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Underground hydro wires going along Founders Ave. Laura Mueller

News - A technical issue means a new road in Stittsville will break city rules and get underground hydro wires. Despite a new policy passed in 2011 that says the city won’t bury hydro lines unless it’s fully paid for by the developer, businesses or residents that request it, the hydro lines along a new road being built in Stittsville will be underground. The two-lane road, Founders Avenue, will be constructed through undeveloped land between Fernbank Road to Hazeldean Road in two phases. The problem is that the area already has two hydro-line corridors traversing the area, which could create electrical interference if another set of hydro lines are added along the road. The only solution, said Stittsville Coun. Shad Qadri, is to use $1.46 million the city will collect in development charges for future construction in the area to pay for underground installation of the new wires. “It’s because of a technical issue,” Qadri said. “There are a couple hydro corridors in close proximity and in order to put a third one in would be really, really impossible from a technical perspective.” The area already has a high-voltage Hydro One line running through the area, as well as an Ottawa Hydro corridor. Other solutions investigated the possibility

of excavating the roadway to lower the road by 2.7 metres, or raising the height of the Hydro One lines. According to a memo from city staff, both those options would have created “unacceptable conflicts” with development plans for the area and would have resulted in a “multitude of technical issues making it almost impossible to support development in an efficient and effective manner.” The underground option is also $366,125 cheaper than making the existing hydro towers taller, according to the memo. On May 27 the city’s planning committee approved the exception to allow development charges to be used to pay for the work. The construction of the future Founders Avenue has already begun, so council had make an exception to pass the committee’s recommendation the next day in order to avoid construction delays and increased costs, Qadri said. Phase 1 of the road between Fernbank and Abbott is expected to be done late next year. Phase 2, from Abbottsford to Hazeldean, is expected to be built in the next two to three years. A third phase connecting Founders Avenue from Hazeldean Road to Palladium Drive would be completed later – likely before 2025, according to the city’s transportation master plan. The entire road will paid for using development charges, since it is a new road and the charges are used to pay for the costs associated with the city’s growth. The road will eventually be widened to four lanes for vehicle traffic and two transit lanes.

Historic generating station at Chaudière Falls open to the public June 7, 8

Scouts Canada The Chaudière Generating Station No. 2 will be open to the public as part of Doors Open Ottawa. Hydro Ottawa will provide a rare glimpse inside Canada’s oldest operating run-ofthe-river hydroelectric generating station on June 7th and 8th.

For Youth Ages 5-17 Beaver Scouts • Cub Scouts • Scouts • Venturer Scouts

Last year, more than 1,400 people toured Hydro Ottawa’s hydroelectric Generating Station No. 2 at Chaudière Falls as part of Doors Open Ottawa. Brought to the community by the City of Ottawa, Doors Open Ottawa is city’s largest heritage and architectural event, giving visitors the opportunity to explore the inside of some of Ottawa’s most prestigious buildings and facilities.


1st Richmond June 12, 6 PM - 7 PM Conley Golf Driving Range Contact Derek Cooke: 613-838-6056

3rd Kanata: (Bridlewood, Emerald Meadows) 4th Kanata: (Hazeldean-Katimavik) Contact James McDonnell Tel (eve): (613)595-0425

1st West Carleton

7th Kanata: (Morgan’s Grant, Briarbrook,South March) Contact Brian Lypps: 613-591-0259 June 12, 2014 6:30-7:30 PM St. Isidore School 1105 March Road, Kanata

Contact Tina Franklin: 613-623-7188

1st Stittsville June 10th, 7-9 PM

1st Carp Contact: Brian Jones: 613-256-3532 E-mail:

1st Glen Cairn Contact Shari Geekie: 613-831-3307

“Chaudière Falls is in the heart of Canada’s National Capital and has great historical significance,” said Bryce Conrad, President and CEO of Hydro Ottawa. “It fueled the industrial explosion of the mid 1800s by providing the water power for the vast complex of lumber mills that generated electricity that drove railroads and factories in the area after 1885.” Hydro Ottawa owns and operates six run-of-the-river hydroelectric facilities, located along the Ottawa River adjacent to Chaudière Falls, the birth place of Ottawa’s rich logging history. Less than 1.5 kilometres away from Parliament Hill in Ottawa’s downtown core, these facilities produce more than 270,000 megawatt hours of power each year, making Hydro Ottawa the largest municipallyowned producer of green power in eastern Ontario. Generating Station No. 2, commissioned by E.H. Bronson in 1891 during the lumber boom, is a heritagedesignated building and Canada’s oldest surviving hydroelectric facility still in operation. During the two-day event, visitors will get the chance to explore the historicallysignificant facility between 10 am to 4 pm, learn about electricity safety and conservation from on-site experts, and inspect the company’s electric-powered Chevy Volt. There will be an on-site BBQ and bucket truck rides in support of Hydro Ottawa’s United Way campaign.

St. Andrew’s Church

2 Mulkins St., Stittsville Contact Bruce Leblanc: 613-294-1955

1st Kanata: (Beaverbrook, Kanata Lakes, Village Green, Heritage Hills, Kanata Estates) See for info Sign your child up today for an experience that lasts a lifetime 1-888-SCOUTS-NOW


1st Munster Contact Duncan Toswell: 613-838-2670

“It’s a unique opportunity to share the history of this site with the community,” said Conrad. “Not only do visitors get to tour this historic building, but they also learn how hydroelectricity is produced.”


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