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Volume 116, Issue 5

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Entrepreneur Peter Ochs speaks at annual Oscar Schmidt convocation to mixed reaction By ASHLEY AULBACH Staff Writer

At 10:00am on the morning of Friday, Oct. 5, Sterling College held its second Convocation service of the year. The service featured speaker Peter Ochs, entrepreneur and president at Capital III, Inc., an equity investment firm, as this year’s installment of the annual Oscar Schmidt Lecture Series. Ochs spoke on enterprise stewardship and the importance of living a high impact life. As a part of his speech, Ochs spoke highly of capitalism in regard to success in business. This left students with different feelings and views. Several students noted feeling confused by the message Ochs gave. Some students felt as though Ochs gave the impression

that capitalism was the only way to be successful in today’s business world, but he also urged students to “Seek the truth for themselves.” After Ochs spoke, he opened up the floor to students for questions. He attempted to answer the questions in a satisfactory manner, but many students were still not very receptive of his responses. Three such questions were posed to Ochs during this open floor time after his lecture. “The students who were confused were too confused to ask any questions, and the people who disagreed with what he had said were too mad to say much of anything,” said freshman Lexi Rutberg of Fort Collins, CO. One question that seemed focus on a significant point in the lecture came with a

statement from senior socialist government, a final convocation of the 125 th anniversary Scott Hicks, who stated lot of things get swept the semester will be of the College. The that, though capitalism under the rug” said the annual Heritage convocation will be may be economically Rutberg. Convocation, this year at 10:00am on Friday, T h e t h i r d a n d centered on celebrating Nov. 2. better for our country, quality of life in socialist countries tends to be higher than that of the U.S. Hicks then proceeded to ask Ochs his thoughts on this. Ochs responded with a story from his place of employment where a piece of machinery did not fall in line with the necessary specifications, resulting in a fine for him. Although Rutberg feels that the question was answered poorly, she tried to empathize with his response. “The point he was trying to make is that in a socialist government, they micromanage everything, but this occurred in our capitalistic government. Here, we need to have standards for safety Peter Ochs, president of Capital III, Inc., speaks to students during the Oscar and efficiency, and in a Schmidt Lecture Series Convocation last Friday.

SGA informs students on the importance of voting By CODY MARTIN Staff Writer

A wise man once said, “If y ou don’t vote, you don’t have the right to complain about politics.” To some this is a humorous quote, but its message rings true: voting is important. Since the deadlines for many states’ voter registrations are fast approaching, SGA deemed last week “Voter Registration Week” and had several events to pro-

HOMECOMING ATHLETICS Friday, 10/12 Volleyball vs. Ottawa, 7:00 Saturday, 10/13 Cross Country @ McPherson, 8:00am Women’s Soccer @ Ottawa, 1:30 Men’s Soccer @ Ottawa, 3:30 Wednesday, 10/17 Women’s Soccer vs. USM, 2:00 Men’s Soccer vs. USM, 4:00 Thursday, 10/18 Volleyball @ Southwestern, 7:00 Friday, 10/19 Women’s Soccer vs. McPherson, 1:00 Men’s Soccer vs. McPherson, 3:00 Saturday, 10/20 Cross Country @ NAIA Mid States Challenge, 8:00am Football vs. Ottawa, 1:30

mote the importance of voting and to inform students about how and why they should register to vote. Senior Alex LawhonBush is the Director of Campus Activities and was in charge of Voter Registration Week. Throughout the week she sat outside of the Cafeteria and informed students about voting and how to register. When asked what her goals were, she responded, “I am trying to get people aware of

the fact that you have to be registered to vote and aware of some issues that are important to voting as well.” Many students are uncertain if voting is worth their time and others may have difficulties registering if they are from another state, but SGA sees the importance of voting so they set up a simple way for all students to be able to register. When asked why college students should vote, Lawhon-Bush

said, “College students are an important part of the population and the eventual leaders of our homes, communities, churches, and world. So they need to be a part of the policies that affect those entities, or at least aware of them.” To inform the students, several events were provided throughout the week: Tuesday was a discussion at Broadway Market on why faith is important in politics, Wednesday was

a showing of the first Presidential Debate in Bell Hall, Thursday was “Register to Win” day, and Friday was a showing of the movie Swing Vote in Cornerstone. When asked if the week was a success, Lawhon-Bush stated, “If one more person is registered, informed, or votes because of anything this week; I will consider it a success.” She also said that she will be having a few more events towards

the end of October in preparation of Election Day. The other debates will also be shown, and more information on those will be announced soon. The 2012 Presidential Election has already proven to be a close match, so the votes of college students are very important to both candidates. Sterling College students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of their right to vote and let their voices be heard.

By MEGAN WALKER Staff Writer

to this milestone when she mentioned that Sterling has outlasted two World Wars and the Great Depression. Thompson continued to say, “There have been a lot of changes, but in all those things we have persevered. God has a plan because we are still here. We’re not scraping by, we’re surviving and we’re thriving.” Not only is Homecoming a chance to appreciate what the college has been through and that it remains strong, but it is also an opportunity for alumni to come home

and see how things have grown. There will be several new events available to them this fall. The 5- and 10-year reunions have been changed to the Young Alumni reunion. The Young Alumni will have a special tent set up on the south side of the stadium. Alumni are encouraged to pick up their free megaphone in order to receive free popcorn during the game. After the football game there will be an opportunity for parents of students and foster parents to meet one another. All parents of

students are welcome. There will also be an Student Government Association alumni reception in Heritage Hall. The alumni reception is open to all SGA alumni including current student SGA alumni. The final addition, unique to the 125th, is a tribute to Gordon and Diane Kling. The event is open to current students and alumni. This is primarily an opportunity for alumni to interact with the Klings post-retirement. The program will take place Sunday afternoon in Culbertson.

While Homecoming is often viewed as an alumni event, there are events geared toward students as well. Students will have the opportunity to participate in competitions throughout the week in order to receive prizes and display their dorm pride. The Highland Games and Dorm Chants are new additions. Community members are welcomed and encouraged to attend the theatre production, sporting events, the parade and other festivities of the weekend. See below for list of events.

125th Anniversary Homecoming set to be new, unique Homecoming has two sides at Sterling College. One side caters to students while the other caters to alumni. Senior Becky Barnes, Student Government Executive Secretary, and Amy Thompson, Alumni Director, will partner together as Homecoming festivities begin. This Homecoming is a unique one, celebrating Sterling’s 125th year. Thompson expressed one aspect of the accomplishment of a college making it

HOMECOMINGEVENTS Sunday Tuesday 8:00pm Bonfire 6:30pm Highland Behind Evans Games* Sand VB Courts Monday 10:30pm Fashion Wednesday Show* 4:00pm Dorm Chants* Upper Wilson Soccer Fields

*Denotes event Friday Saturday involved in dorm 9:00am Alumni College 10:00am Parade* Various Locations Broadway competition.

11:00am Treasure Thursday Hunt* 8:00pm Godpell* SGA Office Culbertson

For more information on Alumni College 10:00pm Fireworks 8:00pm Godspell Smisor Stadium Culbertson visit

10:00am Pep Rally 11:00am-1:00pm Home Smisor Stadium coming Hangout Cooper Lawn 8:00pm Godspell Culbertson 1:10pm Coronation

All events listed starting Thursday evening are open to the public.



Soccer teams have mixed results in first two KCAC games By BAY BAKER Staff Writer

With a few focus issues and the disadvantage of a strong wind during the second half of the game on Wednesday, Oct. 3, the Lady Warrior soccer team lost 2-1 to Tabor College in their KCAC opener. “We just really struggled offensively,” said head coach Justin Morris. “We got a lot of shots the second half, but we were also against a wind. We just didn’t really show up to play the first twenty minutes. We started clicking a little bit toward the end of the first half, but you can’t get yourself in a

hole like that.” Coach Morris is positive that with some focused practice the Warriors will come out with success in future games. “We’ve got to get more movement off the ball,” he added. “We can’t give up the goals we’ve been giving up.” The team simply needs to focus on a few areas of improvement. One of these areas of improvement is communication, according to Erica Nua, a sophomore from Palmdale, California. “We didn’t play our best,” Nua said. “It seemed like we were just not ourselves.” Nua also stated that if the girls work on mov-

ing for each other in the game, they will be able to turn their play around. “We weren’t playing together,” said sophomore Courtney Brand from Loveland, CO, of the Tabor loss. “We learned a lot from that game, and we were able to come out and play better on Saturday.” The Lady Warriors beat the Bethany College Swedes in a home game on Saturday, Oct. 6. The win was a morale booster to the girls. The athletes’ willingness to adjust and correct past mistakes lead them to more focused play and, ultimately, a victory. The Lady Warriors

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The Warrior Hub, which debuted on Monday, is now the go-to source for all campus announcements. The Hub features thing such as the latest campus announcements, a list of daily events, SC social media, Warrior athletics scores, blog recommendations from the RDs and local weather. The Hub should reduce the amount of e-mails students receive, but not replace e-mail. Check the Hub regularly and check your e-mail regularly for individualized information. Check out the Warrior Hub at

seem to be back on track as they set their sights on conference competition ahead. “We’ve got a great group of girls and they’re all working hard,” concluded Coach Morris. “We just have to get everyone on the same page. Overall, I’ve been really pleased with everybody.” The men’s soccer team beat the Tabor College Bluejays 1-0 on Wednesday, Oct. 3. “We came out and played solid soccer for the first seventy minutes or so,” said Coach Jeff Kidd of the Tabor win. “Overall, I was very impressed with the performance of our team.” The guys came out

with a 0-0 overtime draw in the home game against Bethany on Saturday, Oct. 6. “With the way the game started, I felt pretty good about the draw,” said Kidd. “I was a little disappointed with our play early, but that all changed late in the game. We really amped up our attack. It was fun to watch. We will be tough to beat if we can continue to play with the passion we did at the end of the match.” With their minds set on making the conference tournament after the regular season, the Warriors are striving toward working as a unit in every game they

play, according to Micah Mitchell, a senior from Westminster, CO. “We need to find our potential and then play at that level,” he said. “We have what it takes; it’s just a matter of putting it all together.” As the team looks forward to the rest of the season, Coach Kidd encourages his players to carefully plan out what it will mean to reach their goals. “We have one goal: make the conference tournament,” Kidd said. “Right now, we are in a descent position for that to happen, but it is important for us to take each game one at a time from here on out.”

After three years, one team goes from volleyball jester to intramural royalty By SCOTT MCKINNEY Staff Writer On Thursday Oct. 3, 2012 the sounds of “Tick Tick Boom” rang out over the sand volleyball courts as Samuel Cheyney and the Dynamite Kids – an underdog three years in the making – found themselves reigning over the Sterling College intramural volleyball world. This year’s championship squad was composed of Samuel Cheyney, Scott McKinney, David Spencer, Rachel Gardner, Madison Riley, Caitie Stineman, and Larissa Versaw. However, this was not the first go around for SC&DK. In fact, they have been an established team since 2010. In the team’s first year they ended winless. The next year brought some improvement, but still ended with only two victories, one of which was the result of an opponent forfeiting. Based on the past, 2012 did not hold high hopes for SC&DK, but something was able to give them a spark. The round robin season ended on Tuesday, which set the scene for the threematch single elimina-

tion tournament on Thursday. Heading into the tournament SC&DK were 3-2, only losing to The Wolfpack and Happy Gilmore. The first game of the tournament for SC&DK was against the team Awesome Possums. The two teams did not meet in the round robin play so they did not know what to expect, but SC&DK were able to win fairly easily in two sets. Next up for SC&DK was the team that handed them their first loss, Happy Gilmore. The first time these two teams battled Happy Gilmore earned the victory in three sets, however it was a close match – the last two sets were both won by only two points. This time the outcome would be different as SC&DK were able to flip the script and win in three sets. The championship game pitted SC&DK against the only other team to have beaten them, The Wolfpack. When these two played in pool play, the Wolfpack won in an embarrassing defeat for SC&DK – The Wolfpack won despite only playing two players versus the usual

four. Once again, the Wolfpack was only able to play two people in the tournament but they were able to make it all the way to the championship round. However, this time the outcome would be different as SC&DK became victorious, earning the title of champions. Team founder and captain senior Samuel Cheyney is a man of few words, but he becomes a force on the sand volleyball court. He poured himself into this team for three years and when asked if he is sad about there no longer being a SC &DK team, Cheyney simply said, “A little.” Three long seasons ago, SC&DK started on the bottom of the intramural food chain but they finally grew into their latent potential and finished on top in 2012 in a true underdog story. With the end of the sand volleyball seasons comes the intramural flag football season which kicked off last Sunday. Most of the games will be on Sunday afternoons for the next few weeks, so make sure to stop by the field between the library and the tennis court to catch the action.

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Sterling Stir, Volume 116, Issue 5  

Sterling Stir, Volume 116, Issue 5

Sterling Stir, Volume 116, Issue 5  

Sterling Stir, Volume 116, Issue 5

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