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"This issue is dedicated to the late Alexander McQueen, who was never afraid to express his creativity. R.I.P. McQueen, you will be greatly MISSED!" love Carolyn Sylvester :: Tru Ferguson & Stilo Team

One Year

Dear Readers,

How can we face the Jaberwalkie in our lives.

We must have

the courage to embrace our own talents, strengths and power. Sometimes, we do not even know the extent of our own being.


little enhancement, reconstruction mixed in with a little bit of imagination and dreams, makes a good recipe. out of the crowd, dare to be who you want to be.

Dare to stand Learning how

to face the fact that you do matter, is the hard part.

Enhancements is the word for this season.

It's not about build-

ing from the ground up, but rather making necessary tweaks and fixes to fit the times.

DVF, Jason Wu, & Alexander Wang all have

shown this in their collections.

Reconstructing common con-

cepts to form artistic expressions of is what's happening today. San and Soni's, minimalistic S/S10 collection neutral and soft tones with unique shapes.

Custo Barcelona showcased electrify-

ing fabrics and patterns.

It's all about making a statement.

Each fashion house has something to say, and they are speaking very loudly through their collections.

Take a trip through THE DREAMIER ISSUE, and let us take you on a fantasy ride through wonderland.

We have put to-

gether a great mixture of fairytale stories and childlike wishes. fashion, anything is possible.

Peace, Love and Fashion!



KEWL STUFF iPAD! It’s finally here.


ABOUT FACE ONE ON ONE interview with Celebrity Make Up Artist:: Scott Barnes



RUNWAY REPORT STILO reports the latest from New York Fashion Week, Spring 2010 & a Fall 2010 Preview.


ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Our special tribute to Alexander McQueen.


SAN & SONI Feature article on fashion house, SAN & SONI



MODEL DIARY Vanessa Ford


HOLLYWOOD TALES Photographer:: Meagan Cignoli


MUSIC STILO features Monica & Ke$ha


Cover Photographer:: Tru Ferguson Makeup:: Roxanne Denobrega:: Model:: Vanessa Ford A special thanks to Blouse and Skirt cosmetics ( for making our Cover Girl, Vanessa look amazing!


FASHION OF WONDERLAND Get lost in “Alice in Wonderland’s” Style.




Photographer:: Cristian Oliva


MUST HAVES Want to know what to buy this season


CUSTO BARCELONA Feature article on fashion house, CUSTO BARCELONA..



CURBSTYLE STILO wants to know what’s your CURBSTYLE!


SPELLBOUND Photographer:: Sebastian Tronscoso





MIAMI MARCH MADNESS Fashion Miami, Mya & Escada!

Behind the scenes:: .

Also in this Issue::





i. Stilo Magazine


Editor In Chief:: Carolyn Sylvester

Creative Director:: Tru Ferguson

Words by:: Kelly Saunders Stilo Journalism Team

Stilo Magazine is published 4 times a year by Stilo Media, Inc. Inquiries can be sent to P.O. Box Fort Lauderdale, FL 33 All Submissions are unpaid, but invited to

Contributing Photographers:: Tru Ferguson(Toronto/Miami) Meagan Cignoli (NY) Cristian Oliva (Barcelona) Sabastian Tronscoso (Barcelona) Event Photographer:: Courtney (CBS Photography) Kelly Spears Design Intern:: Candace Napier PR/Marketing:: Chi$ PHashioN:: NTK PR Editorial Interns:: Susan Pratt

asthead Stilo Magazine




Sebastian Tronscoso

Meagan Cignoli



Cristian Oliva Photographer


Born: :







Temuco, Santiago, Barcelona


The World

Living Now::


Living Now::


Over 40 Countries






What made you choose

What made you choose

What made you choose




“ I chose the photography because

“I chose photography because it

“Looking back at my college

it’s an art form, like music, painting,

is truly living in the moment, and the

years, I was very much into film

and theater

thing that I wake up wanting to do

making. I’ve always want to be

I love to create and leave something

and never want to go to sleep be-

a filmmaker. But Jean Loop Sieff

in this worlde.”

cause I want to work all the time!”

changed everything.”



Stilo Magazine



Tru Ferguson

Kelly Saunders

Vanessa Ford







Jamaica, WI


Toronto, Canada


Plan to Live::


NYC, London UK,Miami


Where have you lived

Currently Living::


Toronto, LA, Singapore, Kenya, Swazi-

Toronto, ON

Kelly Saunders is a freelance photog-

land, South Africa, London (UK)


rapher currently living in Virginia and

Currently Living::

What inspires you in fashion?

relocating to Australia next year. An

London, UK

“Mostly Paolo Roversi and Alexander

avid diver as well Kelly will be diving

McQueen. Just yesterday I was looking

the Barrier Reef and reporting on

What made you choose to be a

at my daugther sleeping in the back

her relocation so be on the look out

Model ::

seat of the car and the most beautiful

for more articles from her in the near

“My love of Art. I was raised by an

beauty shoot concept just come to my


illustrious mother with a Jackie O style




who would skip a lunch to make sure


that fresh flowers and the current issue of Vogue was on our kitchen table.”



ewl Stuff


Is brand everything?

Stilo Magazine

iPad: See, Touch and Hear! It looks like a bigger version to the iPhone. It has changed the publishing industry months before, it has even launched. What makes the iPad, such a revolutionary item. What is it about Apple’s products that has everyone scrambling to get one, long before it hits the shelves.

April 3rd,

marks the big day for the iPad. Consumers will be able to get the one item, that will change how they view entertainment forever. With over, 140,000 apps, Multi-Touch Screen Capabiity and HD quality video, the iPad brings forth a new advanced technological lifestyle. So far, many digital publishing companies, have either quickly enhanced their technology to compliment the iPad or has complained, that it is going to be a disappointment. The fact is, years ago, when the iPhone was introduced, many people also had negative opinions, but regardless, of what the latest gossip may be, Apple has proven to be the #1 in providing enhanced technology that gives the people what they want… great visual effects. Every marketing professional, knows that if you can connect with any of your customer’s five senses, you got them hooked. Apple’s success is a result of integrating their desire to please their customers, with their advanced knowledge of IT. Basically, they know what we want, and how to give it to us. The question is, who out there can beat them. The birth of the Android, has come very close. Only time will tell on whether or not, Apple will ever be defeated. Stilo Magazine



ashion of Wonderland

Photos:: Couttesy of Walt Disney Pictures

Tim Burton's "ALice in WOnderland", shows us that, itis okay to be ourselves. Style is based upon 20% trend and 80% personality. Are you soft and feminine like the White Queen? are you a mogul like the RED QUEEN? or are you strong and beautiful like Alice?


Stilo Magazine

Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" was a mature in-

Colleen's creativity is an example of what is going on

terpretation of a childhood tale. The artistic and cos-

in the fashion industry today. Creativity is necessary.

tume design concepts, phenomenal. Who would have

Reaching beyond the norm is what really make the

thought that a Disney movie would be the start of conver-

great, the greatest.

sations for major fashion editors, worldwide. Costume

Alexander McQueen, Rodarte an John Galliano, have

designer, Colleen Atwood, had a chance to really dip

conquered this concept.

into her creative talents to create an extraordinary mystical world, unlike the usual visuals.

Only a few designers, such as

Alice in Wonderland, is a perfect interpretation of going beyond what people expect. The concept of the

We often look at a movie, and forget what really goes

movie as a whole was based on the idea, that we all

into creating the visual representation of each character.

pave our own paths. We do not have to do things be-

To make the Red Queen's head look large, Colleen told

cause, that is what people want. We have to use our

WWD, that she used an Elizabethean inspired concept,

talents to the best of our abilities and become extraordi-

high collars, high waist. She created a fairy princess

nary, ourselves.

like look for the White Queen, which gave her a very soft look. The Mad Hatter's image was based upon clown like features. Stilo Magazine



bout Face Interview with Celebrity Make Up Artist:: Scott Barnes

944 Reporter, Scott Barnes & Minerva Arboleya

Natasha , Scott & Tanisha

cbs Photography

Carolyn Sylvester

" It's funny, on a very

spiritual level, God puts you on a certain direction; And you're like "I don’t wanna go there", and He’s Like, " You are gonna go there..." And I’m like, "But I don’t wanna go there". And it kept coming in my path and I'm like, "I'm gonna listen, what do you need?" “ - Scott


Stilo Magazine

cbs P

STILO:: Why did you choose to become a Make Up

SCOTT:: I am heavily affected by the things that hap-


pened to me personally. My brother died of Mela-

SCOTT:: It chose me, I didn’t choose it. I was joking about this earlier, and I was saying this earlier. It’s funny, on a very spiritual level, God puts you on a certain direction; And you’re like “I don’t wanna go there”, and He’s Like, “ You are gonna go there...” And I’m

noma, two years ago. While I was in the process, I started to write the book. He was 30, he would’ve been 32 this year. I said, I make all these products, to fake a tan, I gotta let people, know this kid didn’t die in vain.

like, “But I don’t wanna go there”. And it kept coming

This Melanoma stuff is really real. And again, as God,

in my path and I’m like, “I’m gonna listen, what do you

would have it, I am in the process of writing this book


and Oprah calls me up and says, “hey, you know

What would you say is your greatest Accomplishment?

what, can you do this Make A Wish Foundation for me. You have two models to do. They sent me photos

SCOTT:: I’ve felt like I have accomplished a lot in my

of the girls. One was Destiny, a beautiful African Ameri-

life, goal wise. I don’t feel like I’ve fully accomplished

can Girl, The other one was Marley, a beautiful White

everything yet though. So that one’s left open.

Girl. They were both Sixteen...

STILO:: How do you feel about “ABOUT FACE?”

Unfortunately, Destiny, passed away a week before

SCOTT:: We released the book in January, and it’s on its second printing already. It exceeded sales already, triple. I couldn’t be happier. I guess that’s a great accomplishment! STILO:: What is your focus in releasing About Face ?

Christmas, from a heart attack in the Mall. Then they introduced me to Marley, who has Stage 3 Melanoma, the same thing that my brother died from. I’m like, “Okay, I’m listening!” And I invited her to head up the skin care chapter, her and her mother. I really want women to know: You don’t need to age yourself, Stay out of the sun, Protect your skin, Get checked from a

SCOTT:: The real meaning is that I wanted every wom-

Dermatologist, Be safe, you don’t need to wrinkle up,

en to be empowered. That everyone has the ability

it’s not necessary. I make tons of stuff to make you look

to be the best version of themselves, and to affect the


Photographypeople around them. To use their beauty for purpose,

as opposed for vanity sake. You have the power to get the job you want, start a foundation, help people around you. Help your community and be beautiful doing it.

STILO:: Tell me more about Body Bling. SCOTT:: Body Bling, I reintroduced it, We are introducing the full

STILO:: What have been your source of inspiration, in

line in the stuff to

regards to your work, and where do you see yourself

make you look



Carolyn Sylvester & Scott Stilo Magazine


ueen’s Treasures 20

Stilo Magazine

Photographer:: Cristian Oliva

Hair:: Giulia Marsili Makeup:: Junior Quieros (Art Deco Cosmetics) MUA Assistant: Keiko Mizoguchi Model:: Michelle Carvalho @ Francine Models Stilo Magazine



Stilo Magazine

Opener:: Neclace:: Le Swing; Left Page:: Top:: RIng & Bracelet:: PPQ, LE SWING; Current Page:: Clutch:: PINKO Stilo Magazine


Current Page:: Necklace:: MYAWAKI by LE SWING Next Page:: Earrings:: Armani Vintage


Stilo Magazine Stilo Magazine


Necklace:: MYAWAKI by LE SWING


Stilo Magazine Stilo Magazine



unway eport

Photos:: Relative Mo PR, Nolcha Fashion Week

Commun- F/W 2010

Commun - F/W 2010 Commun F/W 2010 Talbot Runnoff


Stilo Magazine

After a hard winter, let’s bring out our softer and much lighter side in Spring.. On the runway for SS10, designers are focused on minimalism and soft warm concepts. You will also see alot of bright patterns as well. Shimmer once again, highlights another season. Look out for flirtatious mini dresses, textures and ruffles. This season’s apparel is brings a flexible base to create whatever look you desire. From Audrey Hepburn to Lady Gaga. Fashion is in your hands. What’s to come later this year is heading towards the opposite of SS10, you will see sharper tones, and more precise cuts.


Talbot Runnoff

Annessia Stilo Magazine


Cotton Muslin Jodhpur Trousers::

Papaya Polin Jacket:: £16

Pink oval frame sunglasses:: £175

Lighten Up, it’s Springtime! Mix bright colors with warm, neutral shades to create a playful daytime look. The minimalistic theme this spring, could easily be added with a few extras to create a bold and daring look.

Backless Vest Top:: £60


Stilo Magazine

Papayatie Belt Twill Shorts:: £8

Degradé Cotton Puff-Dress::

When in doubt, this season. K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple & Sweet). Minimalism is big this Spring. Less, is definitely more... HOT!

Metallic Jacket:: £90

Brown, Crystal Mask sunglasses:: £179

El Vous LInen Trouserst:: £20

Stonewash Denim Zip Bangle:: £14 Stilo Magazine



c Queen


Stilo Magazine

There are few that can hold the title, "Greatest of All Times" and Alexander McQueen is definitely one of them. He has consistently expressed his artistic talent and creativity outside of the box. His level of design and structure, exceeded expectations, season after season. "What will he do next?" was often at the end of every comment about him. McQueen, has touched the hearts of many fashionistas, out there. He has truly touched mine. I remember the first time, I even saw one of his runway shows. I was filled with aw and wondered how could something that was so different so beautifully put together and so well thought out? Many designers out there, try to imitate the expressiveness of McQueen, but none can duplicate it. There are a few designers that may come close, in the up and coming future, such as Kim Choong Wilkins, a member of McQueens design team, who shows similar levels of design and form. The death of Alexander McQueen, has truly saddened me to the point, where I feel a loss. McQueen, had such a great influence in the industry. Will others continue to attempt the same levels of creativity, now that McQueen is gone? Who will fill his place? Can anyone fill his place? Well there is only one McQueen, though I know that there are many fabulous designers out there ready to color outside of the lines.

- Carolyn

Sylvester Stilo Magazine



usto Barcelona

Two Spanish born brothers and a motorcycle trip around the world spawned a brilliant vision to create an alluring, exclusive, exotic brand

Words by:: Kelly Saunders

with silk screen graphic prints and California surfer influence. What started as a small t-shirt company, roughly thirty years ago, has exploded into full men and women’s fashion collections, haute accessories, handbags and a fragrance line.


Stilo Magazine

As I entered the designers studio in Soho, filled with perfect light, vast hardwood floors and racks of vibrant garments; Custo Dalmau and his team of stylists, hairdressers, interns and assistants were scrambling around assembling the first look lineup boards, testing hair and makeup, interviewing models, snapping Polaroid’s and pinning jagged hemlines. There was a frenzy of excitement as preparations for the Fall/Winter 2010 runway show in New York was underway. The psychedelic fantasy prints were a multi-tonal optical illusion guaranteed to capture your attention. The textile design construction and layered elements of the garments was extraordinary. The collection included woven skirts with slashes of silver fur, cobalt blue leathers, shag knits, exorbitant beading, electric green feathers and swirls of graffiti color. Backstage at the tents was packed with photographers, journalists, makeup artists, hair stylists and models pumped up for the show. Supermodels Tanya Dziahileva (Marilyn Agency) and Eugenia Mandzhieva (Trump / Why Not) both stood out among the assemblage with distinctive looks and flirty attitudes. The hairstyle was an intricate tight side braid, a sophisticated pinned backing and high front poof. Maybelline created a copper toned look for the lids, little to no mascara, rosy cheeks, lips were a glossy pale pink and to create an illuminating look. Final look, last minute additions are made, shoes are lined up, lights on, music cued and the girls are ready. No virtual runway or online screened projection necessary, this show was an in your face, vivid explosion of sensational colors and optical illusions. Leisure suits for men, bold fur neck warmers, sexy mini skirts, bulky sweaters and slick pleather leathers were some of the styles that came to life. Another successful show and a great finale for the tents at Bryant Park, now moving to the new Lincoln Center venue and Custo Dalmau was excited to explore the possibilities. The Custo Barcelona brand continues to reach new heights experimenting with designer Perrier bottles, Motorola phones and custom regatta sails. Delving into the interior design field, Custo Barcelona recently collaborated with Capricho Spa in Mexico creating custom murals, uniforms, tile art, lounge wear, cushions, carpeting and chair designs. We look forward to more from this designer in the years ahead. Stilo Magazine



an & Soni Sonali & Jeet (their nick name, San for Jeet and Soni for Sonali) were born in India

and moved to New York in 1999 to study fashion in FIT NYC, where they met. New York is the couple's home now. Both bring their tremendous knowledge & experience after designing/ consulting in various brands under the radar of Seventh Avenue. They work as a team yet each brings a unique perspective to the collection. Together they both possess a combination of aesthetic, creativity, technical expertise and business acumen. We start to thank and appreciate life more and more. This year, there has been many, life altering moments. What event has had the greatest affect on you?

to Haiti fund. What made you want to become a fashion designer?

San&Soni: Haiti’s catastrophe. Few moments have changed the thousands of life forever.


San&Soni will be donating a percentage of FALL 2010 sales

Stilo Magazine

San&Soni: Art


us in all form and fashion comes natu-

rally to us.


What was your hardest struggle as a fashion designer?

Tell us a little bit about your up and coming fall collection.



The world is living in the most challenging economic cycle,

Nixon “opposite attracts” is the inspiration for ourbyfall2010

so to make the balance of most innovative yet wallet friendly

collection. Hard/soft, matt/shine, metal/petal,


lace/fur, feminine/masculine are some key

Thus, sourcing is the most challenging part of our business


especially when quantities are small.

We are thrilled for this collection, it

How have you been embraced by the fashion industry?

looks very strong and getting a great

San&Soni: Getting comments from our customer’s that how much they adore and love our product. What are your greatest accomplishments, so far? San&Soni:

feedback. Where are your clothes sold? San&Soni:

by Tru ferguson TG170 (store, online), Blush on Bleecker, Jake (Chicago), Anthropologie (stores & online), Tan-

Receiving well recognition from press and stores worldwide. So your Spring Collection was inspired by Barcelona, what was your greatest source of inspiration?  San&Soni: Antonia


work in Sagrada Familia


tec- Stilo Magazine



urbstyle 2


3 4 tracy from Style Network's "Jerseylicious"

In this issue, Curbstyle makes a minor change to show you how stylish NYC gets when it's UNTAPPED!


Stilo Magazine


7 6


Cassandra & Tool Academy Cast


Rock Band Models

Johnny Donavan & VH-1 TOOLS from "Tool Academy"

There is something about NYC that makes a fashion event pop.Untapped Fashion & Music had another successful event in the ultra stylish NYC. Featured designers, Lee Dahlberg From Miami Beach, Silhouette Activewear (Brazil), T. Tandon (NYC)., MODchic (Chicago), Amon RAD Designs (NYC), Naranja Designs (NYC) and FAVALA (Dominican Republic), showcased their collections to 300 of NYC’s socialites. Untapped was created by Jordana focused upon getting exposure for designers and musicians. Her 2nd annual success has proven that fashion is more powerful than gold. Her worldwide focus moves down to Miami Beach and Los Angeles later in May. What does a eye for concepts and a heart to help the fashion industry makes? Stilo Magazine



odel Diary:: Words by:: Vanessa Ford Design by:: Tru Ferguson

Dear Diary, As a fashion model, you are an artist… passionate, brave, defiant, professional, and dynamic. You must be prepared for all types of jobs; from keeping a stunning silhouette underwater to posing in a swimsuit while sitting in a chair made of ice. You don’t simply get paid to be pretty, you get paid to tell the photographer’s story, and tell it well enough that others believe it and want to buy into it. It is not simply about traveling the world on private jets, partying with celebrities, or free designer gift bags…it’s about hard work, dedication and a positive, stick-to-it attitude all leading to people, places and experiences you would never imagine. One of my most memorable experiences as a fashion model was working with exotic animals. My agent contacted me saying she had a “unique” opportunity for me and that a famous photographer had requested me to be in the photo shoot. Excited about this direct booking


Stilo Magazine

and working with a photographer who had shot with some of the world’s supermodels and celebrities, my heart raced and with a big smile, I agreed to take the job. The following day, I got the break down of what they needed from me: hair was to be washed and naturally curly and my legs freshly shaved. Simple enough, I thought, and headed straight to bed to soak up all the beauty sleep I could get. The following day, I arrived at the studio and noticed a van with a “Gone Wild” sign and a faint smell of manure trailing behind. I thought to myself :“Wow, there must be a circus near by!” I stepped into the warehouse and nearly fainted when I realized that my “unique” photo shoot was the circus! Animals of all shapes and sizes were caged with their trainers sitting attentively as I scurried in the room. The photographer greeted me and said: “Voila, you are Vanessa.. the lucky one I chose to model with 3 snakes!” In my head, I was praying profusely that this wouldn’t be my last day on earth, but with a nervous smile, I said: “Yes thank you, does this shoot come with life insurance?!” Two snake handling lessons and one wardrobe change later, I had 3 snakes slithering up and down my upper body! The shoot was a success, the pictures were breath taking, and, needless to say, I developed a new, enlightened appreciation for snakes and my profession as a model. Stilo Magazine



Stilo Magazine Stilo Magazine



Stilo Magazine


PELL BOUND THe taste of the apple is still on the tip of your tongue as you are lost in your dreams, but still wide awake.

Photographer :: SEBASTIAN TRONSCOSO MUA & Hair Stylist:: Junior Quieros Stylist: Barcelona Unnaked Photo Assistent: Gonzalo Mena & Piere Paolo Sala Model: Orsolya VIew Management Stilo Magazine


Opener:: Dress, Tights, Shoes:: RIVER ISLAND; Current Page:: Blouse, Skirt, & Umbrella:: H&M


Stilo Magazine

Neckace:: RIVER ISLAND Stilo Magazine



Stilo Magazine

Dress:: H&M, Necklace:: VINTAGE, Ring:: ACCESSORIZE Stilo Magazine


Dress:: H&M, Necklace:: VINTAGE, Ring:: ACCESSORIZE


Stilo Magazine

T-Shirt:: TOP SHOP, Jumpsuit:: SFERA, Socks: CALZEDONIA, Shoes:: RIVER ISLAND Stilo Magazine



Stilo Magazine

Cape:: ZARA, Dress:: SFERA Stilo Magazine



Stilo Magazine

Poncho:: RIVER ISLAND Stilo Magazine



Stilo Magazine

Dress:: H&M, Necklace:: VINTAGE, Ring:: ACCESSORIZE Stilo Magazine



Stilo Magazine Stilo Magazine


Twas' once upon a Hollywood Tale...

Photographer :: MEAGAN CIGNOLI Stylist:: Linda Pratka Hair:: Marcos Diaz Makeup:: Gregg Hubbard Model:: Sara @ Fenton Moon Media Male Model:: Mitch Luther


Stilo Magazine Stilo Magazine


Opener:: Nicole Miller dress, Christian Dior shoes, Vanessa Noel bag, Badgley Mischka jewels


Stilo Magazine

Badgley Mischka gown, Badgley Mischka jewels, Stilo Magazine


Douglas Hannant gown, Badgley Mischka bracelet


Stilo Magazine

Theia gown, Nicole Miller bracelets Stilo Magazine


Sue Wong dress, Vanessa Noel shoes, Nicole Miller earrings


Stilo Magazine

Anne Bowen dress, Badgley Mischka earrings Stilo Magazine



Stilo Magazine

Nicole Miller gown, Nicole Miller jewels, Vanessa Noel shoes Stilo Magazine



Stilo Magazine Stilo Magazine




40@40 Signature Series It is a familiar saying: “A People with no history have no future.”



cestors. As we explore our peoples’ history—the pyramid builders, physicians, metaphysicians, alchemists and mathematicians—and the great men and women who are alive today—the athletes, musicians, composers, writers and activists—I entreat you to be inspired by their legacy.

This single truth has motivated and inspired each brushstroke I have swept across a canvas. While the immediate subject or series changes, the purpose behind my art remains the same: educate, empower and unite.

Like fine silk thread, each image in this collection weaves together to form a vivid tapestry that chronicles the collective story of our past. The lessons from our history resonate through these paintings as they do within each of us; we must

I use art as a means of sharing the rich history and beauty of

use the present to embrace our past, and in doing so, plan

the motherland - Africa. By creating a positive and authentic

for a better future.”

image of Africa, we can begin to embrace the land, the history, and ourselves - its descendants. The 40 @ 40 Collection evokes the struggles, passions, talents, accomplishments and enduring strength of our an-


Stilo Magazine

“Free your mind. Love yourself. Dare to go against the grain. Live your life as it was meant to be lived.”





Having artistic talent is one thing, but having the power to move your soul through your art, is another. What makes people want to just stop, stare and be taken away to another time? What makes people appreciate how a work of art has even been created? It takes life, talent


Mark has a way of capturing the best of his muse. His paintings of some of the greatest music artists of all time, such as Billie Holliday, Ray Charles, Miles Davis, and even Sarah Vaughan, takes you right to that moment where you can almost here the melody. His art is filled with the right combination of colors and the strokes brings the art to life.

and of course creativity. Mark Stoddart, A.K.A., Kurupt, has all three. Influenced by life, music, and art, Mark Stoddart, Kurupt has proves that visual expression is the window to one’s soul. Having a diverse background in not only Fine Art, but also Graphic Design and Commercial Art, Mark has found a way to express his view of the world in a style of art that truly has something to say. Stilo Magazine






Stilo Magazine

Music If you are older than 25, then you might know here from her very first single, “Don’t take it personal.” Monica is back with a new album, “Still Standing,” representing her survival through what we all call life. From the moment, you listen to the first song, you are taken away on a soulful melodic, music diary of a child star, all grown up. We have heard of many celebrities who have given in to their dramatic lives, and failed. Grammy award winning, Monica, unlike the others perseveres, and proves that some women, are just made to be Queens in a Kingdom. Why Now? During her four year break, Monica has matured a great deal. Her life lessons has strengthened her love for music and desire to reclaim or place in the industry. Her growth has improved the way she looks at life and her surroundings. “Over the Hiatus, I learned that the more I did with a positive frame of mind, the better things went,” Monica states in her latest official press release. Her two sons, Ramone and Romello are also sources of inspiration. If you haven’t yet bought “Still Standing”, do it now. Trust me, this is one album, you don’t want to miss. Stilo Magazine






Stilo Magazine

Music If you can be as bold as to walk into Princes, home and sit down in one of his Purple Thrones, until he sees you, just to give him your demo, then you are definitely motivated and dedicated. New on the scene, Ke$ha, did just that. Though she, never did hear from Prince, that didn’t stop her from landing a record deal with, RCA more than a year ago. Ke$ha brings a new sound to music, mixing the eccentric storytelling of country music with a pop, rock, alternative style sound. She is one to say what is on her mind right in her lyrics. She is a prime example of where the industry is going. Leaving behind apologies and walking on eggshells are a thing of the past. Ke$ha is making her place, and she is here to stay, no matter what. What’s Next? So where is she headed for the future. Ke$ha has definitely caught the attention of many. Her music is on almost every DJ’s playlist. Her debut success of her album, “Animal” hit #1 on the Billboard Charts. Ke$ha, though she is new on the celebrity scene, she is not new to the music scene. Long before she was signed, she has shown true dedication and love for what she do. No wonder, she turned to Prince first. So where is she headed, from here? Up of course! Stilo Magazine



iami March Madness


Stilo Magazine

Scene Escada & MYA:: Marine Groove Launch In the midst of all the hype from Fashion Miami, Escada launched their new beautiful scent, “Marine Groove,” during a two day fun filled extravaganza with R&B Singer MYA, along with her Dad Haji and Producer Teron Beal at LIV nightclub in the FOUNTAINBLEU and a private party on The Venetian Lady in Miami.

Like the angel, MYA is, embracing

her fans was obviously, natural too her. Her energy, very humble, down to earth and energetic, perfect match for Escada’s Marine Groove. The exhilarating weekend ended with a relaxing yacht party on Sunday Afternoon with MYA.

In attendance, were Arthur

Mandel, President of NOLCHA Fashion Week, Cindy Carrisquilla, Publicist, Olivia Wolfe of SOFI Magazine (South of Fifth & the Islands); Bridge Golde of LMH Magazine, Chris Phashion of Inside Couture TV and our own Editor in Chief of Stilo Magazine, Carolyn Sylvester.




iami March Madness

Fashion Miami

Sylvia Tcherassi, Custo Barcelona, Eva Hughes (Editor In Chief of Vogue Latina), was just a few in the audience and on stage at Fashion Miami. Located in Midtown Miami, an extremely large grey tent, sat, containing, two bars, sponsors, and hundreds of fashionistas from all over. The Viion Network’s show “Inside Couture” hosted by Chri$ PHashioN, interviewed most of the designer, models and guests during intermission, Fashion Miami, started off a historical month, where three of Miami’s major fashion productions all hosted events in the same month. Miami Fashion Week, Rock Fashion Week and

Funkshionably Loud, all followed Fashion

Miami’s successful debut.


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Caribbean Fashion Week:: June 8 - 14, 2010

Fashion Week Trinidad & Tobago:: May 22 - 31, 2010

Milano Moda Pre-Collection Spring:: May 18th, 2010

Barcelona Bridal Week:: May 18 - 23, 2010

Stockholm Fashion Week:: May 17 - 23, 2010

Urban Fashion Week Japan:: May 1 - 4, 2010

Moda Peru:: April 28 - 30, 2010

Urban Fashion Week South Africa:: April 19 - 26, 2010

Belgrade Fashion Week:: April 16 - 25, 2010


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Nothing is better than a trip that really touches all of your senses. A relaxing day, laying down on a lounge chair, drinking wine and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere, takes you away from reality. From the finest views in the world of Florence, Italy, to mouth-watering smells of tasteful cuisines and a relaxing bath in your five star suite at the Villa San Michele, this hotel is the perfect place for someone who would like a quiet and romantic get-a-way with someone special.

Villa San Michele gives you a historical experience in an ancient Franciscian Monestary on the hills. The hotel is filled with colorful rooms, breath-taking views and beautiful antique furniture.

Your stay at the Villa San Michele grants you many options. Whether you rather

stay in the Michelangelo Suite, (once the priar’s quarters), one of thier lovely garden or junior suites. There is an option for every chic travelor.


Stilo Magazine

Florence, itself, known as one of the most historical landmarks in Italy, offers an exciting cultural experience. From roots that have been affected by Fashion, Music & Art, a walk on the street could literally take days. Villa San Michele, overlooks the beautiful city. With beautiful garden terraces and artistic architecture, the historical monastery, adds to your stay, granting you an chance to experience the real energy of Florence.

For More Information, contact them at:

Villa San Michele Via Doccia 4, 50014 Fiesole (FI), Italy Tel: +39 055 567 8200


















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Don't wake up. Dare to dream a little dream with Stilo Magazine, as we take you into a real fashion fantasy. In this issue, Celebrity MUA,...

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