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A few thingsI have seen many great things going on in all of your classrooms! I am constantly hearing or actually witnessing wonderful teaching and use of technology in different places. It drives me crazy at times to not be in the classroom with my own students. Therefore, I would love to co-teach/team teach with you as much as possible. All you have to do is tell me a topic that is coming up and I will research some activities or interactive to bring into your classroom. I will meet with you first and we can decide on the items that I found. I will arrive a few minutes early to set up the materials for the activity (whiteboard, laptop, projector) and we will be ready to go. The children really enjoy participating in this way. Please let me know what I can do! I also want to remind you of one more thing. The people that created Mimio lessons at the recent training sent them to me and I posted them on this website: JEC-academy Please check it out!

Great websites to practice typing skills: ex/typeforgold.htm (I love this one)

Math e-glossary- this site is for grades 6-8, but it still has mathematical concepts for lower levels as well. It gives definitions and sometimes shows a demonstration e.php

Take on the Teacher- Practice your spelling skills with this interactive. You have to select which words are correct out of a list of three while timed. wf

Kerpoof- This could really go under the Halloween category, but there are so many other uses for this website. I love the possibilities that students can create with this site. They can do digital storytelling, make a poster, movie, picture, card, etc. Very interesting!

BrainFlips- This site has many different flashcards available to look at. You can create your own flashcards also, but you have to sign in.

Monopoly- I just added this for fun. This is more for the teachers that love monopoly. You buy actual streets from all over the world through Google Earth. You even start out with a balance of $3 million dollars! Grand Central Avenue is already taken, but you could try you’re your street! en

October/Halloween Websites•

Digital pumpkin carving n.swf

Halloween printouts

Halloween math games ween/math-games/

Pumpkin carving sequencer ?id=312&title=

Other Websites•

Pet Fundango- If you enjoyed having a class pet at one time in your life this website provides you with lesson plans for that occasion. You don’t need a pet in the class to take advantage of the resources on this page. It covers animal needs, pet care, and animal groups among others. ns

October 2009  

• Monopoly- I just added this for fun. This is more for the teachers that love monopoly. You buy actual streets from all over the world thro...

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