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to creating a colourful home that works and makes you happy – and the ONLY thing you should avoid at all cost (Yep, there’s only one thing. Apart from doing nothing, of course)

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Do you recognize any of this at all: • You dream of more colour in your home • You long for more humour and “oomph” in your home styling • You are inspired by home features in magazines showing personal, eclectic and quirky homes • You are not entirely sure how to make the colours work together instead of clashing • You WANT TO but you don’t quite have the courage Now it’s time to throw cautions to the wind. You want to. You long for it. You dare. And you must! The Lutterlagkage mini-guide will lead you safely through 5 simple steps to letting go of your reservations and start living and decorating like the true colour-diva you are. With the handy workbook you are sure to maintain momentum in the process. The only thing you have to remember is to have fun along the way. You can look forward to seeing your home through new eyes. You create the change. You ARE you home. Love, Stine

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5 simple steps to a colourful home: home:

#1 Find out who you are – and be true to yourself #2 Dream Dream big and in colour – and look for inspiration everywhere around

#3 Create change through preparation. That will help you stay on course even when you have

#4 Do something; something unexpected, different, fun, asymmetric or playful

#5 Hold on to your vision and make a mini moodboard to bring along when you go shopping

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Bonus: The only thing to avoid at all costs! #6 Do not believe that creating your new home means lots of shopping for (more) stuff. Oh no! I encourage you to look at the things you already have in your home with love and tenderness. Look for possibilities. See where you can create change instead of buying it. Do not start shopping until you have truly identified the strengths of your home, the power and direction of your dreams and your genuine needs. I’m sure you’ll be surprised at how little it takes! If you have the itch to get to work right now I have created a fun and nifty

ãÉÜ~uÉÉ~ You can print it directly from your computer and use it to keep track of your thoughts and ideas. And maintain momentum, as they say You’ll find it right here – free and ready to use!

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#1 Find out

who you are.

YOU live in your home and your home should bring out the best in you. Make a list of all the qualities you like the best about yourself. Make it long. Boast and brag and be positive. Think of it as a love letter to yourself. If your home is a family home just make a list of qualities you like about your family. When your list is done, make it even longer! I want you to list all the characteristics and qualities you long for. Make sure to also list qualities you want to make strengthen. Write page after page if you like. Use colours if that’s your thing. But don’t stop. Not here. Not yet! The most important result of the list is to identify three qualities. When the list is done you’ll be able to identify your top three qualities, the most important things to work with. Those are your dream-words. And your

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FIND OUT I/we are:

I/we want more:

My/our dream-words:

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#2 Dream big and in colour. Look around and gather inspiration for a while. When you have determined your dream words and what you long for you’ll find that you look at the world differently. Go for colours and combinations you wouldn’t normally go for. Notice the tingling down your back or that beat the heart skips when you see something you really like. Make notes, take snapshots, and collect photos from magazines or prints from the internet. Now make a collage or a mood board but remember: keep it playful and fun – This is you playground. After spending some time with your dreams you’ll have a better picture of your fancies when it comes to living and decorating. Make a print or find an image in a magazine that is the essence of your dreams. You can play on the next page.

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#3 Create change through preparation. This is your first step towards turning your dreams into action! Look at your dream collage. Find the dominant colour - one or two colours that are there more often than all the others. These are your base colours. White or light colours could be one of them but you need a “real” colour too. Then find one or two contrasting colours; coulurs that are directly opposite to your base colours, colours that “pop” against your base colours. These are your accent colours, colours you can use as colour splashes that make your décor vibrate and sing! You might also have identified your preferred style by now. Describe it with a few words. That way you don’t get lost along the way. Now make a list of the different functions your home has. If you have certain practical needs now is the time to identify and visualize them.

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CREATE My base colours are:

My accent/contrast colours are:

My style is:

The most important functions in my home/room are:

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#4 Do something! Something unexpected, different, fun, dramatic and asymmetrical! Now you’ll put action behind your dreams. Make a still-leben with things that are not usually put together. Set the table with different colours and mix’n match your china. Find the dull spots and corners of your home and pump them up with colour energy. Recycle. Up-cycle. Re-love. Spray-paint something. Stick wall paper on something. Do something. Anything! Tiny list to remember: • Symmetry is the closest thing to being dead alive – if you ask me. Think balance instead. I.e. group an uneven number of different things. Use an overall theme or a colour scheme to tie it together! • Think contrast. Contrasts vibrate. • White is an excellent base.Make peace with your clutter. Colourful clutter seems easier to live with.

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DO Today I will:

This week I will:

This month I will:

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#5 Hold on to your vision – even when you make mistakes along the way. It doesn’t matter! It’s a learning process. Making mistakes, wrong matches, and wrong judgements is part of it. It makes you more aware of who you are and what you want. And certain of how you want your home to be! To avoid the biggest mistakes in terms of buying something that turns out to be totally wrong for your home, here is a little trick. Make a mini mood-board or a ”swatch card” to keep in your purse. Use a postcard size paper and stick a collage of colours, patterns and ideas to the front. The backside is great for notes, measurement, lists etc. Now remember to celebrate your progress and have a blast with creating a colourful home. Don’t be afraid of change. If it doesn’t work simply change it again!

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Bonus: This is the one and only thought you shouldn’t give in to;

The thought that it is totally impossible and way to complicated! #6 Don’t think that you need to buy a lot of new expensive things for your home to rock the colourful living style. Know that it is a process to create a warm, personal and colourful home. A home that reflects who you are and nourishes you. I began my process as a child when I converted my room to a Bedouin camp with old dyed sheets in the ceiling. You’ll discover that when you start looking at your home with new and loving eyes, change has already begun. You will create a home for your longings and your dreams. Know that it is possible – and that you can do it!

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To keep the process going, see if you can have a friend do the exercises in her own home. That way you can share as you move along. Another way is to show your answers and mood boards to other people. That way you will fell more committed to actually act upon your dreams.

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Bonus #6 BELIEVE in your ability to create change – not in your doubts. Make a list of the three things that surprised you the most during the process. Write down the ONE thing that you are most proud of and see as priority number 1 in your new love affair with your home. 1



This is the one thing I want to hold on to:

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Who am I? Stine Weirsøe Holm, ”créatrice” and passionate colour diva. Art teacher by trade, mother of two and madly in love with design, décor and styling and creativity and crafting. Since 2003 also the ”mother” of the web shop My mission is to help create warm, colourful and personal homes for living people. I offer hands-on help but most of all my passion is to push you and give you the tools and the courage to doing it YOURSELF! Your home is your power and you gain power from your home.

What can I do for you? Inspire. Share ideas. Guide you. I am currently working on creating a new online product to help you put action behind your dreams and create your own colourful and creative visions for you and your family’s home If you want to know more about my new ideas on colourful, creative and powerful home styling you can sign up for the newsletter here. Drop me a line at

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Don’t forget the webshop At the webshop you can buy a small selection of colourful things for the colour loving home. The shop is carefully and quirkily curated under the motto:


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