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Team dives into season with new coach

them better. Raymond has that same aspiration. He said he wants his team to do the very best that they can. sports editor “They have to be mentally prepared before they Irmo’s swim team doesn’t let change hold step up to compete. I want them to compete against them back from doing their best at every meet. the other people in the pool. Every place matters. I Jim Raymond, coach, took the place of Steve King and want them to compete to get better,” Raymond said. Raymond is loved by many of his swimmers for different has led the boys’ and girls’ teams off to an excellent start. Raymond said he is out to make the team better, hold on to, reasons, whether it’s how he coaches or just his personality. “Coach Raymond, and improve their he’s my favorite a l r e a d y because he is such a impressive record. good coach and he As the team knows how to have is led by a new fun but get work coach things done at the same might be difficult, time,” Moore said. dealing with a As for next year’s change in routine. swim team, Raymond Sara Moore, said he isn’t too junior, said she concerned quite yet. believes otherwise. There is still the rest “The only of this season that he change you have has to worry about. to deal with is “I’m enjoying getting to know a the season as it is. whole new coach,” I’m looking forward Moore said. to our next meet,” Raymond said Raymond said. he has learned “There are a few a lot from his Josh Butler quality swimmers new team from SWIM ON DOWN: Zach Poston, sophomore, butterflies down the lane. that are coming what it takes to successfully Swimming began with a new coach, and the same talents for ‘08-’09. back, but I am looking forward to run a team to cleaning up after meets to injuries of the athletes. going to beat Lexington and Dutch Fork,” Raymond said. Raymond said he has high hopes for his team and for “I have learned a lot about the inside of the season to be a successful one. swimming: what it takes to run a team, getting things the rest of prepared and organized at a meet. Also, the joy of victory and the agony of injury,” Raymond said. The stress of coaching has gotten to Raymond, but he said he handles it positively. “I get very stressed at home meets. You have to prepare the pool for guests,” Raymond said. There is only one meet left until the team goes to compete at the region meet on October 4. Raymond said he has a positive outlook. “Lexington is our biggest rival. I’m not too worried. We are just trying to get swimmers qualified to move on to the state meet,” Raymond said. With coaching comes the job of encouraging your team and having the drive to make



Photo illustration by Samantha Edwards

The Stinger

The Stinger - Sept. 26, 2008  
The Stinger - Sept. 26, 2008  

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