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“Art can address many situations. I hope, and intend my art to raise questions about many issues.” spiritual connections.” Roullier, whose first academic degree prepared her to teach interdisciplinary art to children, delves into, and is informed by, the lore of past tribal cultures. “I am fascinated by ways in which identity and power transfers between human and animals in some of our backstories, and there is a connection with all life forms.” One of her admonishments, via her work, is for us to look out for each other in this life. “In this world we all depend on each other,” she said. If one of us doesn’t protect or nurture the other, what might happen? She answered her own question, playfully but shrewdly, by sculpting a parade of ants crawling up the side of an anteater. Her intuition tells her when a body of work is complete. “I like to take a little time off before beginning a new series,” she said. “That’s when I get back into my sketch book and see what speaks to me, conceptually. Right now, I feel my work is about to experience a growth spurt.”

“When I Grow Up I Want to be a Bluebird”. Earthenware, oxides, underglazes, glazes. 22x6x4”. 2008

very difficult; you cannot re-capture the particular feeling, emotion that went into the original.” Even in her series, there always are differences – if only in the coloration from the glaze, which she prefers to create herself. She does, however, mimic nature, although you would never find a creature like hers in the wild, or in a zoo. “I like watching nature channels on TV,” she said. Observing how an animal stands, crouches or pounces feeds her imagination and may manifest itself in a future sculpture. Covering the natural faces of these contrived creatures with masks allows viewers to identify with them more universally. “I like the use of masks because there is a great storytelling connection there – coming out of myths and legends. For centuries, masks have had the ability to transform the wearer into a different persona, one having myriad powers and

“Summer Carnival II”. Earthenware, slips, glazes, wire. 20x12.5x7.5”. 2008 right: “Deadly Playmates”. Earthenware, oxides, underglazes, raised glass. 17x8x9”. 2011


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