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Warehouse Theatre has sold out without selling out Paul Savas ambles into the coffee shop wearing a chalk-striped, navy blue suit coat more evocative of the “Executive Director” part of his title, than its “Artistic Director” rejoinder. Suddenly self-conscious, I stand taller. Scan the room for a place to sit. I’m wearing a suit coat, too. And I think he notices when I button it. Such is our custom, we men over forty who make plays and write magazine articles for a living. Should we have a business-like meeting to attend, we tend to throw on one of our dad’s sport coats. Means we’re serious about our work. Practically shouts it. “How’s the swimming?” I ask, referring to the 3,500 gallon, on-stage pool that Savas’s wife Shannon Robert just designed and built for The Warehouse Theatre’s current play, Metamorphoses. “Did you see the pictures?” he practically demands, eyes wide. “Very cool,” I admit with a nod. “Just wait’ll you see the show!”


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