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Spring 2018

About Us

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Established in 2012, Stitch Sprouts offers the highest quality yarns to fill your shelves, hundreds of patterns and books by popular designers, and dozens of unique handmade stitch markers.


In 2014 Stitch Sprouts launched our own yarn brand. Yellowstone is the first line to come out of the mill. Yellowstone is a hardworking and beautiful yarn, with a blend of wool and a touch of silk for strength and luster. Each skein contains 285 yards of 3-ply luxury. It’s the perfect yarn for texture, lace, colorwork, and cables. We offer 13 colors inspired by the beauty of the American wilderness. Just one year later, we proudly launched our second line, Crater Lake. Crater Lake is a bulky 100% superwash merino. A 3-ply construction and a soft bouncy twist make this a yarn you will want to use for everything. It’s perfect for baby items, adult sweaters, and everything in between. Each skein is 110 yards of super snuggly comfort. Crater Lake now comes in 12 beautiful colors. We are very excited to offer these classy and comfortable yarns to our customers to help create the projects of their dreams, and can’t wait to see what they create with it. You'll love having Yellowstone or Crater Lake on your needles, hooks, and looms. Please be sure to share your finished projects with us via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, or Ravelry!

Patterns & Books

With 30 of the BEST designers in the industry, Stitch Sprouts provides you with hundreds of patterns for any weight yarn. Our offerings include accessories, shawls, hats, socks, and sweaters. All our patterns are printed in full color on high quality bound stock. Patterns sell yarn!


Stitch Sprouts is proud to distribute the full line of BRITTANY needles and hooks. They are not only beautiful to look at but feel warm and smooth in your hands and are a pleasure to work with.

Notions Our growing collection of stitch markers is unique and completely handmade. Coil-less Crystals add bling to your work with the sparkle of real Swarovski crystals. These removable locking markers are perfect for both knitting and crochet. Paper Pearls are made from recycled Stitch Sprouts catalogs. We hand roll and seal each and every unique pearl. Snag-free stitch markers are seamless with colorful beads in coordinating colors and won’t catch even the finest yarns and threads. Sprout Gems adorn your knitting with beautiful gemstones. They are made with the thinnest wire loops that won’t interrupt your gauge. Flower Drops are graceful glass flowers that hang from the needle from thin wire loops. We are starting a line of notions! Needle Tubes are perfect for your tapestry needles and other small notions. They won’t break like those “other” plastic ones and they are super cute! They are a super sturdy telescoping cardboard tube, made 100% in the United States, and feature our cute sprout mascot.

How to Order Placing an order is as easy as sending an e-mail or giving us a call. Remember to list both the item number and description. (877) 781-2042

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What is Sprout Scouts? Sprout Scouts is a 10-month educational, community-building program intended to increase your customer engagement by bringing them into your shop again and again. Each week, or as often as you like, you can hold a Scout “meeting” where your scouts come together to knit, to learn, and to create. Sprout Scouts promotes community in your store by forming a group of knitters who gather for the common goals of advancing their knitting, earning achievements, and enjoying each others’ company. Stitch Sprouts provides you with all the tools you need to create this community. You just supply the space and the yarn!

What do you get? Sprout Scouts comes packaged in seats of five. Additional seats can be added on after the initial 5-pack is purchased. Each seat comes with the following: • Five exclusive Scout patterns • Several handouts/activities for each pattern • Tote bag for each student • 2 Related achievement patches for each pattern • Gifts, goodies, and extras in each shipment such as stitch markers, notions pouches, needle cases, and more! Additionally, by signing up for Scouts you will receive a Scout Leader Handbook with ideas for how to guide your scouts through each pattern. The handbook includes class lesson plans, activity night ideas, and pattern information so you can pair patterns with yarn from your store. You will also get access to promotional materials and graphics to help advertise the program. We really want you, your shop, and this program to succeed!

Is yarn included? No. We understand that every yarn shop has a different selection of yarn. We want you to sell your yarn! You can pair your yarns with our patterns. The Scout Leader Handbook will guide you to what yarns will be appropriate for the projects so you can sell the yarn you have in stock.

What is Aster? Aster is the name of the first year of the Sprout Scouts program. The focus for Aster is small knits. Each year will have a new flower name and a new focus. This allows the yarn shop to run a previous year with new members while returning scouts move on to a new year. For example, the second year might be named Buttercup. You could run Buttercup for the people who participated in Aster, and run Aster again for the people who missed out on Aster the first time. The projects for Aster are: • Alpinus: a sport weight textured hat • Glehnii: worsted weight colorwork mittens • Maackii: fingering weight cuff-down socks • Tripolium: a chunky cabled cowl • Hayatae: a fingering weight shawl

What is the skill level needed/skills gained? Aster is appropriate for knitters with skill levels ranging from adventurous beginner to advanced. The projects are for knitters who are ready to try more than just knitting and purling, expert knitters who just want to have fun knitting with a group, and everyone in between. The included classes for Aster are: • Knitting in the Round 4-Ways • Introduction to Stranded Colorwork • Knitting Socks from the Top Down • Knitting Cables • Knitting Lace

What is the timeline? You will receive five shipments a year, one in October, December, February, April, and June. The first shipment will contain tote bags, the Scout Leader Handbook, the first patterns, achievement patches, and activities. Every other month after you will receive another package with new patterns, patches, and activities. You can always sign up after we start shipping and we will send you everything that has already shipped! Feel free to begin your program any time you wish.

Does the Scout Leader get a free set of materials? No, if the Scout Leader wants to participate, as well as lead the knitting and activities, they should include themselves as one of the scouts when purchasing.

How do I sign up? Send us an e-mail at and let us know! Order now and we will send you updates and promotional materials to help you launch Scouts at your shop.


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Stitch Sprouts is proud to distribute the full line of BRITTANY products. Each BRITTANY Needle is a finely crafted work of art. They are made in California from sustainably harvested birch, or walnut, and are packaged in recycled, reusable packaging. Chris and the Barnes family have been making needles since 1976. They are not only beautiful to look at but feel warm and smooth in your hands and are a pleasure to work with.


With the finish of a cable needle, this shawl pin is the diameter of a US 8 [5mm] needle and is 6" long.


Knitters love this unique design. They come in a set of 3 different diameters and have a matte finish so they stay in place.

NEEDLE WAX This all natural needle wax can be used to clean and maintain the finish of any wooden tools. BNWAX

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Crochet Hook D [3.25mm]

BND5000 5" DPN – US #0 [2mm]


10" Birch Needle – US #3 [3.25mm]


Crochet Hook E [3.5mm]

BND5010 5" DPN – US #1 [2.25mm]


10" Birch Needle – US #4 [3.5mm]


Crochet Hook F [3.75mm]

BND5015 5" DPN – US #1.5 [2.5mm]


10" Birch Needle – US #5 [3.75mm]


Crochet Hook G [4mm]

BND5020 5" DPN – US #2 [2.75mm]


10" Birch Needle – US #6 [4mm]


Crochet Hook 7 [4.5mm]

BND5025 5" DPN – US #2.5 [3mm]


10" Birch Needle – US #7 [4.5mm]


Crochet Hook H [5mm]

BND5030 5" DPN – US #3 [3.25mm]


10" Birch Needle – US #8 [5mm]


Crochet Hook I [5.5mm]

BND5040 5" DPN – US #4 [3.5mm]


10" Birch Needle – US #9 [5.5mm]


Crochet Hook J [6mm]

BND5050 5" DPN – US #5 [3.75mm]


10" Birch Needle – US #10 [6mm]


Crochet Hook K [6.5mm]

BND5060 5" DPN – US #6 [4mm]


10" Birch Needle – US #10.5 [6.5mm]


Crochet Hook 10.75 [7mm]

BND5070 5" DPN – US #7 [4.5mm]


10" Birch Needle – US #10.75 [7mm]


Crochet Hook 10.875 [7.5mm]

BND5080 5" DPN – US #8 [5mm]


10" Birch Needle – US #10.875 [7.5mm]


Crochet Hook L [8mm]

BND5090 5" DPN – US #9 [5.5mm]


10" Birch Needle – US #11 [8mm]


Crochet Hook M [9mm]

BND5100 5" DPN – US #10 [6mm]


10" Birch Needle – US #13 [9mm]


10" Birch Needle – US #15 [10mm]


10" Birch Needle – US #17 [12mm]


10" Birch Needle – US #19 [15mm]


10" Birch Needle – US #35 [20mm]

BND7020 7.5" DPN – US #2 [2.75mm] BND7025 7.5" DPN – US #2.5 [3mm] BND7030 7.5" DPN – US #3 [3.25mm] BND7040 7.5" DPN – US #4 [3.5mm] BND7050 7.5" DPN – US #5 [3.75mm] BND7060 7.5" DPN – US #6 [4mm] BND7070 7.5" DPN – US #7 [4.5mm] BND7080 7.5" DPN – US #8 [5mm] BND7090 7.5" DPN – US #9 [5.5mm] BND7100 7.5" DPN – US #10 [6mm] BND7105 7.5" DPN – US #10.5 [6.5mm] BND7107 7.5" DPN – US #10.75 [7mm] BND7108 7.5" DPN – US #10.875 [7.5mm] BND7110 7.5" DPN – US #11 [8mm] BND7130 7.5" DPN – US #13 [9mm] BND7150 7.5" DPN – US #15 [10mm] BND7170 7.5" DPN – US #17 [12mm]

Looking for 10" DPNs or 14" single points? You can special order them! Send us an e-mail!


10" Walnut Needle – US #3 [3.25mm]


10" Walnut Needle – US #4 [3.5mm]


10" Walnut Needle – US #5 [3.75mm]


10" Walnut Needle – US #6 [4mm]


10" Walnut Needle – US #7 [4.5mm]


10" Walnut Needle – US #8 [5mm]


10" Walnut Needle – US #9 [5.5mm]


10" Walnut Needle – US #10 [6mm]


10" Walnut Needle – US #10.5 [6.5mm]


10" Walnut Needle – US #10.75 [7mm]


10" Walnut Needle – US #10.875 [7.5mm]


10" Walnut Needle – US #11 [8mm]


10" Walnut Needle – US #13 [9mm]


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Snag-Free Ring Markers - NEW COLORS! Each stitch marker is carefully constructed to be snag-free. A colorful glass bead is glued directly over the seam in the jumpring keeping even the lightest lace-weight yarn from snagging. Themed sets contain like colored beads. The jumpring is 9mm and will fit comfortably up to a US #8 needle. 8 markers per set

SM60 - Unicorn

SM61 - Narwhal

SM62 - Dragon

SM63 - Werewolf

SM64 - Vampire

Flower Drops These graceful glass flowers hang from the needle from thin wire loops. 4 regular markers and 1 round marking marker per set. SM50

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Notions Needle Tube These etui are perfect for your tapestry needles and other small notions. They won’t break like those “other” plastic ones and they are super cute! They are a super sturdy telescoping cardboard tube, made 100% in the United States, and feature our cute sprout mascot. The tubes will fit items that are 3.5" long. 1 Tube - needles not included

Coil-less Crystals Add bling to your work with the sparkle of real Swarovski crystals. These removable locking markers are perfect for both knitting and crochet. 12 markers per set

SM30 - Multi

SM31 - Pink

SM32 - Purple

SM33 - Blue

SM34 - Green

Sprout Gems These Stitch Markers are made with the thinnest of wire loops so they don’t interrupt your gauge when knitting. Let us choose your gems. 5 assorted gems per pack. SM40

Paper Pearls Stitch Markers What does Stitch Sprouts do with leftover catalogs? We turn them into paper pearls! Each paper bead is hand rolled and sealed using strips of past catalog pages. Each pearl is unique in shape and color. Bead color may vary depending on supplies. The attached jumpring is 9mm and will fit comfortably up to a US #8 needle. 5 markers per set

Class Kits

Page 8 Why Classes? Classes attract customers. Offering new and exciting classes that develop your customers’ knitting and crocheting skills is a must. But what shop owner has time to create detailed class materials when they’re already busy running a store? Engage your students with new classes and grow your customer base with our newest offering, Class Kits.

What is a Class Kit?

Class Kits are MORE than a kit. A class kit contains a pattern, a skein of yarn, AND a class handout. You can use these as class materials when you teach a class, or you can sell them as a class-in-a-box for students who want to teach themselves. Each class is broken into multiple sessions to guide students along while knitting these beautiful patterns. Kits are available in any of our colors of Yellowstone or Crater Lake as indicated below. These were a huge hit both at Sample-It and on the show floor. Kits have no minimum order, and we are shipping immediately!

Now Availab with Needl le es! CK 502

Now Availaobkl! e with Ho CK602

Learn to Knit

Learn to Crochet

This class teaches you how to knit from cast-on to bind-off. Students learn the knit and purl stitches, a knitted cast-on, and a simple k2tog/yo buttonhole while making a trendy cowl. Available in any Crater Lake color. CK0501

This class teaches you how to crochet. Students learn chain stitches, single, half-double, double, and treble crochet stitches while making a pretty cowl. Available in any Yellowstone color. CK0601

My First Shawl

Easy Cabled Cowl

This class is the perfect introduction to lace and shawl knitting. You will learn how to read lace charts, to work a variety of lace stitches, and to finish your project by blocking—all while making a beautiful lace shawl! Available in any Yellowstone color. CK0101

This class is a great introduction to cables. You will work a variety of cable stitches both with and without the cable needle, learn to read cable charts, and understand how to fix mistakes—all while making a fashionable cowl! Available in any Yellowstone color. CK0201

My Favorite Hat This class teaches you how to knit in the round in four different ways! With multiple options and knit in a bulky yarn, this is sure to become your favorite hat as well! Available in any Crater Lake color. CK0301

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Class Kits/New Designers

New Designers JENNIFER DASSAU Jennifer Dassau is an independent knitwear pattern designer who lives and works in New Hope, Pennsylvania. She likes writing patterns as much as she likes knitting them. An avid creator, she has been sewing, drawing, and writing her whole life, but her first vocation was as a practicing attorney. Despite the intellectual challenges in that field, she missed creating tangible objects, so she enrolled in design school and then switched careers to fashion production where she learned how to take the idea for a garment to reality. After beginning to knit on a whim, she quickly developed her knitwear style - seamless techniques, topdown garments, and often atypical construction, with a focus on how an item is made. Her designs explore stitches, techniques and construction, with modern details on flattering wearable silhouettes and accessories.

Stranded in Color

She collaborates frequently with indie dyers and yarn companies, and her patterns appear regularly in knit.wear and knitscene magazines; in addition, her book Knitting Short Rows: Techniques for Great Shapes and Angles is available from Interweave. Jennifer’s extensive independent catalog of patterns can be found on Ravelry and on her website.

This class teaches you how to knit 2-color stranded colorwork. The yarn in the kit is enough to make two hats in opposite colorways! Available in 4 Crater Lake color combos. CK0401 Snow/ Wizard Island

Snow/ Mazama

Phantom Ship/ The Old Man

Phantom Ship/ Violet Green Swallow

KIRSTEN KAPUR Kirsten Kapur is a New York City based designer who grew up in a family of knitters, sewers, and crafters. It was only natural that she pursue a career as an apparel and textile designer in the ready-to-wear industry, where she honed her skills in garment construction and surface design. Years later, this knowledge proved invaluable when she began to experiment with the interplay between colors and textures in her original knitwear designs and patterns. Kirsten’s independently published designs can be found online on Ravelry and her website www. Kirsten’s designs have been published in many books and magazines. Her most recent book is Drop Dead Easy Knits which she co-authored with Gale Zucker and Mary Lou Egan. She is also the author of Kirsten Kapur Shawl Book One.


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Designers/item numbers are based on the characters indicated in blue behind names below. Use item numbers for quick and easy ordering. All patterns are knitting unless otherwise indicated. Patterns written specifically for Stitch Sprouts begin with (SS).

Amy Herzog (AH)

BabyCocktails (BC)

Carol Sunday (CS)

View all of Amy’s patterns at

View all of BabyCocktails’ patterns at

View all of Carol’s patterns at

Andrea Rangel (AR)

Barbara Benson (BB)

Corrina Ferguson (CF)

View all of Andrea’s patterns at

View all of Barbara’s patterns at

View all of Corrina’s patterns at

Alex Tinsley (DR)

Becky Herrick (BH)

Donna Druchunas (DD)

View all of Alex’s patterns at

View all of Becky’s patterns at

View all of Donna’s patterns at

Angela Tong (AT)

Bonnie Sennott (BS)

Faina Goberstein (FG)

View all of Angela’s patterns at

View all of Bonnie’s patterns at

View all of Faina’s patterns at

Army of Knitters (AK)

Bristol Ivy (BI)

Heather Zoppetti (HZ)

View all of Army of Knitters’ patterns at

View all of Bristol’s patterns at

View all of Heather’s patterns at

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Designers/item numbers are based on the characters indicated in blue behind names below. Use item numbers for quick and easy ordering. All patterns are knitting unless otherwise indicated. Patterns written specifically for Stitch Sprouts begin with (SS).

Jen Lucas (JL)

Mercedes Tarasovich (MT)

Romi Hill (RH)

View all of Jen’s patterns at

View all of Mercedes’ patterns at

View all of Romi Hill’s patterns at

Jennifer Dassau (JD)

Mindy Wilkes (MW)

Sivia Harding (SH)

View all of Jennifer’s patterns at

View all of Mindy’s patterns at

View all of Sivia’s patterns at

Katherine Vaughan (KV)

OwlCat Designs (OC)

Stephannie Tallent (SC)

View all of OwlCat Designs’ patterns at Designs

View all of Stephannie’s patterns at

View all of Katherine’s patterns at

Kirsten Kapur (KK) View all of Kirsten’s patterns at

Kristen TenDyke (KT) View all of Kristen’s patterns at

Poetry in Yarn (PY)

Triona Murphy (TM)

View all of Poetry in Yarn’s patterns at

View all of Triona’s patterns at

Rebecca Velasquez (RV)

Ysolda Teague (YT)

View all of Rebecca Velasquez’s patterns at

View all of Ysolda’s patterns at

New Neckwear


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KK07 Thalia by Kirsten Kapur

CF66 - 10 Yards a Day 459 yds. Fingering wt.

JL45 - Boneset

600 yds. Fingering wt.

KK01 - Abingdon

KK02 - Acorns and Arches

JD16 - Brae

SH56 - Brambleberry Cowl

600-900 yds. DK wt.

500-800 yds. Fingering wt.

910 yds. Lace wt.

1,350 yds. Fingering wt.

CF69 - Becrux Cowl 218 yds. Bulky wt.

KK03 - Cantharellus

200-400 yds. Fingering wt.

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JL46 - Capten

CF70 - Chara Shawl 436 yds. Bulky wt.

900-1,200 yds. Fingering wt.

AR50 - Clouds in a Blue Sky

BS45 - Cordulia

SC114 - Coronado Cowl 257-267 yds. Sport wt.

630-1,050 yds. Worsted wt.

JD26 - Crossfire

KK11 - Dappled Hosta

HZ67 - Dark Secret

BS44 - Enallagma

SC119 - Escondido Falls Shawl

550 yds. DK wt.

300 yds. Super Bulky wt.

CS58 - Cross-Country Skiing 1,010-2,200 yds. Lt Sport wt.

MW32 - Elakala Cowl

210 yds. Fingering wt. ea.

295 yds. DK wt.

770 yds. Fingering wt.

HZ72 - Elica

285 yds. Sport wt.

JD17 - ChevRiot

700 yds. Fingering wt.

600 yds. DK/Lt. Worsted wt.

KK04 - Cladonia

600 yds. Fingering wt.

JD19 - Courser Shawl

570 yds. Sport wt.

1,000-1,100 yds. Sport wt.


JD35 - Fish Moderne Scarf 470-485 yds. Bulky wt.

BB48 - Fun Run

1,000 yds. Fingering wt.

BS46 - Ischnura

575 yds. Bulky wt.

AT24 - Kumori

775 yds. Lace wt.

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OC89 - Fissure

1,030-1,170 yds. Fingering wt.

JL48 - Gallica

400 yds. Fingering wt.

KK10 - Julianna

420 yds. Fingering wt.

JD20 - Line Art

350-1,600 yds. Fingering wt.

KK12 - Fort Tryon Wrap

JL47 - Fortis

1,570 yds. Fingering wt.

650 yds. Fingering wt.

FG27 - Gaufré

SC115 - In Love with the Night Mysterious 620-630 yds. Sport wt.

90-100 yds. Bulky wt.

OC33 - Kashgar

JD22 - Kline Shawl

490-510 yds. Fingering/Lace wt.

760-840 yds. Fingering wt.

HZ68 - Maglia

JD18 - Making Advances

400 yds. Fingering wt.

750-800 yds. Fingering wt.

Page 15

AT26 - Melograno 175 yds. Bulky wt.

JL50 - Pagoda

1,050 yds. Fingering wt.

MW33 - Roselette Cowl

270/55/60/85 yds. Fingering wt.

JD23 - Snowsweep

300-1,200 yds. Fingering wt.


KK05 - Moody Kerchief

JD24 - Not Quite Plaid

275-550 yds. DK wt.

300-1,200 yds. Fingering wt.

JD27 - Phi

OC79 - Pontresina Cowl

650-670 yds. Fingering wt.

SS16 - Scalata

284-295 yds. Sport wt.

KK06 - Seastripes

JL49 - Pacifico

600 yds. Fingering wt.

JD15 - POPstripes

400-870 yds. Fingering wt.

KV114 - Shellcraft Shawl

285 yds. Sport wt.

600 yds. Fingering wt.

1,300-1,400 yds. Worsted wt.

JL51 - Sognare

SC120 - Spring Mountain Stole

FG25 - Stockholm to NY Cowl

900 yds. Fingering wt.

900 yds. Worsted wt.

500-520 yds. DK wt.


JD28 - Sundry

375-750 yds. Sport wt.

OC86 - Temperance Cowl 140-150 yds. DK wt.

JD21 - Vamping

400-600 yds. Fingering wt.

Page 16

SC122 - Tafoni

RV06 - Taw

RV07 - Teesdale

440-480 yds. Fingering wt.

425 yds. Fingering wt.

460 yds. Fingering wt.

KK07 - Thalia

MW30 - The Magic Hour

SC116 - Under the Sun

450 yds. Lt. Fingering wt.

JD25 - Vary

300-750 yds. Sport wt.

400 yds. Fingering wt.

CF65 - Velotte

430 yds. Fingering wt.

1,588-1,600 yds. Lace wt.

JL53 - Volta

700 yds. Fingering wt.

Popular Neckwear KK08 - Wave Hill Cowl 460 yds. Lace wt.

JD38 - Zaget

90 yds. Super Bulky wt.

SC113 - Zylphia Cowl (in Ava) 229-250 yds. Sport wt.

Page 17

HZ59 - Aquamarine

JL28 - Aranthera

420-450 yds. Fingering wt.

400 yds. Fingering wt.

HZ65 - Ardente

KV108 - Armchair Explorer Cowl

1,150 yds. Lt. Fingering wt.

SC74 - Artemisia Cowl 220 yds. DK wt.

DR29 - Bad Oyster

300-315 yds. DK wt.

RH03 - Artesian

YT48 Stac Shoaigh by Ysolda Teague

RH04 - Asterope

BB01 - Atreides

385-600 yds. Fingering wt.

400-700 yds. Fingering wt.

390-450 yds. Fingering wt.

440 yds. Fingering wt.

420 yds. Fingering wt.

JL02 - Bandwagon

JL03 - Beddington

DD02 - Belarus Hood

MW26 - Bellbrook

SC109 - Beneath the Moon

OC06 - Blackberry Ridge

BC75 - Brandy Alexander

400 yds. Fingering wt.

1,600-1,700 yds. Lace wt.

350 yds. DK wt.

200-250 yds. DK wt.

Aran wt.

420 yds. Worsted wt.


CF31 - Bryndis

400 yds. Fingering wt.

RH07 - Celaeno

Page 18

BB43 - Burly Cable Cowl 200 yds. Bulky wt.

SC65 - Cereus

BS40 - Calliopsis

1,230-1,970 yds. Sport wt.

CF43 - Charollais

RH29 - Chilkat

440-650 yds. Fingering wt.

1,150 yds. Lace wt.

400 yds. Fingering wt.

CF64 - Clairmore Cowlette

AT18 - Clinton Hill

SC112 - Coast Oak Cowl (in Ava)

SS15 - Coperta

OC11 - Cornice Cowl

CF60 - Dalawa

CS51 - Dancing with Bears

250 yds. DK wt.

BB12 - Code Breaker 400 yds. Sport wt.

AT16 - Curvilinear

175-350 yds. Worsted wt.

255 yds. Worsted wt.

660 yds. Bulky wt.

375 yds. Fingering wt.

CS08 - Cambridge

450-500 yds. Lt. Fingering wt.

306-347 yds. Sport wt.

250-270 yds. Sport wt.

690-960 yds. Worsted wt.

AT17 - Cobbleway

402 yds. Worsted wt.

CF32 - Creedence

400 yds. Worsted wt.

AT20 - Dayap Cowl

800 yds. Fingering wt.

Page 19


JL40 - Demanutr

SH07 - Diamond Fantasy Shawl

JL41 - Duvessa

BB39 - Earthbound Misfit

MW18 - Everly

SS03 - Fiammata

SS06 - Fulmine

RV03 - Fun & Games

850 yds. Fingering wt.

450 yds. Fingering wt.

600 yds. Fingering wt.

560 yds. Sport wt.

BS33 - Golden Valley 635 yds. Sport wt.

350-750 yds. Fingering wt.

900-1,000 yds. Fingering wt.

285 yds. Sport wt.

615-630 yds. Lace wt.

MW27 - Guyandotte

260/150/30/60 yds. Sport wt.

HZ63 - Diopside

CF62 - Donny

960 yds. Fingering wt.

100-200 yds. Bulky wt.

HZ66 - Erba

TM06 - Europos Scarf

OC76 - Fire Circle

AR45 - Folded Paper Wrap

390/180/180 yds. Fingering wt.

660 yds. Fingering wt.

AT21 - Furinji

560 yds. Fingering wt.

AT23 - HanashĹ?bu

540 yds. Fingering wt.

DK or Worsted wt.

1,270 yds. Lace wt.

HZ64 - Gallo

997 yds. Sport wt.

MT02 - Haven

400-800 yds. Fingering wt.


KV93 - Here&There&Everywhere 395-400 yds. Worsted wt.

YT01 - Ishbel

330-610 yds. Lace or Fingering wt.

AT02 - Kouyou Shawl

420-550 yds. Worsted or Sport wt.

PY16 - Learn it, Love it, Knit it 250 yds. Fingering wt.

BB23 - McClanahan

125-240 yds. Worsted/Chunky wt.

Page 20

MW12 - Holden

430-800 yds. Lace or Fingering wt.

CF37 - Jovia

BS11 - Hop Brook

580 yds. Worsted & Lace wt.

CF63 - Kahel

BH17 - Kathryn Margaret

225 yds. DK wt.

440 yds. Worsted wt.

MW19 - Laidley

PY62 - Lea in Bloom Scarf/Shawl

MT03 - Lena

SS01 - Lucciola

815/450 yds. DK wt.

390/195 yds. Fingering wt.

DR92 - Messier 51

240 yds. Super Bulky & Aran wt.

BI06 - Hrim

420 yds. Fingering wt.

340-660 yds. Fingering wt.

450-500 yds. Worsted wt.

SH18 - Leafwise

400-800 yds. Fingering wt.

YT45 - Mareel

Sport wt.

750 yds. Sport wt.

SC61 - Mica Cowl

DD42 - Milo in the Doldrums

165-265 yds. Worsted wt.

1,000 yds. Chunky wt.

Page 21

KV109 - Mirrormere 437 yds. Fingering wt.

BI31 - Occam

800-1,600 yds. Fingering wt.

SS13 - Pergolato 220 yds. Bulky wt.

BB45 - Ready Player One 640-660 yds. Sport wt.

BB35 - Ring the Gack 210 yds. Worsted wt.


HZ27 - Mormorio

500-876 yds. Fingering wt.

BH33 - Ondulation

850 yds. Lace/Fingering wt.

JL33 - Primrose

400 yds. Fingering wt.

RH19 - Red Freckles

400 yds. Fingering wt. ea.

DR70 - Rip Curl

400 yds. Fingering wt.

MW28 - Nestlow Cowl 230 yds. DK wt.

BB44 - Oscillare

350-400 yds. DK wt.

RH18 - Purless

375+ yds. Fingering-DK wt.

MT04 - Rhoda

300/300 yds. DK wt.

RH20 - River Walk

420 yds. Fingering wt. ea.

CS42 - Oakberry

550 yds. Worsted wt.

HZ38 - Pera

438 yds. Fingering wt.

HZ62 - Pyrrole

330 yds. Fingering wt.

BI32 - Rillmark

575 yds. Sport wt.

MW25 - Rookwood

325 yds. Fingering wt. ea.


RH21 - Sagebrush Infinity Scarf 400 yds. Fingering wt.

FG21 - Shades of Amber

Page 22

SS08 - Scialle

JL42 - Sendero 450 yds. DK wt.

345/148 yds. DK wt.

285 yds. Sport wt.

SH47 - Seussical

300 yds. Worsted wt.

220 yds. Worsted wt.

AT06 - Shizuku

PY29 - Simple Sugar Scarf

BS39 - Singing Beach

CS53 - Slanted Gansey

AK98 - Soooftest Cowl

AK97 - Soooftest Scarf

DD05 - Spring’s First Blush

AR46 - Squam Confidential

YT48 - Stac Shoaigh 600 yds. Sport wt.

1,000-1,150 yds. Fingering wt.

OC65 - Starshowers

MW08 - Strawberry Moon

JL43 - Streambank

SS07 - Stregone

CS36 - Sunday Scarf

AR31-Sunlight on the Forest Floor

360-600 yds. Worsted (DK, Sport) wt.

600 yds. Bulky wt.

630 yds. DK wt.

38 yds. Super Bulky wt.

220 yds. Bulky wt.

630 yds. Fingering wt.

114 yds. Super Bulky wt.

245 yds. Sport wt.

330 yds. Fingering wt.

Fingering wt.

380-400 yds. Fingering wt.

530 yds. Fingering wt.

Page 23


BS25 - Sweetdrop Cowl

AK62 - Tongore Scarf

JL44 - Vauhti

BI29 - Verso Hat & Cowl 280-840 yds. DK wt.

990 yds. Sport wt.

KV35 - Viv Wrap

CS55 - Water Hyacinth

SH49 - Waves and Brambles

BI21 - Windrow

FG23 - Winter Dreams

MW10 - Wolf Moon

DD37 - Ye Olde Salty Sailor Hat & Cowl 400 yds. Worsted wt. ea.

450 yds. Fingering wt.

200-400 yds. DK wt.

800 yds. Worsted wt.

325-340 yds. Worsted wt.

350 yds. Worsted wt.

360 yds. Bulky wt.

920 yds. Lt. Sport wt.

675 yds. Fingering wt.

JL38 - Yingarna

BI28 - Troika

200-246 yds. DK wt.

CF61 - Verste

300-600 yds. Fingering wt.

450 yds. Aran wt.

RH25 - Zephyr Cove

420 yds. Fingering wt. ea.

SH33 - Tyrian

400-800 yds. Fingering wt.

DR81 - Vignette

470 yds. Fingering wt.

CS56 - Windfeather

65-130/60-120/30-55 yds. Lt. Sport wt.

RV05 - Wycheproof

430 yds. Lt. Fingering wt.

MT06 - Zillah

330 yds. Sport wt.

Page 24

MW31 - Lissabon Socks

BS42 - Plumtree Socks

350 yds. Fingering wt.

355 yds. Fingering wt.

BS48 Rowhouse Socks by Bonnie Sennott BS48 - Rowhouse Socks 385-400 yds. Fingering wt.

BS43 - Tortoise Shells Socks 385 yds. Fingering wt.

NEW and POPULAR SOCKS CF42 - Ardelis Socks 390 yds. Fingering wt.

SH55 - Cherry Blossom Socks 400 yds. Fingering wt.

SC50 - Cholla

390-450 yds. Fingering wt.

Page 25


AR30 - Clochan

KV91 - Converging Flow Socks

PY13 - Flue Socks

KV113 - Found Object Socks

HZ10 - Mae Finch

SC87 - Nephelai Socks

350-400 yds. Fingering wt.

185-360 yds. Fingering wt.

400 yds. Fingering wt.

BB43 - Sandpiper Socks 480-500 yds. Fingering wt.

DD40 - Traveling on Baltic Waves 400 yds. Fingering wt.

300-400 yds. Fingering wt.

400 yds. Fingering wt.

KV92 - Dark Hollow Falls Socks 300-400 yds. Fingering wt.

BH35 - Frost Asters

110-180 yds. Aran wt.

BS32 - Pomeroy

SH53 - Pussywhisker Socks

335-410 yds. Fingering wt.

YT37 - Tiny Shoes

DD11 - Toasty Toes

BH43 - U2

340-470 yds. Sport wt.

BH42 - Kinsman

380-645 yds. Fingering wt.

400 yds. Fingering wt.

44-66 yds. Fingering wt.

HZ61 - Divo

400 yds. Fingering wt.

Fingering wt.

OC70 - Upland Socks

350-500 yds. Fingering wt.

270 yds. Fingering wt.

SH30 - Toe Ups for All

300-400 yds. Fingering or Sport wt.

AR21 - Wendee

195-230 yds. Fingering wt.


AT25 - Little Dearest Baby Blanket

Page 26

NEW and Popular HOME ITEMS

1,120 yds. Worsted wt.

KV65 - Malcolm Baby Blanket 500-1,000 yds. Worsted wt.

KV115 - Refuge Baby Blanket

450-500 yds. Worsted wt.

CF68 - Alrisha Hat

BC79 - Boston Flip

JD31 - Down Arrows

JD36 - Fish Moderne Hat

200-210 yds. Worsted wt.

290-610 yds. Worsted wt.

TM44 - Sweet Gemma

1,100-1,200 yds. Worsted wt.

FG28 - Small Gobelen

400-800 yds. Worsted wt.

109 yds. Bulky wt.

PY60 - Fresh Finish Granny Sq.

120 yds. Aran wt. ea.

125-145 yds. Bulky wt.

JD30 - Bubble Tea

JD33 - Courser Hat

180 yds. Worsted wt.

115-175 yds. Worsted wt.

FG26 - Gaufré Hat

BC81 - Mamie Taylor

200-300 yds. Bulky wt.

250 yds. Worsted wt.

Page 27



HZ69 - Piuma Hat 285 yds. Sport wt.

JD32 - Rib Run

257-317 yds. Sport wt.

HZ71 - Ruota

175-200 yds. DK wt.

285 yds. Sport wt.

JL52 - Spero

OC87 - Temperance Hat

JD37 - Truffle Hunter

JD29 - Venn Diagrams

130-150 yds. Sport wt.

BC79 Boston Flip by BabyCocktails

OC80 - Pontresina Hat

165 yds. Worsted wt.

230-265 yds. DK wt.

170 yds. Worsted wt.


Page 28

FG01 - Al Fresco

BC58 - Another Bourbon

DD36 - Baltic Amber Hat

SC110 - Barley Wine

BC74 - Boilermaker

AK10 - Chambord Truffle Hat

PY08 - Cinnamon Sticks Hat

SC111 - Coast Oak Hat (in Ava)

375 yds. DK wt.

175-250 yds. DK wt.

PY61 - Crisp Cables Hat

200-250 yds. Worsted wt.

360 yds. Fingering wt.

AT16 - Curvilinear

400 yds. Worsted wt.

200-225 yds. Sport wt.

CF60 - Dalawa

302-369 yds. Sport wt.

DR38 - Darla

200-285 yds. Fingering wt.

175-350 yds. Worsted wt.

AT19 - Dayap Hat

BC62 - Dobbs Ferry Hat 150 yds. Worsted wt.

390/180/180 yds. Fingering wt.

200 yds. Worsted wt.

AK26 - Gitano

RV01 - Glitch

OC24 - Hemlock Shade

BB44 - I Can’t Control My Brain

800 yds. Fingering wt.

150 yds. Sport wt.

375 yds. Fingering wt.

276-330 yds. DK wt.

HZ66 - Erba

150-175 yds. Bulky wt.

150 yds. DK wt.

DR74 - Fructose

285 yds. Sport wt.

Page 29


FG22 - Kara-Kum Hat

TM12 - Knit Your Own Adventure Hat

TM40 - Land Under Wave Hat

AT22 - Miki

TM42 - Mystic Falls Hat

MW29 - Nestlow Hat

DK wt.

180 yds. Fingering wt. ea.

SS05 - Ordito

Worsted wt.

180-220 yds. Sport wt.

110-140 yds. Worsted wt.

130-170 yds. DK wt.

AK99 - Meribel Hats 142 yds. Bulky wt.

YT46 - Newhaven

215-240 yds. Sport wt.

285 yds. Sport wt.

200 yds. Worsted wt.

BC72 - Rob Roy

DR96 - Sambuca Noir 90 yds. Super Bulky wt.

250-315 yds. Fingering wt.

DR95 - Seal

TM43 - Tierney Hat

SS02 - Tulsi

DD41 - Twisted Stitch Starfish Tam 400 yds. Fingering wt.

FG13 - Two-Way Beanie

BI29 - Verso Hat & Cowl

BH44 - Winnimere

DD37 - Ye Olde Salty Sailor Hat & Cowl 400 yds. Worsted wt. ea.

130 yds. Bulky wt.

137 yds. Chunky wt.

170-200 yds. DK wt.

280-840 yds. DK-Aran wt.

Sport wt.

190-330 yds. Sport wt.

YT47 - Saudade

Page 30

SC117 - Chalk Hill Mitts 220 yds. Fingering wt.

JD34 - Embrace Me Mitts

OC84 - Cloud Peak Mitts 155-190 yds. Sport wt.

HZ74 - Palude

90-100 yds. Bulky wt.

210 yds. Sport/DK wt.

HZ70 - Piuma

SC121 - Willow Creek Mitts

NEW Handwear 285 yds. Sport wt.

200-220 yds. Fingering wt.

HZ70 Piuma by Heather Zoppetti

Page 31


YT38 - Aoibhinn 155 yds. Aran wt.

BH31 - Doric Mitts 55-146 yds. DK wt.

TM08 - Give ‘Em the Slip Mitts

DD39 - Bavarian Byways Mitts 200 yds. Fingering wt.

BI03 - Earl Grey

KV111 - Chandelier Fingerless Gloves 200 yds. Fingering wt.

PY07 - Cinnamon Sticks Fingerless

BS09 - Fee-bee

SH08 - Fluency

100-150 yds. Worsted wt.

130 yds. Sport wt.

130-145 yds. Sport wt.

225 yds. DK wt.

Worsted wt.

95-140 yds. Worsted wt.

KT11 - Hasta Mitts

OC28 - Imbrex Mitts 140-169 yds. Sport wt.

220-240 yds. Sport wt.

DR94 - Melanist

BS15 - On the Other Hand

FG16 - Ruby and Cables

PY56 - Simply Classic Mitts

BS41 - Spindler Mitts

DD38-Stopping by Woods on a Snowy... 150-200 yds. Worsted wt.

393 yds. Bulky wt.

235-260 yds. Fingering wt.


120-130 yds. Bulky wt.

125-140 yds. Fingering wt.

YT42 - Inglis

150-220 yds. Sport wt.


Page 32

CS59 - Aloe Vera

New Garments

KK09 - Browstone Ironwork 860-2,240 yds. DK wt.

1,000-1,600 yds. Worsted wt.

OC85 - Beach Pebble Sweater

JD06 - Block Theory

200-550 yds. Aran wt.

CS60 Piper By Carol Sunday

JD14 - Blue Honey

840-1,680 yds. Worsted wt.

AR47 - Camber

522-990 yds. Worsted wt.

JD03 - Avix

1,250-2,150 yds. Sport wt.

AR49 - Ciomara

1,200-2,206 yds. Fingering wt.

635-1,190 yds. DK wt.

JD12 - Box Pleat

750-1,300 yds. Sport wt.

BC80 - Cranberry Gose

1,300-2,100 yds. Lt. Worsted/DK wt.

Page 33

CF71 - Darlina

1,080-2,160 yds. Sport wt.

OC88 - Flurina

1,200-1,745 yds. DK wt.

CF67 - Hollow Creek Cardigan 1,000-1,800 yds. Worsted wt.

BS47 - Mount Pollux

1,125-1,775 yds. Worsted wt.


SC118 - Dry Creek Sweater 880-1,820 yds. Worsted wt.

JD04 - Flylette

700-1,300 yds. Fingering wt.

JD11 - Layercake

900-1,750 yds. Fingering wt.

BC82 - Nor’easter

1,450-2,700 yds. Worsted wt.

OC91 - Engadin

1,250-1,800 yds. Sport wt.

BC78 - Fog Cutter

1,200-1,650 yds. Worsted wt.

JD02 - Love Me True

1,075-1,800 yds. DK wt.

BC77 - Oaxacan Rose

1,050-1,750 yds. Heavy Worsted wt.

JD08 - Evenlight

825-1,325 yds. Worsted wt.

AR48 - Halyard

1,253-2,256 yds. Worsted wt.

HZ73 - Mitra

960-1,280 yds. Fingering wt.

JD09 - Pax Vobis

725-1,450 yds. Fingering wt.


CS60 - Piper

Page 34

JD10 - Silverado

1,290-2,210 yds. Sport wt.

750-1,350 yds. Worsted wt.

JD01 - Telos

JD13 - The Fisher Queen

1,000-1,650 yds. Aran wt.

875-1,650 yds. Bulky wt.

JD07 - Sweet Chilly 950-1,650 yds. DK wt.

FG24 - Vestole

680-1,300 yds. Sport wt.

OC90 - Tamangur

980-1,460 yds. Worsted/Aran wt.

JD05 - Walnut Street

1,150-1,775 yds. Worsted wt.

POPULAR Garments AH15 - Acorn Trail

703-1,463 yds. Worsted wt.

KV112 Light Bell Sleeve Shrug by Katherine Vaughan

TM35 - Avelina

600-1,500 yds. Sport/DK wt.

BC76 - Angostura

1,150-2,000 yds. Worsted wt.

AH16 - Birch Bark

836-1,890 yds. Worsted wt.

Page 35

YT05 - Blank Canvas 790-1,660 yds. DK wt.

MT08 - Cobb Lane

875-1,225 yds. Worsted wt.

PY54 - Dulcibella Tunic 830-1,300 yds. DK wt.

AR41 - Escalier Cardigan


MT01 - Campbell & 2nd

1,175-2,700 yds. Fingering wt.

OC78 - Creekwalk

620-1,030 yds. Sport wt.

FG04 - East Bay

1,500-2,250 yds. DK wt.

BH46 - Essex Junction

810-1,515 yds. Worsted wt.

1,340-3,350 yds. Worsted wt.

OC77 - Granite Cove

KT14 - Growing Up Twisted

920-1,460 yds. Sport wt.

400-1,290 yds. Fingering wt.

FG20 - Carnelian

1,200-1,600 yds. Worsted wt.

AH17 - Curlew

955-1,900 yds. Worsted wt.

FG05 - Eilat

TM03 - Chandail Worsted wt.

BC51 - Dubonnet

1,000-1,950 yds. DK wt.

AK04 - Erquy

1,000-2,000 yds. DK wt.

300 yds. DK wt.

BS36 - Exit 4

SS09 - Giacca

MT07 - Highland Avenue

SH44 - Flutter Front Cardigan

980-1,260 yds. Worsted wt.

1,100-1,650 yds. Worsted wt.

Sport wt.

920-2,350 yds. Fingering wt.


TM41 - Hoist the Sails

Page 36

KT05 - Homa

250-600 yds. Worsted wt.

480-880 yds. Worsted wt.

KT10 - Lemuria

KV112 - Light Bell Sleeve Shrug

640-1,170 yds. Worsted wt.

KT01 - Nadi Coat

1,650-2,570 yds. Worsted wt.

KT09 - Ninti Tunic

470-816+ yds. Worsted wt.

AH22 - Pescadero

575-1,295 yds. Fingering wt.

1,200-1,600 yds. Fingering wt.

CS50 - Nancy’s Vest

750-1,250 yds. Sport wt.

CS20 - Old Town

750-2,250 yds. Sport wt.

DR93 - Pitch

1,005-1,675 yds. Sport wt.

AK88 - Hoptree Cardi

KT08 - Karuna Shrug

1,500-2,000 yds. Lt. Fingering wt.

920-1,500 yds. Fingering wt.

BH45 - Morning Walk

KT12 - Muddy Duck Pond Cardi

447-1,300 yds. Worsted wt.

AK33 - Nell

230-550 yds. Worsted wt.

BI26 - Newsom

600-900 yds. Worsted wt.

1,268-1,920 yds. Sport wt.

AK70 - Olivebridge Cardi

SS11 - Orlo

1,980-2,640 yds. Worsted wt.

BC57 - Plum Wine

1,350-2,150 yds. Worsted wt.

Bulky wt.

KT07 - Rupa Top

850-1,550 yds. Fingering wt.

Page 37

SS04 - Salita

855-1,425 yds. Sport wt.

AH24 - Shorescape

1,390-2,700 yds. Fingering wt.

AR44 - Sounds of Life


MT05 - Sazerac

1,600-2,900 yds. Sport wt.

AH28 - Shoreside

1,060-2,270 yds. Fingering wt.

BC73 - Stone Fence

970-1,688 yds. Aran wt.

900-1,700 yds. Aran wt.

AR42 - The Little Dude

CS40 - The Secret Life of Trees

346-1,097 yds. Worsted wt.

BC11 - Vodka Lemonade 850-1,400 yds. DK wt.

KT13 - Seamless Soaker 90-190 yds. Aran wt.

FG12 - Simon

AH23 - Small Point

1,125-1,875 yds. DK wt.

995-1,880 yds. Sport wt.

AH25 - Talcott

AR43 - The Knitter’s Dude

815-1,765 yds. Aran wt.

AH26 - Tidal Pool

1,120-2,260 yds. Sport wt.

940-2,270 yds. Sport wt.

BI34 - Waits

YT10 - Wee Envelope

1,268-2,219 yds. Sport wt.

BI33 - Second Grace

975-2,205 yds. Worsted wt.

240-510 yds. Sport wt.

1,241-2,311 yds. Worsted wt.

AH27 - Tucci

1,047-2,107 yds. DK wt.

BH41 - Winnie

175-550 yds. Worsted wt.


Page 38

Crater Lake 110 yds. bulky wt. ::: 100% superwash merino Available in bags of 10 or 5 Crater Lake is a bulky 100% superwash merino. A 3-ply construction and a soft bouncy twist make this a yarn you will want to use for everything. It’s perfect for baby items, adult sweaters, and everything in between. Each skein is 110 yards of super snuggly comfort. Available in 12 beautiful colors.

SSC000 - Snow

SSC006 - Mazama

SSC001 - Old Man

SSC007 - Rim Drive

SSC002 - Phantom Ship

SSC008 - Skell

SSC003 - Wizard Island

SSC009 - Llao

SSC004 - Violet-Green Swallow SSC010 - Merriam Cone

SSC005 - Klamath

SSC011 - Mount Scott

Page 39


Yellowstone 285 yds. sport wt. ::: 80% wool, 20% silk Available in bags of 10 or 5 Yellowstone is a hardworking and beautiful yarn, with a blend of wool and a touch of silk for strength and luster. Each skein contains 285 yards of 3-ply luxury. It’s the perfect yarn for texture, lace, colorwork, and cables. We offer 13 colors inspired by the beauty of the American wilderness.

SSY000 - Snow

SSY001 - Old Faithful

SSY007 - Forest Fire

SSY002 - Bison

SSY008 - Caldera

SSY003 - Eagle Peak

SSY009 - Coyote

SSY004 - Reese Creek

SSY010 - Steamboat Geyser

SSY005 - Sand Verbena

SSY011 - Hebgen Lake

SSY006 - Ulysses

SSY012 - Lewis and Clark

Stitch Sprouts Catalog Spring 2018  

This is the Spring 2018 Stitch Sprouts wholesale product catalog.

Stitch Sprouts Catalog Spring 2018  

This is the Spring 2018 Stitch Sprouts wholesale product catalog.