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Third annual ‘Love Sterling’a success By BAY BAKER Staff Writer

projects again this year and

Market. “We got to try some of

friendships that were formed and the smooth flow of the


28th. Wrapping up its third

the roof and really enjoyed my

over 220 people who were football team. The organization spent a day giving back to the town by completing improvement projects. “The town looks amazing

a row. “Nathan Lusk is our fearless does an amazing job leading

ministries who partnered with were blessed with last minute

a fun time painting Broadway

While the event is relatively grow and reach out. Perhaps Rice County and will continue to be a medium through which to show love to those around us.

Junior David Tank paints a ledge outside of Broadway Market on Saturday. Love Sterling volunteers spent 1,000 hours at local businesses and homes. Photo by Jon Faulkner

THISWEEK The Tallest Men Alive premier Saturday Today. Intramural Softball @ 8 p.m. Fuel in Culbertson @ 9 p.m.

Friday. Men’s Conference for Men’s Ministry in Culbertson @ 5 p.m. CD release party in Upper Wilson @ 7 p.m. Saturday. Last Blast at Sputnik @ 12 p.m. Intramural Softball @ 8 p.m. Sunday. National Day of Prayer Study Snacks in the Student Union @ 10 p.m. Monday. (7) Finals @ 8 a.m. Crafts with NuTSO in Cornerstone @ 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. GPR Release Party at Broadway Market @ 7:30 p.m. Study Snacks in Cornerstone @ 10 p.m. Tuesday. (8) Study Snacks at the Maurer’s @ 9 p.m. Wednesday. (9) Study Snacks at Broadway Market with Dr. Kerr @ 8 p.m. Thursday. (10) Senior grades will be due Friday. (11) end Senior Breakfast in West Cafeteria @ 9 a.m. Senior Family Dinner in West Cafeteria @ 5:30 p.m. Baccalaureate in Culbertson @ 7:30 p.m.

Saturday. (12) Commencement on Cooper Lawn (weather permitting) @ 9:45 a.m. Residence Halls Close @ 5 p.m. Monday. (14) Summer Term Begins

NEWSBITES Editors and staff wanted! have little to no desire to watch it disappear before Tim Luisi or Ryan Corwin about becoming the student run newspaper of

will need to be made before May 7th so as editors can receive proper training and resource manuals.

By NATHAN EHRESMAN Staff Writer The senior project required for Communications majors has very open parameters that allow the student to dream big and run with it – and that is just what senior Tim Luisi has done. Luisi turned a situation from choir tour his freshman year into a screenplay and The Tallest Men Alive. With the parameters of the Commuis just a matter of how creative and ambi-

writing out the screenplay that started in the Dr. Strangelove vein of satire but can comedy.

“Basically it’s just my past of being short


Luisi said. But the same way characters

ski as George Anderson.


ly based on Luisi – is short and has been picked on all his life and is now really upset with life. Marlow Gittes is a failed private detective who has had to resort to getting cats out of trees. And George

Brian Allen started making height jokes eryone that was taller than me and all of

Anderson tries to stop the murderer.

Luisi has developed during the process of position has challenged me and required me to grow a lot in order to get this thing have learned a lot about what goes into ally been an amazing experience to learn Luisi has been working on this project cially hard in the past two months. All

during the Persian War. three men and how they come together

The Tallest Men Alive is premiered at 8:00 p.m. in Culbertson Auditorium.

Cafeteria to undergo summer construction By BEN WRIGHT Staff Writer

Every school year comes with a num-

that it would be improved for the fall. There are even a number of pictures up on the internet at depict-

year will come with a different kind of facet of campus life that will undergo an exciting facelift: the cafeteria.

be pretty cool.

College not only as a consistent source

to you: you just want to get into the

changes that one should look forward

because the line for one food option is spending hours at a time just sitting and eteria become invaluable resources.


satisfy more people more often.

The pictures online seem to suggest that but this kind of thing does not just happen. This will accompany an increase in tuition of about $500 per student per

to see how nice it is. The workers in the cafeteria right now seem pretty optimistic. They are excited for the new changes and the opportunities that they present.

be a thing of the past. Plans for the future of Chartwells include the integration things are supposed to be “more opened

changing things up this summer. This

you there!

Governor Sam Brownback to speak at May 12th Commencement, student’s concerned opportunity to joke at the mat-



College’s Graduation Ceremony on May 12 th . Many students have been surprised the news has received mixed are excited to see the Kansas remain confused.


said. “This is a man who has no apparent affiliation with

who spends so much time cutting state spending on education programs is going to be speaking at a college graduMark Nelson said. Brownback has proposed to cut the funding for several education programs in the past and this is one of the matters that has concerned many students are either confused by Brownback’s upcoming appearance or are against it completely. -

on the idea.

afraid to think of how much the college is spending to get lege has gone through great lengths to get the Kansas Governor to speak at the gradulook forward to. This is an opportunity that most students otherwise would not be able to experilege’s 2012 Graduation will be a special one for all graduating seniors.

Governor Sam Brownback will speak at graduation next Saturday on Cooper lawn weather permitting. Last year, Rev. Dr. James D. Miller of Tulsa, Oklahoma served as the commencement speaker. Photo c`ourtesy

Sterling Stir



Top 10 Christian Albums ever Album Review By JON FAULKNER Staff Writer 10. Styper: To Hell With the Devil - 1986 – Styper is one of those legendary band that most people in the modern era have never heard of or listened to. But To Hell With the Devil

Last Street Preacha is probably one of the greatest Hip-Hop albums of all time. – 2004 (re-release) – Already one of the best live worship albums of all time, the extended addition found in the

Metal album to go Platinum it also marked the beginning of a 9. Sanctus Real – We Need Each Other – 2008 – The biggest problem with Christian -

ing in Christian Community.


songs. 6. DC-Talk – Intermissions – 2000 – Where else are you going to find all the greats their greatest hits CD, that to

3. Switchfoot – The Beautiful Letdown – 2003 – One of -

Talking Cinema With Tim

Top 10 movies of all time

By TIM LUISI Editor-in-Chief -

out to a world that needed someone to be real with it. The Beautiful Letdown will go down in history as one of the greatest 2. Chris Rice – Run the Earth, Watch the Sky – 2003 – Run the Earth, Watch the Sky -

tions over the years, steered

what better way to say goodbye than to give you my top


this movie about a hopeless

probably one of the greatest 8. T-Bone – The Last Street Preacha – 2001 – the godfather of Christian Hip-Hop. As his industry shattering beats and real and

4. Downhere – On the Alter of Love – 2011 – Downhere leasing powerful and thought On the Alter of Love is yet another great example of their flare


against Tabor, who was ahead wins. On Friday, however, the baseball team stole a part of Blue Jays. 3-6, all hope had faded. With

at home the Warriors kept their momentum and beat Tabor 5-4 and then 7-6 and were named Warriors go into the tournath

won in a season. After the four game series Joe Williams was named KCAC player of the week for his efforts at the plate. Williams earned a game-winning run and also went seven for


twisted, absurd, and hilarious and multi-layered effort from ever is one that has brought into my life. Daring to ask

only to have a small kindling 1. Jars of Clay – Who We Are Instead – 2003 – When -


few bands have something to say like Jars of Clay, and Who We Are Instead is a great and amazing arranging make this the best album ever.

Sports Wrap

By KATIE MCGRATH Sports Editor At the beginning of the week things looked dim for Sterling baseball as the Warriors went

to separate them. Far more

ity and beyond.

stronger faith and bring glory to God.

next level with After the Music Stops. This album is still one of

that idea or the theme of a -

that were not so great. There -

new DC Talk fans. 5. Lecrae – After the Music Stops – 2006 – birth to modern Christian

growing and ever popular



epitome of that kind of movie. With one of my favorite to say about this film that

fueling it, Forrest Gump is

but perhaps the best way to one that is as thrilling and fun

Matt Eshleman was awarded his outtings in final regular four walks. He only gave up one unearned run in the teninning game. the Warriors will take on the winner of the Tuesday


hits. Senior Alyssa Bell was one for three and earned two Jillian Linnebur and Trent Stutzman were named Female and Male Athletes of the Year. These titles were voted upon

The Lady Warrior softball


in their final regular season

player of the week a number of times this season. Trent Stutzman holds all

runs to sweep the Threshers

bittersweet for the Lady War-

their humiliating embarrassments behind them. Truly

than this gloomy, dreary take on the serial killer. With one of the all time frightening villains in John Doe and a pair

season for most three-point baskets in a game, most threepoint baskets in a season, and most three point baskets made

of those around us and that there is always a reason to keep going after the good things. James Stewart would never be better than he was here, bringing to life the tion to all that is right.


tion is what made me fall in time. So many indelible mo-

on a day-to-day basis. So

Sterling College.



Are you...

...interested in journalism? ...looking to pad your resume? ...tired of living in your parents', or worse, Campbell basement? ...or maybe just looking to make that ring happen before Spring?

Then we have a deal for you! Contact us to learn about becoming the next editors of the Stir! Hey, I’m Ryan Corwin and I am a Senior at SC. I enjoy coffee (sometimes), reading the news, and long walks on the beach...erhm, or lake. After years of looking for the love of my life, I’m getting married in September to Ms. Samantha Jean Davison. That’s right, the cartoonist! You could meet your wife (or husband) on the Stir staff next year too! Contact Tim Luisi, or myself, Ryan Corwin at or respectively and we will gladly help you in your hunt for an editor position, and journalism greatness (or maybe your quest for love...we guess). Oh, and just for the record, this message has not been approved by the FDA. Results may vary. The Sterling Cola soulmate if you take this job.

of a broken group of people

tor here from Tom Cruise to Phillip Seymour Hoffman to Julianne Moore is utterly haunting.

the number one seed in the tournament and all tournament games will be played at The Hobart-Detter Field in

series the Lady Warriors beat -


Want to talk about twist end-

talked about endlessly to this Star Wars universe, this is a never win, but where they

everyone has the potential matter how dark things may appear, there is never a good reason to give up. Thank you for the opportunity to share my opinions with you over the years.

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