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Soccer teams win academic award COACH’S CORNER


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“I hang out with friends pretty much everyday outside of school,” Hutchens said. “I mean, sometimes if I have a lot of homework, I’ll have to say no to my friends, but generally I have no problem fitting in time with them.” As if keeping up with school work and a social life is not enough, with practices five days a week from 4 to 5:30 p.m., scheduling can be overwhelming for the players, especially on game days when they may not get home until 11 p.m. “Usually athletes know what they have to do and they prioritize well. They know what’s important and they’re motivated to excel both in the classroom and on the athletic field,” Mike Mauldin, the girls’ soccer coach, said. Like Savitz,Mauldin emphasizes the importance of academics to his players. “We work around their practice schedule to accommodate for their academic needs,” Mauldin said. This is the sixth year that the girls’and boys’ soccer teams have been nominated for NSCAA Team Academics plaques. “We are very proud that our boys’ and girls’ soccer teams take pride in their accomplishments on the field and in the classroom,” Savitz said.

Both of Irmo High School’s soccer teams have hit another high, not by scoring goals, but by maintaining advanced GPAs. The members of the girls’ and boys’ teams are ranking high in their classes-many are taking Honors and AP classes. Last year, the girls’ average GPA was a 4.00, and the boys’ average was a 3.77 and won the National Soccer Coaches Association of America High School Team Academic Award (NSCAA). This year both teams have been nominated for this award for the sixth year in a row. The boys’ coach, Phil Savitz, said he makes sure that they all have enough time and put in enough effort into their grades. “Our coaches stress academics with all of our players as their number one priority,” Savitz said. “We also maintain close contact with parents so we are on the same page about their son’s academic standing.” Some might think that maintaining a high GPA with this busy schedule is nearly impossible, but Haley Hutchens, senior, makes sure she balances her studies and soccer to make sure all her work gets done. “I try to ABOVE THE get most of my GOAL: The schoolwork done 2007 Girls during the day, like varsity soccer when I’m a student aide or whenever I team recieved have free time, so an honorI can devote more able academic time to soccer and award. They family and friends,” have been Hutchens said. Along with nominated for school work, six years. fitting in time for family and friends can be difficult, especially when there’s homework that has to be done.

September, 2008

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How long have you been coaching? 36 years. What has your biggest accomplishment been while coaching? Watching kids get better; watching the light turn on in the kids head. Who is your toughest opponent? Myself. That’s everyone’s toughest opponent. Vanessa Lindower


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