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NDP candidate John Hansen Derek Dunn

News –Carleton-Missis-

sippi Mills NDP candidate John Hansen has wanted to get out and talk to as many of the riding’s 87,000 vot-


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ers as possible. “I’m going to be asking to be the voice for this community,� he said when he launched his campaign on April 29. “And I promise two things in exchange: one is that I’ll work hard, that is not a problem; and second is that I will hold regular town hall meetings when elected.� Now retired, Hansen said his experience in high tech taught him that collaboration and learning from others is crucial to arriving at the best solution. This also means transparency in the political process. He cited the light rail train (LRT) project as typical. It will cost billions of dollars, yet not reach Kanata until 2048, he says. Yet sitting MPP Jack MacLaren appears to have little interest in or knowledge of the plan, Hansen indicated. “I would drill down on those numbers. Why is it not coming here?� he said. Hansen doesn’t fit the stereotypical model of a New Democrat. He claims to not know what a socialist is – other than people should be able to get to work without pay-

ing a toll, kids should have good schools, internet services should be reasonably priced, and affordable utilities like water and electricity should be kept in public hands. But he admits government is not always the answer – “Look at the Presto Card; that is what high tech should do� – and that private sector jobs should be priority number one. An engineer, Mr. Hansen moved to Kanata 35 years ago. He is quick to talk about challenges facing his community, even down to not enough bus stops on Terry Fox Drive south of Hazeldean Road. He has worked for Nortel and Intel as well as has founded several start-up companies.

CHEO celebrates turning 40 with Doors Open Ottawa By Jenna Guilbeault

This year, the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario will be celebrating its 40th year of service to children and youth, and what better way to celebrate than to open its doors to the public during the Doors Open Ottawa event June 7 and 8. CHEO is a world-renowned and cutting-edge pediatric care facility that specializes in research and training and is one of the few independent pediatric hospitals in Canada. CHEO is located at 401 Smyth Road in Ottawa, but they extend their services to communities in Eastern Ontario, Western Quebec, Nunavut and parts of Northern Ontario through their numerous partnerships with organizations such as Ronald McDonald House, Roger’s House, Children’s Miracle Network and Compassionate Friends of Canada. CHEO is a teaching hospital that also offers medical support to other doctors in Ottawa institutions and this, in turn, strengthens the quality of care that is offered to children and youth. Each year, CHEO provides more than 6,000 admissions, 7,000 surgeries and 170,000 clinic visits. It houses one of the busiest pediatric emergency rooms in Canada, treating more than 65,000 children and youth a year. CHEO offers

a wide range of specialized programs for youth that focus on disorders such as early language developmental disabilities and autism. CHEO’s is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year by opening its doors during Doors Open Ottawa. You can join a guided tour and get a unique behind-the-scenes look at the hospital’s cutting-edge research facilities, surgical suites and the simulation lab. Eva Schacherl, from the communications department at CHEO, says that there will be lot of interesting things for kids and adults to see. There will be child-friendly activities, and parents can experience the human library, where they can sit down one-on-one to talk with a heart surgeon or a brain surgeon, for example. Schacherl says there is a superhero theme within the hospital and she hopes that those who visit CHEO will support that theme – dressing up as superheroes encouraged! Doors Open Ottawa takes place this year during the ďŹ rst full weekend in June. It celebrates the historically and architecturally signiďŹ cant buildings in the Ottawa area by opening their doors, free of admission, for the public to see. 2014-02-8023-23320_5_en

56 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, June 5, 2014


John Hansen

Andrew West running for Green Party Adam Kveton adam.kveton@metroland. com

News - Green Party candidate Andrew West says his party is a great fit for the CarletonMississippi Mills riding, with its fiscal conservatism and strong stance on protecting the environment. With a rural agricultural sector as well as an urban centre, “a lot of our plan makes perfect sense (for the riding),� said West. The 39-year-old University of Ottawa law student is making his first run at the ballot, bringing along experience in university politics and volunteer expereince with various political party campaigns. West does not live in the riding, but grew up in similar circumstances in the Bruce-GreyOwen Sound riding, he said. “People do like fiscal responsibility, but a lot of the community is rural, and there is a lot of agriculture,� he said. “The Green Party is

Andrew West strong on many fronts to do with food and water and agriculture in general.� Protecting the Greenbelt and working to conserve the Beaver Pond area in Kanata are a few of his priorities, he said, while focusing on some of the major issues for residents, like transportation, education and jobs. West said the Green Party would support Ottawa’s light rail transit project, and would set aside $3 billion to fund transit in Ontario. He commented that the city’s most affordable plan, one that would

have the Confederation line stop well short of Kanata, is not good enough, and that the number of local bus routes have to increase. If elected, the Green Party would look to reallocate taxes rather than increase them, he said. That would include closing HST loopholes and doubling the employer health-care tax exemption from $450,000 to $900,000 for businesses with payrolls less than $5 million. The party’s biggest money saver would be amalgamating the public and Catholic school boards. This would save $1.2 to $1.6 billion a year, he said. As for the party’s stance on energy creation, West highlighted a home retrofit grant of $4 million over four years. “The Green Party is all about conservation. So rather than adding new generators and new nuclear plants ... we would rather see money put towards home retrofits to conserve energy,� said West.

Election Day is June 12th, 2014. Polls are open from 9 AM to 9 PM ET / 8 AM to 8 PM CT. To vote in this election, you must be:               and     

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