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Commission Blueprint is like finding a needle in haystack. The creators of this money making program, Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey are marketers just like you and I. They are the type of marketers that fly low under the radar amassing their fortunes, marketing ClickBank products. They too had struggled early on, until they uncovered some pretty devastating tactics that allowed them to generate over $109,000 in just 30 days. Basically Commission Blueprint is exactly what the name implies. A proven blueprint that once followed will help you finally figure out how to master the AdWords game and generate huge commissions as a Clickbank affiliate? This is not some cheesy e-book that leaves you high and dry without the actual points to generate money, but a system, once put in place that will help your affiliate income go through the roof. These two guys have mastered the entire affiliate game. In seven short months, Steve and Tim had generated half a million dollars in commissions from marketing ClickBank products. How many affiliates do you know of that generate those kinds of commissions in such a short amount of time? I'll bet you said none! This is what makes that feat so amazing! 1) They achieved this selling someone else's product. It was not even theirs. 2) They managed to generate this money much without having a huge email list. The one thing that most Guru's have. This is good for you, it means that you can make money without list building. 3) Also they did this using AdWords with only one keyword and one single product. That is unheard of! This is what you will get inside the Commission Blueprint area once you join. 1) You get instant access the second you join to 5 hours of professionally designed videos. Starting with video 1 to video 14, you get all of the information that you need to start generating commissions in a few hours of setting up your campaigns. You will find out just what you have been doing wrong as an affiliate marketer and also why you have gotten burned using AdWords in the past. 2) With Commission Blueprint, you will also get 3 manuals that teach you everything that you need to know about affiliate marketing, ClickBank, landing pages, generating affiliate commissions and more.

3) And for a short time, Steve and Tim are offering members one of their pre-sell templates that has a 5% conversion rate that results in sales. 4) You get one review page that generates 200% profits on Google AdWords for them consistently. 5) You get one opt in page that generates lead conversions up to 60%. 6) And you get one optin page with video that drives sales through the roof. Why am I writing this review? After reading all of the success stories for a while now with Commission Blueprint, the curiosity was killing me. After one week of reviewing all of the training material, I set up my first AdWords campaign. I was somewhat skeptical, but I am a firm believer in nothing ventured nothing gained. Besides I had been wiped out with AdWords in the past. So you can understand my surprise when I logged into my ClickBank account to see these commissions: Day one - $68 Day Two - $140 Day Three - $139 Day four - $247 That's $597 in affiliate commissions in less than a week. This Blueprint is the best I have seen in seven years of marketing online and trying just about very opportunity out there. And the best part is, that my commissions are growing everyday as I become more experienced with this system. And you do not need any experience to see the results that I am. I will tell you this firsthand, Commission Blueprint is not cheap as the price has gone up to $97 at the time of writing this article. But if you understand that investing $97 now to make a lot more later is how you create wealth online, than this is a must join before they increase the price to $297 and take away all of the bonuses. Take a few minutes to look at all of the testimonials on the site. These are some high profile Guru's that are very selective about who they give testimonials to. If there is one money making program to give serious consideration to this year, it is Commission Blueprint. With excellent videos, manuals, bonuses and support, it is well worth the small investment.

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==== ==== Commission Blueprint your start to Internet Success. ==== ====

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