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Plaque, book by Historical Society in 2012

EMC news - The 2012 year saw the Goulbourn Township Historical Society record two major accomplishments. In her president’s report at last Saturday’s annual general meeting of the Historical Society, president Barbara Bottriell outlined these two accomplishments, both of which involved more than two years of work and effort by Society members.. One was the installation of a cast bronze plaque commemorating the Great Fire of 1870 and its destruction of “Old Stittsville� on the Carp Road. After being turned down in its effort to have a provincial historic plaque erected to mark the event, the Historical Society decided to fund the erection of such a plaque itself in the belief that the Great Fire was a significant event in the history not only of Stittsville but of the greater Carleton County area. In addition, the destruction of Old Stittsville by the fire was an important event in Stittsville’s history. The plaque, which cost the Society $2,502.95, was unveiled at the 2012 Villagefest activities at Village Square Park. President Bottriell said that the Society’s second major accomplishment of 2012 was the publication of the book “Goulbourn Stained Glass,� featuring photographs of 105 stained glass windows in 12 Goulbourn churches. The 60 page book also presents brief histories about the families to whom the windows are dedicated. Bernie Shaw did all of the research and writing for the book while the photography was handled by John Bottriell, John Brummell and Mike Bryan. John Bottriell did all of the technical work required to prepare the book for publication while Barbara Bottriell oversaw the project as editor. But these two major accomplishments were only part of the Historical Society’s activities during 2012. During the year, the Historical Society participated in ten public events, most involving

the presence of costumed interpreters. These included Heritage Day celebrations both at the Stittsville branch of the Ottawa Public Library and at Ottawa city hall; the Art and Authors in the Park event in May; the Rockin’ Royalty event in June; the Canada Day celebrations on July 1; the Beckwith Township Heritage Day event; the War of 1812 celebration at the Goulbourn Museum; the Richmond Fair parade; and Villagefest in Stittsville. The Historical Society participates in such events to publicize and to communicate local history to members of the public. The year 2012 also saw the Historical Society set up a local history space at the Stittsville library thanks to the cooperation of the Ottawa Public Library. This local history space includes a table and a computer which holds digitized versions of the Society’s historical photo collection. This collection is searchable by anyone who wants to see the photos. The local history space also includes the Society’s history files as well as the Society’s archival material that is housed in a four-drawer filing cabinet next to the computer desk. This includes social history files as well as family history files. There is an index outlining the contents of the cabinet. Those wanting to use these local history resources can do so simply by signing in at the library’s information desk. Reference materials, historical magazines and some books are also available at this local history space. Members of the Society’s archival committee are currently indexing all of the files and improving their organization where possible. The Historical Society issued four editions of its newsletter in 2012. Longtime editor Virginia Notley is stepping down from the position with Lesley McKay, who grew up in Stittsville, taking over as the new editor in 2013. The Historical Society’s website in 2012 was maintained by John Bottriell. There are plans to update the website

Society membership Special to the News

EMC news - The Goulbourn Township Historical Society has 82 memberships at present. The number of actual members is more because some of the memberships are family memberships as opposed to single memberships. The Society’s membership number have been fairly steady in recent years, Society membership chair Robin Derrick reported at the Society’s annual general meeting in Stittsville last Saturday. This has meant about 81 memberships a year, covering about 114 members. In 2009, the Society had 74 memberships covering 104 members. Mr. Derrick told those at the annual meeting that the Board of Directors of the Historical Society is thinking about changing the membership year to a calendar year. At present memberships run from April 1 to the next March 31. The Society’s annual general meeting, though, is in January. A switch to a calendar year for memberships would make it more convenient for members to renew when attending the annual general meeting rather than doing it around April 1. Mr. Derrick also noted that now about half of the Society’s members now receive the Society’s newsletter via email. It used to be that all of the newsletters were sent in the mail.

this year, providing capacity for more photographs. The Historical Society hosted four speaker’s presentations in 2012. Topics included Charlotte Whitton, the history of Richmond, researching military records from the War of 1812 and Women at War. Programs also included a steam train display, a celebration of Queen’s Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee and a Christmas social. In the summer of 2012, the Historical Society undertook an outing to the Waba Cottage Museum at White Lake, including a lunch stop in Burnstown. “Goulbourn Stained Glass� was not the only book which the Historical Society printed in 2012. The Historical Society also arranged to print more copies of “Ghosts of Goulbourn,� a book written by Bernie Shaw first printed in 2004 but which had been out of print for several years. Most of the copies printed were sold by late November, with a few copies remaining for sale in 2013. The Historical Society also presents an award in history at the three local high schools – Sacred Heart Catholic High School and the Frederick Banting Alternate Program in Stittsville and South Carleton High School in Richmond. The Historical Society also lays a wreath on behalf of the

Society at the three local Remembrance ceremonies – in Richmond, in Stittsville and in Munster. Other Historical Society activities which the Historical

Society undertakes from an outreach perspective include the creation and staffing of exhibits, trying to establish a presence in local schools, erecting plaques on buildings

with historical significance, promoting a costumed interpreters’ program, maintaining a website and hosting an annual heritage photo competition.


Retiring Goulbourn Township Historical Society newsletter editor Virginia Notley, left, looks over the Society’s new book “Goulbourn Stained Glass� with the Society’s new newsletter editor Lesley McKay, right, at the Society’s annual general meeting in Stittsville last Saturday.

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