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highest calling. In a sense, his photographs are a culmination of his life’s work, revealing not a list of film credits, but rather everything he has learned about life. Twenty years ago, when he had just started exploring photography, he wrote in his journal, “Why does my heart jump with anticipation each time I take my camera out of the case? I think it’s because I’m overwhelmed by this glorious technology which allows me to capture a microsecond of eternity with a stack of ground glass and a rectangle of emulsion.” Today, Compton continues to take photos in Charleston and also maintains The Whole American Hog, his popular, left wing political blog. He has donated his time and personality to political campaigns, supporting liberal candidates with a strong sense of humanity—the kind of people who might look at his photo of a heroin addict or a homeless man and feel compassion. Refusing to live by one title or be boxed in by one identity, Compton chooses to follow his momentary bliss. With great respect for his life’s experiences and the people who have helped him along the way, he sees his spider web of passions as a source of ever-evolving artistic possibilities.

With Sharon Stone on the set of "Diabolique”

(left) O’Neal Compton. “untitled”. (below) Behind the scenes on the set of “Seinfeld”


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