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About Me

As a student at the University of Houston, I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Consumer Science and Merchandising. My expected date of graduation is December of 2010. My passion in life has always been in fashion and I cannot wait to tap into the industry.

To appropriately handle my finances, I am working as a server at Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse in the Galleria, Houston. I have worked here for approximately 6 months, and I have just earned an internship with Chrome, a luxury magazine, which launches in July 2010.

Cristina Sanchez, University of Houston

Cristina Sanchez

Purpose I chose this subject to educate myself in all areas of Microsoft Office. By learning these programs, it will help me to excel in the business world, and provide me with the knowledge necessary for success. The purpose of this PowerPoint is to educate people about money, how to make money, and how to be financially responsible.

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Cristina Sanchez

What is Money?

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Chart by: Jennifer Keiser Cristina Sanchez

Money, Money, Money!

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Cristina Sanchez

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How to Make Money

Turn This….

….INTO THIS!!! Cristina Sanchez

Money Saving Tips Piggy Bank Any time you purchase with cash, save the change! Transfer from Checking to Savings Windfalls Save any extra little checks or payments (ex: overpaying on a bill) Pay Yourself Pay off a credit card, then make payments to your savings with the amount you would have paid on the card Sell Something “One man’s junk is another Back to Map man’s treasure.” Cristina Sanchez slide

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The Basics of FR

Credit Cards:

according to Lisa Smith

•Should be used for convenience, not to make ends meet •Responsibility= Paying balance in full each month Act in your own best interest:

•Know the difference between a necessity and a luxury Pay yourself first:

•Don’t spend every time you earn •Invest Emergency fund:

•Be prepared for the unexpected •Be able to support yourself financially for at least 6 months without income

Don’t worry about neighbors:

•Don’t compare, do what you need to do to take care of your finances

“Responsible”= living within your means, regardless of the level of those means

Cristina Sanchez

My Personal Financial Goals Pay off credit card debt

Shred all credit cards


Obtain starting salary of at least $40,000 Back to Map slide

Pay off school loans

Cristina Sanchez

The Beatles- Money (video)

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Cristina Sanchez

Live Stream from Business Talk Radio Network (BTRN) Streaming audio is media that is received live by anyone while being delivered by a streaming provider BTRN is an internet live stream radio station providorthat talks about business and financial news

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Cristina Sanchez

Financial Management Training Learning Objectives • Participants increase their knowledge of financial management requirements. • Program gain a clear understanding of Administrative Cost and the options for cost recovery. • Participants increase their knowledge of in-kind contributions and tracking matching requirements. • Participants will be aware of the documentation requirement for their AmeriCorps grant. • Back to Map slide

Cristina Sanchez

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Money Stack Picture Saving Money Tips Money Tree Picture Houston Cougars Picture Bag of Money Picture The Basics of Financial Responsibility The Beatle's Video Money Chart Bee Picture

Cristina Sanchez

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Cristina Sanchez

Financial Responsibility Powerpoint  

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