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CAI TIMES 20 Jahre CAI Altenfelden The Daily Newspaper

Issue 04 Saturday, June 18 2011

The favorites won at the 2nd day of dressage in Altenfelden 2011

Not the Winner, BUT…A HIPPOEVENT Hotshot from BILSBÆKS SAFIR - Henrik Höper DEN

The International top drivers held true to their role and lived up to the expectations – great dressage performances in front of the wonderful scenery of the Mühlviertel mostly during wonderful sunshine. The strong Single competition (31 drivers) won the reining Vice World Champion from Poland, Bartlomiej Kwiatek with the black stallion Lokan. The series winner of the International Single sport and 3times FEI Top Driver winner drive a superior dressage test FEI No 9 which was then evaluated by the 5 judges with a score of 42,11. Second place during his first appearance at the Altenfelden CAI for Christoph Dieker, GER, followed by Henrik Höper from Denmark.

Third place winner from Denmark,Henrik Höper, drove the 10year old stallion BILSBÆKS SAFIR. This Danishbred Cop with the wonderful movements defended his lead in the Hippoevent Top Horse Award 2011 with the best Dressage score of the current season of 40,58 achieved in May 2011. A real positive surprise in this strong International starter field was the young Austrian competitor Pia Eisenbach. Pia, who is also competing up to the S-class while riding dressage in the saddle, drove with a precise and elegant dressage to fifth place. Subsequent: The king classes of Teams in Altenfelden As a “warm-up” for the large spectator crowd the competition of the teams started with the pony class and the top positions went to the drivers from Germany. Steffen Brauchle beat his team colleagues Daniel Schneiders with a lead of 0,13 points and an overall score of 52,35. This was a strong appearance of the German national team, who is the reigning World Champion nation of the four-in-hand pony teams. .


CAI TIMES 20 Jahre CAI Altenfelden The Daily Newspaper

Issue 04 Saturday, June 18 2011

The last dressage competition of the CAI Altenfelden was setting the high point. The tribune was filled with spectators, who were awaiting with great expectations the last competitor – Chester Weber – USA.

Elegant and perfect presentation – that was the initial impression of his team when entering the dressage arena followed by a performance of the dressage test FEI No 8B almost from a schoolbook. The movement-strong horses on the reins of the American dressage specialist showed wonderful sections and this was awarded with a score of 41,22 beating by 12 points the Team-World Champion, Koss de Ronde from the Netherlands. Third place for the Kladruber stallions from the Czech Republic and Jiri Nesvacil. Chester Weber: „I drove here in Altenfelden for the first time 2 new horses together in the leader positions and am very happy with their performance. They performed on these positions well and will have even further potential of improvements – I am very happy about the dressage win in Altenfelden.“ Top driving sport at Altenfelden’s dressage arena, who is still – after the second dressage day and thousands of horse hoof steps and carriage wheels – presenting itself in great conditions. Now: let’s start the Marathon…

The Winner of the Dressages Horses Single - Bartlomiej Kwiatek POL Pair - Georg Moser AUT Team - Chester Weber USA

Pony Single Rebecca Kristiansen SWE Pair Johann Weitlaner ITA Team Steffen Brauchle GER Congratulations!


CAI TIMES 20 Jahre CAI Altenfelden The Daily Newspaper

Issue 04 Saturday, June 18 2011

Marathonaction in Altenfelden! A highly demanding Marathon test is awaiting the drivers today in Altenfelden. For the first time in Altenfelden 8 obstacles are awaiting the Drivers at the Austrian CAI. Designed and flagged by the Championship-experienced FEI O Course Designer Christian Iseli AUT

Obstacle 1 – Sponsored by Firma Dobelhofer

Obstacle 2 – Sponsored by Wildpark Altenfelden By

Obstacle 3 – Holzmann Fahrzeugbau Kurzbeschreibung

Obstacle 4 – Stiegl Bräu Kurzbeschreibung


Obstacle 5 – Sponsored by VB Leibetseder

Obstacle 6 – Sponsored by BT Bau By

CAI TIMES 20 Jahre CAI Altenfelden The Daily Newspaper

Issue 04 Saturday, June 8th 2011

Obstacle 7 – Sponsored by Kneidinger Center

Obstacle 8 – Sponsored by Streinesberger Transporte Altenfeldener Partymarathon 21.00 CAI Gala evening – with Barbecue (invitation for participants) Price giving for Marathon … followed by the great party with the Liveband The Country Lovers

Susanne HABEL-VEIT GER Pony Vierspänner Reinhard BURGGRAF GER Pferde Zweispänner


CAI TIMES Die tägliche Turnier Zeitung The Daily Newspaper

Issue 04 Saturday, June 18 2011

Koos de Ronde – Team World Champion and successful World Cup Driver - NED A realy nice Marathon. I have been in Altenfelden last 3 years ago for the last time – since then lots of positive changes and improvements were made. The obstancles are more modern, interestingly flgged and with different requirements. It is changing between fast and technically very challenging. I am looking forward to the Marathon … it will be an exciting decision. Tomas Eriksson – World Champion and winner in countless Marathons A very demanding course – well built obstacles – but (my point of view) sadly with too many loose knockdown elements. This is a pitty, because it is sometimes pure luck, if a ball is falling or not. Almost 50 balls in the marathon, that is a trend to be revisited. The Sunday should remain the day of the balls. Anyway: super marathon ground – The CAI Altenfelden has a challenging marathon test – super is the new obsticaly number 8 which promists lots of action.

Weather in Altenfelden

Dog of the Day

CAI Altenfelden – that‘s demanding! By

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