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October 20, 2022

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2915 W 18th

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Stillwater News Press • Thursday, October 20, 2022

Pocket listing’ not a good idea for most sellers EDITOR’S NOTE: This column will end on Sunday, November 6. Home sellers hoping to get the best price need to give their property maximum public exposure, and a “pocket listing” usually won’t provide it. DEAR DAVE: We are getting ready to sell our home. A sales agent who we really like would take our listing and charge a 6 percent commission to put it on the Multiple Listing Service for all the other agents to see, but would charge only 4.5% if we gave her a “pocket listing” that would allow her to market the property directly to buyers. The pocket listing would cut about $3,000 dollars off our final sale expenses, and would help to protect our privacy. Are these types of marketing arrangements a good deal for sellers? ANSWER: Usually not. The best way to ensure snaring the highest possible sales price is to give your property the most public exposure that you can, and the only way to do that is to publish the offering on the Multiple Listing Service. The MLS is read religiously by brokers, who then share information about the

most appealing homes with their buyers. The MLS also is read online by millions of consumers every day. A pocket listing, sometimes called an “exclusive” listing, won’t give your home that kind of high-profile exposure. Instead, the agent will keep the listing “in her pocket” -- marketing it primarily to other licensees in her own office, to the limited number of buyers that she may be working with, and perhaps through newspapers, direct mail or over the Internet. Sure, it would be swell to slash $3,000 off your final marketing costs by paying the lower 4.5% commission that the pocket listing would entail. But you’ll be left licking your financial wounds if that limited exposure would result in a final sales price

buyer comes to view the house. ••• REAL ESTATE TRIVIA: Termites cost property owners an estimated $20 billion per year -- $16 billion to repair damages, plus $4 billion in preventive treatment. DAVID MYERS ••• that would be just al information. Also DEAR DAVE: $4,000 less than consider asking the Did President you would have agent to pre-qualBarack Obama received by putting ify each caller for really build a room the home on the a mortgage before under the White MLS. And more showing the home: House that cannot than likely, the It’ll help to elimibe blown up by a difference would nate nosey neighnuclear bomb? be a lot more than bors and other ANSWER: No, he $4,000. lookie-loos from didn’t build it. But There are a num- visiting. the federal governber of steps you You can even ment admits that can take to help ask that only exit’s there, tucked protect your priva- terior pictures of about 30 feet below cy even if you put the home be used the East Wing of your home on the in the marketing the White House. MLS. For example, efforts so viewers It’s stocked with you can ask the can’t see the perfood, water, mediagent to omit the sonal possessions cine and telecomproperty’s street that you have munications equipaddress and ininside. Of course, ment and supposstead use a phrase you’ll also want to edly could survive like “located in a keep valuables, fia nuclear attack, great family-orient- nancial documents unless the bomb ed community” and and personal corstruck it directly. request potential respondence locked The room was buyers to call the up or hidden away constructed by the agent for addition- when a potential Roosevelt admin-

1-3 P.M.



1-2 P.M.

istration during World War II, a time when our nation feared a nuke attack by China, Japan, Russia and other foes. It is guarded around the clock by military personnel, the State Department and the CIA. ••• DEAR DAVE: I have to make some minor repairs to my asphalt-shingle roof. I’ve heard that this type of work should be done only on warm, dry days but I really don’t know why. Can you help? ANSWER: Sure. I’m glad that you’re tackling this job now, before the really cold and wet weather sets in. Asphalt shingles

should be replaced or repaired on warm, dry days because the warmer weather makes them more flexible and thus easier to work with. You need to replace the shingles only if they’re very old or in really terrible shape: Minor cracks or tears in both asphalt and wood shingles can be sealed simply with roofing cement. Add some extra galvanized roofing nails to the repaired or replaced shingles and then cover the exposed heads as another layer of protection against inclement weather. (c)2022 Cowles Syndicate Inc.

NEW LISTING - 1211 N SKYLINE - 3 BD / 2.5 BA / 2 car attached garage on 1.1 acres in the NE area of Stillwater. The custom built home has many extras office/study with shelving, basement, sunroom with east exposure with Pella windows, family room, living room and dining room. Big, shaded backyard with a patio and a 16x20 shop with concrete floor....$329,500

Call Barbara Today! y

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701 W. Lakeshore Dr. $245,000

This home is just over 200 feet from Boomer Lake! The home offers almost 2500 square feet of living space and that does not include the sunroom. The home has 4 large bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, huge living room with corner fireplace

1606 S. Hillside Ct. $315,000

Beautiful 4 bedroom, fully remodeled home in quiet neighborhood in southwest Stillwater; near Stillwater Golf and Country Club. Living, dining and family room have a spacious open-concept layout

503 W. Ranch Ave. $245,000

Close to Boomer Lake and OSU. Lots of great space, inside and outside. Great for entertaining.


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Bulbs, corms and tubers tact Laura Payne, shortens the life of plant can survive to what classifies the Horticulture Edthe bulb. between growing plants as a bulb, ucator in the Payne Crocus, freesia seasons. Iris, gintuber or rhizome County Extension and gladiolus are ger, asparagus, and and it was conoffice. Laura can be corms. Corms cannas are popular fusing. Hopefully, reached via email are usually short examples of rhiI have explained at laura.payne@oksquatty stems filled zomes. it in a simple way state.edu, phone at with food storage I have to admit, that can be easily 405-747-8320, or in tissue. Corms while doing reunderstood. person at the Payne don’t have layers For more informasearch for this arLAURA PAYNE County Extension of modified leaves. tion on this or any ticle, I read many store carbohydrates different papers main purpose of office, located at 315 As a corm plant other horticultural and proteins so the on the internet as the rhizome is to W. 6th in Stillwater. grows, the plant topic, you can conabsorbs the energy stored in the corm and the corm disappears. Some corms produce cormels which, like bulblets, are baby plants and can be separated from the parent to grow new plants. A potato is the first plant that comes to mind RESIDENTIAL when I think of a 4306 W Country Club - RENTAL, 3 bed, 2 bath, 2-car garage, 1,295 sq. ft. - $2,200 - Ann tuber. There are 11514 Churchill Downs - 1 acre lot in Perkins School District, Read for your New Home! - $29,500 - Tiffany 1511 S Boulder Creek - Beautiful corner lot with trees in Boulder Creek - $62,500 - Tiffany two types of tuRoka Hidden Lake - 14 beautiful lots on the north side - $52,000-$79,000 - Lori K bers, root tubers 299 S Drury Ln. - 7.13-acres in Stillwater. Close to schools. - $107,000 - Donna and stem tubers. 220 SW 1st, Perkins - 7 city lots with endless possibilities - $120,000 - Lori K A potato is a stem 24101 1/2 CR 230, Morrison - 2 bed, 1 bath, 1.5-acres m/l, farmhouse - $120,000 - Dolores/Tiffany 1818 W 68th - 8.33-acres west of Hwy. 177 & 68th - $175,000 - Lori K tuber, it is made 1015 W McMurtry Rd - 2 Bed 2 Bath, 1,508 sq ft Updated- $180,000 - Montie from stem tissue 23 N Grandview - 3 bed, 2 bath, 2-car garage, 1,547 sq. ft. - $210,000 - Lori K and has eyes that 913 & 913 1/2 W 10th - Close to OSU Campus / Washington St. - $263,000 - Tiffany can reproduce 2915 W 18th - 3 bed, 2 bath, 2-car garage, 1,880 sq. ft. - $263,500 - Tiffany 3821-3823 N Monroe - DUPLEX, 2 bed, 2 bath, 968 sq. ft. Move In Ready - $296,500 - Lori K another plant. A 605 E. Kinder Wells Blvd. - New Construction - 3 bed, 2 bath, 1973 sq. ft. - $307,900 - Lori K. carrot or sweet 533 E. Kinder Wells Blvd. - New Construction - 3 bed, 2 bath, 1973 sq. ft. - $307,900 - Lori K. potato is a type of 7708 Pickles Gap - New Construction - 3 bed, 2 bath, 1950 sq. ft. - $319,550 - Lori K root tuber. Both 6000 N Canyon Ct - New Construction 3 Bed 2 Bath, 1,715sq ft, Over 55 Community - $325,000 - Donna 424 S. Orchard - 5 bed, 4 bath, 2-car garage, 2,612 sq. ft., close to schools - $329,000 - Amy are storage units 110 Bandera St. - New Construction, 4 bed, 2.5 bath, 2,222 sq. ft. - $411,500 - Lori K. for carbohydrates. 2620 S Black Oak Dr - Owner Financing Available 4 Bed /3.5 Bath 4,813 sq. ft. - $795,000 - Donna A root tuber only 312 Moreland Ct. - New Construction, 4 bed, 2 bath, 2,250 sq. ft. - $417,500 - Lori K produces one tuber 4902 S Longview Dr - 3 Bed 2 Bath 2 Car Garage 2,124 on 8.37 acres/Barn sq ft - $419,000 - Donna 6909 S Prairie Rd - 2 Houses on 2.5ac m/l 3 Bed 2 Bath, 2 Bed 1 Bath 2,191 sq ft, - $419,000 - Tiffany per plant; however, 24201 Harvest Rd. - 40-acres w/3 barns & utilities. Ready for your dream home? - $425,000 - Lori K a stem tuber can 208 Bandera St. - New Construction, 4 bed, 2.5 bath, 2,347 sq. ft. - $434,900 - Lori K. produce several 1213 S Council Vl - 5 bed, 2.5 bath, 1,932 sq. ft., 26-acres m/l, shop & storm shelter - $440,000 - Lori K tubers. Dahlias are 7815 Rebecca St. - New Construction - 4 bed, 3.5 bath, 3-car garage, 2,726 sq. ft. - $489,500 - Lori K 7118 S Walnut Creek Ct. - 4 Bed 2.5 Bath 2 Car Garage, 3,714 sq ft - $620,000 - Ann actually root tubers 704 W Yost Rd. - 6 bed, 3.5 bath, 3-car garage, 4,449 sq. ft. New Construction - $719,900 - Ann grown from tuber29601 CR 180 - 4 bed, 2 bath, 2,245 sq. ft., 75-acres m/l - $950,000 - Tiffany ous roots. 2001 N Jardot - 40+ acres in a prime location - $1,000,000 - Lori K A rhizome is a COMMERCIAL type of plant stem 1218 W 12th - Location, location. Commercial lot - $235,000 - Ann that grows horizon115 E 80th St. - Nice large office on 2-acres m/l - $950,000 - Lori K 5111 N Perkins Rd - Nice Large office space on 1.58 -acres m/l - $960.625 - Montie tally underground 203 E 80th St. - Nice large office on 3-acres m/l - $1,200,000 - Lori K and sprouts new 1740-1760 W Lakeview - UPSCALE OFFICE SPACE - $1,400,000 - Dolores/Tiffany plants from nodes 3215 S Boomer Rd. - Nice commercial building for sale - $2,245,000 - Tiffany on its surface. The 101 E 80th St. - Commercial building and shop on 11.5-acres - $4,000,000 - Lori K.


Stillwater News Press • Thursday, October 20, 2022


Now that fall is here it’s time to plant spring flowering bulbs, or is it corms or tubers? What’s the difference? Bulb is a general term that is used to describe a number of flowering plants. When I hear the word bulb, I immediately think of daffodils. A bulb is actually a storage unit that helps plants survive when the temperatures aren’t ideal for them to flower and provides nourishment during the growing season. Daffodils, tulips and hyacinths are what is called a true bulb. True bulbs are actually compressed underground stems with a modified flower bud or other growth point that is surrounded by modified fleshy leaves, called scales. Bulbs produce stems from the base of the bulb and generally survive from year to year. As the plant grows, bulblets form at the base of the mother plant. Bulbs store food in the modified leaves and it is critical to the longevity of the bulb that you don’t cut the foliage back too soon. Repeated cut back of the foliage before it turns yellow reduces the food storage and

When pinching pennies isn’t enough By Kelsey Sheehy


Stillwater News Press • Thursday, October 20, 2022


Scaling b ack streaming subscriptions is solid savings advice for some. But what if the choice you’re faced with is not whether to pay for Netflix or Hulu, but whether to pay for food or electricity? Millions of Americans face food, housing and general financial insecurity every year, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau and Department of Agriculture. And getting help often means navigating a maze of websites, automated telephone systems and confusing applications only to land on a yearslong waitlist or worse – find out you don’t qualify. The good news: You don’t have to figure this out on your own. There are financial counselors, nonprofits and other local and national organizations that exist to help you find your financial footing. If you’re currently facing eviction, can’t feed your family or are experiencing some other financial crisis, dial 211 now to talk with a local expert who can connect you to assistance programs for food, housing and utility expenses, medical

bills and other emergencies. Not in crisis mode yet but barely keeping your head above water? Take these steps to prioritize the money you do have coming in, then get help filling in the gaps. GO BACK TO BASICS Start with a budget – even if you don’t think you have enough money coming in to have a budget, says Amy Smith, a financial counselor in central Texas. “It doesn’t matter how much you’re bringing in – any amount of money – because you’re at least telling that money where to go,” says Smith, who is also the membership engagement coordinator for the Association for Financial Counseling & Planning Education. Your first budget won’t be pretty. Your third or fourth might not be either. That’s OK. Try to stick with it and play around with different budgeting methods to find one that works for you. “When I started this journey, the end of my budget was red,” Smith says, indicating that she didn’t have the funds to cover all of her expenses. “At least

I knew I needed extra money.” You will also know how to reallocate your funds if you get some extra income or a few months of utility assistance.

It can take time to get from application to assistance, especially for federal programs. The waitlist for some federal housing vouchers can be years long, according to Erik GartPRIORITIZE land, a research ESSENTIALS analyst at the If there’s not Center on Budget enough money and Policy Priorto cover all your ities. On the flip expenses, tend to side, SNAP beneyour basic needs fits (often referred first. These include to as food stamps) housing, utilities, can kick in within food, transporseven days of aptation and child plying if you have care, among other no income, says things. Dottie Rosenbaum, “If that means a a senior fellow and credit card doesn’t director of federal get paid that SNAP policy at the month, that hapCBPP. pens,” Smith says. Tracking down Bills you can’t programs, forms, cover shouldn’t be applications and ignored, though. eligibility requireCall the creditor – ments is tedious whether it’s your and time consumlandlord, mortgage ing, especially company, utility if you’re facing provider or credit language barriers, card issuer – and don’t have reliable explain the situainternet access or tion. Then, ask if simply don’t have there’s any help the time because available. Even a you’re caring and waived late fee can providing for your help. family. Lean on organiTAKE HELP zations with the WHERE sole focus of conYOU CAN necting people in Don’t let perneed to the assisceived social stigtance available. ma keep you from HOW TO getting the help FIND HELP you need. And don’t These organizafall into the trap of tions can help you thinking services navigate the netlike food banks or work of local, refood stamps aren’t gional and national for you, or that programs administhings aren’t “that tered by nonprofits, bad” yet. religious organiza-

tions and state and federal agencies. 211.org: You can call 211 or visit 211.org to find local experts who know what help is available where you live and can connect you with the benefits you need. Association for Financial Counseling & Planning Education: Financial counselors work with clients on the basics – managing expenses, building a budget, creating a long-term plan – and they’re tuned in to local resources and assistance programs. You can sign up for a free virtual session with a certified financial counselor at findanafc.org/ pro-bono. National Low

Income Housing Coalition: This nonprofit organization maintains a database of Emergency Rental Assistance programs, searchable by the city, county, state territory or tribe. Crucially, the database also includes up-todate information on each program’s status: accepting applications, on hold or permanently closed. Legal Services Corporation: Legal aid organizations across the country offer free legal help to low-income individuals. Their services cover everything from evictions and foreclosure to wage disputes and disaster relief . Legal Services Corporation

is an independent nonprofit that provides funding to more than 100 legal aid groups across the country and the U.S. territories. Visit their website ( lsc.gov ), select “Get legal help” and enter your address to find a local legal aid office. RELATED LINKS: Budgeting 101: How to Budget Money https://bit. ly/nerdwallet-finance-how-to-budget-money 211.org https:// www.211.org/ National Low Income Housing Coalition: State and Local Rental Assistance https:// nlihc.org/rental-assistance

Open Sunday 1-3 1424 Canyon Rd. Country1524 living at its best. on 5.3 acres• just$142,500 minutes east of town, this home ELocated 8th st has everything you need to keep a big family happy. 4 bedrooms and an office that could be a 5th, 3 baths, 2 living areas, dining, eat in kitchen, and a game room. 3 BD, 1 BR forprivate Humanity Master Suite features a walkHabitat in closet and deck. ADA home accessible with a wheelchair ramp on the front porch. The utility leads outside toold) raised deck around Newer construction (10 years an above ground pool. Other improvements include a huge workshop, loafing shed, High quality materials, builtspot. with love raised beds and a great garden

All this for $249,900.00 Fully handicap accessible Price Reduced to $229,000


JIM MCCOLLOM, GRI 405-762-1778

Find commercial real estate investors Wealth of Geeks

convention that has something to do with investment or business. That’s where most investors go. You also need to be comfortable with social media, because many people advertise their properties now on Instagram and even TikTok. It’s an easy, affordable way to get the word out about your commercial property. These days, investors are looking for short-term returns and want them fast. The longer a property sits without being sold, the more money it loses in value. So how do you price your properties so that they sell fast? One thing that could help is putting together a package that includes everything an investor needs to know about the property, like historical data or legal agreements. The real estate investing market may seem intimidating, but with the right information and tools at your disposal, you’ll be on your way to putting together a strong investment portfolio.

networking events such as Chamber of Commerce meetings or alumni association events to meet commercial real estate investors in your area. The beauty of this kind of event is people often do not mind talking business over dinner or drinks after being introduced by mutual friends who can vouch for what a great agent you are. Local Investor Clubs – You can even join local investor clubs to meet people specializing in commercial real estate investments. These groups are generally very active and always looking for how they can increase their network of investors

who will ultimately use them as a sales force if they become involved in commercial real estate development projects. Commercial real estate investments will always have their place in the market. Some people do not want to invest in residential properties, want to diversify how they make money and how much risk they take on, and see the tax benefits with investing in commercial properties. These types of investments are generally going to be more profitable than stocks or traditional mutual funds over one year, two years, and three years or

more time periods when looking at average annualized returns. The key to finding commercial real estate investors depends on how confident you are in what you have to offer them. If you can’t come up with a good pitch about how much money they will make when they invest, they won’t be interested in listening to anything else you have to say about your properties. More Articles From the Wealth of Geek Network: What is Soulja Boy’s Net Worth and Other Juicy Facts Discover Blippi’s Net Worth and Other Fan Facts

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How To Find Commercial Real Estate Investors Not all investors are easy to find. Most of the best

quality investors spend a lot of time researching and making connections before they start looking for properties. Create a Professional Portfolio – Having a portfolio of storefront locations, parking garages or exclusive rental communities can help you reach your investment goals. Even if the investors you approach aren’t interested in that specific property, a solid portfolio presentation is a way to open the door and cultivate a list of commercial real estate investors that grows over time. Media – Look for local news websites that feature stories about people who have recently purchased investment properties in your area or region. Trade Shows – There are many real estate investing trade shows that you can attend. The best part about the professionals who go to these conferences is that they are there to learn how to make more money, which means if you approach them at the right time and ask for a referral, they will be all too happy to give your contact information out to their network of friends. Networking – You can also use

Stillwater News Press • Thursday, October 20, 2022

ment pays off. Companies are buying up propDespite the reerties where they cent interest rate plan to have offices hikes and slowor factories in the down in the housnear future. Buying market – or ing these buildings perhaps because before the business of it – commercial moves in is known real estate has as pre-leasing, and been growing in it lowers the risk of 2022, and is exinvesting because pected to continue you already know into 2023. Nearhow much rent a ly 70% of major tenant will pay you commercial real every month. estate owners and Property portfoliinvestors polled os offer commercial by Deloitte said real estate investhey expected the tors some reassurmarket to expand ance. or at least stay the You collect sevsame in the coming eral low-rise office months. buildings or houses Investing in com- that you rent out. mercial real estate These may not be can prove to be lu- big investments, crative, but how do but building up a you find the right healthy portfolio property and inves- over time means tors to buy it? that each investor There are many has something to factors to considfall back on in case er. Knowing your something goes client’s needs can wrong with one of help you find some- their individual thing that suits projects. their budget and needs. Become Successful in ComAnalyze mercial Real EsInvestor Needs tate Investing What each inThe key to bevestor looks for de- coming a successful pends on how long commercial real they plan to hold estate investor is onto the property. to start small and Short-term inves- grow your business tors hold a proper- along with the ty for around five market. years before selling An important it again. Returns factor in finding may not be as high commercial real because commerestate investors is cial properties typi- getting out there cally require longer and meeting new ownership periods people. You should – 10 to 20 years – attend every posto see your investsible seminar or By Joseph Hogue

Three inflation-savvy moves to make now is over 8%. “There’s just no way that cash in Inflation is prov- the bank is going ing to be a stubto keep up with inborn, unwanted flation, so it’s going houseguest. to lose value,” says No one particucertified financial larly likes paying planner Ben Henmore for food, fuel ry-Moreland, who and other living blogs at Kitces.com, costs. But so far, a site for financial the Federal Readvisers. serve’s attempts You can get since March to inflation-beating evict inflation returns by using with higher intersavings to pay est rates haven’t down any highworked. Because rate, variable debt, we may be stuck such as credit card with this unpleasbalances. If your ant roommate for credit card charges a while, we should 18% interest, for consider how best instance, you’re to cope. effectively getting The following an 18% guaranteed moves could help. return by paying off that balance. CRAFT A BETSetting goals TER PLAN FOR and timelines for YOUR CASH your cash also may Many people help you get more live paycheck to for your money, paycheck with litHenry-Moreland tle savings. Other says. For example, people have the financial planners opposite problem: typically recomThey’re letting too mend maintaining much cash sit idle an emergency fund in bank accounts equal to three to that aren’t earning six months’ worth their keep. of expenses. That As of October, the money should renational average main somewhere interest rate on safe and accessavings accounts is sible, such as an just 0.17%, accord- FDIC-insured bank ing to the Federal account, because Deposit Insurance you may need it Corp. Meanwhile, at any time. But inflation as meayou don’t have to sured by the conaccept a bricksumer price index and-mortar bank’s By Liz Weston


Stillwater News Press • Thursday, October 20, 2022


negligible return; several online banks are offering interest rates of 2% or more on savings accounts. Perhaps you’ll earmark some savings for the vacation you want to take in a year or the down payment on a house in five years. You could lock your vacation money into a oneyear certificate of deposit (some online banks are offering 3% on those ), while the down payment could be invested in a Series I savings bond, which is yielding 9.62 %. That’s a great rate, obviously, but Series I bonds have several restrictions: You can’t withdraw money for the first 12 months, and you’ll forfeit three months of interest if you withdraw money in the first five years. You’re limited to buying $10,000 in I bonds electronically at TreasuryDirect. gov each year and $5,000 more in paper bonds annually using your tax refund. Consider using excess cash to beef up your retirement accounts or investing that money in a taxable brokerage

account, Henry-Moreland says. A diversified portfolio of stocks is likely to outpace inflation over the long run, although the potential for short-term losses means you shouldn’t invest any money you’ll need within five years or so.

also talk to a contractor or appraiser who can give you an estimate of rebuilding costs per square foot in your area.

limits for retirement contributions and certain credits, says Melanie Lauridsen, director for tax practice and ethics at the American Institute of CPAs. Since 2018, however, Congress has required that the IRS use a measure of inflation called the chained consumer price index that typically lags the consumer price index. What’s more, inflation adjustments for the following year are determined using the inflation rate in August, Henry-Moreland notes. If inflation spikes later in the year, as it did in 2021, bracket

creep is more likely. Let’s say you got an 8% raise this year to cope with inflation. But the standard deduction and tax brackets increased by only about 3% for 2022. That means you could find yourself in a higher tax bracket when you file your returns in April. Calculating your likely 2022 taxes now can alert you to any looming tax bill and give you some time to cope – by stuffing more money into pre-tax retirement accounts, for example, or filling out a new W-4 to adjust your withholding.

RUN A TAX PROJECTION If your earnings increased this year, you may be at risk for “bracket creep.” REVIEW YOUR That’s when you’re HOMEOWNERS pushed into a highINSURANCE er tax bracket – COVERAGE and face higher tax Building costs bills – even if your have been soaring, pay isn’t keeping and your homeup with inflation. owners insurance Dozens of federcoverage may not al tax provisions be keeping up. can be adjusted About two-thirds for inflation each of homeowners who year, including tax lose their houses to brackets, standard wildfires or other deduction amounts, disasters discover their insurance won’t cover the ING T S complete cost of reLI W building, says Amy E N Bach, executive director of United Policyholders, an insurance-focused consumer advocacy group. 517 N DONALDSON DR. • $265,000 You can ask your insurance company Rare opportunity to secure this special property in the heart of Stillwater. This or agent to review well-built and well-maintained Donaldson Manning home has so much to offer! Great floor plan with walk-in storm shelter, an appealing sun room, plus a backyard your coverage and cottage or workshop. The charming den is in the center of the home and is open to recommend apthe kitchen with eating bar, gas log fireplace, and pegged wood propriate limits, floors. This well-kept neighborhood is a hidden treasure, with Bach says. But mature trees and convenient to everything. 2,253 s.f. those estimates may rely on problematic industry software that could underestimate the costs, she says. She recommends you


News Press Stillwater

Stillwater News Press • Thursday, October 20, 2022

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24th Av.

26th Av.



Wedgewood Dr.


Jardot Rd.

Payne St. Payne St.

Oakwood Dr.

9th Av.

19th Av.

22nd Av.

Timbercrest Dr. Timbercrest Cr.

4th Av.

4th Av.

7th Av.

S. Westchester St.

Young St. Jardot Rd.

Wedgewood Ct. Wedgewood Dr.

Skyline Ln.

Blair St. Payne St.

Blair St. Stallard St.

Hall St.

Leigh St.

Burdick St.

James Ct. Springfield St.


Aetna St.

Hartford St.

Eastern Av.

Cottonwood Dr.

Crestwood Dr. Crestwood Ct.

3rd Av.

Hartford St.

Lowry St.

Chester St.

Fern St.


Pennsylvania St.

Lowry St.

Lewis St. Lewis St.

Husband St.

Main St.

Lowry St.

Chester St. Fern St.

17th Av. 18th Av.

Cedar Ct.

Matthews Av. Virginia Av.

Denver Ct. Denver St.

Skyline St.

Canyon Rim Dr.

Skyline St.

Briarwood Dr. Manning St.

Grandview St.

Manning St.

Donaldson St.

Stallard St.


Burdick St.

Perkins Rd.

Grandview Ct. Grandview St.

Manning St.


Su nn nn y yb Ct bro ro . ok o

Dryden St.


Berry Ct. Arrington Ct. Arrington Dr.

Hartford St. Dryden St. Redbud Ct.

Star St.

Hoke St. Husband St.

Masin St.

Duncan St. Duncan St.

Duck St.

West St. West Bl.

Husband Pl.

16th Av.

Connell Ct. Connell Av.

12th Av.

13th Av. 13th Pl. 14th Av. 15th Av.

Payne St.

Dryden St.

Hartford St.

Benjamin St.

Crescent Dr. Glenwo od Dr.

Husband St.

Main St.

Duncan St.

West St. Duck St. West St. Duck St.

West St.

Knoblock St. Knoblock St.

Hester St.

Washington St.

Ramsey St.

Benjamin St.

sb Hu

Ramsey St.

Washington St. Bellis St.

Hester St.

Hester St.

Monroe St. Jefferson St.

Adams St.

12th Av.

Whitney Ct. McElroy Rd.

Young St.

Park Dr.

Star Dr. Dr. Park Cr.

Park Dr.

dD r. an

Pa rk Sta Dr. rD r.

Husband St.

Keller Dr.

Crescent Dr.

Ramsey St.

Ramsey St.

Lincoln St.

n St. Monroe St. Jefferson St.


Monroe St.

Hester St. Knoblock St. Knoblock St.

Garfield St. Clevelan

Blakely St. Stanley St.

Gray St.

Pine St.

Orchard St.

Walnut St.

McDonald St. Teal St.

Bluestone St.

Birchwood Ct. son Ct. Wedgewood

21st Av.

West St.

Murray Ct.


Karr Ct.


Black Oak Dr.

Ramsey St.

Kings St. Orchard St.

Kerr St.

d St.

McFarland St. . Kings St

Walnut St. Melrose Dr. Pine St. Redwood St. Gray St. Cleveland St. Stanley St. Garfield St.

Willis St. Willis St.

Willis St.


Summ erlin Ct. Bridlew ood

Walnut St.

t Dr.


Oxford Dr.

Legendary Ln.

Willis St.

Dr. Ridge Dr. ge

Ridge Dr. Rid Western Rd.



August Dr.

Surrey Dr.

Dr . in

McFarland St. Kings St.

Western Rd.

Dr. Ridge

Wicklow St.

Devon St.

Devon St. Wicklow St. Eagle Summit

Rocky Ridge

r. dge D Fox Le

24th Av.

11th Av.


8th Av.

8th Av.

9th Av. 10th Av.



Redbud Dr.


7th Av.

8th Av.


21st Av. 23rd Av.


Cedar Ct.

4th Av. 5th Av.

5th Av.



Fountain View Dr.

24th Av. August Dr. Cambridge Ct.

3rd Av. 4th Av.

5th Av.

19th Av.

22nd Av. 23rd Av.


rD eda

Maple Av.


Arbor Cr.


Elm Av.

7th Av.

12th Av.

11th Pl.


Maple Av.

Maple Av.

er om

Country Club Rd.

7th Av.

McElroy Pl.

Arrington Dr.

Elmwood Cr.

Elm Av.

Connell Av.


Virginia Av.

Virginia Av.

Brooke Av.

Sunrise Av.

Will Rogers Dr. Cimarron Pl. Cimarron Dr. Leland Frontier Dr. Linda Av. Willham Dr. Ct. Boyles Ct. Willham Dr. Manning Ct.

Dryden Cr.


Krayler Ave.

Fountain View Ct.

44th Av.

Turtle Pond Ct.

Miller Av.

University Av.

5th Av.

Will Rogers Dr.

Hall of Fame Av. Mathews Av.

Lakeview Rd.


Doral Ln.

Scott Av.

Scott Av.

Morrill Av.

. ock Ln

Isabell Pointe Dr.

18th Ct.

R Saddle

tone Woods

n St.

Scissortail Dr.

Helena Hts.

22nd Av.

Cantwell Av.

Connell Av.

Connell Av.


Forest Trail Ct.

Red Rose Dr.

Aloysius Cr.

Wentz Ln. University Cr.

31st Av.

Woodland Trails Dr.

Pheasant Eagle Creek Ave. Ridge Ave.

Briarcreek Dr.

Deer Crossing Dr.

Ct. . nery ock Ln R dle Sad


29th Ct. 30th Av.

Inverness Ln. Fox Ledge Dr.


Quail 25th Av. Ridge Ct.



Fox Ledge Ln.

Black Oak Dr.



k Dr.

e aV




Willow Park Cr.

Fox Ledge Ct. 32nd Av.



Bristol Rd. Av. 24th Av.

18th Av.

20th Av. 21st Ct.

L rde

Wehr Ln..

Cantwell Av.

13th Av. 14th Av.

17th Av.

Pioneer St. Quail Ridge Dr. 28th C t.



Chapel Hill

10th Av.

3rd Av.

4th Av. 5th Av. 5th Av.

Scott Av.

Pioneer St.


Shadow Creek Ln.




Black Oak Dr. Countryside Dr.




8th Av. 9th Av.

l. ey P Surr 15th Av.

19th Av.

Sawgrass St.



Fairfield Dr.

Fairfield Dr. Mansfield St. r Ridge Ct.

Hillside St.

Davinbrook Ln. Fiddlers Hill St. Berkshire Dr. Dublin Dr.

Shumard Ct. Oak St. W. Shumard Dr. Williamsfield

Westridge St. Hillside Ct.

18th Ct.

18th Av.

Tanglewood Cr.

Iba Dr.

Oak Trail Dr.

Shiloh Creek

r. k D r. r. 15th Av. Old Forest D D roo stb hire ar Charleston Cypress Mill We orks alam Y Sh

Lou Ct

Loper Billin gslea Ln. Ct.

Pioneer St.

Sangre Rd. Murphy St.

Squires St.

Windsor Dr. Greystone St.

Walking Trail


ge Rd .






uit Chiq ood Ct. w Wild Brentwood Dr. n Dr. Peca Redbud Dr. Redbud Dr. Randolph Ct. Eskridge Av. Windrock Hartman Av. Cr. Tyler Av. Tyler Av. Highview Av. rgia

Emma Swim Ave.

Krayler Ave. Ridgecrest Av. Brooke Av. Moore Av. Franklin Ln. Knapp St.


a Ct.

Lewis St.

Lincoln St.

Lincoln St. Lincoln Brooke Lincoln St. St. Hollow Ct. Monroe St. Monroe Monroe St. St. Jefferson St.

Liberty Ct.

Ivy Ct.

Cleveland St.

McFarland St.

McDonald St.

Willis St. Ridge Rd.

Country Club Rd. Windsor Dr. 2nd Ct. Kea ts D r.

Oak Ridge Dr. Basin Ridge Dr. e Dr. Ridg lue Charles Dr. Sprin B gdale D r. Wo odc re 11th Ct. st Dr. Edgemoor Dr.

Abbey Ln. k




Vil la

ge drid W oo

18th Av.


Lyndsey Ct.

Range Rd.



Austin Ct.


Westbrook Ct. 15th Av.

Murphy Dr.


lo Wil


Charring Cross


land Ct . Ja Lind a

Summer Hill Ct. Germaine Ct.

Woodlake Dr. Deer Creek Ct.



Crestview Ct. Cowboy Ct. High


t. wC



Sunset Av. University Av.

7th Av.

Country Club Dr.


Kenslow Dr.


nsh Devo

Richfield Ct.

g Tan

Durham Ct. Ashford Ct.

Crestview Av.


Farm Av. Olive Ln. Drummond Av. Athletic Av. Monticello Dr.

Arrowhead Pl.

Arrowhead Av.

5th Av.

Aggie Dr.


Stillwater News Press • Thursday, October 20, 2022






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Admiral Av. Sherwood Av.

4th Av.

Prescot Dr.

Ashton Ave.

ointe en P Gard ill ng H Spri Deer Run Ct.

8th Av.

. Club Dr . Country Club Ct Country 14th Av. Woodland Ct. Oakfield Ct. 16th Av. Dr.

Fairway Dr.


d Hid


e Dr. Ridg

Westwood Ln.Westwood Dr.

Stoneridge Dr.

Frontage Road 7th Av.

11th Av.



Ramsey St.

Airport Ln.

Monroe St.

Land Run Dr.

Dr . W rig ht

d. sR ces l Ac tria dus rt In

Preston Liberty Cr. Cr.

Airp o

Valley Dr.

Mark Circle

Charolais Dr.

Warren Drive

Valley View Sangre Rd.

Keely Ct.

Range Rd. Crosswinds

rook St.






5th Pl.

5th Av.

Pecan Lake Av. Trenton Ct. Pecan Trail Ct.


Lauren Lane

Knotts Av.

d Dr.

Pecan Hill St.


10th Av.

t. ln S Tyler Av.

co Lin

Dells Av.


Scott Av.

Mercury Av.

Liberty Dr.

Keller Dr. Lakeview Ct.


Franklin Ln.

Dr. nett Graham Av. Ben Will Rogers Dr. Eskridge Av. Eskridge Av.

Eskridge Pl.













Miller Av.

Virgina Av. 2nd Av.

9th Av.


Tyler Av.

lh Wil

Hall of Fame Av.

1st Av.

8th Av.


McElroy Rd.

Walnut St.

Tyler Av.

Farm Av.

7th Av. 8th Av. 8th Ct. 9th Ct. Trenton Av.

Brooke Jefferson St.

Brooke Moore Franklin

Oak Crest Rd.

d oo

Thomas Av.

Swim Av.


Reese Landing


rst D


Marcus Dr.

Harned Av.

Mohawk Av.



Hereford Dobi Ln.

Eskridge Av.

3rd Av.

Boomer Lake

oke r. Brollow D Ho

Bradley Pl.

Lakeview Rd.

Vena Ln.

4th Av.

Parkway Dr.

Osage Dr.

Eastland Dr.

Newman Av.

Liberty Rd. Preston Av.

Rutledge Dr.

Windmill Ln.


Hillcrest Av.

Lakeridge Av.


Airport Rd.

Wiley St.


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d Win


Tobacco Rd.



lD mil


Preston Ln.

State Ln.

Lisa Ct. Lori Ct. Lakeview Rd.



. Dr


177 Airport Rd.

Harned Av. Madison Ct.

Thomas Av. Frances Av.

Memory Ln. Country Ln.

Cheyenne Av.

w illo W

Harned Av.


Arapaho Av.

Lake Sh




Hartwood Av.

Newman Av. Hillcrest Av. Brown Av.

Windsor Cr.

mC t.


Ranch Av.

4. 1408 N Hightower - 1-3 p.m. ... Judy


Perkins Rd.

Ute Av.

Cherokee Av.


Wil lia

Pa rk Gr vie ee w C nv r. ale Cr Da . vis Ct. Ma


Rogers Dr.

Knoblock St.

Stillwater Municipal Airport

Richmond Rd.



Washington St.

1. 701 W Lakeshore – 1-3 p.m. – Mike 2. 1606 S Hillside -- 2-4 p.m. – Becky 3. 503 W Ranch Avenue – 1-2 p.m. – Connie

gate Dr .

Britton Ct. B Dr. ritton Greenbriar Cr. Dr. Au d Ma ene D rieD r. r. Greenvale Ct. Ct. side C Brook

Golf Dr.

Falls Dr.

Coldwell Banker Team Stillwater

Lynn Ln.



Stonecrest Ct.


Richmond Hill Rd.

Washington St. Garfield St.

Husband Pl. Northgate Dr.

Stonecrest Ave.


Richmond Rd.

Park Pl. Tower Park Dr.

Richmond Hill Ct.

nd St. Husba

Hunters Ridge

• All Open Houses are Sunday unless otherwise indicated.

Quartz Dr.

Chateau Pl. Peaceable Acres Rd.

Hartford St. Dryden St. Benjamin St. Burdick St. Burdick St. Berry St. Arrington St. Marshall St. Doty St. Blair St. Grandview St.

Week of Sunday, October 23, 2022

3rd Pl.

Burris Rd.

Burris Rd. 177

• Open Houses may be canceled in the case of inclement weather. If you have questions, please call the hosting REALTOR®.

Jardot Rd.


Yost Rd.

Perkins Rd.

Yost Rd.