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December Websites: •

Portable North Pole- This is a great resource to get the children excited about Santa. You tell the website what they want for Christmas and other details about the child and it puts a video together that is just for that child. My youngest daughter was absolutely amazed that Santa knew so much about her last year! Try it out:

Design your own gingerbread house

Decorate a gingerbread man or woman

Snowflake makers- •

Interactive Whiteboard Lessons- Provides interactive lessons for K-5.

Kneebouncers- This is for PreK and Kindergarten mostly. It has many fun little activities for the children to tap and click and see what happens.

LHSKids- Different science activities all ages.

Create Something Websites: •

Simplebooklet- Have students research a topic and add anything to this little booklet. They can create a postcard, banner, invitation, etc.

Voicethread- I have used Voicethread a few times and I love how easy it is to add pictures and then tell what they represent. Other people can also comment on them.

Domo Animate- An animation tool for kids to create digital stories.

There are many more sites to have your students create or show off what they know about a topic. Pleaselet me know if you would like more ideas.

Educational Websites: •

PhETInteractive Simulations- These are scientific simulations created by the University of Colorado. I saw them this summer in Denver. A great demonstration tool for upper grades. The Street- Shows the different cultures that could be located in your own neighborhood. Covers Brazil, India, Ireland, Turkey, and Nigeria. Learning Chocolate- Great vocabulary site. Children can learn the vocabulary associated with many different common items and then listen to the word and match it with the correct spelling. Also has a dictation section. Study Jams- This website provides math and science videos to explain different topics. I really like it!

Websites For Teachers: •

Learn it in 5- How-to videos for the technology classroom.

Symbaloo- Looking for materials for a particular subject? Check this website out.

Jigsaw Planet- Just for fun…click on any picture they show and you will be taken to a jigsaw puzzle of that picture. Pay attention to the number on the picture. It tells you how many pieces are in the puzzle. Kids will like this too. Twenty pieces is the lowest number I saw.

It has been a long time since I put out a newsletter! I will attempt to keep this up. I guessI decided that I would stop doing the newsletters when I started the blog last year. From now on I will try to do both…hopefully.

December 2010  

December newsletter for JEC

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