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Pic: Light Attendance GMBH

UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL 1000 petals, a new alternative healing sanctuary in Bengaluru, powers the Austrian Lucia No.03 light machine towards deep relaxation and blissful experience, discovers Ragini Bhow. Taking seat in a comfortable chair, I lean back and shut my eyes. A warm light beams on my face, slowly increasing in brightness, flooding through closed eyelids. To my amazement, in minutes I find myself traversing another world, fractal light tunnels flying at rapid speeds, foreign planets’ horizons that come and go in flashes, radiating geometric masks and dancing glowing orbs. Ever so often the light vanishes, leaving me in solitude of darkness woven with ephemeral light residues appearing and disappearing like spirits from my vision. After flying through this maze of wonder for what feels like hours, my urge to feel the ground overwhelms me; crawling off the chair, I lie on the floor, finding balance once again as my heart beats steadily against the ground. I gently open my eyes to allow the room’s natural light in, as I find my footing in this reality again. It has been sixty minutes, and I have just completed a session with the Lucia No.3 light. We are very much aware of the significance light embodies in daily life, perhaps to a point where the relationship between light and the body can be taken for granted. Some speculate that matter may very well be the amalgamation of fragments of light energy where the body performs merely as a transmitter and receiver of these energies. As walking breathing light beings, our health is intimately linked with light as a substance essential for biological processes, such as circadian rhythm and

sleep regulation. Ancient cultures, including the Mayans and Egyptians, long before discovered the metaphysical significance of light and engaged with the substance as a medium for healing, a gateway to altered states of consciousness, and as a tool used during divination. The contemporary brings new cutting edge light technology that opens doors for one to actively engage with light energy in a therapeutic context. After a transformative near-death-experience, Austrian neurologist Engelbert Winkle created the instrument Lucia No.03, a hypnagogic light machine inspired to simulate commonly observed light phenomena during near-deathexperiences. The machine is designed to bring about mental relaxation and elevated experiences with consciousness through constant stimulation of the pineal gland, a crystalline structure within our brain, that functions as a light receptor. The Lucia is minimally composed of one low voltage central halogen lanp along with 8 LED lamps placed in a circular fashion. The bulbs strobe in programmable rhythmic patterns when placed directly in front of the user’s closed eyelids. The constant light stimulates temporary EEG brainwave patterns that help users enter a hypnagogic trance. 1000 Petals Bengaluru powers the first Lucia light experience in South East Asia. It utilizes a three-step process during the session. Beginning, the facilitator curates a session according to an appropriate

duration, frequency sequence and intensity based on the user’s preferences. The user then travels through the session as the light is turned on, accompanied with ambient sounds played to tune out noise. Upon completion, the facilitator opens opportunity for discussion surrounding the journey experienced. Testimonials from various users reveal positive reactions towards the light. A few of the many reported benefits include deep emotional happiness, reduced anxiety, and increased awareness detached from body. One user, a professional musician, expressed curiosity in the uniqueness of the visual quality during the therapy session. He found fascination in the complex patterns seen, inspite of the eyes being closed. This suggests that it may very well be the inner consciousness surfacing, reacting and formulating imagery from something as astonishingly simple as a flashing light. Another testimonial from a social hydrologist reveals the importance of the periods of darkness during the session, as contrasting moments of subtle beauty that inspire the mind to reflect and find peace. By utilizing scientific technology as a means to experience the spiritual, the Lucia light opens doors towards new ways of seeing and perceiving light, creating periods of contemplation and bliss within the chaos of the city.

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mondo*arc india issue#10 Sep/Oct2016  

mondo*arc india issue#10 Sep/Oct2016