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our Policies Dress Code Policy

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Students must tuck in shirts longer than their wrists; sleeves must be two inches thick; no scarves, bandannas or beads Purpose of dress code- To prepare students for the work world Benefits of dress code- Positive environment for students to learn and teachers to teach How is cheated- Some kids try and say they don’t know where their wrists are

Dutch Fork

Students must have mesh bookbags; skirts/ shorts must be fingertip length; shirt straps must be two inches thick, or ID width. Purpose of dress codecreates a better climate that is focused and not distracting, prepares students for the work world Benefits of dress code-

Better learning environment How is cheated- Students claim they weren’t aware of the dress code.


Similar to Irmo’s policy; no tuck rule Purpose of dress code- To establish a positive environment with few distractions Benefits of dress code- A positive environment and it creates fairness How is cheated- Students try to get away with dress code violations but are not likely to succeed

Dutch Fork

Purpose of IDs- Safety, so it is obvious to see who belongs How IDs are altered- stickers, as long as face isn’t covered there is no problem

ID Policy Irmo

Purpose of IDs- So students, faculty and staff can feel secure in their learning and working environments How IDs are altered- Stickers - students will have to get ids if their picture is covered


Purpose of IDs- to ensure campus safety and help teachers to know students How IDs are altered- IDs being altered isn’t an issue

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