisa.

Jack Driscoll accepts the Class of 1964 Faculty Service Award for 25 years of service to the Academy from Director of Development Tammi Sullivan Cady ’88.

The Class of 1942 Challenge Cup is awarded each year to the nonreunion class with the greatest number of donors to the gift program. Trustee President Lee Hackett ’57 presented the award to the Class of 1973. Accepting the award on behalf of her class was Cindy Fortier Wheeler ’73.

Alexandra Jablonka ’02 traveling from Germany accepts the award for traveling the farthest for Reunion Weekend.


Celebrating friends, memories, and connections new and old… Photography by Bob Jenks

Family members celebrate with Carol Nutting Robinson ’42 (center) during her 70th Reunion. Pictured are (L-R) Cindy Robinson Gordon ’75, Kathleen and Stan ’77 Robinson, Carol, Dot Robinson ’76, Sandy Turman.

Members from the SJA Strings Ensemble entertain alumni during the All-Class Wine and Cheese Social prior to the banquet. Musicians pictured include (row 1 L-R) Alejandra Arce Arriaga ’12, Charlotte Morse ’13, (row 2 L-R) Alice Haskins ’12, Meg Danielson ’13, and Si Hyun Kim ’13.

After receiving the Northeast Kingdom Service Award, Lisa Wilkins Warren ’82 (left) is congratulated by her sisters, Karen Wilkins Gammell ’78 (center) and Carol Wilkins Thomas ’87 (right).

The St. Johnsbury Academy Hilltones, led by Alan Rowe, open the banquet festivities with the National Anthem.

With the help of Coach Tom Conte, former basketball players congregated at the Conte home to celebrate the 80th birthday of Coach Dan Thurston ’50. Posing for a picture with Coach included (row 1 L-R) Kathleen Thurston Johnston ’82, Paula Willey Gillander ’81, (row 2 L-R) Heather Ralston ’87, Tammy MacLean ’82, Tammy Armour Rainville ’84, Tammi Sullivan Cady ’88, Kelly Bedor Jesseman ’86, Kim Silloway ’82, and Coach Thurston.

A family celebrating many reunions, pictured (L-R) Christine Desilets Douglas ’67, Deborah Douglas Smith ’72, Patricia Collins Douglas ’47, Jordan Smith Cota ’02.

A farewell party for current, past, and retiring faculty was held on Friday night of Reunion. Retiring faculty member Larry Golden, shares a moment with former student Dennis Lumbra ’79

Reunion Weekend



Lilla Safford Willey

Lilla Safford Willey of Thetford, Vermont, and Alice Johnson Blair of Danville, Vermont, celebrating their 75th Reunion, were able to reminisce about their high school days in the ’30s. Kathleen Darling Brown flew in from Asheville, North Carolina, to celebrate her 80th Reunion. At 96 years old, she did her class proud!

Alice Johnson Blair with Liz Pearl Sargent ’67

1942 Beverly Goss Russell ’42 and David Russell ’62

The Class of 1942 became the first reunion class to gather at the new Straszko Center for a special, and quiet, pre-banquet visit.

(row 1 L-R) Bruce Willson, Beverly Goss Russell, Warren Blodgett, (row 2 L-R)Carol Nutting Robinson, Mary Dean McLellan Stuart



The Grace Stuart Orcutt library was the perfect venue for the Class of 1947 get-together on Saturday afternoon. The local kids welcomed back those living out of the area, including from Georgia.

Those who attended the banquet included (row 1 L-R) Jean Pollard Demers, Esther Cross Montgomery, Beverly Macey Quimby, Pat Collins Douglas (row 2 L-R) Richard Roberts, Marvin Bailey, Don Mullally.

1952 Dick Willey ’52 and Harold Willey ’53

Gerard Lecrerc ’52 The Class of 1952 chose The Wine Gate in St. Johnsbury for their 60th Reunion lunch. Classmates arrived from Florida, California, and Michigan to join their more local colleagues from around Vermont. Those who attended the banquet included (row 1 L-R) Shari Fleming, Marilyn Gray White, Marilyn Hoar Bixby, Ruth Amidon LaRose, Helen Simpson Billheimer, Beverly Goodwin Larocque, Leigh Larocque, (row 2 L-R) Don Grady, Gerard Leclerc, Guy Murray, Ron Cowan, Harry Briggs, Dick Willey.


The Class of 1957 did up their 55th Reunion with a schedule daunting to classes half their age! Their festivities began with a dinner on Thursday night and ended at the All-Class Breakfast on Sunday morning, not to mention a breakfast, a sock-hop, and a barbeque! Those who attended the banquet include (row 1 L-R) Ann Lanctot Burgess, Cecile Dubois Merchant, Joan Fournier Gullen, Barb Hall Gallant, Carmen Desrochers Repasz, Annette Brunelle Handy, Mary Lou Butterfield Bell, Lorraine Giguere Brunelle, (row 2 L-R) Mike Mayo, Bruce Scott, Charlie Parker, Andy Dussault, Ed Farr, Pat Brown Cascio, Irena Begin Boudreau, (row 3 L-R), Lee Hackett, Dick Paddleford, Reg Welch, Dorothy Remick Nelson; Neil Hunter, Jean Wright Hagan.


After months of preparation, the Class of 1962 began their weekend activities with a campus tour followed by the Golden Reunion Reception hosted by Tom and Ann Lovett in the Brantview parlors. Later Friday evening, the class gathered at the home of Brent and Sandie Beck to further share memories and pictures. On Saturday, the Class of 1962 assembled at St. Johnsbury Country Club for food, drinks, and a memorial tribute to those classmates who have passed away. The weekend concluded with brunch on Sunday morning at the home of Bob and Sonja Peters in Granby, Vermont. Those classmates attending the banquet included (Pictured above, row 1 L-R) Jane Ransom, Sheryl Chapman Hughes, Jackie Rodger Frey, Gloria Caplan, Pamela Weeks Cavanaugh, Eileen Jones, Judith Engle Hishikawa, Donna Chandler Ferguson, Betty Kimball Lavigne, Elizabeth Remick Yoder, Susan Olliver Begin, Joan Sizen Drown, (row 2 L-R) Patricia Anderson Burke, Mary Blanchard Pollock, Wanda Jenness Hawkins, Donna Beaupre Parr, Anita Wood Bedor, Andrea Fyfe Smith, Katharine Butterfield Hinds, Elizabeth Thresher Hutchins, Mary Yatsevitch, Ruth Heath Bean, Nancy Farrow Harris, Kay Powell Robinson, Beverly Willey Chapman, (row 3 L-R) Larry Rapagnani, Sandie Burrington Beck, Bob Peters, Richard Mott, Leon Story, Dave Bean, David Russell, Terry MacPherson, Curt Utton, Warren Wilson, Kathryn Sumner Stewart, (row 4 L-R) Drew Beck, Clark Perry, David Giguere, Brent Beck, Ken Mockridge, Jack Clarke, Mike Pollock, Christopher Walther, Art McKee.




The 45th Reunion Class gathered at the cottage of Elizabeth Reed Wechsler, and her husband Bob, on Joe’s Pond to start their weekend of festivities. Elizabeth Pearl Sargent, and her husband Bob Sargent ’49, opened their home to the group on Saturday evening. Classmates celebrating at the banquet included (row 1 L-R) Elizabeth Reed Wechsler, Ellen Shumate Havlak, Jim Stannard, Dawn Sherburne Lowery, Russell Lowrey, Alfred “Scoot” Hanson, (row 2 L-R) Pamela Lacroix Passut, Sharon Ely Noel, Linda Wood Tenney, Elizabeth Pearl Sargent, Margaret “Peggy” McCauley, Beth Jordan Robinson, Christine Desilets Douglas, (row 3 L-R) Mark Finn, Patti Albee Coburn, Clement Dussault, Janet Dionne Quatrini, Susan Sherrer Quatrini, Judy Whitcomb Lamont.


Reunion Weekend


The 40th Reunion Class convened at the home of Mark and Carol Gracie ’73 Palmieri on Friday evening of Reunion Weekend to reminisce and see old friends. On Saturday, the class visited at the Alumni Banquet. Those classmates celebrating their 40th at the banquet included (row 1 L-R) David Davis, Howard Jones, Doran Brown, Melody Larocque Brochu, (row 2 L-R) Louise Guy Lapoint, Pamela Whitcomb Stedman, Debra Winot Priest, Deborah Douglas Smith, Cindi Greene Mackin.

On Friday evening the following people gathered for a photo at the Palmieri residence, (L – R) Howard Stahler, Howard Jones, Celeste Bessette, Karl Armstrong, Dawn Robbins Vanger Galien, Beci Jones Ferraro, Claire Marcotte Harrington, Pamela Whitcomb Stedman, Rose Villeneuve Crane, Paul Gingue, Mark Palmieri, Debra Ely Simmons, Deb Douglas Smith, Pauline Collins Morgan.


Rolling into town for their 35th Reunion, the Class of 1977 started their celebration early with a gathering at Bailiwicks on Friday afternoon. Later in the day, they enjoyed the hospitality of Jerry and Crystal Chandler ’78 Prevost at their Walden home. After soaking up the sun Saturday at the home of Nancy Poulos, the Class of ’77 joined everyone at the banquet. Classmates in attendance at the banquet included (row 1 L-R) Steve Isham, Erich Pearson, Dan Bellavance, Donald Timson, John Stringham, (row 2 L-R) Stanley Robinson, Laura Irving McCarthy, Karin Hammer, Heather Warman Tanksley, Bernie Noel Mullally, Bob Jenks, (row 3 L-R) Bonnie Dumas Johnson, Diane Noel McLaren, Andi Handy, Nancy Poulos, Kellie Shortsleeves Becker, Sharon Andrews Delo.



Gathering at the home of Kathleen Silloway ’76 and Gerry Webber, the Class of ’82 enjoyed the evening with their host Kim Silloway. On Saturday, the class spent the day at the Garey home on Joe’s Pond, hosted by Rick Garey. Those classmates attending the banquet on Saturday evening included (row 1 L-R) Esther Ellis Denham, Reinette Gingue Hutchins, Lisa Wilkins Warren, Lorrie Lynaugh Goldsmith, Kathy Thurston Johnston, Donna Garfield, (row 2 L-R) Tracie Bedor Robillard, Jim Hutchins, Christine Kiely-Granstaff, Lisa Black, Derek Laborie, Tammy MacLean, Kimberly Silloway, (row 3 L-R) Nelson Dodge, Rick Garey, Dirk Dachs, and Rodney Reis.


Enjoying the hospitality of Tony and Kathleen Higgs, the Class of ’87 shared stories at the Higgs home on Woods Drive Friday evening. On Saturday, Glen and Marci Bostic opened their home to the class and their families. There was plenty of space for the children to play and the adults to visit. Those from the class who ended their evening at the alumni banquet included (row 1 L-R) Heather Ralston, Lisa Garey Avery, Jessica Thornton Sherman, Kelly Garey Loosigian, Patricia Kelso Nutting, Susan Wyllie Gallagher, Stacie Ruggles, Tara Cross Gibson, (row 2 L-R) Carol Wilkins Thomas, Alice Warden DeNike, Jennifer Bucknam Black, Peggy Gammell Gilman, Emily Stowe Cleaveland, Amy Benoit Rainone, Linda Wilkins Giordano, Erin Mayo, (row 3 L-R) David McGregor, Darren Laborie, Rachel Swartz, Travis Gray, Rob Begin, David Martin, Tony Higgs, Jay Wright.


Reunion Weekend


The newly opened Bailiwicks Restaurant served as the site for the Class of ’92’s Friday night event, with Jason Berwick entertaining the crowd with his musical talents. Saturday afternoon the group celebrated with Todd and Katy Goodrich ’99 Smith at their camp on Joe’s Pond. The class members attending the banquet included (row 1 L-R) Elisabeth McDonough Brown, Leah Carey, Stacey Sleurs-Blodgett, Katie Ducham Rynders, Heidi Moore, Wendi Richner Carpenter, Monica Olcott, (row 2 L-R) Nicole Dussault Biggie, Sara Garey, Mat Forest, Nathanael Ely, Marci Gadwah, Kimberly Cushman Rowell, Eric Slayton, Denise Persons Ailes.


Bailiwicks Restaurant was a hopping place and the location of the weekend activities “kick-off ” for the Class of ’97. On Saturday morning the group tried something new… a kayak paddle down the Passumpsic River with Passumpsic River Outfitters. Despite the rainy weather, the group had a great time! Jake and Terri Lavely opened their home Saturday afternoon for a class and families BBQ. Those classmates attending the banquet on Saturday evening included (row 1 L-R) Ethan Coppenrath, Sara Goodrich Alto, (row 2 L-R) Carolyn Hagan Haggett, Melissa Patenaude Blodgett, Jenis Ellingwood-Cedeno.


The Class of ’02 congregated at the St. Johnsbury Country Club for Friday evening. The Country Club was a busy place with a number of current, retiring, and retired faculty and staff in attendance. On the rainy Saturday, Katie Gingue graciously welcomed the group to her home for the afternoon. Those classmates attending the banquet included (row 1 L-R) Jeremy Leafe, Cordelia Johnson, Amanda Ingram, Lauren Ajamie, Jillian Vinton Sewake, Jordan Smith Cota, (row 2 L-R) Christine Hertz, Rio Holaday, Katie Gingue, Ashley Jones, Kristen O’Hare, Alex Jablonka, Candace Kincaid Lucas, (row 3 L-R) Abby Browne Morgan, Daniel Keeney, James Cobalt, Tyler Davis, Alfred Dedam.



Returning to St. Johnsbury for their first Reunion Weekend, the Class of ’07 joined everyone at St. Johnsbury Country Club on Friday evening. On Saturday afternoon the class shared stories at the Rotary Club Pavilion. The two members from the Class of ’07 attending the alumni banquet were Roseanna Dumais Tetreault and Andrew Hyman.


Reunion Weekend

Mount St. Joseph

Trade School

(row 1 L -R) Annette Brunelle Handy, Ruth Amidon LaRose, Lorraine Giguere Brunelle, Irena Begin Boudreau, (row 2 L -R) Doris Laperle, Gertrude Sylvain Dussault, Pat Brown Cascio, Joan Fournier Gullen, Cecile Dubois Merchant Mount St. Joseph Class of 1952 (L-R)Ruth Amidon LaRose, Trudy Donna Turner, Helen St. Cyr Haney, Gloria Dubois

(Row 1 L-R) Leigh Larocque ’52, Charlie Parker ’57, Howard Jones ’72, Harold Willey ’53, (Row 2 L-R) David Davis ’72, Andy Dussault ’57, Cleveland Minor ’44, Paul Hagan ’55, and Dick Bedor ’59

Trade School Dinner

Kneeling, (L – R): Robert Corriveau ’63, David Farnham ’67, Harold Willey ’53, Charlie Parker ’57, Andy Dussault ’57, and David Hawkins ’61, 1st Row: Ernie Guyer ’62, Leo Beaulieu ’53, Gary Ely ’57, Ray Cross ’51, Rod Ash ’54, Leigh Larocque ’52, Ken Blay ’57, Herbert Richardson ’59, Michael Thresher ’63, George Metevier ’62, Dale Deblois ’51, Merle Amadon ’59, and Denis Gaylord ’70, 2nd Row: Ranson Hudson ’63, Dan Strobridge ’63, Phil Goss ’50, Robert Lawrence ’55, Edgar Royer ’45, Paul Hagan ’55, Pete Dubray ’62, Arlo Perkins ’64, Harold Richardson ’59, Ronnie Hill ’62, James Thresher ’66, Achille Prevost ’50, Paul Laferriere ’68, Glen Gadapee ’55, Ed Brown ’62, Paul Steele ’62, and 3rd Row: Robert Kidder ’59, Stan Wilkins ’57, Robert Farmer ’55, Alan Langmaid ’70, David Wakefield ’57, Frank Lawrence ’62, Victor Tremblay ’62, Kenneth Nichols ’47, Duane Locklin ’57, Ed Boulay ’65, Dennis Perkins ’66, Jim Liberty ’60, Stan Clogston ’61, and Roy Chase ’59W. Also attending but not in the photo: Maurice Colby ’48, Doug Murphy ’48, Bruce Quimby ’50, Richard McGinnis ’53, Robert Jonston ’54, Ron Masure ’55, Kenneth Potter ’56, Doug Bedard ’62, Bryce Whitney ’64, Larry Gochey ’66, Ron Jenkins ’72, and Howard Jones ’72.



(Row 1 L-R) Dot Robinson ’76, Jean Cormier Hale ’51, Anne Leclerc Jenks ’51, Janet Legendre Lucas ’41, Michael Gallagher ’88, Nicole Dauteuil Begin ’88, Durward Ellis ’53, Cleve Minor ’44, Harold Willey ’53, Doris Crepeault Stetson ’50, (row 2 L-R) Cindy Robinson Gordon ’75, Pam Burns Kocher ’64, Cindy Fortier Wheeler ’73, John Robillard ’83, Bernier Mayo ’56, Nola Brown Forbes ’70, Catherine Forbes Carrara ’91, Dennis Smith ’71, Laura Penniman Barrett ’63, Michael Wright ’94, Cindy Hayes Robillard ’83, (row 3 L-R) Terry Powers ’70, Linda Barnett Garey ’60, Joyce Atherton Dumas ’49, Joe Goss ’49, Richard Ward ’55, Stanley Robinson ’66, Dan Thurston ’50, Janet Whitcomb Fenoff ’56, Troy Ruggles ’84, Mike Callanan ’61, (row 4 L-R) Donna Powers Hovey ’66, Jo Ann Hall Sullivan ’68, Karen Lobdell Allen ’60, Daniele Warren Storm ’88, Sharon Olliver Heidemann ’60, Kelly Westover Ruggles ’81, Melanie Fox McGregor ’91, Rod Vitty ’51, Hazen McLaren ’51, Doris Laperle Mollica ’61M, Onie Mollica ’59, Bob Dumas ’49.

Current & Former Faculty & Staff

(Row 1 L-R) Warren Penniman ’41, Dan Thurston ’50, Craig Weston, Denise Persons Ailes ’92, Stacie Ruggles ’87, Bernier Mayo ’56, Mel McCarthy Reis ’81, Jean Fleming Williams ’44, (row 2 L-R) Jeff Burroughs, Nicole Dauteuil Begin ’88, Andy Dussault ’57, Patti Albee Coburn ’67, Sara Garey ’92, Nicole Dussault Biggie ’92, Deb Winot Priest ’72, Nola Brown Forbes ’70, Lisa Wilkins Warren ’82, Kathy Thurston Johnston ’82, (row 3 L-R) Howard Crawford, Melissa Burroughs, Stanley Robinson ’66, Dennis Smith ’71, Tom Lovett, Rodney Reis ’82, Jim Hutchins ’82, Koleen Goodwin Jones ’73, (row 4 L-R) Laura Penniman Barrett ’63, Richard Trottier, Sandy Turman, John Robillard ’83, Richard Boisseau, Jack Driscoll, Terry MacPherson ’62, Sandy Murray.


Members of the Thaddeus Fairbanks Society receiving pins from Headmaster Tom Lovett during the 2012 luncheon were (row 1 from L-R) Min Xing, Debbie Dolgin, Doris Crepeault Stetson ’50, Missy McCuen, Janelle Wright, (row 2 L-R) Bin Zhang, Steve Dolgin ’71, Jack Cummings, Tom Lovett, Nick McCuen ’59, Jay Wright ’87.

Rich ’84 and Carol Lyon


The Academy Lifetime Members are recognized for cumulative giving of $20,000 or more

LEGACY COUNCIL $1,000,000+ Anonymous (2) Harry Clark ’39* Marion Galbraith Merrill ’33* Elizabeth Morse Genius Foundation The Murphy Family John H. Watson, Jr. 1900* HERITAGE COUNCIL $500,000 - $1,000,000 The Freeman Foundation R. Keith Furse ’40* Edmund* and Esther ’35* Straszko Homer ’36* and Mary Dean ’42 Stuart Philip Young ’35* COOLIDGE COUNCIL $250,000 - $500,000 Anonymous Carmen Christensen* L. Aline Demers ’44 Russell ’39* and Mary* Eager Madeline Fleming ’18* Gladys Brooks Foundation Lee Hackett ’57 Stanley Jones ’39* J. Bishop ’40* and Betty McGill Katherine Spencer ’26* John ’48* and Doris ’50 Stetson Turrell Fund Roderic ’51 and PatriciaVitty Arthur Watson Charitable Trust Dale ’64T and Judy Wells MORSE COUNCIL $100,000 - $250,000 David and Ellen* Andrews Samuel ’64 and Janet Bain Davenport Family Foundation Albert ’26* and Bertha ’31* DesTroisMaisons Fairbanks Foundation John and Judith Farmer Henry ’36* and Rachel* Fuller Richard Funkhouser ’35* Allan Gilmour Wilson Jackson ’71 William ’45 and Audrey Julian Alex P.M. Ko and Peggy Pk Yuk Chu Susan LeCraw ’81 Passumpsic Savings Bank Jean McGregor Rogers ’56 The Rowland Foundation Sodexo Campus Services Union Bank Ivis Wesley ’17* James Woods ’24*

COLBY COUNCIL $50,000 - $100,000 Anonymous The Amicus Foundation Walter ’37* and Joyce ’43* Bradley John T. ’80 and Pamela Benoit Dolly Banks Carroll ’35* Priscilla ’34* and Russell* Christenson The Colwell Family John and Janice Cummings Marcia DeRosia ’69 James ’33* and Marguerite ’31* Drummond The Edward E. Ford Foundation John Ford ’31* Robert and Sharon Fuehrer Susan ’67 and Donald Grayson Kenneth ’85H and Gretchen ’85H Hammer Richard Kimball James* and Gloria Lernihan Thomas and Ann Lovett Allyn ’47 and Martha May Bernier ’56 and Jeanette ’60 Mayo Ann Mills Ethel Raymond Orcutt Trust Mike and Tanya Pappalardo Poulos Insurance, Inc. Estate of Ivy James Reed John and Margaret Schickler Kimberly Silloway ’82 Carl Spencer ’26* Edward and Catherine* Venner Drury and Ruth Vinton WEIDMANN Jay ’87 and Janelle Wright Bin Zhang and Min Xing LIFETIME MEMBER $20,000 - $50,000 Anonymous Dorris Agger ’20* Jerry and Karen Aldredge Barbara ’39* and Norman ’36* Atwood Richard Beck ’66 Ernest ’63 and Vivianne Begin William A. and Marguerite Bemis Trust Clinton Bennett* Louis ’53* and Reinette ’54* Bouffard Mary Brooks ’28* Thelma Chaffee Brooks ’32* The Caledonian-Record Publishing Co. Brenda Carpenter* Kwong Wing Chan and Yuk Ping Yu Jongkwan Chun and Jaesook Kang Daniel ’58 and Lois Clark Bill and Kathy Cleary Marion Clough ’35* Community National Bank The Confidence Foundation

William ’51* and Gay* Costa Howard and Judith Crawford William and Alice Cruess Kathleen ’20* and Henry* Darling Katharine Powell Daub ’42 James and Lea Davenport David ’45 and Patricia ’47 Dodge Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation Steven ’71 and Deborah Dolgin Downs, Rachlin, & Martin,PLLC Fairbanks Scales Nancy Tang Francis ’53 Herbert ’32* and Mary Furse John ’57 and Linda ’60 Garey John and Nancy Goodrich Sylvia ’45* and Carlisle Graves Xianyu Gu and Jianli Zhang David ’69 and Lyric Hale John ’66 and Jo Anna ’68 Hall Russell Heuer* Patricia ’56 and Andrew Hoffman Wen-Tai Hsiao and Mei-Chi Hsiao-Chou Helen Byers Johnson ’28* Richard ’54 and Mona Johnson D. Lloyd and Anne Jones Sybil ’32* and Doug* Kitchel The Alberta S. Kimball Foundation Shing Bong Lau and Yin Ping Wong Julian and Susan LeCraw Bernard Ling ’21* Yan and Jing Liu Robert and Julie Mandell John Marshall and Jan Eastman Mayo’s Furniture and Floor Covering C. Nick ’59 and Missy McCuen Frances ’18* and Donald* McGregor Richard ’54 and Carol Miller Marshall ’27* and Prudence* Montgomery Dae-Won and Soojoo Choi Moon Graham Newell ’33* Ka Hung Ng and Ling Yuet Lo Eleanor A. Paulk Terrell Paulk ’85 Thomas Pulsifer ’76 Elizabeth ’32* and Morton* Remick Kenneth Richardson Karen ’62 and James Robinson Sylvia Duff Rosenberger ’67 Albert Salt ’43 Shelter Harbor Golf Club Katherine Silloway ’76 and R. Gerald Webber Frederick ’51* and Nilda Silloway R. Estelle Slack ’19* Sorrell’s Plumbing & Heating Philip ’69 and Peggy ’69 Soucy St. Johnsbury Dental Associates St. Johnsbury Rotary Club St. Johnsbury Trucking Company Prescott Stearns ’42* William* and Dorothy Stowe Taya Thurman

Frank ’35 and Mary Towers C. Michael and Carol Vaughn Kim Wai and Fung Cheng Lai Thomas ’55 and Julia Waterman The Wheelock Family The Wilcox Foundation The Windham Foundation, Inc. Tony and Colleen Yue

Senior Class President Eric Rauert ’12 spoke to the crowd at the Thaddeus Fairbanks Luncheon about how the Academy shaped him as a person, and the number of faculty members who made an impact on his life. Eric is attending college at Case Western Reserve University.

Senior Hannah Valance ’12 addresses the crowd during the Thaddeus Fairbanks Luncheon. Hannah, from Lyme, NH, was a resident of Tinker House and is currently attending college at Whitman College.


The 1842 Circle recognizes those Academy benefactors who have made a planned or deferred gift to St. Johnsbury Academy

Vera R. Ackerman ’37* David and Ellen* Andrews Mrs. James G. Andrews ’40 Robert ’40 and Veda Andrus Dorothy Nutting Blackadar ’43 Raymond H. Brown ’40 Anne ’64 and Arthur ’61 Brooks Mary Brooks ’28* Willard Buck ’40 Brenda Carpenter* Christina ’91 and Aaron Carr Robert Chapman ’54 Patricia Chirdon ’67 Carol Church ’58 Elwood ’60 and Nancy ’61 Cohen Arthur Colby ’50 Francine ’69 and Orlando ’53 Costa William and Alice Cruess George Cunavelis ’41* Paul Darling ’29* L. Aline Demers ’44 Marcia D. DeRosia ’69 David ’45 and Patricia ’47 Dodge

Steven ’71 and Deborah Dolgin Richard Domey ’36* Alfretta Priest Eastman ’35* Stephen Finner ’56 Mark Franco ’86 Doreen E. Fraser ’40 Rosemary P. Jones Frazier ’42 Robert and Sharon Fuehrer Mary Furse Phyllis Gage ’66 John ’57 and Linda ’60 Garey Allan Gilmour Susan ’67 and Donald Grayson John ’66 and Jo Anna ’68 Hall Arthur Harriman ’43 Roland Heon ’48 Luther ’54 and Toni Hussey Steven Isham ’77 Theresa Emmons Jackman ’69 Wilson Jackson ’71 Helen Byers Johnson ’28* Richard ’54 and Mona Johnson D. Lloyd and Anne Jones

Stanley Jones ’39* William ’45 and Audrey Julian Jing Won Kang and Sung Hee Shin Sybil Beck Kitchel ’32* Carl Kuniholm ’42 Walter Ladd, Sr. ’33* Lawrence Lapanne ’37* James* and Gloria Lernihan Irene Eager Little ’37 Ruth Warrell MacKay ’46 Bernier ’56 and Jeanette ’60 Mayo C. Nick ’59 and Missy McCuen J. Bishop ’40* and Betty McGill Douglas ’50 and Meredith McGregor John ’41* and Mary ’41 McLellan Marion Galbraith Merrill ’33* Garth ’88 and Jessica Moulton Marilyn L. Moulton ’49 Bernard Murphy ’43 Chandler Nelson ’42* Dorothy Remick Nelson ’57 Graham Newell ’33*

Clayton ’34* and Madeline* Parker George and Doris Plummer Jean McGregor Rogers ’56 John and Dorothy Ruggles Albert Salt ’43 William Sprague ’31* Prescott Stearns ’42* Edmund Steele ’28* John ’48* and Doris ’50 Stetson William* and Dorothy Stowe Esther Beck Straszko ’35* Homer ’36* and Mary Dean ’42 Stuart Frances Trafton Thyng ’43* Frank ’35 and Mary Towers Edward and Catherine* Venner Mark Weber ’74 Celesta Legendre Whiskin ’42 Barbara Perry Wood ’42 Charles ’56 and Beverly Woods Merle Wright ’57 *Deceased

Loyalty Members are those who have loyally donated to the Academy 20 or more consecutive years David and Ellen* Andrews Mrs. James G. Andrews ’40 Robert ’40 and Veda Andrus Margaret Countryman Arnold ’32* Mildred Austin ’41* Samuel ’64 and Janet Bain Dorothy Bailey Barker ’39 Jane Tillotson Barrett ’49 Ernest ’63 and Vivianne Begin Raymond ’42 and Marie ’42 Bernier Marilyn Hoar Bixby ’52 Ruth Reed Brown ’34* Ruth Porter Bryan ’38 G. Julian ’35* and Marion ’34* Butler Bruce and Patrice Buxton James* and Evelyn ’38* Mercies Cannon Elizabeth Nelson Cary Norman ’40* and Norma ’43 Chase Craig ’66 and Patricia Chase David ’59 and Patricia ’67 Coburn Claire Gorham Cohen ’52 Gerald ’59 and Diane ’63 Collins Donald ’41* and Dorothy ’53 Coombs


John ’64 and Barbara Cornish Roger Cramton ’46 George Crosby ’34* William and Alice Cruess John Cunavelis ’45 George Cunavelis ’41* Gerald Curtis ’51 Katharine Powell Daub ’42 Lawrence Demers ’42 Luella Drown Demers ’40 Dorothy Traynor Desrochers ’44 George Dinsmore ’25* Eleanor Morron Disco ’42 N. Robert ’49 and Joyce ’49 Dumas Andrew ’57T and Gertrude ’61M Dussault James Farmer ’65 and Cynthia Young E. Dean and Elsie ’49 Finney Edith Ranney Fiske ’20* Doreen Fraser ’40 Robert and Sharon Fuehrer John ’57 and Linda ’60 Garey Charles ’44 and JoAnn Gibson H. Frances Landry Gingue ’50 Curtis and Eleanor ’41* Gonyaw Glendeen Samuelson Gonzales ’41 John and Nancy Goodrich Donald and Susan ’67 Grayson Lee Hackett ’57 Kenneth ’85H and Gretchen ’85H Hammer Marian Morris Hanchett ’46 Anthony ’43 and Dianne Handy Ruth Sparrow Hanson ’34* Paul Hawley ’46

Charles ’53 and Suzanne Hedrick Charles Hegarty Verne and Norma* Heitman Everdene Harriman Hoffman ’54 Doris Hooker ’43 Beverley Holbrook Hopkins ’46* Paul Howe ’39* Nancy Mollica Ihnat ’46 Wilson Jackson ’71 Richard ’54 and Mona Johnson William and Joan Cook* ’46 Johnson D. Lloyd and Anne Jones William ’45 and Audrey Julian George Kellogg ’39 Marjorie Gaffney Kilgus ’46 Doug* and Sybil ’32* Kitchel Walter Ladd ’33* Leigh ’52T and Beverly ’52 Larocque Gerard Leclerc ’52 Susan Cotter LeCraw ’81 Joseph ’79 and Valerie ’79 Lemieux Andrew ’43 and Marjory Logan Harold* and Margaret ’36* Lord John ’55* and Carol Mahoney Bernier ’56 and Jeanette ’60 Mayo Douglas ’50 and Meredith McGregor Hazen ’51 and Mary McLaren Marion Galbraith Merrill ’33* Bob ’54* and Janet Meserve James and Rose Mary ’46 Meyer Richard Miller ’49 Mary Morrison ’70 Sally Palmer Moshier ’58 A. Elaine Samuelson Needham ’43

Graham Newell ’33* Howard and Joyce ’41 Nickerson Beatrice Julian Nowocienski ’42 Charles and Barbara ’54 Patchen Louise McGill Payne ’34* Clark Perry ’62 and Pamela Moore Jules Prevost ’34* Raymond Prevost ’43T* Bernice Quimby ’46 Jean McGregor Rogers ’56 Larry ’66 and Nancy Rowe Ralph Roy ’34* Albert Salt ’43 Robert and Barbara ’45 Schmidt Cynthia Sargent Sholl ’39* Frederick ’51* and Nilda Silloway Carolyn Silsby ’51 Dennis ’71 and Deborah ’72 Smith Jean Gorham Smith ’49 Mary Bailey St. Peter ’41 Prescott Stearns ’42* John ’48* and Doris ’50 Stetson Esther Beck Straszko ’35* David and Tanya Tellman Reginald Turner ’36* Lyle Vance ’45 Scott and Debra Julian VanDemark Roderic ’51 and Patricia Vitty Dale ’64T and Judy Wells Lilla Safford Willey ’37 Jean Fleming Williams ’44 *Deceased


Gifts of $10,000 and higher qualify benefactors for this circle of donors to St. Johnsbury Academy.


The Headmaster’s Society recognizes the generosity of St. Johnsbury Academy donors who provide leadership gifts between $5,000-$9,999.


Honoring the Academy’s first Headmaster for his service and dedication to the Academy, this category recognizes support between $2,500-$4,999.


Members of the St. Johnsbury Academy family with gifts from $1,842-$2,499 express a care and concern for maintaining St. Johnsbury Academy’s quality educational.



Homer T. Fuller’s early support of the Academy was vital to its success. This society recognizes those who have made gifts to St. Johnsbury Academy of $500-999.


The Hilltopper Club recognizes those dedicated supporters for the Academy family whose gifts are between $250-499.


Gifts between $100-$249 recognize St. Johnsbury Academy benefactors for their support to the programs and activities that continue the margin of excellence of our education.


Recognizes the dedicated support to St. Johnsbury Academy from our loyal alumni, friends, businesses, and families.

Members of the Academy family with gifts from $1,000-$1,841 are listed with others who share the strong vision of excellence.


Anonymous (2) Samuel and Janet Bain John Clarke Bill and Kathy Cleary John and Janice Cummings James Dearden and Annabel Brooks Tierney Gearon Lee Hackett Bill and Audrey Julian Roland and Gaby Kahn Alex P. M. Ko and Peggy Pk Yuk Chu Walter Ladd* Xiang Gian Li and Xiao Giu Yu Thomas and Ann Lovett J. Bishop ’40* and Betty McGill Marion Galbraith Merrill* Dae-Won and Soojoo Choi Moon Garth and Jessica Moulton Guowei Ni and Xing Lin Yu Ning and Xiaohui Ma Karen and James Robinson Regina Rogers Doi The Rowland Foundation

Stewart Rubenstein and Chris Parker Sanel Auto Parts Co. Kimberly Silloway Philip and Peggy Soucy Doris Stetson Rowland Foundation Jay and Janelle Wright Shijun Wu and Lan Jiang Qing Chuan Xiong and Ming Ying Wang Bin Zhang and Min Xing Ping Zhao and Ha Yuan HEADMASTER’S SOCIETY

Anonymous Thad and Susan Chesson Kyojin Choo and Soyeon Kim Allan Gilmour Susan and Donald Grayson Shuhua Jiang and Donghua Li Susan McClure Jeffrey and Barbara Noyes Thomas Pulsifer Deane and Sandra Rankin Edward and Catherine* Venner Zhibin Wang and Xiaojun Sun Min Wei and LiPing Hao Jian Wu and Jie Xing

Zhaohui Yang and Xiaowen Wang JAMES K. COLBY SOCIETY

Anonymous Rene Baer Benoit Electric Inc. John and Pamela Benoit Yong Chen and Xiaohong Yu Jung Moon Cho and Yoon Hee Kim Norman J. Fisher & Doris Fisher Foundation Nancy and John Goodrich Lianming He and Xuehe Yang Amy Johnson Bradford King Glenn Kohnke Dong Chul Lim and Seon Myeong Hong James and Mary Jo Mazzonna Passumpsic Savings Bank Paul and Dorothea Penar Benjamin Price Prudential Foundation Gail Rossier WICOR Americas, Inc.


Aubuchon Hardware Corning Incorporated Foundation Bang Dinh Dao and An Thanh Ngu Jenis Ellingwood-Cedeno and Joe Cedeno Peter Hammer Patricia and Andrew Hoffman Wooha Hwang and Donglim Lee Sung Il and Ji Hui Kim Xiongwei Li and Fang Qian C. Nick and Missy McCuen Mary McLellan Numia Medical Technology Holly Ocampo Jean McGregor Rogers Sylvia Rosenberger Runzhong Wang and Huali Shang Zhenggang Wang and Chu Xiuli Weijuan Zheng and Wenguang Wang Bixhue Wu and Jing Xu Shengjian Xi and Xiuhua Ning

Xiang Jun Zeng and Ying Wen Guan ST. JOHNSBURY ACADEMY SOCIETY

Anonymous (2) Karen and Jerry Aldredge American Express Charitable Fund Amgen Foundation Chi Hwan An and Mi Ok Kim Black River Design Gregory Boardman David and Tammi Cady Chang-rak Choi and Kyung-ae Cho Beth and Marc Choiniere Chul Young and Jun Kyung Choy Nancy and Elwood Cohen Community National Bank John Crane and David Chambers Howard and Judith Crawford Paige and Peter Crosby Nadine Davey-Rogers and Shaun Rogers Sharon and Ronald Fadden Robert Fairbanks


Annual Giving by Category (Continued)

Gandin Brothers Steve Gilman Brad and Valerie Griswold Jennifer Hall Daniel and Mary Hughes Tae Yeon Hwang and Mi Ryung Lee James and Lorraine Impey Wilson Jackson Jay Peak Resort Richard and Mona Johnson Nam Mok and Sun Hee Kim Sin-Jo Kim and Se Kyong Lee Young Hwan Kim and Eun Joo Lee Jean Koh and Jungyoon Sung Dong Kun Lee and Jee Young Pyo Myung Keun Lee and Sook Ja Seo Carol and Richard Lyon David and Robin Martin Bernier and Jeanette Mayo Erin P. Mayo and Peter Gurnis Richard Mott Robert and Marcia Ouellette Robert and Sonia Peters Paul and Linda Pike Enrico and Dianne Piraino Bo Qu and Hong Fu Saint J Subaru Albert Salt Frederick ’51* and Nilda Silloway Jin Song and Jeong Ae Jeon St. Johnsbury Country Club St. Johnsbury Football Fans Jae Hyuk Sung and So Jeong Shin Gregory Sweeny Carlos and Carmen Uruchurtu Debra and Scott VanDemark Thomas and Emily Vitale Ping Wang and Caigen Yuan The Windham Foundation, Inc. Dong Jun Won and Meekyung Kim Chaojie and Qiaohua Ying Chul Young and Jun Kyung Choy Jimin Zhang and Airong Xiang Edward and Carol Zuccaro HOMER T. FULLER SOCIETY

Mrs. James G. Andrews Brent and Sandra Beck Richard Beck Wayne and Gayle Bedor Nicole and Robert Begin Richard and Diane Boisseau Alan Brock Gary and Wendy Bunnell Beverly Burke Bruce and Patrice Buxton Celtic Marketing Food Brokers Hing Yin Chu Wan Kin and Wan Chu


Cole’s Beverage and Redemption Center John and Alison Curran Katharine Powell Daub David and Patricia Dodge Paul Doerfler Steven and Deborah Dolgin Duda Family Foundation Fairbanks Scales James Farmer and Cynthia Young Sarah Garey and Michael Wright GE Foundation Robert and Mary Ann Gessner Eli Goldberg Kenneth and Gretchen Hammer Thomas Handy Everdene Hoffman Beverley Hopkins* Tokiko Inoue and Shien Chih Hsieh Keith’s II Sports, LTD. Kevin Kerin and Marybeth Durkin Pamela Burns Kocher Paul Kristensen and Trudi Brock Tammy MacLean and Jeannette Albee Mayo’s Furniture and Floor Covering Kathryn and Robert McGill Douglas and Meredith McGregor Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Thomas and Sharon Moore Chalmers and Debra Morse Abigail and Sean Murphy James and Melissa Murphy Edward and Janice Narey Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital, Inc. Ormsby’s Computer Store Inc. Mike and Tanya Pappalardo Neil Raphel and Janis Raye Rodney and Mary Ellen Reis Linda Rhodes Tristan and Brian Ritter Glen and Deborah Rosenfeld Alan and Heather Ruggles Katherine Silloway and R. Gerald Webber Sodexo Campus Services Brian and Sherry Soucy Sovernet Communications Scott and Carolyn Steffey Dorothea Temple Jeffrey and Nancy Temple Deborah and Gary Thornton Minh Hung and Huynh Nguyen Tran Drury and Ruth Vinton

Wells Fargo Advisors Linda and Keith Wooster Sen Yang and Yun Jiang HILLTOPPER CLUB

Anonymous (3) John Ajamie George and Sharon Alexander All Around Power Equipment Sarah and Michael Alto Anesthesia Associates of Lewiston-Auburn, P.A. Lisa and Mark Avery Patricia and Tyler Ayer R. Bradley Beaupré Nicole and Kevin Biggie Robert and Inez Bisbee Eileen Boland and Don Bredes Andre Bouffard Timiny and David Braemer Thomas and Nancy Brock David Caplan Paul and Mary Choiniere David and R. Evan Clements David and Patricia Coburn Claire Gorham Cohen Frances and Greg Cone Dale Deblois Jim and Karen Desrochers R. Michael and Jill Diemer Angela Drew and Ryan Daly John and Louisa Driscoll Ralph and Ramona Duerre Christopher Dussault and Amy Huang Clement Dussault Charles and Lita Ely David and Deborah Farnham Hermel and Mirta Fortin Doreen Fraser Kevin Garand Carlisle Graves Saher and MarianneHandy Hraibi Alfred and Margaret Hanson William and Marcia Hanson Doris and Terry Hartshorn Merle and Karen Haskins Clark and Lorraine Holland Sandra and Robert Jacon Steven and Sonia Jolliffe D. Lloyd and Anne Jones Gerard and Deborah Jones Howard and Koleen Jones Chun Seong and Young Soon Jung Katherine Kaplan Judith and Thomas Kelley Michael and Deborah Lary Richard Leighton Andrew and Vicki Light Reeve Lindbergh and Nathaniel Tripp The Richard and Melinda Marklein Family Wesley and Tobey Marsceill

Virginia McMains Constance and Andrew Morris Mary Morrison Gregory and Margaret Moss Marilyn Moulton Rita Temple Murdoch William and Dianne Murray Law Office of William P. Neylon Victoria and Vincent O’Leary Omni Mt. Washington Resort Todd and Vivian Pacifico John Payne Stephen and Marietta Payne Poulos Insurance, Inc. Debra Winot Priest Larry and Phyllis Rapagnani Roger Reynolds John and Cynthia Robillard Beth and Stanley Robinson Juergen and Marion Schaeffer The Schein Family Mary and Peter Shepley Charles and Kathleen Sjolander Eric and Shannon Slayton Kathryn and Todd Smith Michael Smith Ronald and Meredith Steen Mary Dean Stuart Jo-Ann Sullivan Achim and Birgit Twardy Valhalla Corp. Vermont Arts Council William and Jane Vinton Jennie and James Warner Wheeler Sports Warren and Suzanne Wilson Merle Wright Dan and Mary Wyand CENTURY CLUB

Anonymous (3) Zachary Abramson George and Mari Ackerman Jan Adamec Kyle and Betty Affeldt Ruth Africa Jennifer Anson and Jonathan Rice Timothy Ayer Charles and Jean Baldwin Dorothy Bailey Barker Arthur and Linda Barrett Jane Tillotson Barrett David and Ruth Bean Edsel and Rita Bean Leo and Jean Beaulieu Andrew and Patricia Beck Scott and Joelle Beck Richard and Anita Bedor Jayne and Van-George Belanger Mary Lou and Dudley Bell

Gracie Bell Melvin and Scott Melvin James and Hope Bentley Michael and Kathryn Bergeron Raymond and Marie Bradley Bernier Beth El Synagogue Debra and Timothy Bigelow Robert and Elaine Bisaccia Andrew and Jennifer Black Dorothy Nutting Blackadar Alice Johnson Blair Warren and Virginia Blodgett Steven Bobrowski Bruce and Leslie Bowman Alma Briggs Gary Briggs Nancy and Steven Brisson Anne and Arthur Brooks Kathleen and Michael Brown Kathleen Brown Mark Brown Joanne and Michael Bugbee Trevor and Megan Bunnell Michael and Jane Buonanno Ann Lanctot Burgess Jeffrey and Melissa Burroughs Graeme Bushart Karen Buzzell Lynne and Joseph Caljouw Gloria Caplan Vincent and Sherry Carbone Marilyn and David Carmen Catherine and James Carrara Beverly Carrier John and Ruth Carroll Patricia Brown Cascio Mary and Norman Caswell Rodney and Shirley Church Stephanie and Jason Churchill Sandra and Ralph Cirone Michael Clark Richard and Joyce Clark Stephen and Donna Clark Tausha and Timothy Clouatre Sherman Cohn Diane and Gerald Collins Francis and Rosemary Collins Richard and Nancy Collins The Comerci Family Thomas and Alison Conlon Cathy and Thomas Conte Diane Cook Robert Copp John and Barbara Cornish Bruce Corrette David and Vicki Cowens Roger Cramton Stanley Crane Gerald Curtis Kathryn and Daniel Daley Michael and Gretchen Daly Barbara and Rodney Daniels Tamela D. Dargie Albert Dauphin

Glen and Jo-Ann Davis Luella Demers Jessica Densmore and Jeremy Donovan Christopher and Sarah Despins Dorothy Traynor Desrochers Gordon and Ina Mae DeWitt Alyssa Dolgin Charles and Nancy Dolgin Eleanor and J. Michael Donovan Patricia Collins Douglas Kathleen Drown Timothy Drown Brian and Penny Dubie Joyce and N. Robert Dumas Janet and Wallace Dunham Bryan and Tracy Dunnells Dale and Alexis Durham Roland Durham Andrew and Gertrude Dussault Kiersten and Stefan Ely Ralph Emerson Frank and Terri Empsall Harold and Elsa Everling Edward and Elizabeth Farr Nola and David Forbes Dylan Ford and Bobby Farlice-Rubio Alison and Jeff Fox Emily L. Frazier Jacquelyn Rodger Frey Robert and Sharon Fuehrer Glendon and Linda Gadapee Phyllis Gage Richard and Laura Gagnon Susan and James Gallagher Raymond and D. June Gendron Leslie and Robert Gensburg David and Sherrie Giacobbe H. Dale Gibson Tara Cross Gibson David and Charlene Giguere GlaxoSmithKline Foundation Beth Conover Goodrich Joan and Allan Graham Charles Grant and Cathy Miles Grant Murray and Gerry Guy Susanne Guyer and Thaddeus Carpen Mallory and Robert Hacking Maxine and Bruce Hadlock Jean and Paul Hagan David and Libby Hale Jo Anna and John Hall Julie Hall Karin Hammer-Williamson Ellen and Jack Hankins Bob and Julie Hansen Judith and Russell Harbaugh Jenny and Gordon Harlow Arthur and Marita Harriman William and Marcia Harris Betty and Tom Havers

Paul Hawley Jenna and Jason Heinrich David and Patricia Henderson Roland Heon Houghton’s Nursery Lon Howard Neil Hunter James and Reinette Hutchins Russell and Charlotte Hutchins Michael Hutchinson Marc and Deborah Isabelle Theresa and Ralph Jackman Jothany and Frank James Bonnie Jenks Raymond and Maryann Johnson Eileen Jones Merle and Connie Jones Thomas and Laura Jordan Mark and Lillian Kapiloff Marsha Kapiloff William and Bo Keach Julie C. Kelley Kevin and Kelly Kemp Richard and Karen Kennedy William and Bette Kennedy Dennis Keon and Julie Nicknair-Keon Roy Kohnke Helen and Charles Kopf Louise and William Krieger Susan and William E. Kuehlthau Carl Kuniholm Mary Ann and Thomas LaHaise Philo and Janet Lang Alan and Susan Langmaid Leigh and Beverly Goodwin Larocque Maureen and Frederick Larsen Jacob and Terri Lavely Betty Kimball Lavigne G. Thomas and Phyllis Lawson Sydney Lea and Robin Barone Carol and William Leavitt David and Deborah Lee James Lee Joseph and Valerie Lemieux Gloria and James* Lernihan Rhodora Stearns Leyse Russell and Doris Lloyd Kelly and Stephen Loosigian Thomas and Sandra Lowell Joyce Ludlow Terry MacPherson J. Thomas and Jackie Manges Ronald and Susan Match Cheryl Maynard Michael and Priscilla* Mayo

Dean Bornstein and Beth McCabe W. Arthur McKee and Julie Gravlle Hazen and Mary McLaren Mark McLaren Marjorie and Marv McNeice Joseph and Sandra Mesics Rose Mary and James Meyer microDATA GIS, Inc. Richard Miller Richard and Carol Miller Stuart Miner Maureen and Stephen Mintz Linda Bender Mitchell Kenneth Mockridge W. Kent Moore Daniel and Sharon Murphy Melissa and Jamie Murphy Patrick and Nella Neary A.Elaine Samuelson Needham New Century Chinese Restaurant Nils Nohturfft Beatrice Julian Nowocienski Camilla and Peter O’Brien Myoung Ju Ok Peter and Laura Osborne Charles Page Rosemary and Horace Palmer Helen Park Parkway Realty Associates Donna and Richard Parr Elaine Parshall Pamela Passut Virginia and Joel Pasternak Margaret and John Paulsen Maybell Renfrew Peck Pierre and Betty Pepin Ruth Perkins Nitsa Perkins-Bailey Clark Perry and Pamela Moore Jed and Laurie Perry Ethan and Rebecca Phelps Brian and Judith Player George and Doris Plummer Emil and Elaine Pollak J. Michael and Mary Pollock Linda and William Pollock Melissa and Gaylord Polson Gary and Judy Potter Constance and Peter Powers Terry and Ann Powers Crystal and Gerard Prevost Roseanna and Thomas Prevost Richard and Jean Pulsifer Bryon and Janet Quatrini Beverly Quimby Norma Fox Racine Charlotte Rafferty Amy and Alan Rainone

Jennifer Reed and Peter Clark Gregory and Jenny Reed Terrence and Catherine Reed Craig and Jane Repasz David and Anne Rismiller Mark Robbins James Robert and Monica Cross Michael Roberts Eric and Tracie Robillard Maureen Robillard Carol Robinson Charles Rollins John and Dorothy Ruggles Kelly and Troy Ruggles David and Patricia Russell Victor Ryder Lorraine and Richard Sanderson Sean Sawyer Jason and Erika Scherer Mary Jane and John Schremp Rosemary Schwartz Bruce and Mary Jo Scott Dean and Calista Scott & Judi Milburn G. Alden and Sylvia Sears Hobart and Judith Selle David and Lyla Shumate Ellen and Arthur Simmonds Paul and Michele Simpson Andrea Fyfe Smith Deborah and Dennis Smith Stanley and Peggy Smith Ruthmary Gilfillan Spence Stahler Furniture Cynthia and Peter Stanton Susan and Douglas Stetson Deborah and Terrence Stiemann Leon Story Ernest and Sara Stretton Nelson and Mary Jean Sturgis Troy Sullivan Heather Warman Tanksley Marietta and Joseph Taylor Karol and Jesse Teiko David and Tanya Tellman Franklin Temple John Tirrell Ethel and Roberts Toombs Gabe Toth Frank and Mary Towers Barbara and Thomas Truex Kathryn and Joel Trupin Jeffrey and Wendy Tweedy United Technologies Corporation, PAC Curtis Utton Jane and John Valentine James Vear Allan and Nancy Vieira Jack Viets Caroline Vitale

Caitlin and Ashley Wallingford Christopher and Leanne Walther Paul and Su Wannamaker Robert and Sharon Ward Wesley Ward James and Lisa Warren Thomas and Julia Waterman Jeffrey and Susan Watkins De-Ann and Michael Welch Carol and Clifton Wetherbee Cynthia and David Wheeler Ruth Hayward White Gerald Willey Richard P. Willey and Suzanne Cardon Pamela and Rodney Williams Brian Wilson Barbara Perry Wood Nathalie Wood Perley and Carolyn Wright Peter and Sandra Wright Zheng Xiao Zhang GREEN AND WHITE CLUB

Anonymous (3) Varn Abbott Miriam Tutino Acciani Geri and Winston Adams Neuane Brown Adcox Denise and Robert Ailes Jeanna Anderson Luke Anderson Jeanette Buxton Angers Bernice and Melvin Ash Krista and Mathew Ash Rodney Ash Doruk Atik Mario Attie Patricia and Gary Aubin Jay and Margaret Austin


Annual Giving by Category (Continued)

Avenue Styles Salon Joanne Babic Jonathan Bailey Cullen Baker Jaon and Joe Balaun Donald Ball Brenda and Arnold Bandy Tyler Barnes John and Brenda Barney Cole Barski David Battaglia Baxter International Foundation Aimee Bean Cody Bedard Douglas and Nancy Bedard Rachel Bedard and Charles Perry Anita and Richard Bedor Sylvia Bedor Susan and Leo Begin Stacie Beliveau Herbert and Phyllis Benoit Michael Ann and David Benton Sharon and James Bernard Marjorie McKee Berry Devon Biggie Hazel and David Billheimer Ann Bissonnette Marilyn Hoar Bixby Lisa Black Beverly and Raymond Blake Drucilla and Kenneth Blay Melissa and Jason Blodgett Thelma Bogar Charles and Marcia Boisvert Harmony Bolstridge Lynn Bonfield Aleda Boomhower Marjorie Cook Boshart Maurice Bouffard Edward and Marie Boulay Jonathan and Prudence Bovee Francis and Rebecca Bowen Jean and Frederick Brice Richard Briggs Daniel Broome Allison Brown Christopher Brown Doran Brown Edward and Deborah Brown Elisabeth and Christopher Brown Jessica Brown Linda and Richard Brown Sanne Brown Allyson Bruckner Lorraine Brunelle Ruth Bryan Chris and Wendy Buhner Carole and Philip Bulger Patricia and James Burke Gerald and Cornelia Burnham Lois Burrington Paula and Michael Bystrzycki Allen and Dorothy Caldwell Caledonia County Fair Association James and Sarah Callanan


Victoria and Pierre Canu David Carpenter and Deana Whitehead Jenna Carpenter Aaron and Christina Carr Pamela and Joseph Cavanaugh Mariah Chamberlain Ka Hang Chan Chih-Chieh Chang Beverly and Richard Chapman David Chase Norma Prescott Chase Mingyu Chen Yuan Yan cheng Daniel Choy Hazel and Keith Clark Jean Learmouth Clark Marjorie Clark Class of 1965 Class of 2001 Emily and Tom Cleaveland Jeannie Clermont Oliver Clubb Steven Cobb Royce and Lesley Coburn Zachary Cochran Dorothy Collinge Norris Condland Crystal Connelly Karen Connelly Paul Connelly Thomas and Cathy Conte Richard and Marjorie Cook Dorothy Morrison Coombs Matthew Corcoran Duncan and Constance Corliss Max Correia Anna Corso Francine and Orlando Costa Jordan and Drew Cota Delbert and Marjorie Cote Dennis and Kathryn Cote Dennis Mary Lou Cote Chester Cotter Robert Cousins Ronald and Rita Cowan Ruth and Edward Crane Winston and Marguerite Currier Esther Cuthberson Elinor and Lionel Daigneault Gertrude Bonett Daire Denyse and John Daly Margaret Daly Marshall and Rebecca Daly Barbara and Dennis Daniels Cynthia Finney Davidson Janet and Richard Davio Stephanie Dawson Alberta Phillips Dearborn Donna and David Degree Guy and Rachel Demers Jean Demers Esther and Laurence Denham

Jeana Desilets Jeanne Desrochers Robert and Linda Desrochers George Dezell Ilene Dickinson and Nicolas Casey Julia Doi Matthew Dole James and Amanda Donovan Christine and Michael Douglas David Drown Joan and Lenwood Drown Robert Drummond Gloria Dubois Patricia Dubois Brenda and Sean Ducker John and Leslie Duckett Theresa Dunbar Vincent Durnan Daniel and Christi Dussault Janice and Paul Dussault Clare Dyer Irving Eastman Glenn Ehrean Daniel Elder Karen Eilliott Gary Ely Richard Emery Laurie and Reginald Emmons Paul and Donna Emmons Elizabeth Evans Joyce Evans William and Elaine Evans Jeannette and Robert Farmer Juan Ramon Felix-Alvarez Donna and Rodney Ferguson Rebecca Ferraro Elizabeth Fields Joseph and Mary Alice Fillion David and Susan Fish Mary Fitzgerald Shari Fleming Viviannia and Randolph Fleming Justin Fontaine Cole Forester-Clarke Reginald Fortin Virginia Cormier Fortin Joe and Michelle Fox Richard and Cynthia Fox Harold and Beverly Frost Sarah Gagne Susan and Michael Gallagher Barbara and Ronald Gallant Christian Garcia Rick P. Garey David and Lucy Gaskell Len Gerardi and Lauren Jarvi Robert Gervais Doris Gibson

Robert and Rowena Gibson Norman Giffin Constance Gilchrist Daniel Gilchrist Dorine and William Gilding Nathan and Patti Gilman D. Marcel Gingue H. Frances Gingue Kaitlin Gingue Jana Gispert Marta Gispert Larry and Cherry Gochey Lawrence and Jo-Ann Golden Lorrie and David Goldsmith Irene Dolgin Goldstein Ann Goolman Hal Goolman Kara Goolman Phillip and Ellen Goss Robert and Gloria Goss Brenda and Anthony Goupee Linda and Dale Goyet Donald Grady William Graves Elaine and Ronald Gray Nancy Greenwood Antonio Grenier Kerry and Robert Grenier Nicole and Eriks Griffiths George Grove Charles and Cynthia Guibord Joan and Frank Gullen Richard Hackett Paul and Jean Hagan Rebecca Hale Anne Hall Margaret and Robert Hall William and Kathleen Hall Felicia Hammer Marian Hanchett Annette Brunelle Handy Anthony and Dianne Handy Susan Harmon Thomas and Karen Harmon Leanna Coons Harper Donne Harran Nancy and James Harris Joan and Everett Hartwell Ellen and Richard Havlak Matthew Hawkins Wanda Jenness Hawkins Bruce and Debra Hazen Joe and Robin Healy Nancy Heath Charles and Suzanne Hedrick Mark and Tara Hemond Helen Parsons Henderson Barry and Mary Ann Hertz Tom and Rose Hill Vicki and Peter Hill Katherine and Andrew Hinds Wendy and Bryan Hirschman Judith Engle Hishikawa

Andy Hoang Virginia Hollon Doris Hooker Paul Houde Donna Hovey Starla Hubbard Brendan Hughes Sheryl and James Hughes Sharon and Mark Hunter Elizabeth Hutchins Samuel Hutchins Ho Hwang Nancy Ihnat Jonathan Inamura Alexandra Jablonka Robert Jackson John and Anna Jarry Robert and Carolyn Jeffrey Anne Leclerc Jenks Jacqueline Johnson Joan Johnson Taylor Johnson Debbie Jones Michael Jones Susan Jones Charles Joyce James Jung Linda and Lee Kaley Dimitrios Kapoukranidis Dennis Kauppila and Rebecca Boardman Kirsten Keach Stephen Keen Jeannette and Kerry Keenan Rose Kent John and Claire Keon William Kerin Marjoire Kilgus Jae Hyuk Kim Sun Woo Kim Heather Klein Timothy and Denise Knight Joyce Knights Logan Kovach Peter Kristensen Kelsey LaCoss Shane LaCroix Christopher Laferriere David and Pamela Lamont Norma* and Robert Lancendorfer Ruth and Maurice LaRose Frederick and Maureen Larsen Marian Lavature Robert Lawrence Thomas Lawrence George Lawton Leading Edge Tool, Co. Jereme Leafe Michael Leclerc Da Won Lee Dorcas Johnston Lee Lincoln Lemieux John and Lois Lenton Mary Letourneau Roland Letourneau James and Suzanne Libbey Chen Lin

Jakob Linnebur Janet Little Astrid Lium Sigrid Lium Hon San lo Reginald and Marjorie Locke Duane and Sandra Locklin David and Gail Loffredo Lois London Earle Long Maria del Carmen Lopez del Hierro John and Kate Lovett Mary Lovett-Schwab and Jonathan Schwab Arin Lozefski Janet Legendre Lucas Adam Lybarger Lyndon Senior Citizens Club Sandra and Paul Lyon Molly MacDonald Admira and Adnan Macedonci Morgan Macie Sharon MacMahan Patricia and Ronald Magee Marta Magnus Morgan Magoon Christopher Mahmood Thomas Manke Natalie Mann Maple Grove Farms of Vermont, Inc. Jeremiah March Juliet Marsala Judith and Leeward Martel David Martin Ronald Masure Barbara Mathews Robert Mayhew Betty Maynard Christopher Mazzonna Betty and James McCarthy Denise M. McDowell Jane McEnrue Kiefer Alyssa McFaul Law Office of James V. McFaul, Esq. Beulah and Richard McGinnis Rand and Mickinzy McKellar Diane and Robert McLaren Autumn McNabb-Schoch Amelia McNally Shuhan Mei Florence Meigs Edward and Althea Meilleur Crystal Meunier Giovanina Mier Cleveland and Vernice Minor Glendon Moffett Laura and Mark Montague Jan and Neil Monteith Esther and Bryce Montgomery John and Christine Moore

Debbie Moreau Ruth Morrison Kenneth Mosholder Laura and John Paul Mulchay Bernadette and Michael Mullally Donald and Velvier Mullally Jane and Ron Munson Douglas Murphy Stephen Murphy Maureen Myrick Gertrude and J. David Naparstek Dorothy Nelson Tyler Newell Nancy and Park Newton Kenneth Nichols Dorothy and Howard Nicholson Peter and Sarah Noble Ronald and Rose Noble Dustin and Kristy Norman Patricia Norsworthy North Country Federal Credit Union John Nutbrown Patricia and William Nutting Richmond and Janet Nye Florence O’Brien Mary Ellen O’Brien Christopher O’Donnell Chantal O’Hara Monica Olcott Optical Expressions, Inc. Angelica Orozco Pamela and Ronald Ozeki Richard and Fran Paddleford Lee Padove Burns Page Alejandro and Caitlin Palacios Joan Palmer Patricia Pantaleoni Anne Hayden Parker Charlie and Roberta Parker Clayton and Madeline Parker J. Ollie Parker Madeleine Piper Passerini Barbara and Charles Patchen Samantha Patoine Kendra Paupst and Joshua Seamon Geoffrey Penar Gregory Piper Philip Piraino Anthony and Laura Pizzo Morgan Poginy Robert and Dawn Porter Nancy Poulos Achile and Deborah Prevost Danielle Prevost Gerard and Rita Prevost Bruce and Connie Quimby Gordon and Jospehine Quinn

J. Ernest and Joyce Racenet Heather Ralston Shirley and Raul Ramirez Jane Ransom Eric Rauert Cyrus Ready-Campbell Richard and Patricia Reed Reflexology for the Sole Erin Reiner Norman and Jennifer Renaud Carmen Desrochers Repasz Carol and John Reynolds Reynaldo Rivera Ramirez Laurel and Brian Rivers Richard and Roberta Roberts Wendy Robertson Clayton and Theresa Robinson Dorothy Robinson and Sandy Turman Lynn and Doris Robinson Stanley and Kathleen Robinson Daniel Rodliff Alex Rogers Joshua Rosenfeld Diane and Charles Rousseau Alan and Stephanie Rowe Larry and Nancy Rowe Kimberly and Chad Rowell Edgar and Jeanne Royer David Rubenstein Beverly Goss Russell Joseph and Terri Russell James and Jennifer Ryan Madeleine Salmon Thomas and Leslie Salmon Elizabeth and Robert Sargent Bouaketh and Vicki Sayarath Denise and Paul Scavitto Laurel Schenck Abigail Schoppe Marie Beaudry Sham Lynn Sheppard Jason Sherman Flora Shorey Carolyn Silsby Jo Ann Simpson-Miller Phyllis and William Smart Jean Gorham Smith M. Gail and Richard Smith Marjorie Smith Lee Somers Galen Spring Felicia Squires St. Johnsbury Animal Hospital John and Fran St. Peter Mary Bailey St. Peter Jackson Staab Jean Stables and William Reiken Alexandra Stanton

Pamela Stedman Stepping Stone Spa & Wellness Center Tina and Barclay Stetson Seth Stevens Zachary Stevens Rosalee Stinehour Sara and James Stinson Daniel and Louella Strobridge Henry Stuart Mildred Stuart Stuart V. Corso, DMD Daniel and Mary Swainbank Lillian and Joseph Swainbank Dorothy and George Swanson Lillian Morris Sweet Dorothy and George Swanson Tammy and Michael Talotta Janet Tanguay Nancy Tanguay & Family TARGET Barbara Clark Taylor Linda and Mitchell Tenney Olivia Thomas Emily and Nathaniel Thompson Lisa and Robert Thorn Barbara Ticehurst Christina and Walter Tilton Donald Timson Ann and David Torrey Scott and Kay Trafton TransCanada USA Services, Inc. Peter-John Trapp Carol and Roland Tremble Shane Tulp Jim and Betty Tunny Gertrude and Robert Turner Christopher Ummer and Erin Williams Ummer Dale and Kelly Urie Ashton Wagner Richard and Susanna Walden Stanislas Walden Frances Walker Donald and Dyan Wallace Mildred Bailey Walters Dianne and Thomas Warren Reginald and Elizabeth Welch Charles Welcome Donald and Izetta Welcome Dale and Judy Wells John Margaret Wesley Joan and Brenda Weston Coriene R. White Garry and Marilyn White Clifford Whitehill Adam Whiting June and George Wildes Lucas Wilkins Stanley and Mary Wilkins Lilla Safford Willey Marguerite Willey Richard Willey Connor Williams Jean Fleming Williams Victoria Lapointe Williams Bruce Willson Carolyn and Douglas Willson Meghan Willson-Bunnell

Ryan Witters Joan Wollrath Raymond and Helene Wood Alicia and Charles Woods Hao Wei Wu Matthew Wynn Ningyi Xi Weihong Xu Mary Yatesevitch Ayla Yersel Elizabeth and Gary Yoder Fangzhou Yuan Michael Zabek Thomas and Charlene Zabek



Tammi Sullivan Cady ’88


Alan Ruggles ’84


Joyce Atherton Dumas ’49 LIFETIME MEMBER

TERM EXPIRES IN 2012 Michael H. Bergeron ’68 Dale Deblois ’51T Keith N. Gosselin ’92 Leigh B. Larocque ’52T Paul Scavitto ’96 Cynthia Hoyt Stanton ’73 Cynthia Fortier Wheeler ’73

TERM EXPIRES IN 2013 Robert Begin ’87 Timothy A. Clouatre ’86 PAST PRESIDENT

Gertrude Sylvain Dussault ’61M James R. Hutchins ’82 Nick McCuen ’59


Pam Kocher ’64 Terry Powers ’70 Erin Quatrini ’97 Troy D. Ruggles ’84 Dan Thurston ’50 Brendan Hughes ’12


The Straszko Center at

Graham’s House


n Saturday, June 2, 2012, the newly renovated former home of Academy teacher Graham S. Newell was officially dedicated as The Straszko Center at Graham’s House. Alumni, students, and friends can now enjoy this new space on the Academy campus made possible through the generosity of Esther Beck Straszko ’35. Over the past year, students enrolled in the Academy’s Built Environment, Drafting, and Industrial Electricity classes, along with many others, worked diligently to prepare the energyefficient home for the new tenants. The school’s Alumni & Development and Marketing & Communications offices now reside at 85 Fairbanks Drive and invite you to please stop by for a visit.



2 1. Headmaster Tom Lovett had the honor of cutting the ribbon.


2. “Aunt Esther always had a very special place in her heart for St. Johnsbury and spoke of her roots often,” said niece of Esther Beck Straszko ’35, Karen Nicholson, who was able to attend the dedication ceremony. 3. Those presenting during the dedication included (L-R) Headmaster Tom Lovett, Trustee Jay Wright ’87, Former Headmaster and Trustee Bernier Mayo ’56, David Giguerre ’62, Assistant Headmaster for Business Services Carol Lyon, and Marian Gladding Winch ’60. 4. Members from the Class of 1960 had a tree planted at the new Alumni Center in memory of their class agent, Vicky Dunne Warren. Classmates attending included (L-R) Claire Gagne Wheeler, Karen Lobdell Allen, Sharon Olliver Heidemann, Jim Grimes, Marian Gladding Wirich, Nancy Daley Bedard, Linda Barnett Garey, and Jeanette Pike Mayo.



Kathleen Darling Brown Sybil Beck Kitchel*


Walter A. Ladd, Sr.* Marion Galbraith Merrill*


Clayton O. Parker*


Frank Towers


Maybell Renfrew Peck


Alice Johnson Blair Lilla Safford Willey


Ruth Porter Bryan H. Dale Gibson Ruth Douglas Perkins Frances Strobridge Walker


Dorothy Bailey Barker Thelma Prescott Bogar Harmony Ovitt Bolstridge Duncan S. Corliss Marjorie Bonett Smith


Richard H. Cook Luella Drown Demers Doreen Fraser Irene Dolgin Goldstein


Class Participation 18%

Allen Caldwell Gertrude Bonett Daire Irving W. Eastman Janet Legendre Lucas

Mary Woods McLellan Helen MacKenzie Park Ruthmary Gilfillan Spence Mary Bailey St. Peter


Class Participation 25%

Marie Bradley Bernier Raymond R. Bernier Warren W. Blodgett Marjorie Cook Boshart Katharine Powell Daub Carl A. Kuniholm Marian Jacques Lavature Beatrice Julian Nowocienski Robert A. Porter Carol Nutting Robinson Beverly Goss Russell G. Alden Sears Mary Dean McLellan Stuart Bruce L. Willson Barbara Perry Wood


Class Participation 33%

Joanne Mollica Babic Dorothy Nutting Blackadar Norma Prescott Chase Ruth Cormier Crane Lionel Daigneault Joseph R. Fillion Anthony Handy Arthur J. Harriman Doris Hooker Joyce Bean Knights Rhodora Stearns Leyse Edward O. Meilleur A. Elaine Samuelson Needham Albert J. Salt Barbara Leithead Ticehurst Mildred Bailey Walters John W. Wesley Richard P. Willey


Class Participation 15%

Dorothy Traynor Desrochers George D. Dezell Helen Albiser Kopf Earle F. Long Natalie Ruggles Mann Cleveland Minor Dorothy Jenne Nicholson Jean Fleming Williams


Class Pariticipation 11%

Miriam Tutino Acciani Edsel R. Bean David A. Dodge Reginald Fortin William A. Julian Edgar J. Royer Rosemary Garfield Schwartz Marguerite Willey


Class Participation 20%

Oliver E. Clubb Roger C. Cramton Elinor Remick Daigneault Marian Morris Hanchett Paul A. Hawley Beverley Holbrook Hopkins* Nancy Mollica Ihnat Joan Cook Johnson* Marjorie Gaffney Kilgus Florence Buxton Meigs Rose Mary Traynor Meyer Charlotte Nelson Rafferty Stanley W. Smith Lillian Morris Sweet Kathryn Mears Trupin


Class Participation 18%

Joan Morris Balaun Alma Warrell Briggs Jean Pollard Demers Patricia Collins Douglas Robert G. Gibson

Maureen Campion Larsen Esther Cross Montgomery Donald F. Mullally Kenneth Nichols Margaret Whitehill Paulsen Beverly Macey Quimby Richard A. Roberts Christina Douglas Tilton Jack B. Viets


Class Participation 15%

Jeanette Buxton Angers Charles W. Baldwin Paul E. Choiniere Richard J. Collins Theresa Roy Dunbar Janet Silsby Dunham Roland Heon Frederick D. Larsen Roland W. Letourneau* Betty Lou Petty Maynard Douglas E. Murphy Patricia Hamilton Pantaleoni Joyce Salt Racenet Lorraine Plant Sanderson Phyllis Gaffney Smart William M. Smart Dorothy Stillman Swanson Walter H. Tilton June Drown Wildes


Class Participation 20%

Jane Tillotson Barrett Rita Lacroix Bean Jean Learmouth Clark Joyce Atherton Dumas N. Robert Dumas Virginia Cormier Fortin Margaret Bosworth Hall Richard J. Miller Glendon L. Moffett Marilyn Moulton Lynn F. Robinson Jean Gorham Smith

John D. Tirrell Charles Welcome Ruth Hayward White Gerald T. Willey


Class Participation 13%

Marilyn Noyes Carmen Charles A. Ely Nathan C. Gilman H. Frances Landry Gingue Phillip D. Goss Robert Hall Donne F. Harran Robert C. Mayhew Betty Hoar McCarthy Douglas W. McGregor Achile T. Prevost Flora Somers Shorey Doris Crepeault Stetson Karol Baldwin Teiko


Class Participation 15%

Melvin R. Ash Robert C. Bisbee Gerald Curtis Dale H. Deblois Ralph B. Emerson Anne Leclerc Jenks Charles A. Joyce* Hazen E. McLaren Carolyn Silsby Donald Welcome


Class Participation 34%

Anonymous Bernice Crepeault Ash Hazel Simpson Billheimer Marilyn Hoar Bixby Beverly Thurston Blake Carole Eaton Bulger Claire Gorham Cohen Ronald E. Cowan Robert J. Drummond Gloria Dubois


Giving by Class (Continued) Shari Fleming Steve H. Gilman Robert H. Goss Donald E. Grady Murray J. Guy Joan Wilkie Hartwell Helen Parsons Henderson Leigh B. Larocque Beverly Goodwin Larocque Ruth Amidon LaRose Dorcas Johnston Lee Mary Kenney Letourneau Colleen Miller Page* Anne Hayden Parker Constance Bryant Powers Gerard A. Prevost Angelina Ciattoni Simpson Mildred Guy Stuart* Gertrude Donna Turner Izetta Rand Welcome Marilyn Gray White Richard P. Willey


Class Participation 5%

Leo D. Beaulieu David B. Caplan Beverly Wheeler Carrier John Carroll Dorothy Morrison Coombs Orlando Costa William Gilding Dorine Coté Gilding Charles W. Hedrick Carol Morris Leavitt Richard H. McGinnis Marie Beaudry Sham


Class Participation 15%

Rodney A. Ash Ruth Harbaugh Carroll Sandra Murphy Cirone Dennis F. Coté Barbara Wakeham Daniels Clare Dyer Anne Jones Hall Everdene Harriman Hoffman Richard C. Johnson Norma Marshall Lancendorfer* Richard Miller Barbara Martin Patchen Nitsa Perkins-Bailey Victor W. Ryder Marietta Bisson Taylor


Class Participation 9%

John R. Barney Herbert Benoit Robert W. Copp Robert H. Farmer Glendon H. Gadapee Doris Randall Gibson Paul J. Hagan Lorraine Gagne Holland John C. Jarry Robert T. Lawrence Phyllis McKee Lawson


G. Thomas Lawson Reginald S. Locke Ronald L. Masure Beulah Darrell McGinnis Robert J. Ouellette Charles E. Page Barbara Clark Taylor* Thomas C. Waterman


Class Participation 10%

George F. Alexander Marjorie McKee Berry Richard S. Clark Gordon V. DeWitt David H. Gaskell Robert A. Gervais Patricia Sherburne Hoffman Michael W. Hutchinson Bernier L. Mayo Bruce M. Quimby Norman A. Renaud Jean McGregor Rogers Ellen Mahoney Simmonds


Class Participation 36%

Anonymous Brenda Naatz Bandy Arthur A. Barrett Mary Lou Butterfield Bell Drucilla Ward Blay Kenneth Blay Lorraine Giguere Brunelle Ann Lanctot Burgess Patricia Brown Cascio Mary Steele Caswell Rodney C. Church Marjorie Clark Delbert J. Coté Andrew J. Dussault Gary Ely Edward C. Farr Barbara Hall Gallant Antonio Grenier Joan Fournier Gullen Lee P. Hackett Jean Wright Hagan Annette Brunelle Handy Jenny Marcotte Harlow Clark Holland Neil A. Hunter Raymond H. Johnson Bradford H. King Duane D. Locklin Patricia Martin Magee David R. Martin Michael M. Mayo Marjorie Hoar McNeice Dorothy Remick Nelson Richard Paddleford Charlie A. Parker Madeleine Piper Passerini Carmen Desrochers Repasz Roger N. Reynolds Maureen Finn Robillard Bruce A. Scott M. Gail Whitehill Smith Reginald D. Welch Carol Pike Wetherbee

Coriene Merchant White Stanley Wilkins Merle G. Wright


Class Participation 4%

George F. Lawton Priscilla Cutting Mayo* Virginia Johnson McMains Jeffrey C. Tweedy Victoria Lapointe Williams


Class Participation 11%

R. Bradley Beaupré Richard W. Bedor Phyllis Pigula Benoit Stephen E. Clark David W. Coburn Gerald B. Collins Kathleen Pena Drown Daniel E. Gilchrist* Ellen Lawrence Hankins Sandra Dutchburn Lyon C. Nick McCuen Maureen Oliver Mintz William B. Murray


Class Participation 11%

George Ackerman Wayne M. Bedor Michael Ann Utton Benton Charles E. Boisvert Tom Hill Sandra MacPherson Jacon Mary Ann Bain LaHaise Thomas F. LaHaise Lois Cuthbertson Lenton Jeanette Pike Mayo Stuart A. Miner Gregory Moss Virginia Martin Pasternak


Class Participation 6%

Arthur S. Brooks Nancy Chouinard Cohen Gertrude Sylvain Dussault Jeannette Paquette Farmer Maxine Hodgdon Hadlock Thomas Harmon Richard V. Kennedy John E. Lenton Patrick Neary Pierre R. Pepin Gary C. Potter


Class Participation 43%

Ruth Heath Bean David Bean Sandra Burrington Beck Brent W. Beck Andrew C. Beck Douglas R. Bedard Anita Wood Bedor Susan Olliver Begin Robert A. Bisaccia Edward C. Brown

Patricia Anderson Burke Victoria Braun Canu Gloria Caplan Pamela Weeks Cavanaugh Beverly Willey Chapman John V. Clarke Norris Luddy Condland Thomas Conlon Alberta Phillips Dearborn Joan Sizen Drown Karen Webber Elliott Donna Chandler Ferguson Jacquelyn Rodger Frey* Norman Giffin David R. Giguere Susan Rix Harmon Leanna Coons Harper Nancy Farrow Harris Wanda Jenness Hawkins Katherine Butterfield Hinds Judith Engle Hishikawa Sheryl Chapman Hughes Elizabeth Thresher Hutchins Jothany Williams James Eileen Jones Linda Rowe Kaley Philo Lang Betty Kimball Lavigne Russell F. Lloyd Joyce Bortolin Ludlow Terry MacPherson W. Arthur McKee Kenneth Mockridge Richard K. Mott Richmond R. Nye Mary Ellen O’Brien Donna Beaupre Parr Clark A. Perry Robert C. Peters Mary Blanchard Pollock J. Michael Pollock Jane Ransom Nazareno L. Rapagnani Karen Powell Robinson David G. Russell Mary Jane Pike Schremp Andrea Fyfe Smith Leon A. Story Ernest Stretton Curtis A. Utton Christopher Walther Warren M. Wilson Mary Yatsevitch Elizabeth Remick Yoder

Michael D. Smith Daniel L. Strobridge Clifford Whitehill Raymond A. Wood


Neuane Brown Adcox Richard E. Beck Nancy Adams Brisson Paul Emmons Elaine Lamothe Evans William C. Evans Phyllis Gage Larry F. Gochey Bruce A. Greenwood* Susanne Guyer John S. Hall Donna Powers Hovey Susan Gilman Kuehlthau Jeffrey E. Noyes Rosemary Ely Palmer

Class Participation 12%

Diane Dawson Collins Patricia Dionne Dubois Viviannia Burlingame Fleming Kerry Dunne Grenier Rose Brigham Hill Kerry Keenan Jeannette Dunn Keenan Judith Reed Martel W. Kent Moore Joan Black Palmer Brian E. Player Richard Reed


Class Participation 10%

Geri Aiken Adams Samuel E. Bain Steven J. Brisson Anne Swainbank Brooks John E. Cornish William C. Hanson James H. Impey Pamela Burns Kocher Gertrude Harris Naparstek David M. Shumate Jean Stables Deborah Hull Thornton Dale R. Wells Helene Francoeur Wood Carol Bessette Zuccaro


Class Participation 11%

Patricia Wheeler Aubin Edward Boulay Alan L. Brock Beverly Clark Burke Hazel Chamberlin Clark Dorothy Bouchard Collinge John G. Crane Denyse Lanctot Daly Paul L. Dussault James Farmer David H. Fish Hermel D. Fortin Susan Crosby Gallagher Brenda Batchelder Goupee Mallory Somers Hacking Marianne Handy Hraibi Nancy Heath Walter A. Ladd, Jr. John S. Moore Daniel Murphy Pamela Harte Ozeki Linda Ellingwood Pollock Paul C. Simpson Daniel R. Swainbank Ann Leipman Torrey Barbara Reed Truex Jane Clark Valentine


Class Participation 10%

Bryon G. Quatrini Stanley H. Robinson Larry E. Rowe John S. St. Peter Gregory N. Sweeny


Class Participation 19%

Sharon Goodenough Bernard Thomas C. Brock Patricia Albee Coburn Guy Demers Christine Desilets Douglas Clement Dussault Janice Marcotte Dussault David L. Farnham Beth Conover Goodrich Susan O’Neil Grayson Richard Hackett William G. Hall Alfred E. Hanson Russell C. Harbaugh Thomas Havers Ellen Shumate Havlak Bruce H. Hazen William Keach David Lamont Linda Bender Mitchell Florence Kimball O’Brien Pamela Lacroix Passut Janet Dionne Quatrini Beth Jordan Robinson Sylvia Duff Rosenberger Elizabeth Pearl Sargent Jo Ann Simpson-Miller Linda Wood Tenney Ethel Brown Toombs Thomas Warren Carolyn Meigs Willson


Class Participation 6%

Anonymous Jan Scott Adamec Michael Bergeron Gerald R. Burnham Karen Snow Buzzell Peter F. Crosby Jo Anna Garvin Hall Elizabeth Groom Havers Rose Cormier Noble Clayton C. Robinson Jo-Ann Hall Sullivan


Class Participation 7%

Anonymous Rachel Bedard Jean Allen Brice Michael D. Bugbee Cathy Ward Conte Francine Paquin Costa Stanley Crane Theresa Emmons Jackman Wesley P. Marsceill Ronald A. Noble Mark E. Robbins Peggy O’Neil Soucy Philip L. Soucy

Stanley Robinson Heather Warman Tanksley Donald L. Timson

Anonymous Janet Barrett Davio Jeanne Desrochers Nola Brown Forbes D. Marcel Gingue William J. Graves Judith Bugbee Harbaugh Vicki True Hill Alan L. Langmaid Kathryn Vear McGill Mary Morrison Stephen Murphy John Payne Terry R. Powers Lee Somers Dianne Littel Warren

Elaine Stahler Gray Charles Guibord Cynthia Bunnell Guibord Koleen Goodwin Jones Gordon Ladd Pamela Lyon Lamont Janet Marinelli Littel Denise McDowell Nancy Fox Newton Stephen R. Payne Paul J. Pike Carol Norcross Reynolds Gail Rossier Diane Villeneuve Rousseau Patricia Judd Russell Brian A. Soucy Cynthia Hoyt Stanton Peter G. Stanton Deborah Stetson Stiemann Cynthia Fortier Wheeler Brian A. Wilson



Class Participation 7%

Van-George Belanger Joanne Moulton Bugbee Albert A. Dauphin Robert F. Desrochers Steven Dolgin William S. Harris Marc D. Isabelle Wilson R. Jackson Merle V. Jones Thomas M. Jordan Cheryl Maynard Norma Fox Racine Dennis R. Smith Garry R. White Pamela Ward Williams

David B. Cowens Rachel Gray Demers Robert K. Jeffrey Susan Frasier Stetson James R. Warren

Lillian Toney Swainbank Carol Bohlen Tremble


Class Participation 7%

Class Participation 9%


Class Participation 10%

Debra Ward Bigelow Doran W. Brown Karen Kimball Connelly David A. Drown Daniel R. Elder Rebecca Jones Ferraro Thomas K. Handy Debra Root Hazen Howard E. Jones Debra Winot Priest Gregory E. Reed Alan H. Rowe Charles Sjolander Kathleen Goodwin Sjolander Deborah Douglas Smith Pamela Whitcomb Stedman Jeffrey A. Temple


Class Participation 17%

Margaret Wood Austin Jay Austin Linda Heywood Brown David C. Carpenter Steven A. Cobb Cynthia Finney Davidson Charles H. Dolgin Linda Parker Goyet

Class Participation 4%


Class Participation 4%

Jayne Fox Belanger Gregory E. Boardman Donna Holloway Degree James T. Desrochers David Lee Michael A. Mullally Peter J. Osborne Wesley E. Ward


Class Participation 6%

Gary C. C. Briggs David G. Chase Laurie Bailey Emmons James F. Lee Robert McLaren Melissa Ward Polson Thomas R. Pulsifer Jennifer Reed Clark Dorothy Robinson Katherine Silloway


Class Participation 12%

Andre D. Bouffard Bruce A. Bowman Gary K. Bunnell Tamela Drown Dargie Jeana Bailey Desilets Karin Hammer-Williamson Sharon Craig Hunter Stephen H. Keen Timothy Knight Diane Noel McLaren Bernadette Noel Mullally Nancy Poulos Gerard A. Prevost Laurel Brown Rivers


Class Participation 4%

Stephanie Goss Churchill Starla Hubbard Rita Temple Murdoch Crystal Chandler Prevost Thomas A. Prevost


Class Participation 4%

Dennis A. Daniels Bryan Dunnells Vincent W. Durnan Valerie Gendron Lemieux Joseph J. Lemieux Gordon D. Quinn


John T. Benoit Maurice P. Bouffard Wendy Marcotte Bunnell Paula Churchill Bystrzycki Doris Paquin Hartshorn David C. Henderson Patricia Letourneau Henderson Louise Mold Krieger Mark McLaren Victoria Thurston O’Leary Craig A. Repasz Eric Robillard James D. Vear Sharon Gendron Ward


Class Participation 2%

Glen F. Davis Timothy D. Drown Kelly Westover Ruggles


Class Participation 10%

Patricia Ducham Ayer Lisa Black Esther Ellis Denham Rick P. Garey Lorrie Lynaugh Goldsmith James R. Hutchins Reinette Gingue Hutchins Tammy MacLean Todd Pacifico Rodney Reis Tracie Bedor Robillard Kimberly Silloway Tina Rodd Stetson Janet Tanguay Lisa Wilkins Warren


Class Participation 7%

Timothy C. Ayer Mark R. Brown Frank A. Empsall Paul C. Houde Kevin R. Kemp Roy G. Kohnke

Cynthia Hayes Robillard John Robillard Joseph Russell Robert D. Ward


Class Participation 6%

Brenda Hale Ducker Peter F. Hammer Richard Lyon Alejandro Palacios Roseanna Lemieux Prevost Alan Ruggles Troy Ruggles Sean E. Sawyer Jennie Fuehrer Warner Peter J. Wright


Class Participation 6%

Mathew J. Ash Daniel D. Dussault Glenn Kohnke Thomas R. Lawrence


Class Participation 8%

Aimee Bergeron Bean Timothy A. Clouatre R. Michael Diemer Elizabeth Evans Kevin R. Garand David A. Giacobbe Heather Bennett Klein Sean F. Murphy Deane E. Rankin Tristan Hammond Ritter Dale A. Urie Paul Wannamaker


Class Participants 10%

Lisa Garey Avery Robert A. Begin Stacie Ruggles Jennifer Bucknam Black Kathleen Delorey Brown Emily Stowe Cleaveland Susan Wyllie Gallagher Tara Cross Gibson Mark E. Hemond Kelly Garey Loosigian David W. Martin Erin Mayo Patricia Kelso Nutting Amy Benoit Rainone Heather Ralston Jay O. Wright


Class Participation 5%

Jeanna Mercadante Anderson Krista MacPherson Ash Nicole Dauteuil Begin Timiny Rankin Braemer Tammi Sullivan Cady Christopher Despins Kiersten Costa Ely Sherrie Armour Giacobbe Kirsten Nitsche Keach


Dedication of

Christensen Hall


hristensen Hall, previously referred to as the dorm at Burrow’s Place, has been named in honor of Carmen Morton Christensen, a teacher, artist, and musician. She was the mother of former trustee Karen Christensen, and grandmother of Peter Christensen-Calvin ’05, and Elizabeth Christensen-Calvin ’10. During her long life Carmen was recognized for her creative spirit, which her family hopes will inspire the young women who live in this residence. After serving as a boys’ dorm for several years, Christensen Hall is now our largest girls’ dormitory, housing 37 young women from across the United States and around the world. A unique feature of the hall is the creation of neighborhoods. Each suite of rooms enjoys its own common area and connects to a spacious family apartment, essentially creating four smaller houses within the larger dormitory structure. Christensen’s conversion to a residence for young woman has helped to move forward our resident campus plan forming residence clusters for boys and girls on opposite sides of the campus.

Trustee Jay Wright ’87, Headmaster Tom Lovett, and Associate Headmaster for Advancement Jack Cummings.

Residents from the dorm posed for a picture in front of the Christensen plaque during this year’s dedication. They include (from L-R): Isabell Meinhart ’13, Germany; Grecia Perez Ruiz ’13, Mexico; Anastasya Denina ’13, Russia; Natalie Kaplan ’13, New York; Virginia Finegan ’14, Vermont; Margo Heraud ’12, France.

Estate Planning

By indicating your intentions to remember St. Johnsbury Academy in your estate plans, you earn membership to the 1842 Circle. If you have St. Johnsbury Academy in your estate plans and have not notified the school, please contact Tammi Cady, Director of Development, by phone at (802) 751-2010 or by e-mail at tcady@ so we are sure to recognize you appropriately. HILLTOPPER

Giving by Class (Continued) Garth B. Moulton Holly Ocampo


Class Participation 2%

Tausha Veilleux Clouatre Jennifer Hall Patricia Morrison Norsworthy James T. Ryan


Class Participation 4%

Robert L. Ailes Sarah Cruess Callanan James M. Donovan Christopher R. Dussault Stefan T. Ely James H. Murphy Nils Nohturfft


Class Participation 4%

Lynne Jones Caljouw Christina Konieczny Carr Catherine Forbes Carrara John M. Curran Eli B. Goldberg Mark Montague Laura Everling Mulchay Melissa Hemond Murphy


Class Participants 8%

Denise Persons Ailes Nicole Dussault Biggie Elisabeth McDonough Brown Dylan Ford Sarah Garey Wendy Caplan Hirschman Julie Kelley Thomas D. Manke Peter M. Noble Monica Olcott Jed M. Perry Kimberly Cushman Rowell Eric H. Slayton Todd M. Smith Troy D. Sullivan Ryan J. Witters


Class Participation 1%

Caitlin Smith Wallingford


Class Participation 3%

Sigrid Lium Abigail Henderson Murphy Dustin Norman Ethan Phelps Michael J. Wright


Class Participation 0.47%

Jeremy Donovan Michelle Ziter Fox Nicole Hemmett Griffiths Juliet Weimer Marsala Paul Scavitto



Zachary J. Abramson Aleda Boomhower Margaret Daly Jana Gispert Geoffrey Penar

Class Participation 6%

Sarah Goodrich Alto Melissa Patenaude Blodgett Matthew S. Dole Jenis Ellingwood-Cedeno Sarah Gagne Julie Hall Matthew Hawkins Jenna Bird Heinrich Jacob Lavely Astrid Lium Jeremiah March Michael Roberts Daniel Rodliff


Class Participation 2%

Alison Piper Fox Marta Magnus Charles Rollins


Class Participation 2%

Denise Goodhue Scavitto Abigail Schoppe Kathryn Goodrich Smith Sara Wyand Stinson


Class Participation 0.42%

Angela Drew


Class Participation 1%

Elizabeth Fields Michael V. Jones John F. Lovett


Class Participation 3%

Kaitlin Gingue Alexandra Jablonka Susan Jones Rose Kent Jereme F. Leafe Mary Lovett-Schwab Jordan Smith Cota


Class Participation 1.11%

Marshall J. Daly Duncan R. McKellar Emily Hurst Thompson


Class Participation 0.40%

Emily Askren Frazier Michael A. Zabek

Hon San Lo



Paul E. Connelly Marta Gispert

Class Participation 3%

Trevor G. Bunnell Jessica Densmore

Class Participation 1%

Class Participation 0.33%

Michael W. Clark


Class Participation 2%


Class Participation 1%

Christopher A. Brown Crystal Connelly Caroline Vitale


Class Participation 1%

Graeme Bushart Debbie Jones


Class Participation 0.97%

Sanne Brown Stephanie Dawson Matthew L. Wynn


Class Participation 0.60%

Alyssa Dolgin Benjamin Price


Class Participaiton 46%

Luke Anderson Doruk Atik Mario Attie Jonathan Bailey Cullen Baker Tyler Barnes Cole Barski David Battaglia Cody Bedard Devon Biggie Daniel Broome Allison Brown Jessica Brown Allyson Bruckner Jenna Carpenter Mariah Chamberlain Ka Hang Chan Chih-Chieh Chang Mingyu Chen Yuan Yan Cheng Daniel Choy Hing Yin Chu Zachary Cochran Matthew Corcoran Max Correia Anna Corso Julia Doi Taryn Edmondson Richard Emery Juan Ramon Felix-Alvarez Mary Fitzgerald Justin Fontaine Cole Forester-Clarke Christian Garcia Ann Goolman

Kara Goolman Rebecca Hale Felicia Hammer Andy Hoang Brendan Hughes Samuel Hutchins Ho Hwang Jonathan Inamura Robert Jackson Jacqueline Johnson Taylor Johnson Dimitrios Kapoukranidis William Kerin Jae Hyuk Kim Sun Woo Kim Logan Kovach Peter Kristensen Kelsey LaCoss Shane LaCroix Christopher Laferriere Micheal Leclerc Da Won Lee Lincoln Lemieux Chen Lin Jakob Linnebur Maria del Carmen Lopez del Hierro Arin Lozefski Adam Lybarger Molly MacDonald Morgan Macie Morgan Magoon Christopher Mahmood Christopher Mazzonna Alyssa McFaul Autumn McNabb-Schoch Amelia McNally Shuhan Mei Giovanina Mier Kenneth Mosholder Maureen Myrick Tyler Newell Keith Norris Christopher O’Donnell Chantal O’Hara Myoung Ju Ok Samantha Patoine Gregory Piper Philip Piraino Morgan Poginy Danielle Prevost Eric Rauert Cyrus Ready-Campbell Erin Reiner Reynaldo Rivera Ramirez Alex Rogers Joshua Rosenfeld David Rubenstein Madeleine Salmon Laurel Schenck Lynn Sheppard Jason Sherman Galen Spring Felicia Squires Jackson Staab Seth Stevens Zachary Stevens Rosalee Stinehour Olivia Thomas

Peter-John Trapp Shane Tulp Ashton Wagner Stanislas Walden Adam Whiting Lucas Wilkins Meghan Willson-Bunnell Hao Wei Wu Ningyi Xi Weihong Xu Ayla Yersel Fangzhou Yuan Jun Jie Zeng Zheng Xiao Zhang


With the help of the Gandin Brothers and Houghton’s Greenhouse, the Class of 2012 was able to dedicate a permanent garden in memory of faculty member Melissa Jenkins. BEATRICE HOMER ’40


Varn Abbott

Gordon and Barbara Ladd Walter A. Ladd, Sr.* Walter and Kathy Ladd



Bonnie Jenks SUZAN KEENEY ’62

Aubuchon Hardware was one of many local businesses who supported efforts to remember faculty member Melissa Jenkins. Seen here presenting a check for the Melissa Jenkins Citizenship Prize is M. Marcus Moran, President and CEO of Aubuchon, Patrick Hussey, longtime manager of the St. Johnsbury Aubuchon, Headmaster Tom Lovett, and Academy Board of Trustees member Jay Wright, ’87. IN MEMORY OF ALUMNI KEITH C. ASH ’78

Rodney Ash Louis and Maryann Daniele Everett and Joan Hartwell Janet Lucas John Nutbrown Nancy Tanguay and family Bruce Willson ROYCE F. BECK ’26

David and Anne Rismiller VILMA M. BIJOLLE ’47

Patricia Collins Douglas VANE BURRINGTON ’38

Lois Burrington NORMAN CHASE ’40

Dorothy Nutting Blackadar Thelma Bogar Arthur and Anne Brooks Tammi and David Cady Tamela D. Dargie Kathleen Drown Timothy D. Drown Doreen Fraser



Irving Eastman Mary McLellan Helen Park SHEILA DAVIS ’59

Herbert and Phyllis Benoit THOMAS C. DESROCHERS ’74

Jim and Karen Desrochers Rose Mary and James Meyer DOUGLAS N. DROWN ’58

Virginia McMains JOHANNA L. FALK ’94


Gordon and Barbara Ladd Walter A. Ladd, Sr.* Walter and Kathy Ladd

Angelina Ciattoni Simpson


Gordon and Barbara Ladd Walter A. Ladd, Sr.* Walter and Kathy Ladd Anesthesia Associates of Lewiston-Auburn, P.A. Jeannie Clermont Royce and Lesley Coburn Donne Harran John and Claire Keon Gordon and Barbara Ladd Walter and Kathy Ladd Sandra and Paul Lyon Lyndon Senior Citizens Club Barbara Mathews Robert Mayhew Debbie Moreau Dean & Calista Scott and Judi Milburn Dorothy Desrochers NORMA LANCENDORFER ’54

Robert Lancendorfer HERMAN J. LUCAS ’42

Janet Legendre Lucas


Ellen and Arthur Simmonds Mary McLellan

Herbert and Phyllis Benoit

Betty Maynard






Lois London Emily L. Frazier

Virginia McMains

Victoria and Pierre Canu Norris Condland Leanna Coons Harper Joyce Ludlow Karen and James Robinson


Jane and Ron Munson Ruth Perkins Albert Salt Barbara Ticehurst Richard Willey



Virginia McMains

Jeffrey and Susan Watkins JEFFREY H. RODLIFF ’99

Sara and James Stinson




Nola and David Forbes ROLAND DURHAM

Dale and Alexis Durham Roland Durham MELISSA JENKINS

Class of 2012 Aubuchon Hardware Denise and Robert Ailes Stacie Beliveau Nicole and Kevin Biggie Steven Bobrowski Eileen Boland and Don Bredes Tammi and David Cady Lynne and Joseph Caljouw Aaron and Christina Carr Beth and Marc Choiniere Class of 1965 Elwood and Nancy Cohen Donna and David Degree Christopher and Sarah Despins Bryan and Tracy Dunnells Sharon and Ronald Fadden Gandin Brothers Sarah Garey and Michael Wright

Mary Ann and Robert Gessner Nancy and Bruce* Greenwood David and Libby Hale Joe and Robin Healy Houghton’s Greenhouses Koleen and Howard Jones Kirsten Keach Carol and Richard Lyon J. Thomas and Jackie Manges James and Mary Jo Mazzonna micro DATA GIS, Inc. Kathryn and Robert McGill Jan and Neil Monteith Angelica Orozco Crystal and Gerard Prevost John and Cynthia Robillard Gail Rossier Alan and Heather Ruggles Kathleen and Charles Sjolander Dennis and Deborah Smith Cynthia and Peter Stanton Lillian and Joseph Swainbank Tammy and Michael Talotta Lisa and Robert Thorn Allan and Nancy Vieira Dyan and Donald Wallace De-Ann and Michael Welch Linda and Keith Wooster IN MEMORY OF FRIENDS AMOS TICEHURST


Nola and David Forbes HOWARD CRAWFORD

Virginia Hollon JOSEPH C. MESICS

Joseph and Sandra Mesics JAMES RYAN ’89

Susan McClure

Denise and Robert Ailes Karen and Jerry Aldredge Donald Ball Brenda and Arnold Bandy John and Brenda Barney Aimee Bean Richard Beck Scott and Joelle Beck Stacie Beliveau Gracie Bell Melvin and Scott Melvin James and Hope Bentley Nicole and Kevin Biggie Ann Bissonnette Alice Johnson Blair Steven Bobrowski Richard and Diane Boisseau Eileen Boland and Don Bredes Francis and Rebecca Bowen Michael and Joanne Bugbee Chris and Wendy Buhner Jeffrey and Melissa Burroughs Bruce and Patrice Buxton Paula and Michael Bystrzycki Tammi and David Cady James and Sarah Callanan Aaron and Christina Carr Beth and Marc Choiniere Hazel and Keith Clark Frances and Greg Cone Thomas and Cathy Conte Dorothy Morrison Coombs Stanley Crane Howard and Judith Crawford John and Janice Cummings Kathryn and Daniel Daley Denyse and John Daly Barbara and Dennis Daniels Donna and David Degree Rachel and Guy Demers

Christopher and Sarah Despins Jeanne Desrochers Gordon and Ina Mae DeWitt Ilene Dickinson and Nicolas Casey J. Michael and Eleanor Donovan Angela Drew and Ryan Daly John and Louisa Driscoll Bryan and Tracy Dunnells Andrew and Gertrude Dussault Christopher Dussault and Amy Huang Janice and Paul Dussault Glenn Ehrean Harold and Elsa Everling Sharon and Ronald Fadden Nola and David Forbes Joe and Michelle Fox Susan and James Gallagher Kevin Garand Sarah Garey and Michael Wright Robert and Mary Ann Gessner Lawrence and Jo-Ann Golden Joan and Allan Graham Nancy and Bruce* Greenwood David and Libby Hale Peter Hammer Anthony and Dianne Handy Saher and Marianne Handy Hraibi Doris and Terry Hartshorn Merle and Karen Haskins Joe and Robin Healy Donna Hovey James and Reinette Hutchins Bonnie Jenks Steven and Sonia Jolliffe Koleen and Howard Jones D. Lloyd and Anne Jones Kirsten Keach Judith and Thomas Kelley David and Pamela Lamont

Deborah and David Lee Richard Leighton Suzanne and James Libbey David and Gail Loffredo John and Katie Lovett Thomas and Ann Lovett Carol and Richard Lyon Adnan and Admira Macedonci Sharon MacMahan Terry MacPherson J. Thomas and Jackie Manges Jeremiah March Bernier and Jeanette Mayo Erin P. Mayo and Peter Gurnis James and Mary Jo Mazzonna Kathryn and Robert McGill Rand and Mickinzy McKellar Mary McLellan Crystal Meunier Jan and Neil Monteith Thomas and Sharon Moore Conni and Jon Morris Sean and Abigail Murphy Patricia Norsworthy Mary Ellen O’Brien Peter and Camilla O’Brien Angelica Orozco Elaine Parshall Maybell Renfrew Peck George and Doris Plummer Gerard and Crystal Prevost Roseanna and Thomas Prevost Debra Winot Priest J. Ernest and Joyce Racenet Terrence and Catherine Reed Rodney and Mary Ellen Reis Linda Rhodes Jonathan Rice and Jennifer Anson Wendy Robertson

A deferred gift annuity can meet your needs and SJA’s too. Here’s how it works: 1. You transfer cash, securities, or other property to St.Johnsbury Academy. 2. Beginning on a specified future date, SJA begins to pay you – or up to two annuitants you name – fixed annuity payments for life. 3. The principal passes to SJA when the contract ends.

John and Cynthia Robillard Gail Rossier Alan and Stephanie Rowe Alan and Heather Ruggles James and Jennifer Ryan Bouaketh and Vicki Sayarath Denise and Paul Scavitto Jason and Erika Scherer Joshua Seamon and Kendra Paupst Mary and Peter Shepley Kathleen and Charles Sjolander Dennis and Deborah Smith Todd and Kathryn Smith Cynthia and Peter Stanton Jo-Ann Sullivan Lillian and Joseph Swainbank Tammy and Michael Talotta Lisa and Robert Thorn Gary and Deborah Thornton Gabe Toth Sandy Turman and Dorothy Robinson Kelly and Dale Urie Allan and Nancy Vieira William and Jane Vinton Richard and Susanna Walden Dyan and Donald Wallace Caitlin and Ashley Wallingford Wesley Ward Lisa and Jim Warren De-Ann and Michael Welch Connor Williams Jean Fleming Williams Erin Williams Ummer and Christopher Ummer Alicia and Charles Woods Linda and Keith Wooster Peter and Sandra Wright

The benefits to you include an immediate tax deduction for a portion of your gift and the ability to postpone annuity payments until you need them. Meanwhile, the principal grows tax free.

Please contact Tammi Cady, Director of Development

GIFTS-IN-KIND Avenue Styles Salon Samuel and Janet Bain Debra and Timothy Bigelow Lynn Bonfield Gary and Wendy Bunnell Caledonia County Fair Association Cathy and Thomas Conte Robert Cousins Peter and Paige Crosby Stephanie Dawson Brenda and Sean Ducker Christopher Dussault and Amy Huang James Farmer and Cynthia Young Robert and Sharon Fuehrer Gandin Brothers Hal Goolman Robert and Gloria Goss Kenneth and Gretchen Hammer Doris and Terry Hartshorn Merle and Karen Haskins Houghton’s Greenhouses Jay Peak Resort Wilson Jackson Amy Johnson Gerard and Deborah Jones James Jung Keith’s II Sports, LTD. Thomas and Sandra Lowell

Maple Grove Farms of Vermont, Inc. Shuhan Mei Ruth Morrison James and Melissa Murphy New Century Chinese Restaurant Myoung Ju Ok Omni Mt. Washington Hotel & Resort Mike and Tanya Pappalardo Anne Hayden Parker Elaine Parshall Kendra Paupst and Joshua Seamon Maybell Renfrew Peck Melissa and Gaylord Polson Benjamin Price Debra Winot Priest Neil Raphel and Janis Raye Reflexology for the Sole Regina Rogers Doi Glen and Deborah Rosenfeld Gail Rossier Stewart Rubenstein and Chris Parker Sanel Auto Parts Co. St. Johnsbury Country Club Stahler Furniture Sign Depot Stepping Stone Spa & Wellness Center Zachary Stevens Richard and Susanna Walden

Robert and Sharon Ward Wesley Ward Dale and Judy Wells Joan and Brenda Weston Wheeler Sports Pamela and Rodney Williams Matthew Wynn Zheng Xiao Zhang

MATCHING GIFTS Aetna Foundation, Matching Gifts Amgen Foundation Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program Citizens Charitable Foundation Corning Incorporated Foundation GE Foundation GlaxoSmithKline Foundation Kimberly Clark Foundation, Matching Gift Center New England Power Company Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts The Boeing Company The Duke Energy Foundation Matching Gifts Program The Hartford TransCanada USA Services, Inc. United Technologies Corporation, PAC

Making a recurring gift to St. Johnsbury Academy enables you to make ongoing, incremental monthly gifts that add up to a significant gift in support of the Annual Fund. Each month, a small gift is automatically charged to your credit card. Enrolling is easy! Please contact Tammi Cady, Director of Development,|by phone at (802) 751-2010 or by e-mail at to find out how to enroll. HILLTOPPER

Passumpsic Savings Bank participants: Danny Lane ’74, David Cowens ’74, Tom Robinson ’70, and Jerry Rowe ’68

St. Johnsbury Country Club, June 14, 2012

Thank you to all of our sponsors and players for making the Tenth Annual St. Johnsbury Academy Golf Benefit a success and for supporting us over the years. We greatly appreciate it.

Black River Design: Jesse Remick ’98, Keith Robinson, Jim Drummond, Guy Teschmacher*



John Benoit/Benoit Electric Passumpsic Savings Bank, Member FDIC

Law Office of William P. Neylon Valhalla Corporation


Parkway Realty Associates

St. Johnsbury Automobile Co., Inc.

WELCOME SPONSOR Community National Bank

CUP SPONSOR Black River Design, Architects

HOLE-IN-ONE SPONSORS Crosstown Motors Littleton Chevrolet Quality Suzuki


Ruggles Engineering: Jared Cloutier ’96, Carrie Ruggles Gersh ’95, Tim Ruggles, and Casey Leithead

Weidmann: Bob duMaire, Mike Douglas ’70, John Goodrich, and Rob Begin ’87


Begin Realty Associates Celtic Marketing Food Brokers Derby Village Store Fairbanks Scales Horizons Deli JA Corey Electric Keith’s II Sports, LTD Mayo’s Furniture & Floor Covering Northeast Sports Network Ormsby’s Computer Service Poulos Insurance Ruggles Engineering Kathy Silloway, DDS Sovernet WEIDMANN Wells Fargo Advisors Wheeler Sports

PAR SPONSORS Avenue Styles Salon Sylvia Bedor, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Stuart V. Corso, DMD Law Office of James McFaul, P.C. Leading Edge Tool Co. New Century Chinese Restaurant North Country Federal Credit Union St. Johnsbury Animal Hospital SymQuest Group, Inc.

RAFFLE DONORS Caledonia County Fair Greenside Restaurant – St. JCC Maple Grove Farms of Vermont Omni Mt. Washington Resort Reflexology for the Sole St. Johnsbury Country Club Stahler Furniture Stepping Stone Spa & Wellness Center Tanglz & Toez




STOP! ST. J, what’s that sound? LI Vikings going down!


Coach Mike Bugbee ’69 will be relinquishing his football duties after 28 seasons of coaching Topper football. Mike was recognized at halftime of the 108th game for his dedicated service by his players, fellow coaches, family, and thousands of spectators in the crowd.

Coach Sean Murphy ’86 is joined by his brother, Jamie Murphy ’90, and some of his former teammates, David Giacobbe ’86, Tony Higgs ’87, David Laggis ’86, and Tim Lavin ’89, after his team wins the 108th SJA/LI game.

’52 CHAMPIONS: Durward Ellis ’53, Alan Cheever ’54, David Caplan ’53, Harry Chandler ’54, Tom Waterman ’55, Bernard Whitcomb ’55, Paul Desrochers ’54, and Dick Johnson ’54.

The Bugbee Family: Ethan ’98, Joanne ’71, Sam, Mike ’69, Travis ’92, Max, Andrew, and Derek ’95

Captains: David Caplan ’53, Kevin Kemp ’83, Rob Ward ’83, and John Robillard ’83.

’82 CHAMPIONS: Coach Craig Racenet ’77, Rick Francis ’84, Tyler Ayer ’83, Eric Philpot ’83, Steve Clouatre ’85, Jeff Clouatre ’83, Doug Bedard ’83, Rob Ward ’83, Kevin Kemp ’83, Barry Gilding ’85, Rich Lyon ’84, Jim Hayes ’83, Alan Ruggles ’84, John Robillard ’83, Gary Briggs ’83, Ray Gendron ’83, Frank Empsall ’83, Jeff Talbot ’83 and Matt Ash ’85.

Members of the 1952 and 1982 State Championship Football Teams gathered together for a special dinner with the 2012 Varsity team before their game against Lyndon Institute.


Dick Johnson ’54 and Bruce Johnson ’64

Cindy ’83, Julia ’09, John ’83, and Jake Robillard ’06

Roger Haines, Steve ’71 and Deborah Dolgin


Zachary ’15 and Doug Bedard ’83

Sharon and Tom Moore, Jerry Prevost ’77, and Carmen Desrochers Repasz ’57

Richard Hayes ’80, Jim ’83 and Kristina Bisson Hayes ’88

Bruce Johnson ’64 and Tom Lovett

Tammy MacLean ’82 and Jim Hutchins ’82

MARK YOUR CALENDARS 2012–2013 ALUMNI EVENTS Come and say hello!


HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE 5:30 – 7:30 p.m., hosted by the SJA Alumni Council, Straszko Center at Graham’s House, 85 Fairbanks Drive, St. Johnsbury Academy Enjoy holiday cheer in the new home for alumni.



WINTER SPECTATOR WEEKEND 9:30 – 11:00 a.m. Enjoy refreshments at the Straszko Center at Graham’s House 11:00 a.m. – JV Girls Basketball vs. Rutland Alumni Gymnasium 12:30 p.m. – Varsity Girls Basketball vs. Rutland Alumni Gymnasium 2:00 p.m. – Varsity Boys Basketball vs. S. Burlington Alumni Gymnasium 2:30 p.m. – Academy Hockey vs. Lyndon Institute Fenton Chester Arena 3:30 p.m. – JV Boys Basketball vs. S. Burlington Alumni Gymnasium


6:00-8:00 p.m., Middlesex Lounge, 315 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA * Hosted by Astrid Lium ’97 and Chris Lutes, enjoy casual conversation with appetizers provided and a cash bar.



Attention college students returning home for the holidays. Please join us for a chat with current Seniors. For more information, contact the Alumni Office by phone at (802) 751-2011 or by email at


MELVILLE VINEYARDS, LOMPOC, CA Tour the vineyard, taste the wine, and enjoy the company of hosts, Chad ’89 and Brent ’87 Melville, along with other SJA alumni and friends. If you are interested in attending, please contact Tammi Cady by phone at (802) 751-2010 or by email at for more information.


Details to be determined, contact Alan Ruggles by phone at (802) 748-7725 or by email at for more details.

MAY 31




Details to be determined, but planning to meet at a Washington Nationals game. Contact Tammi Cady by phone at (802) 751-2010, or by email at for more details.


11TH ANNUAL SJA GOLF BENEFIT Contact Alan Ruggles by phone at (802) 748-7725, or by email at for more details.


24 25 26

TAMPA, FL *note it’s a Saturday 12 noon at the Tampa Club, 101 East Kennedy Boulevard #4200, Tampa, FL NAPLES, FL OCALA, FL VERO BEACH, FL 12 noon at the Vero Beach Country Club, 30th Street Vero Beach, FL

We are working in with the Admissions Office to host some official reunions in different countries. Please consider joining the SJA Facebook groups by country to learn more, or contact the Alumni Office at

Nonprofit Org. US Postage PAID Burlington, VT Permit No. 399

St. Johnsbury Academy PO Box 906 St. Johnsbury, Vermont 05819 802-751-2011 |

Boston, MA April 13

Tampa, FL February 23

Tour and Wine-tasting


Melville Vineyards, Lompoc, CA April 13

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