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Door locks expected to prevent trespassing Card readers installed as extra security measure

priyaPUROHIT opinions editor As of Sept. 2, 2008, Irmo has a new door lock policy. All doors that offer direct entrance from outside will automatically lock after the tardy bell. Students will have to enter the main and or tech buildings through the front offices, and the other entrances will remain locked. Teachers and administrators are the only people who have the white cards that allow entry to the school. The door locks have a scanner, and teachers hold their assigned card up to it and are automatically buzzed in. Installing door locks was not a spur-of-the-moment idea. “It was ready in the middle or the


end of May. But with seniors leaving and everything, we didn’t want to make everything more complicated by adding a new policy,” Dan McGehee, assistant principal, said. The reason for the door locks is strictly safety. “These door locks are only going to be as safe as we make them. When I say we, I mean all of Irmo High School,” McGehee said. He also mentioned that it’s not likely that students will find their way around the system; it has been thoroughly thought out. Students who attended Irmo High School last year may remember the incident at the end of the year during exams. An armed man was wandering down St. Andrews and

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Wescott Roads, prompting a lock down at the surrounding schools. McGehee said the reason for the door locks has nothing to do with the incident. Some students say it is frustrating to have to go around to the front entrances if they have to turn in a form or assignment to a teacher. Sophomore Kara Jones said she does not like the new card reader system. “I think it’s a bit ridiculous. It seems like we’re in jail or something. I mean next thing you know we’ll be called by our little ID numbers,” Jones said. Although some students don’t like the system and feel it’s too complicated, administrators feel this is a good way to help keep Irmo High School safe for everyone.

The Stinger - Sept. 26, 2008  
The Stinger - Sept. 26, 2008  

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