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format, but very sophisticated in its thought, it was essential for my growth. There is a lot of philosophy in your new material, are there any particular writers who inspire you? Too many too mention! The ancient Greek philosophers, Voltaire and Boris Vian. I like the duality in things, that’s why Donald Cammell and myself got along. But you know i really prefer the philosophy of life and experience these days. Everything works together for me, a bit like Cage and his outlook on mushrooms. Do you see common elements in your music and your images? Music helps me to create images and vice versa - A duel mood. We were talking in one of earlier chats about ‘big’ stars like Cheryl Cole, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Lady Gaga… How – if at all – do you see yourself fitting into that? I’m not very big on pop music, each person and style has its purpose; you are talking about people who are American and I am French, so it’s fundamentally a very different culture for starters, and orientated towards a huge commercial market, ie , money. I’m not ot saying money is not important but definitely not my primary motivation; I feel I do a different job and do not reach the same parts, I am a Poet, a maverick and like Orson Welles, I feel like ”your friendly neighbourhood store in this age of supermarkets” - Before we spoke, I had never listened to a track by Cheryl

Cole. As far as Whitney Houston is concerned, she has a great voice. In Japan, when she was very big there, she had to cancel a TV appearance and they asked me to step in, I was flattered. This is the ‘Toys’ issue… Did you have a favourite toy as a child? Well, I guess a couple. A teddy like most I think. I still have him. Another that looked like a cross between a cat and a tiger, and dolls... Yes. I feel more of a child these days, and have many more toys, some of them I used on L’Ame Erotique :)