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September 23, 2021



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Stillwater NewsPress • Thursday, September 23, 2021

Death in a new house complicates things for sellers Some parts of the country don’t care if sellers disclose that someone died in their house, but others are much stricter. DEAR DAVE: My mother lived in our house with my husband and I until she passed away on our couch from a heart attack earlier this year. Now my husband and I would like to sell our home and move into a retirement community. Would we be required to disclose my mom’s death in our home to a potential buyer? ANSWER: I’m sorry to hear about your mother’s passing. Whether you must tell a buyer about the death in your home mostly depends on the state’s real estate disclosure laws, or possibly even tighter restrictions that may have been enacted by local officials. Some states don’t require that a seller disclose an in-home death at all. Others require such a disclosure only if the death was caused in the commission of a crime or if the death was the result of a suicide – either of which could give a buyer clues about the overall safety of

the neighborhood or even of the home itself. If you’re planning to sell your home with the help of a professional real estate agent (which I always recommend), the salesperson can tell you which disclosure laws are applicable in your area. If you don’t plan on using an agent, you should call the state’s department of real estate or similar regulatory agency for help or contact an attorney. Though savvy sellers always follow disclosure laws, it can be an expensive proposition. Here’s an example: My sister passed away, alone, in her Southern California home last year after suffering a massive stroke. As the successor trustee of her estate, I was legally obligated to tell the buyer about her death in the house – even though it was from natural causes – because state law in California mandates that any death that occurred in a home (unless the victim died of AIDS) must be disclosed if it happened in the previous three years. The home is nice, but not what many

ABOUT REAL ESTATE DAVID MYERS Southern Californians would call “spectacular.” Nonetheless, the appraiser deemed that the disclosure of my sister’s in-home death knocked a staggering $60,000 off of the property’s value: I sold it on behalf of her heirs last month for $850,000 rather than the $900,000plus it could have fetched if she instead died in a hospital. ••• REAL ESTATE TRIVIA: Not very trivial, but the Uni-

versity of Stanford’s School of Medicine reports that while about 80% of all Americans would prefer to die at home, only 20% do so. Four out of five instead pass away in a hospital or nursing home. ••• DEAR DAVE: What is a due-onsale clause? ANSWER: It’s a clause, found in nearly every mortgage contract, that allows a lender to demand payment in full if the borrower

sells or refinances the house that was used to secure the bank’s loan. A due-on-sale clause is a reasonable provision, because the lender might otherwise lose a lot of money if the borrower could instead sell the house and pocket the proceeds without paying off the original mortgage. ••• DEAR DAVE: My wife and I like the idea of forming the type of inexpensive living trust that you sometimes mention, so that our home and other assets could quickly pass to our grown children and other heirs instead of forcing them to go through the long and costly probate court process. But if we cre-

ate a trust, would we be required to notify our heirs about how we want our assets to be divided after we die? ANSWER: No, your heirs wouldn’t have to be notified about the creation of the trust – or how you and your wife want to have your assets divided – until after you both pass away. Many property owners create a basic living trust because, unlike a will, trusts are not subject to the lengthy and expensive probate process. Other owners, however, create an inexpensive trust because it provides a lot of privacy

while they are still living and even after they die. That’s because a living trust is legally considered a private document – sort of like a “love letter” that you may have sent to your sweetheart – that no one else is allowed to read. A living trust, like a love letter, is not subject to public inspection by most other people. A recorded will, conversely, can be viewed by virtually anyone after you and your spouse die. That includes your grown children, bill collectors, nosy neighbors or anyone who feel that they may have been shortchanged.


1916 W 9th - 2 BD/1 BA/1 car garage. Very neat one-owner home close to park .................................................$145,000 5120 W. 5th - 3 BD / 2 BA / 2 car garage in SW area. Lots of storage and spacious backyard.............................. $228,500


115 N. Boardwalk - 3 BD / 3 BA / 2-car attached garage in NE Stillwater .......................................................... $222,500 FOR RENT - 615 S. McFarland - 3 BD/1 1/2 BA y Office Space y for p Rent. Downtown


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Early leaf drop on trees care and avoiding issues that can compromise their health. For Payne County, basic care 101 is watering in times of drought, removing storm damaged limbs and avoiding

root compaction and disruption. For more information on this or any other horticultural topic, you can contact Keith Reed, the Horticulture Educator in the Payne County Extension

office. Keith can be reached via email at, phone at 405-747-8320, or in person at the Payne County Extension office, located at 315 W. 6th in Stillwater.


502 N.9366 Burdick - 3 2 1623 ft Close to Sho in & Schools - 225 000 - Donna NE HWY 33 - 3s bed, 3 bath on .75-acre m/l - $275,000 - Ann 2023 E. Linda - Large corner lot with outbuilding. sq ft $248,000 5020 Ave W 10th - 4 bdrm., Stillwater Country 3BR/2.5BA Club, largeOver lot - 1900 $360,000 - Tiffany – Tiffany 814 S. Rock Hollow Ct. - SWDr. area over 3.5 1990Bath, sq ft/SCC access $274,000 10217 S Brenna - 4 /Bed, 2,891Golf sq. Cart ft. - $490,000 - Ann – Tiffany 9715 E. Horizon Dr.bdrm./3 - 50 x 60 livestock barn on 5 acres with Campus! no restrictions $100,000 – Lori K- PENDING 1919 Brooke Hollow Ct. - 4 bath/Large Lot/North of OSU - $343,000 - Tiffany any 0 W. 19thAve. Ave -#43 7.48- acres inside Stillwater city limits $350,000 – Lori K 6000 N Pennsylvania 2 bdrm./2.5 Bath Condo, Oklahoma City - $129,000 - Tiffany 801 S. Burdick - 3BR/1.5BA, 1.5 1253 story on sq ft a $89,000 Lori C PENDING! 1408 N. M5215 Spring Creek Cir. E - 2/1 sq.large ft. onlot 3 1371 Lots with Barn -–$299,900 - Lori K.00 – Lori 4517 Broker Associate 1115WS.Country RichfieldClub Ct. - 3BD/2BA 1775 ft $305,000 4713 - NICE Lot for sq sale - $25,000– -Tiffany Donna 20J onna Lori 10 Lori 405-612-6724 2923 N. Monroe 2321tosq ft $208,000 – Tiffany Shumard Oaks - 5 Nice- 3BD/2BA Lots for you build your new home -PENDING! $27,000 - Donna n 7917 Pickles Gap Nice large lot in Perkins School District $22,500 – Lori Scotthaven Addition - Nice Large lots in Perkins School District/starting at - $45,500 - Donna 6021 Hallies Meadow NEW CONSTRUCTION 4BD/2BA 2347 sq ft $379,900 – Lori 5607 S Mehan Rd. - 52.5-acres for Sale, Will Divide, Ripley Schools - $349,000 - Tiffany 1408 N.PEND Mai 5005 N Perkins Rd - 4000 sq ft warehouse - Oh the possibilities $399,900 – Donna y5,900 iffany – Lori 00 E 810 Rd., Tryon - 53.34-acres. Hunting/Building/The possibilities are endless - $224,028 - Kyle 5706 W. Garden Pointe Dr.Lots - Gated 3BD/3BA, 2754 sq ft $550,000 – Ann 1218 W 12th - 4 Commercial in aCommunity very High Traffic area/starting at $255,000 - Ann 3618 W.3000 Fountain View Rd. Ct. --5BD/2.5BA, in ground pool - Woodland Trails -addn $362,900 – Tiffany S. Range 4 bed, 4.5 bath, on 3.2-acres - $845,000 Tiffany/Dolores 208 N. Donaldson 1851 sq ft - close to shopping & schools $205,000 – Donna a 3215 S. Boomer- 4BR/2BA Rd. - Nice Commercial Building for sale - $2,245,000 - Tiffany 719 Kar 0 - Tiffany 910Main Kansas / Pawnee - 1936 farmhouse / 1 acre lot with outbuildings $129,999– Tiffany 211 E. St., St. Coyle - 64 Unit Storage Building, GREAT INVESTMENT - $165,000 - Donna ri- Lori K. 415 W. 80th - 52.65 OK, acresCute ruralhome property, no restrictions $300,000 – Lori riffan 505 S. 11 Morton Ave. - Ripley, across from the School - $75,000 617 S. Main - Downtown Stillwater commercial plus apartment unit $395,000 – Tiffany - Tiffany 2923 - 3 bdrm./2 bath/Study/Game Room.unit One block to Boomer Lake - $219,000 29 N. Monroe Tiffany 830456 S. Ct. 3354 / Carney 1468close sq ft to - out buildingLake $199,900 – Lori - Tiffany - 9Rd lots platted-3BR/2BA for duplexes Boomer - $420,000 719 Karen000 N Glenwood , 0 - Tiffany 111 E. Tower / Perry 3BD/1BA 1118 sq ft $79,800 – Tiffany 7917 Pickles Gap - Nice large lot in Perkins School District - $22,500 - Lori 1408 N. ,900 - Lori N. Burdick - 3BR/2BA sq ft Close to shopping & schools $209,000 – Donna- Lori 6021502 Hallies Meadow - NEW 1623 CONSTRUCTION 4BR/2BA, 2,347 sq. ft. - $379,900 2923 5005 920, 920 1/2 S. Duck 2 Investment properties, -2Oh, homes, bedrooms total $160,000- Donna – Amy iffany N Perkins Rd. .- -4,000 sq. ft. warehouse the 5possibilities - $399,900 W. 80th building and shop on2,754 11.5 acres – Lori$510,000 N. M 101Pointe 35,900 - Lori 57061408 W. Garden Dr.- -Commercial Gated Community 3BR/3BA, sq. ft.$4,000,000 - NEW PRICE - Ann 354 Cou4517 ,500 - Tiffany W. Lakeview - 10 acres/ NW of Stillwater $300,000 – Lori 910S.Kansas St. /5011 Pawnee - 1936 farmhouse 1-acre lot with outbuildings - $129,999 - Tiffany 0 - Lori 522 12th- 52.65-acres - Commercialrural building in downtown Stillwater -$250,000 – Lori 415 W.E.80th property, no restrictions $250,000 - Lori 354 Tiffany PENDING - 2620 S. Black Oak Dr. - 4BD/3BA, 4813 sq ft Georgian elegance & style $950,000 – Donna - ffany ,900 - Tiffany 354 617 S. Main - Downtown Stillwater commercial unit plus apartment unit - $395,000 - Tiffany 1304354 & 11111012 45,000 - Lori iffany N. Manning St. 3BR/2BA storm shelter, outbuilding $195,000 – Tiffany PENDING! E. Tower / Perry - 3BR/1BA, 1,118 sq. ft. - NEW PRICE $70,800 - Tiffany - PENDING PENDING – Tiffany W. 3rd - Close to campus 3BR/2BA 2208 sq ft $239,000 920, - 2 Investment properties, 2 homes, 5 bedrooms total - NEW PRICE- $152,500 - Amy - - ,000 -Tiffany 1304 & 920½- S. Duck2218 - Lori 1408 N. Main / Perkins4BD/3BA 2098 sq ft NEW CONSTRUCTION golf course $325,000 101 W. 80th - Commercial building and shop on 11.5-acreson- $4,000,000 - Lori – Lori 4517 Jenna Ln. - 3BD/2BA 1756 sq ftNW NEW $266,900 5011 W. Lakeview - 10-acres of CONSTRUCTION Stillwater - $300,000 - Lori– Lori Tiffany 354 115E.E.12th 80th- -Commercial 14.5 acres m/l Just North of 68th & Mehan - $121,075 - Tiffany 354 S.3 522 Tiffany building in downtown Stillwater - $250,000 - Lori -Kyle 80th - Nice4,813 large office 3 acres m/l $950,000 – Lori- $950,000 354 Cou , -700 Tiffany . Oak203 Kyle 2620S306 S. Black Dr. E- 4BR/3BA, sq. ft.on Georgian elegance & style Donna 270 -- -Lori 2707. 3202 E 2nd - 4BD/2BA 1717 sq ft Split floor plan $175,000 – Ann -7 - Lori PENDING & 1306 24 ft. - $135,000 14081304 N. Main /Perkins -sq. $325,000 - Lori - Lori 2707 W.S4 - 4BR/3BA, 2,098 sq. ft. NEW CONSTRUCTION on golf course 317 Lori Lori 6038 Haydans Brook 4BR/2.5BA 2183 sq ft $349,000 – Lori - Lori 4517 Jenna 1,756 sq. ft.- NEW CONSTRUCTION - $266,900 PENDING 202 Ln. - 3BR/2BA, 5 - -Donna N. Monroe - 2 Commercial buildings on & 3 acres $600,000 – Dolores E. 80th - 14.5-acres m/l just north of 68th Mehan - $121,075 - Tiffany 61152112 354 S. Council sale office in Crescent, OK - No 33.5 acres m/l $167,000 203 E.Rd. 80th- Land - Niceforlarge on 3-acres m/lrestrictions - NEW PRICE $1,200,000 - Lori – Tiffany . as -Ann or S. Burdick - 3BR/2.5BA ft $87,000 – Tiffany 3202 0000 E. 2nd 4BR/2BA, 1,717 sq. ft. Split1371 floorsq plan - $170,000 - Ann ---PENDING S.- 801 44th Haydans - 15.86 acres - will -divide, look for2,183 signs west $317,000 ffany Brook 4BR/2.5BA, sq. ft.of- Western $349,000 - Lori, – Lori any 474 2707 . W 6038 Cedar Oaks &Commercial 19th - 7.48 acres m/l inon city3-acres limits $350,000 – Lori 2112 N. Monroe 2 buildings $600,000 Dolores N. Possibilities! $2,352,900 Lori 601 fany N. - 15.86-acres Lori- PENDING 0000 S. Country Club Rd. - 20forAcres Paved - $200,000 - Ann- Lori 2707 W 44th - will divide, look signsonwest of Road Western - $317,000 Lori Crosby Donna Rhinehart 4717 S. Turtle Pond Ct.&- Great m/l Lotm/l for in your - $45,000 Montie Stewart Monty Stewart Cedar Oaks 19th -.-acre 7.48-acres citybuilding limits -pleasure $350,000 - Lori - Tiffany Realtor Associate 3000 Range Rd $845,000 1-3 Dolores Lemon Realtor Realtor Associate N. Washington Rd. 151.8 acres m/l, OH the Possibilities! $2,352,900 Lori 4717 S. Turtle Pond Ct. - Great .-acre m/l lot for your building pleasure - $45,000- -Lori Tiffany PEN q. ft. - $349,000 405-612-4184 405-747-7306 405-372-5151 ngtonRd. Rd. -- 151.8-acres 151.8 acres m/l, m/I, OH OH the N. Washington the Possibilities! Possibilities!- -$2,352,900 $2,352,900- -Lori Lori


lated to this: Many of us rarely take a close look at our trees. When something unusual like this happens, it tends to draw us in for a closer look. When we do this, we’re sometimes shocked by what we see in the form of broken or dead limbs, decay, woodpecker damage, etc. This damage doesn’t necessarily mean a tree is in trouble, but it may mean that it can use some attention with basic pruning care. Of course, a lot of damage could also mean that the tree is in a serious state of decline. If it is, there’s a very good chance corrective action is not going to prevent its demise. However, even if this is the case, it’s helpful to know this as soon as possible so replacement trees can be planted close by and given a chance to become established. This helps minimize the shock of losing a significant part of the landscape when a mature tree must be removed. The point here is simply to take a good close look at your trees on a regular basis and give them good basic

Stillwater NewsPress • Thursday, September 23, 2021

The Payne County Extension office has received an unusually high number of calls in the last two weeks from clients concerned about browning and premature leaf drop on their deciduous trees. Beginning in late spring, our weather pattern created an ideal environment for a variety of leaf blight issues to develop. While the symptoms can vary from one species to another, the overall result is leaves that just don’t look very good. Brown edges, mottling, deformation and complete browning have all been a common theme this year. Add to this the sustained hot, dry spell and some trees are now dropping leaves like it was late fall. While this can be alarming, an otherwise healthy tree can handle this without long term damage. However, to give your landscape the best chance of long term success, all landscape plants would benefit from a good deep irrigation right now as they are working on building and storing energy reserves for the coming winter. A side note re-

Five steps to level up your side hustle partnership, limited partnership, C corporation, S corporation The pandemic isn’t and limited liability crushing the entrecompany. The option preneurial spirit. It’s you choose deterfueling it. mines how your busiPeople normally ness is taxed, as well tied to a desk or as who is financially working double shifts responsible if your used lockdown to business is sued. launch side hustles, Entrepreneurs often out of necessioften default to ty. And some have sole proprietorship turned those side because it’s the easgigs into full-fledged iest, but it’s also the businesses. riskiest, says Nellie According to the Akalp, CEO and U.S. Census Bureau, co-founder of corpnet. 427,842 new busicom, a document ness applications filing service that were filed in August helps streamline the 2021 alone. That fig- business formation ure was 288, 026 in process for entrepreAugust 2019. neurs. While a side gig “There is no regiscan be spontaneous, tration required nor growing a legit are there corporate business requires re- requirements,” Akalp search, planning and says. But “there is organization. Other- no legal separation wise, your fledgling from the company, so enterprise could the sole proprietor is crash and burn in a personally responsicouple of years. ble for any debts or These basic but liabilities.” essential steps can Registering as an help you take things LLC or corporation to the next level and is more expensive give your new venand requires more ture a shot at staying paperwork, but it power. shields your per1. CHOOSE sonal assets from A BUSINESS lawsuits. STRUCTURE 2. OPEN A There are six com- BUSINESS BANK mon types of business ACCOUNT entities: sole proMixing business prietorship, general and personal financBy Kelsey Sheehy


Stillwater NewsPress • Thursday, September 23, 2021



operation run more smoothly. The right accounting software can also give you es can get messy, deeper insights into especially when it your business and comes to filing taxes help you identify or securing a busiweak points and ness loan. Open a opportunities to save business checking money. account to keep busi“Accounting is ness income and exthe language of penses organized and business, so invest easily accessible. time and money into Look for a business understanding how account that has low to do your books,” or no monthly fees says Danetha Doe, and fits your busifounder of Money and ness needs in terms Mimosas, a financial of transaction and education platform deposit limits. for independent conA business credit tractors, freelancers card can also help and small-business you track expenses owners. “As a busiand identify tax deness owner, learning ductions. Plus, you how to manage your can earn rewards, company’s finances, like cash back on read profit and loss gas, office supplies statements, and and business consult- understanding cash ing services. flows will make you a 3. UPGRADE better entrepreneur.” YOUR BOOK4. SPELL OUT KEEPING YOUR BUSINESS No more manuPLAN al spreadsheets or Your side hustle shoeboxes full of remay have started ceipts; scale up to an organically, but accounting software turning it into a fullthat can do some of fledged business rethe heavy lifting for quires research and you, like tracking planning. cash flow, managing Sketch out shortinvoices and generat- and long-term goals ing reports. for your business, Expect a learning along with a sales curve with any new plan, financial prosystem, but know jections and potenthat it will help your tial roadblocks. Be

realistic, set specific targets and spell out how you plan to reach them. Building a business plan gives you a road map for how to grow your business. It also shows lenders you’ve done your homework should you need to secure a business loan. Need help with your business plan? Turn to your local Small Business Development Center. These outposts are run by the U.S. Small Business Administration and offer free

business consulting services. 5. INVEST IN PROFESSIONAL HELP Entrepreneurs, by nature, wear many hats. But you don’t need to wear all the hats. Outsourcing some aspects of your business frees you up to focus on other things, like customer service or product development. Not hip to social media? Consider hiring someone to build and manage your business’s presence

on Instagram, TikTok and the like. Do tax forms make your eyes cross? Invest in a certified public accountant to file for you. “CPAs may be more expensive than doing taxes on your own, but it will be done right,” says John Pham, founder of The Money Ninja, a personal finance website. “Plus, they will maximize your tax deductions, which will most likely give you a higher return than the cost of a CPA.”

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Don’t let Social Security steer you wrong By Liz Weston NerdWallet

stein, Social Security Solutions’ head of research, was eligible for a since-discontinued strategy called a restricted application that allowed him to receive spousal benefits based on his wife’s earnings record while his own benefit was left to grow. The Social Security agent who processed the application ignored Reichenstein’s directive and signed him up for retirement benefits instead. Reichenstein was able to withdraw the incorrect application and get the spousal benefits, but mistakes are often irreversible. He advises applicants to be informed and to respond quickly if Social Security makes a mistake. “Find out what you’re eligible for and make sure you get that,” Reichenstein says. To be fair, many people have no idea how complicated the claiming decision can be and may not understand what they’re being told by Social Security representatives, Franklin says. Social Security administers several different types of benefits – retirement benefits based on your own work record; spousal and survivor

benefits based on the work record of a current or former spouse; child benefits for the minor children of people receiving Social Security and various kinds of disability benefits. Each benefit comes with its own regulations, and the best strategy may depend on your marital status, your longevity, your tax situation and many other factors. WHERE TO GET INFO People can educate themselves by visiting Social Security’s recently redesigned site and learning how the various ben-

efits work, Franklin says. AARP has a free Social Security claiming calculator that allows people to model different strategies. Or you can spend $20 to $40 and up to use paid software, such as Social Security Solutions or Maximize My Social Security, that allows you to model more complicated situations, including those involving a minor child or a pension from a job that didn’t pay into Social Security. Consulting a financial planner who uses similar software also can be a smart move.

Franklin urges people to learn as much as they can before approaching Social Security, then keep a record of all interactions with the agency, including the names of representatives and their direct phone numbers, in case they need to appeal or correct a decision. “I’m not here to bash Social Security representatives because most of them work very, very hard,” Franklin says. “But the rules are so complex.” Email: lweston@

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REAL ESTATE Dolores Lemon & Associates


723 S. Main St. Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074



monthly income only goes down $50,’ or whatever it is,” Meyer says. “They don’t tell you, ‘Hey, over your lifetime, that could be a reduction of $20,000.’” A 2016 study by the U.S. Government Accountability Office found that applicants “were not consistently provided key information that people may need to make well-informed decisions.” A 2018 report from Social Security’s Office of the Inspector General estimated that 9,224 widows and widowers age 70 and older were underpaid by about $131.8 million because they weren’t properly informed of their options. EDUCATION, NOT ADVICE Social Security employees aren’t supposed to give advice, just education, Franklin says. But she and other financial planners can relate many stories of people being encouraged to sign up early when waiting was a better strategy, or receiving bad information such as being told they weren’t eligible for certain benefits or that they couldn’t take actions that were in fact allowed. William Reichen-

Stillwater NewsPress • Thursday, September 23, 2021

Few retirement decisions are as critical, or as easy to get wrong, as when and how to take your Social Security benefits. The rules can be so convoluted that many people rely on what they’re told by Social Security employees, but that could prove to be an expensive mistake. Certified financial planner Kate Gregory of Huntington Beach, California, uses sophisticated Social Security claiming software to recommend strategies that maximize clients’ lifetime benefits. Gregory advised one of her clients, a widow, to apply for her own small retirement benefit first so that her survivor benefit could grow, then switch to the larger benefit later. When the woman contacted Social Security, however, she was told she could get the survivor benefit only. “That left her really flustered,” Gregory says. The widow eventually was able to get the benefits she’s entitled to in the correct order, but Gregory and other financial planners worry about people who don’t get

professional advice and who could be led astray. “Most people are going to say, ‘Well, that’s what the government told me’ and let it drop. And that’s unfortunate,” says CFP Mary Beth Franklin, author of “Maximizing Social Security Retirement Benefits” and a contributing editor for Investment News. THE COST OF MISTAKES A lot of money is potentially at stake. The difference between the best claiming strategies and the worst could add up to $100,000 over the lifetime of a single person and $250,000 for married couples, says William Meyer, CEO of Social Security Solutions, a claiming strategies website. Even seemingly small decisions can have outsize consequences. People who apply for benefits may be told they’re eligible for six months of back payments and that claiming the lump sum reduces their monthly benefits only slightly. Over time, though, that reduction adds up, especially when cost-of-living increases are factored in. “The agents are saying, ‘Hey, your


Stillwater NewsPress • Thursday, September 23, 2021

Signs it is time to overhaul your kitchen Remodeling a kitchen adds value to a home. Remodeling Magazine’s “Cost vs. Value Report” indicates mid-range kitchen remodels cost about $66,000, and homeowners can expect to recover about 60 to 80 percent of that cost at resale. Homeowners may wonder if remodeling their kitchens is worth the investment. But homeowners should not just consider cost, but also the current conditions of their kitchens when deciding if a renovation project is the right move to make. These signs indicate it may be time to renovate a kitchen. • Breakers are triggered: If the lights go dark from a tripped circuit breaker every time

you try to microwave and run the toaster oven at the same time, your wiring is likely not up to the task of handling the workload and could be out of date. A kitchen remodel will assess wiring load needs and an electric overhaul may be necessary. • Lack of storage: One of the biggest hassles homeowners encounter in their kitchens is a lack of storage space. If making a meal involves a Jenga-like stacking and rearranging of kitchen tools, or if an avalanche occurs whenever you search for an item, you might need more storage. A carefully planned redesign can achieve this, even in a smaller kitchen.

• Poor lighting: Task lighting is essential in a kitchen, but older homes may not be equipped with lighting where it’s most needed. A carefully designed remodel can improve lighting with under-cabinet lights, METROCREATIVE pendants, overhead Kitchens can be redesigned and downsized to reflect a home- lighting, and even owner’s new needs and desires, such as the addition of a wine natural light to make the space atchiller or espresso station. tractive and more functional. • Outdated appanding (or shrink- a couple becomes • Frequent runpliances: Even if ing): Kitchens often empty nesters, ins: The notion that your appliances are are the heart of a kitchens can be renot avocado green home. They need to designed and down- you can have too or mustard yellow meet the needs of sized to reflect their many cooks in the kitchen refers to relics of the 1970s, the family that renew needs and they might still sides in that home. desires, such as the having too many people trying to need to be replaced. A remodel can add addition of a wine pitch in or offer According to CRD space as needed. On chiller or espresso their opinions. Design, appliances the flip side, when station. are only expected to last around 10 to 15 years. If appliances have become unsafe or energy hogs, it could be time for a remodel. • Family is ex-

However, it also can apply to when too many people are gathering in a small space. Redesigning a kitchen can improve the efficiency of a space and make the room feel larger. • Aesthetic appeal: Many kitchen remodels have been inspired by unsightly kitchens. Cosmetic changes can lead to big improvements. Kitchen renovations can add instant appeal and help address issues that tend to plague outdated rooms. – MetroCreative


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1018 E. MOORE • $145,000

Pretty brick home just two blocks from schools. Beautifully remodeled bathrooms. The flooring and nearly every window has recently been replaced. New glass storm door. Corner lot with fenced backyard. Three bedroom, two car garage. Heat and Air completely replaced in 2014. New water heater in 2020. In an established residential neighborhood that is near shopping and restaurants.

4711 White Oak Dr $377,200

2711 S. Oxford $307,500

Welcome home to a great neighborhood (Crosswinds) and your beautiful home. Built in 2004 with over 2, 300sf, 4beds/2bath, and a bonus sunroom this home has a lot to offer.

Hidden away in Brighton Addition you will find this well maintained home on a corner lot entering the cul-de-sac. This 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath house is a charmer and ready for new occupants!

Paulette Kraybill

Paulette Kraybill

Mike Lauvetz

Mike Lauvetz

GRI, Realtor®

Owner/Broker/ CRS/ GRI




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Stillwater NewsPress • Thursday, September 23, 2021

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Yost Rd.

Yost Rd.

To Cimarron Turnpike

Chateau Ct.

Ct. yon Can Amethyst Ave.


Nancy Lee Dr.




Ma rie

Perkins Rd. Star Dr.

Teal St.

Bluestone St.

Jardot Rd. Marine Rd. Burdick St. Manning St. Briarwood St.

16th Av.

t. Lew is S

Lowry St.

Lowry St. 37th Av.

35th Av. 36th Av.

37th Av.

Cottontail Ln.

Jardot Rd. 44th Av.

Hunters Cr.

s Dr. Deerfield

Wild Turkey Pas

Vista Ct. Vista Ln.



Hightower St.

S. Westchester St.

Henderson St.

Mockingbird Ln. Collins Ct. Colby Lance

Villa Dr.

Drury Ln.

Eastgate St.

Crestwood Cr.


Raintree Av.

3rd Av. 4th Av.

Peach Tree Av. Stonegate Av.


Perkins Rd.

Husband St.

Washington St.

Western Rd.

Sangre Rd.

Timberline Dr.

4th Av.

19th Av.

32nd Av.

44th Av.



Lydia Ln.

34th Av.

Fern St.

Main St.

35th Av.

3rd Av.

5th Av.

17th Av.

Main St.

Husband St.

Knoblock St.

West St.

33rd Av.

2nd Av. 4th Av.

Jardot Rd.

Ransom Dr.


29th Av.

32nd Av.

Young St.

Pinewood Cr.

26th Av.

31st Av.


Oakwood Dr.

9th Av.


30th Av.

Denver St. St.

Jardot Rd.

Payne St. Payne St.

7th Av.

25th Av.

Mar Vista St. 28th Av.




Wedgewood Dr.

Blair St. Payne St.

Blair St.

4th Av.

24th Av.

26th Av.

Timbercrest Dr. Timbercrest Cr.

4th Av.

19th Av.

22nd Av.

Denver Ct. Denver St.

Jardot Rd.

Wedgewood Ct. Wedgewood Dr.

Skyline Ln.

Grandview St.

Manning St.

Donaldson St.

Stallard St.

Stallard St.

Hall St.

Leigh St.

Burdick St.

James Ct. Springfield St.

Hartford St.

Eastern Av.

Cottonwood Dr.

Crestwood Dr. Crestwood Ct.

21st Av.

22nd Av.

Cedar Ct.

Matthews Av. Virginia Av.

3rd Av.

Hartford St.

Lowry St.

Chester St.

Fern St.

Lowry St.

Chester St. Fern St.


Aetna St.

Lowry St.

Lewis St. Lewis St.

Husband St.

Main St.

Young St.

Skyline St.

Canyon Rim Dr.

Skyline St.

Briarwood Dr.


ro yb

nn Su

nn y Ct bro . ok


Dryden St.

Benjamin St.

Burdick St.

Perkins Rd.

Grandview Ct. Grandview St.

Manning St.

Dr .

Manning St.

Berry Ct. Arrington Ct. Arrington Dr.

Hartford St. Dryden St. Redbud Ct.

Star St.

Lewis St.

Hoke St. Husband St.

Masin St.

Duncan St. Duncan St.

Husband Pl.

17th Av. 18th Av.


Pennsylvania St.

West St. Duck St. West St. Duck St.

West St. West Bl.

15th Av.

Birchwood Ct. Ct. Wedgewood

Connell Ct. Connell Av.

12th Av.

13th Av. 13th Pl. 14th Av. 16th Av.

Payne St.

Dryden St.

Hartford St.

Benjamin St.


Pa rk Sta Dr. rD r.

Crescent Dr. Glenwo od Dr.

Husband St.

Main St.

West St. Duck St.

Duncan St.

Hester St. Knoblock St. Knoblock St. Knoblock St.

Hester St.

Washington St.

Ramsey St.

Walnut St.

12th Av.


8th Av.

8th Av.

11th Av.

Karr Ct.

Whitney Ct. McElroy Rd.


7th Av.

9th Av. 10th Av.

Redbud Dr.

er ightow

Park Dr. Park Dr. Keller Dr.

Husband St. r. an dD sb


Ramsey St.

Washington St. Bellis St.

Hester St.

Hester St.

Ramsey St.

Monroe St. Jefferson St.

Adams St.

Blakely St. Stanley St.

Pine St.

Gray St.

Orchard St.

McDonald St.

Walnut St.

McFarland St. Kings St.

Willis St.


Maple Av.

4th Av. 5th Av.

5th Av.

5th Av.


Willis St.


Wil liam

Knoblock St.

Crescent Dr.

Ramsey St.

Ramsey St.

Lincoln St.

n St. Monroe St. Jefferson St.


Monroe St.

Walnut St. Melrose Dr. Pine St. Redwood St. Gray St. Cleveland St. Stanley St. Garfield St.

Knoblock St.

Garfield St. Clevelan

Kerr St.

d St.

McFarland St. . Kings St

Kings St. Orchard St.

Willis St.

e D Ridge Dr. r. Willis St.

Ridge Dr. Rid g Western Rd.

t Dr.

Summ erlin Ct. Bridlew ood

Dr .

4th Av.


Black Oak Dr.

Dr. Park Cr.

Ramsey St.

Airport Ln. Lincoln St.

Lincoln St. Lincoln Brooke Lincoln St. St. Hollow Ct. Monroe St. Monroe Monroe St. St. Jefferson St.

Liberty Ct.

Ivy Ct.

Cleveland St.

McFarland St.

McDonald St.

Willis St. Ridge Rd. Dr. Ridge

Wicklow St.

Devon St.

Devon St. Wicklow St. Ln.

Surrey Dr.



August Dr.


Oxford Dr.


3rd Av.


Eagle Summit

August Dr. Cambridge Ct.




e om

Rocky Ridge

r. dge D Fox Le

Maple Av.


21st Av.

24th Av.

Dr. dar

Maple Av.

19th Av.

23rd Av.


Cedar Ct.


8th Av.

12th Av.

11th Pl.


Elm Av.

Elmwood Cr.

Elm Av.

McElroy Pl.

Arrington Dr.

Virginia Av.

Virginia Av.

Brooke Av.

Sunrise Av.


Fountain View Dr.

Miller Av.

Krayler Ave.

Will Rogers Dr. Cimarron Pl. Cimarron Dr. Leland Frontier Dr. Linda Av. Willham Dr. Ct. Boyles Ct. Willham Dr. Manning Ct.

Connell Av.


7th Av.

k Ln.

Country Club Rd.

7th Av.

Forest Trail Ct.

44th Av.

Turtle Pond Ct.

24th Av.



Arbor Cr.

e Roc

Isabell Pointe Dr.

5th Av.

Will Rogers Dr.

Dryden Cr.

Hall of Fame Av. Mathews Av.

University Av.


r. one D

st Wood

n St.

Scissortail Dr.

Helena Hts.

Ct. . nery ock Ln R dle Sad




Doral Ln.

Scott Av.

Scott Av.

Lakeview Rd.

Fountain View Ct.

Red Rose Dr.

Aloysius Cr.

18th Ct.

22nd Av. 23rd Av.

22nd Av.

Cantwell Av.

Connell Av.

Connell Av.

Morrill Av.

31st Av.

Woodland Trails Dr.

Pheasant Eagle Creek Ave. Ridge Ave.

18th Av.

Quail 25th Av. Ridge Ct.

29th Ct. 30th Av.

Inverness Ln. Deer Crossing Dr.



Fox Ledge Ln.


erd aV


17th Av.


Wehr Ln..

Cantwell Av.

13th Av. 14th Av.

20th Av. 21st Ct.

Legendary Ln.



k Dr.

Fox Ledge Dr.

Briarcreek Dr.

10th Av.

15th Av.

Pioneer St. Quail Ridge Dr. 28th C t.

Willow Park Cr.

Fox Ledge Ct. 32nd Av.

4th Av. 5th Av. 5th Av.

Scott Av.


Emma Swim Ave.

Krayler Ave. Ridgecrest Av. Brooke Av. Moore Av. Franklin Ln. Knapp St.


a Ct.

uit Chiq d Ct. woo Wild Brentwood Dr. n Dr. Peca Redbud Dr. Redbud Dr. Randolph Ct. Eskridge Av. Windrock Hartman Av. Cr. Tyler Av. Tyler Av. Highview Av. rgia

Pioneer St.


Bristol Rd. Av. 24th Av.


Chapel Hill




Black Oak Dr. Countryside Dr.


Black Oak Dr.


Murray Ct.

Shadow Creek Ln.

3rd Av.

P rrey

19th Av.

Sawgrass St.

18th Ct.

18th Av.

Lyndsey Ct.

Shiloh Creek

r. k D r. r. 15th Av. Old Forest D D roo stb hire ar Charleston Cypress Mill We orks alam Y Sh



Sunset Av. University Av.




Tanglewood Cr.


Davinbrook Ln. Fiddlers Hill St. Berkshire Dr. Dublin Dr.

Fairfield Dr.

Fairfield Dr. Mansfield St. r Ridge Ct.

Hillside St.



n Cove


Cambridge Dr.

Shumard Ct. Oak St. W. Shumard Dr.


Westridge St. Hillside Ct.

Pioneer St.

Sangre Rd. Murphy St.

Squires St.

Charles Dr.

Rid lue Sprin B gdal Wo e Dr. odc res t Dr. 11th Ct. Edgemoor Dr.

land Ct 18th Av. . Ja Lind a Lou Ct. Loper Billin gslea Ln. Ct.

Summer Hill Ct. Germaine Ct.

Austin Ct.




Iba Dr.

Oak Trail Dr.


d. Walking Trail Dr .


Vil la

ge drid W oo

Crestview Ct. Cowboy Ct. High



Westbrook Ct. 15th Av.

e nic Eu

Range Rd.

od Wo Crestview Av.


C low

Murphy Dr.


d lan


Wentz Ln. University Cr.

7th Av. 8th Av. 9th Av.

Country Club Dr.


Charring Cross


Richfield Ct.

. Club Dr . Country Club Ct Country 14th Av. Woodland Ct. Oakfield Ct. r. 16th Av. D

Woodlake Dr. Deer Creek Ct.



11th Av.


St. Tyler Av.

Farm Av. Olive Ln. Drummond Av. Athletic Av. Monticello Dr.

Arrowhead Pl.

Arrowhead Av.

5th Av.

Aggie Dr.



Admiral Av. Sherwood Av.

4th Av.

Prescot Dr.

w gle Tan

Kenslow Dr.




Western Rd.

Windsor Dr. 2nd Ct. Kea ts D r.

Abbey Ln. Windsor Dr.

Oak Ridge Dr. Basin Ridge Dr. r. ge D

Stoneridge Dr.

Westwood Ln.Westwood Dr.

Greystone St.


Stoneyb rook St.

k Cree lder


ks Durham Ct. Ashford Ct.

10th Av.

8th Av.

Ashton Ave.



Frontage Road 7th Av.

Fairway Dr.


ointe en P Gard ill ng H Spri Deer Run Ct.




5th Av.

e Ridg



5th Pl.


Pecan Lake Av. Trenton Ct. Pecan Trail Ct.


Stillwater NewsPress • Thursday, September 23, 2021

Pecan Hill St.


9th Av.

Monroe St.

Land Run Dr.

tD r. W rig h

d. sR ces

Preston Liberty Cr. Cr.

Airp ort Ind ustr ial A c

Valley Dr.

Mark Circle

Charolais Dr.

Sangre Rd.

Keely Ct.

Range Rd.

Country Club Rd.

Miller Av.

Virgina Av. 2nd Av.

8th Av.


Hall of Fame Av.

1st Av.

7th Av. 8th Av.



Knotts Av.

d Dr.

Scott Av.

Farm Av.

8th Ct. 9th Ct. Trenton Av.


Dells Av.


Franklin Ln.

Dr. nett Graham Av. Ben Will Rogers Dr. Eskridge Av. Eskridge Av.

Eskridge Pl.




Lauren Lane

Keller Dr. Lakeview Ct.


McElroy Rd.

Tyler Av.

Mercury Av.

Liberty Dr.


Tyler Av.

Walnut St.

Reese Landing

4th Av.



Oak Crest Rd.

3rd Pl.

Brooke Jefferson St.

Brooke Moore Franklin

Eskridge Av.

3rd Av.


Hereford Dobi Ln.








Swim Av.


Warren Drive

Valley View

Lakeview Rd.

Thomas Av.

t Dr. nw hurs r. Gle D


Marcus Dr.

Harned Av.

Mohawk Av.

e Lak

Liberty Rd. Preston Av.

Vena Ln.

Windsor Cr.

Boomer Lake

oke r. Brollow D Ho

Bradley Pl.

Lakeridge Av.

Rutledge Dr.

Windmill Ln.

Parkway Dr.

Osage Dr.

Eastland Dr.

Newman Av.

Hillcrest Av.

Tobacco Rd.

Preston Ln.

State Ln.

Airport Rd.

Wiley St.



. Dr



Harned Av. Madison Ct.

Thomas Av. Frances Av.

Memory Ln. Country Ln.

Airport Rd.


w illo

Harned Av.



Cheyenne Av.


Newman Av. Hillcrest Av. Brown Av.



Arapaho Av.

Lake Sh


d Win

Pa rk Gr vie ee w C nv r. ale Cr Da . vis Ct.

Washington St.

Ranch Av.



Ute Av.

Cherokee Av.

te Sta


lD mil


Rogers Dr.

Hartwood Av.

Lisa Ct. Lori Ct. Lakeview Rd.




Stillwater Municipal Airport

Richmond Rd.

Britton Ct. B Dr. ritton Greenbriar Cr. Dr. Au d Ma ene D rieD r. r. Greenvale Ct. Ct. side rook

Golf Dr.

Falls Dr.

Century 21 1. 108 S. Berry St. - 1-3 p.m. ... Jennifer Coldwell Banker Team Stillwater 2. 4711 White Oak Dr. - 1-3 p.m. ... Paulette 3. 2711 S. Oxford - 1-3 p.m. ...Mike RE/MAX Signature Realtors 4. 924 Seminole Dr. - 1-3 p.m. ... Kristin 5. 836 Oklahoma St., Morrison - 2-4 p.m. ... Candy 6. 712 Mary St., Morrison - 2-4 p.m. ... Beth

gate Dr .

Hartford St. Dryden St. Benjamin St. Burdick St. Burdick St. Berry St. Arrington St. Marshall St. Doty St. Blair St. Grandview St.

Stonecrest Ct.


Richmond Hill Rd.

Washington St. Garfield St.

Hunters Ridge

Stonecrest Ave.

Lynn Ln.



Husband Pl. Northgate Dr.


Richmond Rd.

Park Pl. Tower Park Dr.

Richmond Hill Ct.

nd Husba

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Quartz Dr.

Chateau Pl. Peaceable Acres Rd.

• All Open Houses are Sunday unless otherwise indicated.


Topaz Ave.

Chateau Dr.

Week of Sunday, September 26, 2021


Burris Rd.

Burris Rd. 177

Payne St.


McMurtry Rd.


Jardot Rd.

Perkins Rd.

Yost Rd.

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September 23 Real Estate Weekly  

September 23 Real Estate Weekly  


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