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STRENGTHEN THOSE STITCHING MUSCLES written by Dana Costa photo by Brianna Santellan on Unsplash One of my favorite things is sitting in front of the fireplace on a cold North Idaho Sunday, my fuzzy puppies at my side, stitching the day away. I have a beverage at my side, the TV remote handy, and just...stitch. I did this exact thing a few weekends ago - and made great progress on my WIPs and was wildly proud of myself. No lie. Fast forward to Monday morning. My body hurt. I was standing in the shower, letting the hot water pound my sore neck. At first, I figured I just slept wrong; then I thought that my stitching marathon may be to blame because it wasn’t just my neck, my right shoulder ached, too. Since I’m right-handed, I thought I had found the source of my problem. NOOOOO! Not my stitching! The easy solution is to stop doing what caused the pain in the first place but let’s be honest, I’m not going to stop stitching. I needed to find balance. So I went to my friend and certified health coach, Alisha Dorow. Alisha, based out of New York City, has her own holistic health coaching business, Good Better Balanced, focusing on finding the balance between being healthy and enjoying your favorite foods (in my case, pizza).


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Even though she’s not a stitcher, I thought she’d have some great tips that I could share with my fellow stitchers. “Life is about being good, getting better, and finding balance,” she said. “I like comfort foods and happy hour with the girls as much as the next person, but I also know that in order to enjoy those things, I have to work out, make healthy choices, and manage portions.” I shared my situation: I love a very sedentary hobby and can lose an entire afternoon wrapped up in stitching and not moving from my comfy chair. How, I asked Alisha, do I remind myself to get up and move...and what can I do during these breaks to reduce cramping and soreness? Alisha did not disappoint in providing some great solutions for moving around - and healthy snacking (see related article). GET MOVING! My first question to Alisha was how to remind myself to get off the couch every so often. Like most stitchers, I can get lost in my stitching and not realize when hours go by. Her answer was deceptively simple: Set an alarm!

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