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Philip Mullen: undefined magazine Book 15 Guest Editor In 1963 Philip Mullen’s professor punched him out and later said Philip was the worst student he had ever had. In 1969 Mullen moved to Columbia and the Columbia Museum purchased his painting/assemblage “Cola. Wall” in November of that same year. After it was shown, eighty four (84) people petitioned the museum to never show his work again. In 1975 Mullen’s work was part of the prestigious Whitney Biennial, shown at the Whitney Museum in New York. He moved to New York later that year and rented Andy Warhol’s old factory

gefaltet Natur

This brief overview initiates the art concept gefaltet Natur,(folded nature). The evolution of gefaltet Natur follows the concept of graffiti art whose placement in familiar surroundings is left to be interpreted by those who happen upon it. Similarly, gefaltet Natur involves unexplained placement in publications also lending itself to discovery and interpretation by those who notice. A signing of the gefaltet Natur at a date much later than its initial presentation affirms the metaphor that nature is there for those who seek it,and that nature’s complex interactions are often folded in complex ways often undetected and disregarded by a civilization focused on dominance and popular culture.

as a studio/residence. He subsequently joined David Findlay Galleries which led to fifteen (15) solo exhibitions in New York. Now, a Distinguished Professor emeritus at USC and surprised to find himself a part of the art establishment, he is excited to be guest editor for the November issue of undefined. Philip says “undefined is an incredible magazine for any market. Columbia is very lucky to have it here due to the courage the magazine has shown in what it will present and the high quality of the physical magazine.”

South Carolina Festival of Dance The University of South Carolina has had a big year in 2011, but it’s nowhere near the end, especially with their newest addition, The South Carolina Festival of Dance sponsored by the USC Dance Program. The 3 day festival kicks off October 7, with the showcasing of some of South Carolina’s professional dance companies in the state-of-the-art Koger Center for the Arts. Susan Anderson, the brains behind the operation said, “I’m so proud of our dance program that I really wanted to show it off.” And showing it off is exactly what they plan on doing. “I thought it would be great if we brought the professionals and the dancers in training together to learn from each other and have an enriching experience,” said Anderson. The festival is open to dancers 11 and up, with previous dance experience a must. Kindra Becker, a graduate student at the University of South Carolina, has been instrumental in the programs progress. “Susan brought up the idea of writing a grant to the Provost Office for the festival and after we got it, we ran with it. It turned into something I didn’t expect and it’s become a great opportunity,” said Becker. “There’s something here for everybody.” Not only does the festival offer the opportunity to see South Carolina dancers at their best, but it offers a wide variety of classes from beginner to professional, such as jazz, hip hop, musical theatre and ballet technique taught by some of the state’s most influential dance faculty. To learn more about the festival and participation, visit or call the university dance program main office at (803) 777-5636.

First Annual Photography Contest We invite you to submit your work for our first photography competition. Submissions are not limited to any theme and can be entered in either the Professional or Student/Amateur categories. Color and BW photos accepted. Enter as many times as you would like. The top winners will have their work published in undefined magazine's photo issue, January 2012

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