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Picnic directed by Samantha Davison opens tomorrow By BEN WRIGHT Staff Writer

posals.” This is also the second time he has appeared on stage opposite Mandy Lee. With performances at 8 pm The two seem to work very both Friday and Saturday well as a duo. March 30th and 31st, “Picnic”, Davison really showed her Samantha Davison’s senior appreciation for her actors show, will be coming soon to and all those involved in the Sterling College’s stage. The rehearsal and behind-theperformances will be at 8 pm scenes processes. on both nights. “They are good friends and For being only her second I can trust them, they’re basiexperience directing and her cally my right hand men and first ever full length show, women,” Davison said. Davison seems very comfortThis show is also the last able instructing her cast on full show that will be under details as subtle as the tones the supervision of Gordon the actors should be trying to and Diane in Sterling. This, portray to the audience in a added to the fact that the reparticular scene and how they hearsal process was shortcan accomplish this. “Picnic” Senior director Samantha Davison provides direction to Mandy Lee (junior), Ryan Ehresman ened by spring break would is a show that has particular (Sophomore), and Jackie Knight (Senior). The production serves to fulfill a senior project re- make most on edge. importance to this area due quirement for both Davison and Knight, who is acting in the show. Photo by Ryan Corwin “I want to make them to a movie version that was proud,” Davison said. “We’ve shot in small Kansas towns including Sterling and “He’s a bit of a vagabond who’s just looking to set- been a little rushed, but I think it will be good.” nearby Nickerson. This helped to form the basis for tle down. He’s a bad boy and I feel as if that makes “Picnic” is set to be a really fun and entertainthe part a little challenging because that is nothing ing show. I would strongly recommend going and Davison’s pick. The play is about two neighboring families in a like me at all.” enjoying a presentation by the students of Sterling Ryan is really starting to make a name for himself College. You just can’t go wrong with any of their small town whose lives are disrupted by the arrival in Sterling’s theater department by his big roles in plays, and this is set to be another outstanding demof Hal, played by Sophomore Ryan Ehresman. “He’s kinda like Han Solo,” Ehresman said. shows like “Much Ado about Nothing” and “Pro- onstration.

THISWEEK Today. Juried Student Art Show, 3 pm @ Art Building. Man to Man, 7 pm @ Heritage Hall Friday. Heritage Convocation, 10 am @ Culbertson Baseball vs. Ottawa, 1 pm Picnic by William Inge, 8 pm @ Culbertson Saturday. Golf, 8 am @ Bethel Invitational Track, 10 am @ Oklahoma Baptist Invitational Baseball, 1 pm @ Ottawa Softball, 1 pm @ Friends Picnic by William Inge, 8 pm @ Culbertson Sunday. Chapel, 7 pm @ Culbertson

NEWSBITES One Act Auditions

One Act auditions will be held Tuesday, April 3rd from 3:15 to 5 pm in Culbertson Auditorium. If you have ever had interest in acting on the Sterling College stage, this is a great opportunity to get started and make a name for yourself as there are eight shows to audition for and over 50 roles up for grabs. This is also a fantastic way to make new friendships and strengthen old ones as you spend time rehearsing, constructing a set, and finally hitting the stage to perform. The One Acts, all of which are directed by your fellow students, will be performed April 27th, beginning at 7:30 pm.

Student Government Petitions Due Next Thursday, April 5th, the petitions to run for elected office in the Student Government Association (SGA) will be due. The petitions will be available to pickup starting today on the bulletin board outside the SGA office. If you have great ideas on how to improve life for Sterling College students, this is your chance to get those ideas out there. The Elections for SGA President and Chaplain will be held April 13th in Culbertson Auditorium.

CAB’s Monte Carlo Night deals out large prizes for large crowd

21, CAB style

By PATRICK WRIGHT Staff Writer Saturday, March 24th was the Campus Activities Board’s annual Monte Carlo Night. The night was quite successful with around one hundred and fifty students attending the event. As usual, the event was black tie and many of the students put on their fanciest clothes. The night featured four games in which people could gamble to increase the ‘money’ that they got when walking in: Texas Hold ‘Em, Blackjack, Craps, and Roulette. Attendees start the night with $5000 and try to win as much as they can before the night is over. At the end of the night, students bring in their winnings and the top three winners get prizes. This year’s top winner was Joe Viera. New this year was the Sterling Missions Team working with C.A.B. to serve drinks and snacks. Students were encouraged to tip their servers to help them with their fundraising. C.A.B. put a lot of work into the event, more than most would think. “There was a lot of work put into it,” C.A.B.’s Stephen Stinson said. “We actually started Friday and spent all day Saturday on things like food preparation.” But, according to all involved the hard work paid off. “I think the event was a success,” Stinson said. Contributing to that success were several people asked by C.A.B. to help with various parts of Monte Carlo Night including running the games. Jacob Skala, a dealer for one of the Texas Hold ‘Em tables, was very pleased with the event and had a lot of fun with players. Skala said he enjoyed watching people win and lose money and how people acted when they would win or lose a big hand.

Senior Kendrick Babineaux takes his chances at the black jack table with David Seda during Campus Activities Board’s annual ‘Monte Carlo Night.’ Photo by Patrick Wright “I’m just there to deal and have fun,” Scala said “It’s the reactions that are really funny.” Students had a lot of fun playing the various table and casino games that were offered and emotions were running high. All of the games were popular and some people had trouble getting to the games that they wanted. “I played Craps all night,” Sophomore Kelly Wolfer said. “I wanted to play poker, but there weren’t enough tables.” Several people had similar feelings, but it did not keep them from having a good time and winning big. Students, C.A.B. and Missions Teams members all enjoyed the event and felt that overall, this year’s Monte Carlo Night was another great success.

Choir returns after 3,000 mile journey By NATHAN EHRESMAN Staff Writer Spanning nine days, 6 states, and close to 3,000 miles round-trip, the Sterling College Choir Tour was a great way for choir members to spend their spring break. For some it was a lot of fun, for others it was a meaningful trip home. Over those nine days, 6 states, and 3,000 miles the choir performed 14 shows in places from high schools in Liberal, KS to churches in Tucumcari, NM to Knott’s Berry Farm in Pasadena, CA. The whole tour came to a close last Sunday when the choir performed their home concert at the United Presbyterian Church in Sterling. While that is a lot of shows, there were a lot of miles between them meaning long rides on the tour bus. One way many people pass those long hours is watching movies, but watching a movie on a Sterling College Choir Tour is not like watching a movie in any other setting.

When a movie is watched on the SC Choir Tour bus they re-cast the movie using people from the choir. Stuart Parman, a Choir Tour veteran, is the keeper of the “Choir Tour Cast List Notebook” with recastings of movies from years past ranging from The Sandlot to Jurassic Park. “It’s fun,” Parman said. “Because a lot of times there is someone that is absolutely perfect for a role in a movie – they are that person.” This year’s collection of re-casted movies included classics like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Hook, spanning genres as diverse as children’s favorites like How to Train Your Dragon to the romantic comedy The Proposal and finally recent blockbuster Inception. Choir accompanist Dr. Brad Nix highlighted this year’s re-castings with lead roles as Ferris Beuller in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Peter Pan/Banning in Hook. Often, however, it is not the leads but the small roles that steal the show.

Nathan West, Jared Westmoreland, Emily Konrade, Kaedra Dixson, Mark Clark, Kacie Hastings, Matt Hastings, Cara Spencer, and Dr. Brad Nix pose for a photo at Huntington Beach during chior tour. Photo courtesy of Nathan West “My favorites are always some of the bit parts and supporting roles,” Parman said. “Such as Reid Goffigon as Billy Idol in The Wedding Singer, Phil Taylor as Charlie Sheen in Ferris Bueller, or Stephen Stinson/Reid Goffigon as ‘All Characters Who Suffer Epic Deaths’ in Inception.”

“It’s something a lot of people look forward to year after year,” Parman said. “Everyone’s always excited to see who got which roles in each movie.” Re-casting movies is fun, but is not on the same level of joy that other members of See Tour, Page 7

S S



The Weekly Sports Wrap By KATIE MCGRATH Sports Editor THURSDAY- The Lady Warrior softball team lost both games, the first by one and the second by five in a double header against the York College Panthers. In a disappointing loss of 5-6 the Warriors never gave up and held their own throughout the entire game. Junior Adrianna Ballor pitched for 8.1 innings. Ballor gave up five runs and earned two strikeouts. “It was one of those games where we fought though it,


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choir were able to experience on the tour. For the choir members from California the tour was a rare opportunity for them to get to go home; not to mention the chance for family and friends to see a bit of their lives at Sterling. George Giorgetti is the choir director at Norco High School in Norco, CA and is the father of a Sterling College alum. Giorgetti is a big advocate of the school and directs a lot of his choir students to Sterling. Sophomore Ashley Hasart is one of several students that

and we are doing that more and more,” Ballor said. “We are improving through the season and our record shows it. It was a battle through the whole game because the fields were really muddy, but I fought through it because I knew my team was behind me and they were fighting just as hard.” Offensively, Kelly Hannah lead the team putting the ball in play three out of five times. She also earned an RBI and two runs. In the second game Senior Courtney Bell pitched six innings, giving up five runs with

one strike out. The Lady Warriors scored an impressive four runs off of eight hits. The final score was 4-9. The Lady Warriors now stand at 11-24 on the season. Their next game will be on March 27th in Sterling as they look to take on Oklahoma Wesleyan in a double header. The first game will begin at 3:00 pm. In Hays, Kansas the Sterling College track and field team competed and the women’s team finished the day in eighth place, scoring 30.5 points and the men finished in eleventh place scoring eleven points.

come from Norco who was able to return home on this year’s choir tour. “When Professor Clark announced to the choir we were going to be going on tour to California I was ecstatic,” Hasart said. “It was as if I had a permanent smile on my face.” Junior Mike Redondo, also from Norco, had the pleasure of getting to sing at his home church, Saint Mel’s Catholic Church in Norco, CA. “Not only did my California friends get to experience the spirituality of Sterling,” Redondo said, “but they provided the largest audience I’ve

seen at any concert I’ve performed at on the three tours I’ve gone on.” That same concert also held a special meaning for Hasart. “My friends and family were able to come and see the choir,” Hasart said. “It was so special to be able to show them my life at Sterling and also my passions through choir tour.” Whether the fun came through performing, deciding which choir member most resembles Smalls from The Sandlot, or having the opportunity to perform for family and friends back home, the 2012 Sterling College Choir Tour was an enjoyable experience for all.

Concert Review: REDvolution Tour By JON FAULKNER Staff Writer

WICHITA, KS--MARCH 21, 2012--Perhaps it’s the feeling of a new venue, perhaps it’s the energy of a crowd you haven’t played in front of in a long time, perhaps it’s simply the joy of Jesus Christ that you put into the music, or seeing one of your favorite bands again or for the first time. Whatever it was, when the REDvolution tour rolled into Wichita there was an excitement and an energy, which both the fans and bands felt. From the opening chord of Kiros’ Broken State, to the last note of Red’s “Breathe Into Me” there was a constant energy and passion in the crowd and the musicians, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. The gospel was preached and hopefully lives were touched throughout the night as the bands did both honest and inspiring songs from their short or long careers atop the Christian Rock scene. If you have not seen this tour, buy a plane ticket to one of the last three locations and then pre-order your ticket to the show; this isn’t something you should be missing. Kiros I first saw Canada’s Kiros on the Mixed Tape Revolution tour and while they were good then, they blew me away last night. Coming out with their hit “Broken State” they got the crowd moving and kept them interested with the amount of passion they put into their music. It was good to hear the crowd sing along to such a new name in Christian music. I was also impressed by their

love for the fans as they hung out after the show. You could tell they loved the fans and that their music was a ministry. Nine Lashes For a new band to come out on a tour like this cannot be easy, but with three shows left newcomers Nine Lashes had the energy left to put on a pretty good show. The only drawback was that there were times when the music covered up the lead singer making it hard to discern lyrics. I also would have like to see a little more creativity in their light show, but for a young band they had the crowd involved and probably really added to their following. Manafest Honestly I expected a little more from the Christian Rap/ Rock veteran. He opened with the powerful “Impossible” and kept the crowd involved, but aside from his dancing there was not much creativity in the lighting patterns, which one expects from such a seasoned performer. Manafest did do a great job of presenting the Love of Jesus Christ and fans got to hear a bit of a different style from him. These positives

S S Established in 1889

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do far outweigh the negatives, but I still left his portion of the concert wanting to hear more. Thousand Foot Krutch TFK is one of those bands that I just don’t get to see enough. They have the energy of Kiros, but the repertoire of Kutless. They still put a great deal of passion into the music and still have enough left over for the fans. Performing songs from every previous record, including Set it Off, they kept the crowd rocking and kept them intrigued by playing songs from their new record The End is where we Begin. Red At the beginning of Red’s portion of the concert I was concerned that they were going to be another big band with a big set. This was far from the case as they came out and rocked one of the best live shows I’ve seen in a long time. From the giant spinning wheels of the machine to the clear and understandable vocals, Red made a statement, drew in the fans and probably made a lot of formal non-fans loyal followers. Overall Rating: 9/10 The Stir is produced by Sterling College students and printed weekly in and by the Sterling Bulletin, Sterling, Kansas. We seek to serve the Sterling College community with news and information. We work toward goals of honesty and integrity while always seeking the truth. We also work with an understanding of service to a Christian community. Letters to the editor must be signed and legible. Letters are subject to editing for style and spelling and will be printed at the editors’ discretion. Letters should not be longer than 350 words. Letters must be received by 3 p.m. the Tuesday before the print date (Thursday). Opinions presented on the Opinion page do not necessarily represent the views of Sterling College. Address letters to The Stir, SC Box 8, 125 W. Cooper, Sterling, KS 67579.

Friday in baseball the Warriors took on the Spires of the University of Saint Mary’s. The Warriors won both games. These games bring them to eight straight wins in a row. In the first game the Warriors shut out the Spires five to zero. The second game’s final score was four to one. Junior Levi LeBass pitched the first game, striking out two batters and giving up four hits. Junior Daniel Hall hit well by going three for four resulting in three RBI’s and even hit a double. The Warriors scored five runs from the nine hit in the game.

In the second game Senior pitcher Erelio Mesa struck out five batters and only gave up one run. Hitting well for the Warriors were seniors Matthew Krause and Chase Daniels. Krause went one for three at the plate, earning two RBI’s. Daniels copied his teammate going one for three, which included a triple and one RBI. Both LeBass and Mesa are 20. With these two wins the warriors are now in first place in the conference with a record of 6-0 and an overall record of 22-5.

Talking Cinema With Tim

The Hunger Games

So, in case you hadn’t heard, a little movie called The Hunger Games was released this week. Starring soon to be superstar Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen (aka the biggest literary hero since Harry Potter) and what is soon to become the highest-­grossing film with a sole female protagonist, Games is a thrilling success in almost every respect. To save room, I’m going to refrain from giving a plot description in this review. Suffice it to say that from the opening moments the film is intense, engrossing the audience in the world and vivid characters it brings to life, telling the story of a twelve districts forced to offer up two of their children each year in a fight to the death called the Hunger Games, especially focusing on Katniss, a girl hoping to survive after she volunteers to participate in order to save her sister’s life. The book, trickier to adapt than many due to its limited narrative perspective has energetically been brought to the screen with only a few minor tweaks to speak of. While it fails to capture some of the book’s stronger moments, including what should have been an especially terrifying twist near the finale, the heart of the novel is still thankfully intact. Especially impressive onscreen is the character of Katniss, performed with exquisite strength, grace, grit, and beauty by Lawrence. A multifaceted performance trumping even her fantastic and Oscar-nominated turn in Winter’s Bone this is Lawrence’s finest moment to date and brings the hope of a tremendous career going forward. As “the girl on fire”, Lawrence achieves something that Daniel Radcliffe was never able to as “the boy who lived”: authenticity, charisma, and a performance that would have become iconic without nearly a thousand pages and fanboy acclaim behind it. While the film itself may never quite live up to the performance at its core, it is still mostly strong across the board. The imagery on display here for lack of a better word is awe-inspiring, the costumes and makeup utterly surreal in the capitol and entirely encrusted in dirt, perspiration, and filth in the district twelve bookends of the film. Building an entire country rather than just one location and a diverse group of people instead of just one character, this film is ugly and beautiful simultaneously. Director Gary Ross (Pleasantville) has an equally interesting vision for the film, choosing to disorient the viewer by filming with a

shaky-cam style, making the audience like Katniss, where they will never be quite able to keep up with everything going on around them. Also intriguing, Ross focuses a lot of attention on the people behind the scenes of the games, bringing to mind The Truman Show in many key moments and giving the audience a perspective solely lacking in the book. Making a movie that could have been all about the gruesome kills that were so prominent in the book, Ross pulls away just enough to make it more about character than spectacle. Although this is an admirable approach, it at times does make some of the most intense moments in the book seem watered down or neutered in the film version. The opening moments of the games seem especially disappointing and too short, although filled with danger, perhaps not quite instilling the panic into the audience that it should have.

While there are certain scenes that may not live up to fan expectations most of the key character moments shine through, thanks in large part to a brilliant ensemble and a director that obviously knows how to get the best from his cast. Stanley Tucci is thrilling as Caesar Flickman, instantly calling Ryan Seacrest to mind in his phoniness and yet somehow still charming bravado. Impressive too in key supporting roles are the ever reliable Elizabeth Banks, Woody Harrelson, and especially Donald Sutherland, who is chilling as President Snow. And, while Katinis’s two potential love interests (Josh Hutcherson as Peeta and Liam Hemsworth as Gale) aren’t as good as the rest of the ensemble at least they do more than sparkle. All in all, The Hunger Games is an impressive achievement and deserves the success it is enjoying. While there are qualms to be had with this adaption, this is the first really exciting movie of the year and is a very solid beginning to what will hopefully become known as a great trilogy. See it and may the odds ever be in your favor. Rating: 8/10

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