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With the rush of everyday life these days, safety seems to rank in second place behind productivity. For instance, trying to get a roof on a new home before bad weather sets in. Naturally, you speed up to avoid weather damage. At the same time, without even thinking about it, you overlook simple safety issues that could lead to injury. Dewalt power tools are preferred by alot of individuals and companies to help speed up the job or task at hand. With that in mind, lets look at some of the safety issues you should use to prevent injuries from occurring while using your dewalt tools. When using a dewalt grinder make sure all the guards are in place.This prevents hot metal sparks from getting into your eyes and burning your arms. You can also wear long sleeve clothing and safety glasses while grinding to give added protection. If you are using a wire brush accessory with your dewalt grinder safety glasses are a must. The wires will break and could cause serious eye damage. A pair of thin leather gloves is an option if the metal your with is small and requires your hands to be close to the grinding wheel or brush. When using your dewalt circular saw make sure the blade guard is working properly. Again protective eye wear should be used to prevent dust from getting in your eyes. You should set the depth adjustment so it just reaches through the board or plank your cutting. This could prevent your power cord from being cut in to and causing electrical shock. If your cutting out an opening for a stairwell, window, or doorway it could prevent hitting a nail in the framework and having pieces of saw teeth flying around. Dewalt also offer an electric brake on some models.This prevents the blade from free spinning to a stop when you let off the power. When using your dewalt table saw make sure to keep the blade guard attached in its proper location. Make sure to set the blade depth the same as you would for the circular saw. If your using a rip fence with you should have something to push the board or plank through the last few inches of the cut. You do not want your hand or fingers between the blade and rip fence, one slip could leave you with a

serious injury. Also, never substitute a grinding in place of a saw blade on your dewalt table saw. Dust does settle inside the saw and will catch on fire from the sparks of a grinding wheel. Use dewalt power tools only for jobs they were designed for. This is only a few of the products in the dewalt power tool line.Each tool requires different safety precautions. You should always take time to look at the worst case scenario of what could happen if you do not apply the proper safety when using power tools of any kind. It will prevent alot of serious injuries. Take care and work safe.

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==== ==== The Best Selection Of Dewalt Tools All In One Spot! ==== ====

Dewalt Power Tools Safety Tips  

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