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young readers BOOK LIST

The boy who swam with piranhas

by David Almond

Stanley Potts’s uncle Ernie has developed an over-the-top fascination with canning fish in the house, and life at 69 Fish Quay Lane has turned barmy. But there’s darkness in the madness, and when Uncle Ernie’s obsession takes an unexpectedly cruel turn, Stan has no choice but to leave. As he journeys away from the life he’s always known, he mingles with a carnival full of eccentric characters and meets the legendary Pancho Pirelli, the man who swims in a tank full of perilous piranhas. Will Stan be bold enough to dive in the churning waters himself and choose his own destiny?

The Indian in the Cupboard

by Lynne Reid Banks

At first, Omri is unimpressed with the plastic Indian toy he is given for his birthday. But when he puts it in his old cupboard and turns the key, something extraordinary happens that will change Omri’s life for ever. For Little Bull, the Iroquois Indian brave, comes to life...

Rashouk the Cave Troll (Beastquest series, no.21)

by Adam Blade

Lurking in the Dead Peaks in Rashouk the Cave Troll. The Ghost Beast smells out his victims’ fear - and turns them to stone. It will take all of Tom’s courage to capture Rashouk’s piece of the Amulet of Avantia, but failure means never seeing his father again. Can you survive the Beast Quest?


by Judy Blume

Peter Hatcher’s little brother is four. And he’s as monstrous as ever! When Fudge discovers that his new baby sister can’t play with him, he tries to sell her. When that doesn’t work, he tries giving her away. And on his first day at school he kicks his teacher and calls her Rat face. Can his big brother help him out again?

The Magic Faraway Tree

by Enid Blyton

Joe, Beth and Frannie take thier cousin Rick on an adventure he’ll never forget! Find out how they escape from the Land of Dreams. And what goes wrong in the Land of Topsy-Turvy. And who drives a runaway train in the Land of Do-As-You-Please. Discover a magical new world with Moon-Face, Saucepan Man and Silky the Fairy.

Five Go Adventuring Again

by Enid Blyton

There’s a thief at Kirrin Cottage! The Famous Five think they know who it is, but they need to prove it! Where can they find evidence? The discovery of an old map and very unusual hiding place is all they need to get to the bottom of this mystery and uncover the true culprit!

The Secret Seven (Secret Seven no.1)

by Enid Blyton

Meet Peter, Janet and Jack, Barbara, Pam, Colin and George. Together they are The Secret Seven – ready to solve any mystery, anytime! It’s their very first adventure and the Secret Seven super-sleuths are already on the trail of a mystery! The gang are dressed in disguise, following a lead to a spooky old house in the snow...


by Frank Cottrell Boyce

Liam is too big for his boots. And his football strip. And his school blazer. But being super-sized height-wise has its advantages: he’s the only eleven-year-old to ever ride the G-force-defying Cosmic rollercoaster - or to be offered the chance to drive a Porsche. Long-legged Liam makes a giant leap for boy-kind by competing with a group of adults for the chance to go into space. Is Liam the best boy for the job? Sometimes being big isn’t all about being a grown-up.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll On an ordinary summer’s afternoon, Alice tumbles down a hole and an extraordinary adventure begins. In a strange world with even stranger characters, she meets a rabbit with a pocket watch, and a grinning cat, joins a mad tea-party and plays croquet with the fearsome Queen of Hearts! Lost in this weird and wonderful fantasy land, Alice begins to wonder exactly how she’ll ever find her way home...

Dizzy by Cathy Cassidy Dizzy’s mum left when she was small. But every year, on her birthday, something arrives in the post – a present or a card with her mum’s loopy writing on it. Dizzy has kept everything. This year is different. Nothing comes in the post, but something amazing is about to arrive on Dizzy’s doorstep. Something that will whisk her away – and put Dizzy’s world in a spin.

Driftwood by Cathy Cassidy Hannah and Joey have been best friends forever – just the two of them. But when Joey’s new foster brother, Paul, turns up, everything changes. First Joey falls for Hannah’s brother, Kit. Then Paul complicates things – with some kittens, a chocolate bar and a stripy pink bicycle. Hannah’s world is turning upside down. Can you rescue a friendship when it’s frowning? Can you save a friend in trouble – if they don’t want to be saved?

Shine On Daizy Star

by Cathy Cassidy

Meet the one and only Daizy Star. She’s quirky and cool and loving life in Year Six with her best friends Willow and Beth. But when Dad hatches a mad plan that will turn life upside-down, Daizy is too horrified to tell anyone at all... and pretty soon she finds herself tangled up in a knot of secrets. Will Daizy realize that even when she’s sinking, her friends and family are there to help her swim?

Ruby Redfort: Look into my eyes (Ruby Redfort series no.1) by Lauren Child

Here’s the low-down on Ruby Redfort: she’s a genius code-cracker, a daring detective, and a gadget-laden special agent who just happens to be a thirteenyear-old girl. She and her slick sidekick butler, Hitch, foil crimes and get into loads of scrapes with evil villains, but they’re always ice-cool in a crisis. In this first book, we go right back to Ruby’s beginnings as an agent. When an anonymous caller sets Ruby a challenge, it’s not long before she finds her way into the HQ of the most secret of secret agencies – SPECTRUM. They need her help to crack a code but her desk job soon spirals into an all-out action adventure, as Ruby uncovers the dastardly plans of the formidable Fool’s Gold Gang…

Ruby Redfort: Take your last breath (Ruby Redfort series no.2) by Lauren Child

‘Don’t worry, Redfort,’ said the dive instructor, chuckling. ‘It’s highly unlikely the sharks will want to snack on you - far too small.’ ‘On the other hand,’ said one of Ruby’s fellow trainees, ‘maybe the kid’s the perfect bite-size portion.’ ‘Funny, really funny,’ said Ruby. She pulled down her mask and fell backwards off the boat. Ruby Redfort was not scared of sharks. Not yet, anyway...

Al Capone Does My Shirts

by Gennifer Choldenko

Mooze Flanagan lives with his family on Alcatraz Island – home to a high security prison and the famous gangster Al Capone. But living next door to Al Capone is the least of Moose’s problems. He has a new school to get used to and new friends to make, and his mother is so busy looking after his sister that she has no time to listen to his concerns. When Moose and his new friends come up with plans to make money out of the convicts things start to look up. Until his sister Natalie poses an even bigger pronlem to him than she usually does.

Black Tide by Caroline Clough On his own. Outracing the dogs. Outsmarting the raiders. Can he rescue his family? Survivors of the red fever epidemic battle on in a Scotland overrun by superintelligent dogs and terrorised by the evil General. When the General’s raiders capture Toby’s dad and sister, he must save them. He invades a fort, befriends a wolf-girl and steals a speed boat. But will he find the General and free the prisoners?


by Eoin Colfer

One dark night on the island of Great Saltee, fourteen-year-old Conor is framed for a terrible crime he didn’t commit. Thrown into prison by the dastardly Hugo Bonvilain, Conor is trapped in a seaswept dungeon and branded a traitor. He must escape and clear his name; he wants his old life back – his family, his friends . . . and his princess. Conor knows there is only one way out. It’s an impossible task, which has never been done before. But Conor is determined to do it. He’ll have to fly.

Pyrate’s Boy

by E.B. Colin

Found shipwrecked by the crew of the feared pyrate ship Tenacity, Silas is given a choice: take his chances in a row boat on the open water; or swear to the pyrate’s code and become cabin boy for Captain Jon Harkin, the infamous pyrate Black Johnnie. But life on the high seas isn’t easy and when the pyrates discover a mysterious box attached to a human buoy, they begin the fight of their lives. Their adventures take Silas from Jamaica to Glasgow, on a dangerous journey of thievery, cannon fire and kidnap. What secrets will be revealed there?

How to Train Your Dragon

by Cressida Cowell

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III is a truly extraordinary Viking hero known throughout Vikingdom as “the Dragon Whisperer”...but it wasn’t always so. Travel back to the days when the mighty warrior was just a boy, the quiet and thoughtful son of the Chief of the Hairy Hooligans. Can Hiccup capture a dragon and train it without being torn limb from limb? Join the adventure as the small boy finds a better way to train his dragon and become a hero!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

by Roald Dahl

Charlie Bucket loves chocolate. And Mr Willy Wonka, the most wondrous inventor in the world, is opening the gates of his amazing chocolate factory to five lucky children. It’s the prize of a lifetime! Gobstoppers, wriggle sweets and a river of melted chocolate delight await – Charlie needs just one Golden Ticket and these delicious treats could all be his.

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator

by Roald Dahl

Charlie Bucket has WON Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and is on his way to take possession of it. In a great glass elevator! But when the elevator makes a fearful whoosing noise, Charlie and his family find themselves in splendid orbit around the Earth. A daring adventure has begun, with the one and only Mr Willy Wonka leading the way.

Danny the Champion of the World by Roald Dahl Danny thinks his dad is the most marvellous and exciting father a boy could wish for. Life is happy and peaceful in their gipsy caravan, until one day Danny discovers his dad has been breaking the law. What’s more, soon Danny has to join his father as they attempt to pull off a daring and devilish plot against horrible, redfaced Mr Victor Hazell...

Esio Trot

by Roald Dahl

Mr. Hoppy is in love with Mrs. Silver, but her heart belongs to Alfie, her pet tortoise. Mr. Hoppy is too shy to approach Mrs. Silver, until one day he comes up with a brilliant idea to win her heart. If Mr. Hoppy’s plan works, Mrs. Silver will certainly fall in love with him. But it’s going to take one hundred and forty tortoises, an ancient spell, and a little bit of magic.

George’s Marvellous Medicine

by Roald Dahl

George Kranky’s Grandma is a miserable grouch. George really hates that horrid old witchy woman. One Saturday morning, George is in charge of giving Grandma her medicine. So-ho! Ah-ha! Ho-hum! George knows exactly what to do. A magic medicine* it will be. One that will either cure her completely . . . or blow off the top of her head.

The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me

by Roald Dahl

Take a giraffe with a magic neck, a pelican with a retractable beak and a very agile monkey, and what do you have? The world’s finest Ladderless WindowCleaning Company, of course! Add in their friend Billy, the Duke and Duchess of Hampshire and the Cobra, the cleverest and most dangerous cat-burglar in the world, and you have all the ingredients for a deliciously funny tale – all in the pursuit of walnuts, salmon and the pink and purple flowers of the tinkle-tinkle tree, not to mention the Grand Opening of The Grubber...

Going Solo

by Roald Dahl

As a young man, Roald Dahl’s adventures took him from London to East Africa, until the Second World War began and he became a RAF pilot. You’ll read stories of whizzing through the air in a Tiger Moth Plane, encounters with deadly green mambas and hungry lions, and the terrible crash that led him to storytelling. Going Solo is exciting, enthralling and just like its prequel Boy - it’s all TRUE..

James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl An enormous escaped rhinoceros from London Zoo has eaten James’s parents. And it gets worse! James is packed off to live with his two really horrible aunts, Sponge and Spiker. Poor James is miserable, until something peculiar happens and James finds himself on the most wonderful and extraordinary journey he could ever imagine...

The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl The Magic Finger is something I’ve been able to do all my life. I can’t tell you just how I do it, because I don’t even know myself. But it always happens when I get cross... and suddenly a sort of flash comes out of me, a quick flash, like something electric. It jumps out and touches the person who has made me cross...


by Roald Dahl

Matilda Wormwood’s father is a mean crooked crook. And her mother’s just plain stupid. They think Matilda is a nuisance who should watch more TV and read fewer books! But her lovely teacher Miss Honey thinks Matilda is a genius. Matilda has a few extraordinary tricks up her sleeve, so her horrible parents and even more horrible headmistress had better watch out.

The Twits

by Roald Dahl

Mr. and Mrs. Twit are the smelliest, nastiest, ugliest people in the world. They hate everything—except playing mean jokes on each other, catching innocent birds to put in their Bird Pies, and making their caged monkeys, the Muggle-Wumps, stand on their heads all day. But the Muggle-Wumps have had enough. They don’t just want out, they want revenge.

The Witches

by Roald Dahl

Witches really are a detestable breed. They disguise themselves as lovely ladies, when secretly they want to squish and squelch all the wretched children they despise. Luckily one boy and his grandmother know how to recognize these vile creatures – but can they get rid of them for good?

Terror of the Nightwatchman (Scream Street series no.9) by Tommy Donbavand

This is the ninth crazy adventure in this hugely popular comedy horror series for ghouls and girls - with four free collector’s cards inside! When Luke and Resus wake up to discover that Cleo has been kidnapped, the intrepid pair follow a perplexing trail into a strange new GHOUL community. Here they stumble upon a terrible plot involving the much feared Nightwatchman, who feeds on children’s dreams in order to satisfy his own evil thirst for power. Can the boys continue the quest and return the second relic, while rescuing Cleo from her greatest nightmare?

Small Change for Stuart

by Lissa Evans

Stuart Horten – ten years old but small for his age – moves to the dreary town of Beeton, far away from all his friends. But in Beeton begins the strangest adventure of Stuart’s life... He is swept up in a quest to find his great-uncle’s lost workshop – a workshop stuffed with trickery and magic. There are clues to follow and puzzles to solve, but what starts as fun ends up as danger, and Stuart begins to realize that he can’t finish the task by himself...

The Flight of the Silver Turtle by John Fardell Sam and Marcia are back in Edinburgh with Zara, Ben and Professor Ampersand. The friends are helping to build an amazing electric-powered flying boat when they stumble across an old photograph – a clue that leads them on to the trail of a longlost secret invention that could change the world. But a shadowy organization is also after the invention. Soon the children are caught up in a perilous struggle that will take them through dimly lit museum galleries, up into the skies above Europe, down to the murky depths of Lake Geneva, and into the heart of a fortified Swiss castle.

The Secret of the Black Moon Moth by John Fardell A shy old man has approached Professors Gadling, Gauntraker and Ampersand with a strange archaeological find: early human remains that don’t fit with anything known to science. Soon, Sam, Zara, Ben, Marcia and Adam are joining an expedition to a remote tropical island to investigate further. But the island contains a secret more astonishing than anything they could have imagined, and a dangerous enemy is also on the trail...

The 7 Professors of the Far North

by John Fardell

A storm-ravaged traveller has blown in to Ben and Zara’s Edinburgh home, reawakening a mystery from their Great Uncle Alexander’s past. But the traveller also brings danger and, before long, Zara, Ben and their new friend Sam find themselves embarking on a desperate rescue mission to the frozen Arctic Ocean. To make the journey, they must discover one of the most extraordinary secrets in the world. To survive, they must rely on their courage, their ingenuity and the assitance of strangers.

The Diary of a Killer Cat by Anne Fine Poor Ellie is horrified when Tuffy drags a dead bird into the house. Then a mouse. But Tuffy can’t understand what all the fuss is about. Who on earth will be the next victim to arrive through the cat-flap? Can softhearted Ellie manage to get her beloved pet to change his wild, wild ways before he ends up in even deeper trouble?

A Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank In July 1942 Anne Frank and her family, fleeing the horrors of Nazi occupation, hid in the back of an Amsterdam warehouse. Anne was thirteen when the family went into the Secret Annexe and, over the next two years, she vividly describes in her diary the frustrations of living in such confined quarters, the constant threat of discovery, the hunger and fear. Her diary ends abruptly when, in August 1944, she and her family were finally discovered by the Nazis. Anne Frank died in March 1945, aged fifteen, in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany.

The Robe of Skulls by Vivian French High above the mountain village of Fracture, trouble is brewing. The sorceress Lady Lamorna has her heart set on a new robe. To get it she will stop at nothing, including kidnapping, blackmail and more than a little black magic. But she reckons without the heroic Gracie Gillypot, not to mention a gallant if rather scruffy prince, two chatty bats, the wickedest stepsister ever, a troll with a grudge – and some very Ancient Crones.

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman Nobody Owens, known to his friends as Bod, is a normal boy. He would be completely normal if he didn’t live in a graveyard, being raised and educated by ghosts. There are dangers and adventures for Bod in the graveyard. But it is in the land of the living that real danger lurks for it is there that the man Jack lives and he has already killed Bod’s family.

Operation Bunny by Sally Gardner When Emily Vole inherits an abandoned shop, she discovers a magical world she never knew existed. But a fairy-hating witch, a mischevious set of golden keys, and a train full of brightly coloured bunnies are just a few of the surprises that come with it. With the help of a talking cat called Fidget and a grumpy fairy detective called Buster, it’s up to Emily to get to the bottom of Operation Bunny.

The Girl with the Lost Smile by Miranda Hart Chloe Long has lost her SMILE. She’s looked everything for it. (Under her pillow. Under her bed. Under her nose. Obviously.) She’s tried everything to bring it back. (Her favourite cake. Her favourite gran. Her favourite joke. Obviously.) But nothing seems to be working! Until one night, something utterly MAGICAL happens – and Chloe finds herself on an adventure that is OUT OF THIS WORLD...

Silverfin (Young Bond series no.1) by Charlie Higson There’s something in the water at Loch Silverfin. Something deadly. Something that must be kept secret... It’s James Bond’s first day at Eton, and already he’s met his first enemy. This is the start of an adventure that will take him from the school playing fields to the remote shores of Loch Silverfin and a terrifying discovery that threatens to unleash a new breed of warfare.

Hero On A Bicycle

by Shirley Hughes

Italy, 1944: Florence is occupied by Nazi German forces. The Italian resistance movement has not given up hope, though – and neither have Paolo and his sister, Constanza. Both are desperate to fight the occupation, but what can two siblings do against a whole army with only a bicycle to help them?

Midnight (Warrior series no.1) by Erin Hunter The wild cats of the forest have lived in peace and harmony for many moons – but a doom that will change everything is coming. Strange messages from their warrior ancestors speak of terrifying new prophecies, danger, and a mysterious destiny. The time has come for a new generation of heroes to rise, and all any cat knows for sure is that the strength and courage of every warrior will be needed now, as the quest to save the Clans begin.

The Book of Doom

by Barry Hutchison

There’s panic in Heaven. They have lost the BOOK OF DOOM – the most important object in existence. Oops! They think Satan might have stolen it, the sneaky little devil, so to save the world and a lot of embarrassment fifteen-year-old Zac and his guide Angelo are sent to get it back. Sadly directions aren’t Angelo’s strong point and soon the pair are just as lost as the book. Will they ever find the road to Hell? Will they make it back?

The 13th Horseman (Afterworlds series no.1)

by Barry Hutchison

Drake is surprised to find three Horsemen of the Apocalypse playing snakes and ladders in his garden shed. Even more surprisingly, they’re missing a Horseman and think that Drake is the boy for the job. Drake is reluctant to join them, but does being in charge of Armageddon have to spell the end of the world? From the wastelands of oblivion to the desolate plains of Limbo – join the Horsemen of the Apocalypse on a wild and hilarious ride...

Journey to the River Sea

by Eva Ibbotson

Sent in 1910 to live with distant relatives who own a rubber plantation along the Amazon River, English orphan Maia is excited. She believes she is in for brightly colored macaws, enormous butterflies, and “curtains of sweetly scented orchids trailing from the trees.” Her British classmates warn her of man-eating alligators and wild, murderous Indians. Unfortunately, no one cautions Maia about her nasty, xenophobic cousins, who douse the house in bug spray and forbid her from venturing beyond their coiffed compound. Maia, however, is resourceful enough to find herself smack in the middle of more excitement than she ever imagined, from a mysterious “Indian” with an inheritance, to an itinerant actor dreading his impending adolescence, to a remarkable journey down the Amazon in search of the legendary giant sloth.

One Dog and his Boy

by Eva Ibbotson

Hal’s parents refuse to let him have a dog – until they discover the Easy Pets Dog Agency. They don’t tell Hal that the clever puppy he chooses is not his for life, but only for the weekend. Hal and Fleck must find a way to be together.

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit

by Judith Kerr

Anna is too busy with schoolwork and tobogganing to listen to the talk of Hitler. But one day she and her brother are rushed out of Germany in alarming secrecy, away from everything they know. Their father is wanted by the Nazis – dead or alive. This is the start of a huge adventure, sometimes frightening, very often funny, and always, always exciting.

The Akhenaten Adventure (Children of the Lamp series no.1) Kerr

by P.B.

John and Philipa Gaunt are twins. Ordinary children, they believe. But soon they make an extraordinary discovery... The twins are djiin, and their magical powers can make dreams come true. But djiin-magic is tricky and dangerous, and their new-found skills must be controlled. But when their uncle Nimrod whirls them off to Egypt in search of the tomb of a lost pharoah, they are flung into a terrifying battle against Iblis, the most devil djiin in the world...

Soldier’s Game

by James Killgore

Ross is fed up with being on the losing side, as Bruntsfield Primary football team suffers another humiliating defeat. But after the match he is given a pair of old football boots, which once belonged to his great-grandfather, Jack Jordan. Ross is amazed when he discovers that Jack played for his favourite team, the famous Heart of Midlothian FC. As Ross finds out more about Jack, an incredible story unfolds – a tale of Edinburgh’s young heroes and a battalion of footballers and fans who fought in the First World War.

The Waterhorse

by Dick King-Smith

Angus and his sister, Kirstie, have found something strange at the beach so they take it home to put in the bath – who knows what it might be? At first they think it’s just a big old piece of seaweed, but in the morning it’s sqeaking and splashing... the seaweed has hatched into a curious creature with little flippers – it’s the water horse! The question is will Mum let Angus and Kirstie keep him – and what will they do with him if he just keeps on growing?

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (no.1)

by Jeff Kinney

Let me get something straight: this is a JOURNAL, not a diary. This was Mom’s idea, not mine. But if she thinks I’m going to write down my “feelings” in here or whatever, she’s crazy. The only reason I agreed to do this at all is because I figure later on when I’m rich and famous, this book is gonna come in handy. But for now I’m stuck in middle school with a bunch of morons.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever (no.6)

by Jeff Kinney

Greg Heffley is in big trouble. School property has been damaged, and Greg is the prime suspect. But the crazy thing is he’s innocent. Or at least sort of. The authorities are closing in, but when a surprise blizzard hits, the Heffley family is trapped indoors. Greg knows that when the snow melts he’s going to have to face the music, but could any punishment be worse than being stuck inside with your family for the holidays? Today is the first day of school, so I figured I might as well write in this book to pass the time

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Roderick Rules (no.2)

by Jeff Kinney

Remember how I said that if some jerk caught me carrying a book with “diary” on the cover, they were gonna get the wrong idea? Well, that’s exactly what happened today. Now that Rodrick knows I have another journal, I’d better remember to keep this one locked up. Rodrick actually got hold of my last journal... But don’t even get me started on THAT story. Even without my Rodrick problems, my summer was pretty lousy. Whatever you do, don’t ask me how I spent my summer holiday because I definitely don’t want to talk about it.


by Elizabeth Laird

(ENGLAND) In the service of a local knight, Adam joins the Crusade to reclaim the Holy Land. Soon determination to strike down the enemy burns within him... (THE HOLY LAND) Salim, a doctor’s apprentice, works in the heart of the mighty Sultan Saladin’s camp. He never imagined he would join the battle against the barbaric invaders... Two boys, two faiths, one unholy war.

The Fastest Boy in the World

by Elizabeth Laird

Eleven-year-old Solomon loves to run and dreams of being a gold-medal-winning athlete, in spite of his ragged shorts and bare feet. When Grandfather announces that he’s taking Solomon to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital city, Solomon cannot believe his luck. But when Grandfather collapses following the long journey, Solomon knows that he’s the only person who can run for help. It’s a twenty-mile run from the city to home. Can the barefooted runner with the big heart do it?

The Garbage King

by Elizabeth Laird

In the darkness, Dani sprang awake. Close by his hiding place was a tall, thin, wildlooking creature. ‘Who are you?’ he whispered, unsure whether this thing was alive or dead. Dani and Mamo should never have met. In Ethiopia’s great capital city, they have led unbelievably different lives. Dani’s home is a grand house full of servants – Mamo has no home at all. But now both boys are on the run, one fleeing a tyrannical father, the other escaping a life of slave labour. Fate has brought them together, and their only chance of survival is to trust each other with their lives.

A Little Piece of Ground

by Elizabeth Laird

Twelve year-old Karim Aboudi and his family are trapped in their Ramallah home by a strict curfew. Israeli tanks control the city in response to a Palestinian suicide bombing. Karim longs to play football with his mates - being stuck inside with his teenage brother and fearful parents is driving him crazy. When the curfew ends, he and his friend discover an unused patch of ground that’s the perfect site for a football pitch. Nearby, an old car hidden intact under bulldozed buildings makes a brilliant den. But in this city there’s constant danger, even for schoolboys. And when Israeli soldiers find Karim outside during the next curfew it seems impossible that he will survive . . .

Welcome to Nowhere

by Elizabeth Laird

Twelve-year-old Omar is from the beautiful and bustling city of Bosra, Syria. Omar doesn’t care about politics – all he wants is to grow up to become a successful businessman – but his older brother, Musa, has become mixed up with some young activists. Soon, bombs are falling, and Omar and his family have no choice but to flee their home with only what they can carry. No matter how far they run, the shadow of war follows them until they are forced to leave their homeland altogether. But where do you go when you can’t go home?

Skulduggery Pleasant (Skulduggery Pleasant series no.1) by Derek Landy Stephanie’s uncle Gordon is a writer of horror fiction. But when he dies and leaves her his estate, Stephanie learns that while he may have written horror, it certainly wasn’t fiction. Pursued by evil forces intent on recovering a mysterious key, Stephanie finds help from an unusual source – the wisecracking skeleton of a dead wizard. When all hell breaks loose, it’s lucky for Skulduggery that he’s already dead. Though he’s about to discover that being a skeleton doesn’t stop you from being tortured, if the torturer is determined enough. And if there’s anything Skulduggery hates, it’s torture… Will evil win the day? Will Stephanie and Skulduggery stop bickering long enough to stop it? One thing’s for sure: evil won’t know what’s hit it.

Death Cloud (Young Sherlock Holmes series no.1)

by Andrew Lane

When fourteen-year-old Sherlock Holmes discovers a pustule-covered body, it’s the start of a new life. Sherlock’s fearless mind and thirst for adventure lead him on a heart-stopping journey – from the quiet countryside to London’s dockland underworld, through fire, kidnap and espionage, to the heart of a terrifying plot that holds Britain’s future in its grasp. Young Sherlock Holmes will need every ounce of courage, determination and strength to defeat an enemy of exquisitely evil intent...

The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe (Chronicles of Narnia no.2) by C.S. Lewis

Four adventurous siblings―Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy Pevensie― step through a wardrobe door and into the land of Narnia, a land frozen in eternal winter and enslaved by the power of the White Witch. But when almost all hope is lost, the return of the Great Lion, Aslan, signals a great change . . . and a great sacrifice.

Attack of the Giant Robot Chickens

by Alex McCall

Giant robot chickens are terrorising the city of Aberdeen. Their aim: to peck out all signs of human resistance. The streets are empty, the adults have vanished and those left behind must hide from the powerful poultry or get scrambled! Jesse and his friends hatch a plot to stop the fowl fiends and take back their city... but when a gang of kids take on an army of angry robot chickens, things don’t eggs-actly go to plan.

Precious and the Mystery of the Missing Lion

by Alexander McCall Smith

Precious Ramotswe is on holiday, staying with her Aunty Bee at a safari camp deep in the Botswana countryside. She is excited when a new lion arrives – not just any lion but an actor-lion called Teddy with his own film crew! But when the four-legged movie star goes missing the camp is thrown into confusion. Can the young detective and her resourceful new friend Khumo solve the mystery and find out where Teddy has gone? The search plunges the two young sleuths deep into the jungle. As they dodge the hippos and crocs they need all their bravery and cleverness to catch their prize.

The Seventeen Secrets of the Karma Club

by Karen McCombie

Kezzy and Nell have their own club: a secret society for acts of kindness. It’s their mission to cheer people up with golden moments and sparkly surprises. But when Kezzy’s mum admits a not-very-golden secret of her own, the Karma Club’s best intentions start going weirdly wrong. It’s starting to look as if no good deed goes unpunished...

Six Words and a Wish

by Karen McCombie

Ever since Jem’s sister Gracie ran away from home, Jem’s wondered whether she’s to blame. Something she said to Gracie before her disappearance is preying on her mind. A series of strangely spooky coincidences make Jem wonder if there’s more to Gracie’s disappearance than she thought...

The Accidental Time Traveller

by Janis MacKay

I’m not mad, ok? I know this sounds off the wall, but I was just walking to the corner shop and this girl almost got hit by a car. She grabbed hold of me and told me her name’s Agatha Black and she’s here from the past. At first I thought she was nuts but maybe it’s true. She doesn’t get traffic, she’s freaked out by photos and she’s terrified of TV. And she knows about the past – body snatchers, making fires, and pet monkeys. Her dad does a bit of time travel. But obviously, he’s not very good at it. I mean, he got her lost. Now it’s me that has to get her back ... to 1812!

Indigo’s Star

by Hilary McKay

Rose worries about everyone and everything... but is anyone listening? Caddy has a perfect boyfriend, but she’s still seeing other boys – just to make sure Michael’s the right one! Saffy is determined not to let anyone mess with her or her family. And Indigo is back at school, facing the bullies – but Tom has joined his class, and that makes all the difference...

The Nowhere Emporium

by Ross Mackenzie

When the mysterious Nowhere Emporium arrives in Glasgow, orphan Daniel Holmes stumbles upon it quite by accident. Before long, the ‘shop from nowhere’ -- and its owner, Mr Silver -- draw Daniel into a breathtaking world of magic and enchantment. Recruited as Mr Silver’s apprentice, Daniel learns the secrets of the Emporium’s vast labyrinth of passageways and rooms – rooms that contain wonders beyond anything Daniel has ever imagined. But when Mr Silver disappears, and a shadow from the past threatens everything, the Emporium and all its wonders begin to crumble. Can Daniel save his home, and his new friends, before the Nowhere Emporium is destroyed forever?

Goodnight Mister Tom

by Michelle Magorian

When the Second World War breaks out, young Willie Beech is evacuated to the countryside. A sad, deprived child, he slowly begins to flourish under the care of kind old Tom Oakley. But then his cruel mother summons him back to war-torn London... Will he ever see Mister Tom again?

Wendy Quill is a Crocodile’s Bottom

by Wendy Meddour

Wendy’s plans don’t always work out but that’s never stopped her having the best time ever! When she fails to get the lead part in the school production, Wendy stuns the audience with her debut as a crocodile’s bottom! Then Wendy is dragged along to her best-friend Florence’s tap-dancing class and somehow manages to wow the teacher with her dancing skills and land a part as a tapdancing munchkin in their show. (If Florence Hubert hadn’t been allergic, Wendy would have been famous for a whole summer season.) And when Wendy dresses up for a school project she makes the headlines, all thanks to Kevin, the school rat, and a ‘Primary Plague Fiasco!’

The World of Norm: May Contain Nuts (no.1)

by Jonathan Meres

Norman knew it was going to be one of those days when he woke up and found himself about to pee in his dad’s wardrobe. Why on earth did Norm’s family have to move, anyway? In their old house he’d never tried to pee in anything other than a toilet. And when Norm is in bed, he’s kept awake by his dad snoring like a constipated rhinoceros! Will life ever get less unfair for norm?

The World of Norm: May Produce Gas (no.3)

by Jonathan Meres

Norm knew it was going to be one of those days when he got blamed for global warming. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg... It seems like the whole world has gone mad. His dad’s obsessed with gas, his best friend has come down with a case of hormones, and his brother is in dire need of deodorant. Looks like there’s going to be quite a stink. Is life still unfair for Norm? ABSO-FLIPPING-LUTELY!

The World of Norm: May Cause Irritation (no.2)

by Jonathan Meres

Norm knew it was going to be one of those days when he woke up and found himself standing at a supermarket checkout, totally naked. OK, it’s just a crazy dream. But is it a sign of things to come? Of a certain embarrassing photo being posted on Facebook? Of revenge? And don’t get Norm started on his perfect cousins, with their perfect manners and perfect grades... IT’S ALL SO FLIPPING IRRITATING!

The World of Norm: May Be Contagious (no.5)

by Jonathan Meres

Norm knew it was going to be one of those days when he woke up and found a bit of sweet corn in his left ear... And that’s just for starters. Before you can say “dodgy pizza”, Norm’s hurt his wrist, got an all-day biking ban AND been ditched by his best friend Mikey for the world’s biggest doughnut! Could bad luck be contagious? ABSO-FLIPPING-LUTELY!

Mission Telemark

by Amanda Mitchison

December 1942. Four teenagers trained as Special Operations Agents are sent deep into Nazi-occupied Norway. Their mission – a dangerous act of sabotage – is to blow up the heavy water stores at Vemork and prevent the Nazis from making the atomic bomb. If they are to succeed, they must survive for weeks in the frozen wilderness of the Hardanger Plateau. But if they fail, Europe faces destruction. Inspired by real events and with inserts of original SOE documents – including how to survive a Gestapo interrogation – this is a vivid account of a daring wartime mission.

Anne of Green Gables

by L. M. Montgomery

Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert are in for a big surprise. They’re waiting for an orphan boy to help with the work at Green Gables – but a skinny, red-haired girl turns up instead. Feisty and full of spirit, Anne Shirley charms her way into the Cuthberts’ affection with her vivid imagination and constant chatter. It’s not long before Anne finds herself in trouble, but soon it’s impossible to imagine life without her...

Anne of the Island

by L. M. Montgomery

Anne can’t believe her childhood friends are growing up and moving away. But now it’s Anne’s turn and she and her fellow school friends Priscilla and Gilbert are leaving for Redmond College. At first Anne feels lonely and provincial, until she meets the kind of man she’s always dreamed of, the rich and handsome Roy Gardner. But has Anne truly found her love or has he been under her nose all this time?

Kensuke’s Kingdom

by Michael Morpurgo

Gorgeous new colour illustrations for the best-selling Kensuke’s Kingdom. I heard the wind above me in the sails. I remember thinking, this is silly, you haven’t got your safety harness on, you haven’t got your lifejacket on. You shouldn’t be doing this ...I was in the cold of the sea before I could even open my mouth to scream. Washed up on an island in the Pacific, Michael struggles to survive on his own. With no food and no water, he curls up to die. When he wakes, there is a plate beside him of fish, of fruit, and a bowl of fresh water. He is not alone ...

Private Peaceful

by Michael Morpurgo

As young Thomas Peaceful looks back over his childhood from the battlefields of the First World War, his memories are full of family life deep in the countryside. But the clock is ticking, and every moment Tommo spends remembering how things used to be, means another moment closer to something which will change his life for ever.

War Horse

by Michael Morpurgo

A powerful story of the truest of friendships in the worst wars from the award-winning farmer Children’s Laureate.

The Worst Witch

by Jill Murphy

Mildred Hubble is the worst witch at Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches – she’s always getting her spells wrong. But she manages to get by until she turns Ethel, the teacher’s pet, into her deadly enemy...

Dark Isle

by D. A. Nelson

When two strangers help Morag escape a life of drudgery she has no idea that joining them on their mission will take her into a world more dangerous than the one she is leaving behind. An ancient stone used to protect their mysterious northern homeland from human invaders has been stolen by a renegade intent on harnessing its powers. With Morag’s help they have a chance to rescue it, by freeing the only guide who knows the way – a dragon turned to stone thirty years before – to an island beyond the horizon, unknown to mortal men. Morag’s journey is perilous and dark forces are already afoot to stop her. Along the way are clues not only to the stone’s whereabouts but also to the disappearance of her parents, urging Morag onwards to fulfil a destiny that seems inextricably linked to her own... With its strong cast of characters – a dragon with a grudge, a resourceful dodo, a talking rat, a warlock’s evil daughter, and a young girl who learns what it is to be brave – and set partly in the familiar world, and partly in another world similar to but very different to our own, DarkIsle is a highly original debut that has all the ingredients of a children’s favourite.

The Sandfather

by Linda Newbery

Hal has never known his father. Deep in trouble at school and at home, he is exiled to a seaside town. Suddenly, his father is everywhere – in conversations all around, in the sand figures Hal makes on the beach; even, it seems, in the flesh. But is his dad really any more substantial than the Sandfather, blurred and dissolved by the incoming tide? A heart-stopping search for identity from an award-winning author.

The Complete Borrowers

by Mary Norton

Below the floorboards, behind the kitchen clock, live a family of tiny people. Pod, Homily and their daughter Arrietty own nothing at all. They borrow whatever they need from the ‘human beans’ who don’t even know they exist – until the day Arrietty makes friends with ‘the boy’ from upstairs. From that moment on, danger is never far away, for, above all else, they must avoid the great disaster of ‘being seen’. Join the Borrowers on their amazing adventures as they go out into the big wide world in search of safety and freedom.


by Kenneth Oppel

Matt Cruse is cabin boy on board the Aurora, the luxury airship he has called home for the past three years. He has high hopes for promotion to junior sailmaker – until Kate de Vries arrives, fired with her own mysterious quest. She may be rich, but she’s spirited and brave and won’t let social distinctions prevent their friendship. Then one night, over the middle of the ocean, deadly air pirates board the Aurora. Far from any hope of rescue, Kate and Matt are flung into adventures beyond all imagining...

Hitler’s Angel

by William Osborne

They thought they were safe, but now the British want them to go back to Germany. Dropped behind enemy lines, they embark on a secret operation. Their mission is to find and kidnap a girl who could bring down Hitler. And so begins their bravest journey yet...


by R. J. Palacio

Auggie wants to be an ordinary ten-year-old. He does ordinary things - eating ice cream, playing on his Xbox. He feels ordinary - inside. But ordinary kids don’t make other ordinary kids run away screaming in playgrounds. Ordinary kids aren’t stared at wherever they go. Born with a terrible facial abnormality, Auggie has been home-schooled by his parents his whole life. Now, for the first time, he’s being sent to a real school - and he’s dreading it. All he wants is to be accepted - but can he convince his new classmates that he’s just like them, underneath it all?

Mysteries of Ravenstorm Island: The Lost Children (SCBA’15 Younger Readers Category) by Gillian Philip The last thing Arthur and Molly are expecting when they arrive on Ravenstorm Island is adventure. But when Molly’s little brother Jack disappears – and no one else seems to remember he ever existed – they uncover a dark and dangerous secret. Because the sinister creatures of the island are out for revenge... And it’s the children of Ravenstorm who must pay.

Mortal Engines (Predator Cities series no. 1)

by Philip Reeve

Emerging from its hiding place in the hills, the great Traction City is chasing a terrified little town across the wastelands. Soon London will feed. In the attack, Tom Natsworthy is flung from the speeding city with a murderous scarfaced girl. They must run for their lives through the wreckage – and face a terrifying new weapon that threatens the future of the world.

Gorgeous George and the Giant Geriatric Generator by Stuart Reid

Bogies, baddies, bagpipes and bums! Farting, false teeth and fun! Gorgeous George and the Giant Geriatric Generator begins when George witnesses something rather disturbing from his bedroom window late one night. People are disappearing fast and no one seems to care. Why are the people of Little Pumpington so miserable? Why has his evil teacher started smelling of wee? Why is Mr Watt so fat? Why does Mr Jolly the Janitor collect hundreds of pairs of false teeth in a cupboard in his workshop? And what will happen when mad Kenny sticks two crayons up his nose? During detention George discovers a secret stash of soggy tea-bags and a hundred boxes of broken biscuits hidden in a mysterious tunnel beneath the school. Can his new friend Alison help, even though she’s just ‘a boring girl’? Can Gorgeous George (who’s not really gorgeous at all) solve these mysteries with the help of his Grandpa Jock, the wild-haired ginger Scotsman before Grandpa Jock deafens the whole town with his bagpipes?

A Midsummer Tights Dream

by Louise Rennison

Yaroooo! Tallulah’s triumphant Heathcliff in ‘Wuthering Heights’ the comedy musical was enough to secure her place at Dother Hall performing arts college for another term. She can’t wait to see her pals again, Charlie and the boys from Woolfe Academy and maybe even bad boy Cain… Could the bright lights of Broadway be calling? And for who? Find out in the next Misadventures of Tallulah Casey.

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians series no. 1) by Rick Riordan I was just a normal kid, going to school, playing basketball, skateboarding. The usual. Until I accidentally vaporized my maths teacher. That’s when things really started going wrong. Now I spend my time fighting with swords, battling monsters with my friends and generally trying to stay alive. This is the one where Zeus, God of the Sky, thinks I’ve stolen his lightning bolt – and making Zeus angry is a very bad idea. Can Percy find the lightning bolt before a fully fledged war of the gods erupts?

Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian (Percy Jackson and the Olympians series no. 5) by Rick Riordan That’s how it is when you’re the son of Poseidon, God of the Sea. According to an ancient prophecy, bad things will happen when I turn sixteen – because I’m the one who gets to decide the fate of the entire world. But no pressure. This is the one where Kronos, Lord of the Titans, is beginning his attack on New York City, where Mount Olympus stands virtually unguarded. Oh, and the dreaded (and not to mention enormous) monster Typhon is also heading our way. So it’s me and forty of my demigod friends versus untold evil... Can Percy stop the rampage of the titans, to save Olympus – and himself?

The Maze of Bones (39 Clues series no. 1)

by Rick Riordan

What would happen if you discovered that your family was one of the most powerful in human history? What if you were told that the source of the family’s power was hidden around the world in the form of 39 Clues? What if you were given a choice – take a million dollars and walk away... or get the first Clue? If you’re Amy and Dan Cahill you take the Clue – and begin a very dangerous race.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (Harry Potter series no. 1) J. K. Rowling


Harry Potter thinks he is an ordinary boy. He lives with Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia and his cousin, Dudley, who makes him sleep in a cupboard under the stairs. Then Harry starts receiving mysterious letters and his life is changed for ever. He is whisked away by a beetle-eyed giant of a man and enrolled in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The reason: Harry Potter is a wizard!

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Harry Potter series no. 2) J. K. Rowling


Harry Potter is a wizard. He is in his second year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The three friends, Harry, Ron and Hermione, are soon immersed in the daily round of Potions, Herbology, Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts and Quidditch. Then mysterious and scary things start happening. First Harry hears strange voices, and then Ron’s sister, Ginny, disappears...

Dork Diaries & Dork Diaries: Party Time (Double book edition) by Rachel Renee Russell

Nikki Maxwell has just started at her new school and is determined to make a fresh start, leaving her dorky past behind her. But when you’re the girl who spills spaguetti over herself during lunch, who dresses as a giant rat for Halloweem and whose dad drives a van with a giant cockroach on the roof, it’s hard to transform from loserqueen to queen-bee overnight.

Really Weird

by Daniela Sacerdoti

Luca and Valentina’s Uncle Alistair runs a pest control business. But he’s not getting rid of rats. The Really Weird Removals Company catches supernatural creatures! When the children join Alistair’s team they befriend a lonely ghost, rescue a stranded sea serpent, and trap a cat-eating troll. But the paranormal world is also packed with danger and secrets. There are kelpies, vampires, and dragons. Will Luca and Valentina discover more than they can handle?

The Lorax

by Dr. Seuss

The Lorax is the original eco warrior and his message still rings loud today in this fable about the dangers of destroying our forests, told in the trademark rhyme of the irrepressible Dr. Seuss. “Mister! He said with a sawdusty sneeze, I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees.” The Lorax is a hilarious and timeless story with the trademark humour and silly rhymes of Dr. Seuss, that packs a punch with its ecological message without feeling heavy-handed or worthy. The Lorax is the original eco warrior as he tries to save the Truffula trees from the greedy once-ler’s axe, and the Dr Seuss blend of zany pictures and unique rhyme, rhythm and repetition mean that all ages will learn from and love this wonderful book.

The Cat in the Hat

by Dr. Seuss

The one and only Cat in the Hat from the iconic Dr. Seuss gets a brand new look, introducing his roller-coaster ride of mayhem to a new generation of readers. When Sally and her brother are left alone, they think they’re in for a dull day – until the Cat in the Hat steps in on the mat, bringing with him mayhem and madness! This is the classic book that every child should have the joy of reading. The perfect book for early readers, the new style brings a worldwide favourite to a whole new generation.

Horrid Henry Reads a Book

by Francesca Simon

A reading competition? No way is Horrid Henry taking part... until he hears the prize is a family ticket to a theme park. But HOW is he going to read all those books?

Horrid Henry Gets Rich Quick

by Francesca Simon

Horrid Henry needs money – and fast! But his skeleton bank is empty, and his parents won’t give him any, so just how is he going to do it? Then Henry has a brilliant idea...

The Bad Beginning (A Series of Unfortunate Events no. 1) by Lemony Snicket

There is nothing to be found in Lemony Snicket’s ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ but misery and despair. You still have time to choose another international best-selling series to read. But if you insist on discovering the unpleasant adventures of the Baudelaire orphans, then proceed with caution… Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire are intelligent children. They are charming, and resourceful, and have pleasant facial features. Unfortunately, they are exceptionally unlucky. In The Bad Beginning, the siblings encounter a greedy and repulsive villain, itchy clothing, a disastrous fire, a plot to steal their fortune and cold porridge for breakfast.

The Reptile Room (A Series of Unfortunate Events no. 2) by Lemony Snicket

Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire are intelligent children. They are charming, and resourceful, and have pleasant facial features. Unfortunately, they are exceptionally unlucky. In The Reptile Room the siblings endure a car accident, a terrible smell, a deadly serpent, a long knife, a brass reading lamp, and the re-appearance of a person they’d hoped never to see again.

Frozen in Time

by Ali Sparkes

1956 Freddy and Polly have always known their father is a genius. So they’ve never minded helping him with his experiments. Even when that means being put into cryonic suspension – having their hearts frozen until their father wakes them up again. They know it will only be for an hour or two, so there’s nothing to worry about... 2009 Ben and Rachel have resigned themselves to a long, boring summer. Then they find the hidden underground vault in the garden – and inside two frozen figures, a boy and a girl. And as if that isn’t spooky enough, when Rachel accidentally presses a button, something unbelievably happens... Can Polly and Freddy adapt to the twenty-first century? Will their bodies survive having been in suspension for so long? And most important of all, what happened to their father – and why did he leave them frozen in time?

Finding the Fox (Shapeshifters series no. 1)

by Ali Sparkes

It’s not how Dax Jones had expected his day to go but, backed into a corner and frightened, he finds himself changing... And his change attracts attention. A government agent is suddenly waiting to whisk Dax away to a secret school, a haven for others of his kind. But danger follows Dax. Someone else has noticed him too and will do anything to track him down. As he fights to keep the school’s secrets safe, Dax starts to wonder what is really going on. All at once his fox senses are on high alert...

The Emerald Atlas (The Books of Beginning series) by John Stephens They were snatched from their beds in the dead of night, when the world was covered in snow. Ten years on, Kate, Michael and Emma have grown up in a string of miserable orphanages, and all memories of their parents have faded. Arriving in the eerily silent Cambridge Falls, the children quickly realize there is something strange going on... With the discovery of an old leather book, an ancient magical prophecy is set in motion which will take them on the adventure of several lifetimes, to worlds outside their own. Only they have the power to save the town – and their own future.

Clash of the Sky Galleons (Edge Chronicles no. 9) by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell

Quint Verginix, knight academic, is called away from his studies in the great floating city of Sanctaphrax. The treacherous quartermaster and arsonist, Turbot Smeal, is back – and Quint’s father, Wind Jackal, is on an obsessive quest for vengeance against him. From the sky-ship yards of Undertown to the deserted quarries of the Edge cliff, from blood-drenched bloodoak glades to the horrors of an abandoned sky-wreck, Quint, Maris and the crew of the Galerider are drawn into an increasingly deadly pursuit – a pursuit that will ultimately lead to the clash of the sky galleons.

Montmorency (Montmorency series no. 1)

by Eleanor Updale

When a petty thief falls through a glass roof while fleeing from the police, it should have been the death of him. Instead, it marks the beginning of a whole new life. Soon he has become the most successful — and elusive — burglar in Victorian London, plotting daring raids and using London’s new sewer system to escape. He adopts a dual existence to fit his new lifestyle, taking on the roles of a respectable, wealthy gentleman named Montmorency and his corrupt servant, Scarper.

Billionaire Boy

by David Walliams

Meet Joe Spud, the richest 12-year-old in the world. Joe has everything he could ever want: his own Formula One racing car, a thousand pairs of trainers, even an orang-utan for a butler! Yes, Joe has everything he wants, but there’s just one thing he really needs: a friend...

The Boy in the Dress

by David Walliams

Dennis lives in a boring house in a boring street in a boring town. But he’s about to find out that when you open your mind, life becomes anything but boring! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and once you meet Dennis, he’ll live with you forever...

Emily Feather and the Enchanted Door

by Holly Webb

Emily loves her unusual house. It has so many different doors and everything is mismatched and sometimes it feels like maybe the walls have moved. Although that would be silly – of course they couldn’t have... But Emily can’t help feeling that things are a little odd, and not just in the house. Her family are all acting very strangely. Do they know something she doesn’t?

Best Friends

by Jacqueline Wilson

Gemma and Alice have been best friends since they were born. It never seems to matter that Gemma loves football while Alice prefers drawing or that Gemma never stops talking while Alice is more likely to be listening. They share everything. Then one day Gemma finds out that there’s something Alice isn’t sharing. A secret. And when Gemma discovers what it is, she isn’t sure if she and Alice can stay Best Friends Forever...

Clean Break

by Jacqueline Wilson

When Dad and Mum break up, Em does her best to cheer up her little brother and sister, even though she’s miserable too. She tells them exciting tales because she knows a good story can make life seem better. Meeting the author of her own favourite book is a dream come true. But could her other greatest wish be granted? Is any story powerful enough to bring Dad back?


by Jacqueline Wilson

Beauty Cookson is plain and timid, and all the super-confident and snooty girls at school think her name is ridiculous and tease her horribly. Worse than the taunting in the playground, though, is her father’s constant, hurtful criticism. Beauty and her mum live in fear of Dad’s fierce rages – sparked off when they break one of his fussy house rules or suggest something ‘silly’ like getting a pet. But Beauty’s mum adores her, and does her best to keep Beauty happy despite all the tension and shouting. After Beauty’s disastrous birthday party, Dad’s temper seems to be out of control. Are Mum and Beauty brave enough to leave and start a sweeter new life?

Little Darlings

by Jacqueline Wilson

Sunset lives a life of luxury with her beautiful ex-model mum, her world-famous ex-rocker dad and two little celeb siblings. But life on the red carpet is no compensation for rowing parents, constant nagging, intensive media scrutiny and no real friends. Destiny, on the other hand, is an only child living on a rundown estate with a sickly but devoted mum who constantly tells her that she’s really the daughter of a famous former rock star. When the two girls meet in unlikely circumstances, they are surprised to find in each other something they’ve been missing all their lives.

The Longest Whale Song

by Jacqueline Wilson

Ella’s mum’s in a deep coma having just had a new baby. That means Ella has to live with Jack, her hopeless stepfather and cope with her tiny newborn brother, as well as worrying about Mum. The only thing that’s going right is her school project. It’s all about whales and how they sing out to each other to attract a mate ? sometimes for hours. Maybe a whale song could reach Mum, wherever she is, and bring her back to Ella and baby Samson. Surely it’s worth a try?

The Story of Tracy Beaker

by Jacqueline Wilson

Tracy Beaker is ten years old – but she has been a bestseller for twenty years! This is the hilarious and touching first story about feisty Tracy and her life in the children’s home she calls the Dumping Ground.

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