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asking me things like how do you apply to college and what kind of scholarships are out there, so I used to just do it naturally so entertainment editor I decided that I might need to go back and learn how to do it Chadwick Pressley, guidance counselor, has always professionally,” Pressley said. wanted to be a hairstylist. Ever since he was a little boy he It took Pressley four years to get his undergrad degree and two spent time doing hair while his mother was going back to years to get his master’s. school. “I got my undergrad degree from Claflin University, in 2004 in “My sister used to be at the house with me, she is younger Sociology. And then I got my masters form SC State University than me, and we used to want to go places with my dad, but in 2007,” Pressley said. her hair was never done. After graduating from college Pressley still wanted to pursue So I was like come here and I would brush it up for her. hairstyling, so he went to Williamsburg Technical College to get …I kept doing it and his license to be a hairstylist. doing it and it was getting “I went to hair school and that is better, getting better, when I found that I really loved it; getting better and my however, I just didn’t want to turn my mom stopped doing her back on my degree so that is why I do hair and was letting me do two things at the same time. So by it,” Pressley said. day, I’m a guidance counselor and by At the age of 16 is evening and night I’m a hairstylist,” when Pressley started to Pressley said. get his first customers. Pressley said he was extremely “Then her friends excited when he was offered a job at started seeing her hair and Irmo High School on his birthday. was like ‘who did your “I officially got this job on July hair?’ ‘My brother.’ and 30th of 2008, however there is a great they would say ‘could he story behind that. They called me on do my hair?’ I was like July 30th to tell me I go the job, but Britni Slone SMILING WITH STYLE: Chadwick Pressley ‘what?’ Then more people ironically, that’s my birthday, so they started coming and it just offered me the job on my birthday so shows off his tools while working. He began blew up,” Pressley said. it was a wonderful birthday gift for his interest in hairstyling at the age of 16. Pressley found himself me,” Pressley said. wanting to pursue Pressley is the newest guidance hairstyling as a career, but his mother wanted him to go to counselor at Irmo High School this yearand a hairstylist at college. Changing Faces on Decker Boulevard. He found that doing both “Yeah, I wanted to do [hairstyling] but of course, being jobs makes him better to inform the students about the working young your parents tell you that you need to do this, you world. “I can probably tell the students about both sides of the need to do that. And so my mom told me that doing hair wasn’t a real job. You need to go to school because hair is not working world because I have the professional job on one side and a quote, unquote blue collar job on the other side,” Pressley said. real.” Pressley said. Even though Pressley finds that working two jobs can be Despite a lot of arguing, he respected his mother’s wishes stressful, he still finds relaxation in what he does. and decided to go to college. Pressley has always enjoyed “When I’m doing guidance I get a little drained and tired. helping people and decided to pursue a career as a guidance When I’m doing hair, it’s like I’m on the river fishing. …it’s counselor. relaxing so that is kind of my outlet,” Pressley said. “I used to work at a youth group and they were always


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The Stinger - Sept. 26, 2008  

The voice of Irmo High School