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July 5, 2019


The percentage of buyers recently surveyed who said they didn’t shop around for a mortgage, despite it being the biggest purchase they’ll ever make.

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Featured Home: Beautiful 2.1 acre lot just east of Stillwater at 518 N Wildwood Acres Circle. This property has no covenants or restrictions. Lot has a variety of trees. The Storage building is 12’ X 16’ with concrete floor. There is a dry bed creek on the west property line along with a shared fence. Easy access to rural water, natural gas and electric. County maintained paved roads. $48,500.00


518 N Wildwood Acres Circle

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Stillwater NewsPress • Friday, July 5, 2019

Buddies or not, co-tenants need a written rental contract Friends who rent a house or apartment should always put their agreement in writing. DEAR DAVE: My best friend and I have decided to move into an apartment together in order to save on rent and other expenses. Neither of us has ever had a roommate before. Can you offer some tips? ANSWER: Sure. A growing number of friends or even total strangers are teaming up to rent an apartment or small house together, in part because rents nationwide have soared by double-digits over the past few years. The first issue, of course, is to determine how the two of you will split the rent, utility bills and other expenses. Though most roomies divide the household bills evenly, others reach an agreement for one to pay more than the other if, say, one will occupy a bedroom that’s larger or has a terrific view. It’s also important to agree that those bills will be paid on time. If your roommate doesn’t have the cash to pay a bill when it comes due, you will have to pay the full amount out of your own savings or risk getting a black mark on your credit report.

About Real Estate DAVID MYERS Also work out issues regarding food. Whether you’re buying a place together or simply renting it, the two of you could agree to evenly split the grocery bills and share in the cooking and cleaning duties. But if one of you is a budding Wolfgang Puck, he or she may want to handle most of the preparation duties if the other promises to clean up after meals. Should one of you be a vegetarian but the other is not – or if the two of you simply have different tastes or a dietary restriction – it might be better to buy your food separately. Pets can be a major source of problems, unless you live in a “no pets” building. If one owns a pet but the other doesn’t, the pet owner should be responsible for any extra security deposit the landlord may charge, not to mention the costs of its food, cleaning up its mess and any damage it may cause. Of course, both of you will need renters insurance.

Sometimes it’s cheaper for roomies to buy a single policy together, but other times it’s less expensive to purchase them separately – especially if you can bundle your renters coverage with the same company that insures your car. You’ll also need to formulate a plan that will swing into action if one of you wants to break the shared-lease agreement before it’s set to expire. A broken lease is costly, typically including a hefty penalty levied by the landlord and the loss of some or all of the security deposit. The fairest way to handle this potential pitfall is for the person who wants to leave early to pay for all of those costs. It’s obviously a good idea for you and your upcoming roomie to spend a few hundred dollars to have a lawyer cobble the proposed arrangement. There are also several sites online that offer basic (but free) forms: Just Google “contract with roommate.” Once everything is in writing, both

you and your roomie should sign it and have the document notarized just in case a minor disagreement later turns into a big legal battle. *** REAL ESTATE TRIVIA: About 37% of all Americans now rent their home, the U.S. Census Bureau reports, the highest level in more than onehalf of a century. *** DEAR DAVE: We recently spent four days vacationing in Las Vegas and the temperature topped 100 F each day. I can’t imagine what it will be like in mid-summer! So, just out of curiosity: Is Las Vegas the hottest city in

the nation? ANSWER: No, not according to a recently released study by the U.S. National Climactic Data Center. The center looked at long-term temperature averages in mid-sized and large cities over the course of several years and then based its findings on the average number of days when temperatures topped 99 F. Phoenix topped the list, with an average 107 days each year reaching 100 degrees or higher. Las Vegas was second, with 70 days of 100 F or more. It was followed by suburban Riverside, California (24 days); Dallas (17) and Austin, Texas (16). ***

DEAR DAVE: My neighbor’s large tree is obviously dying and looks like that it’s about to fall over onto my home’s roof. If it does, would his homeowners insurance pay for the repairs, or would my own policy pay for it? ANSWER: Yours would, although your insurance provider might later try to recoup its payout from the neighbor’s own insurer or the neigh-

bor himself. You would also have the right to sue the neighbor for any deductible you might have to pay, as well as for any unreimbursed losses. Talk to your neighbor about your concerns, if you haven’t already. Ideally, he’ll agree to have the tree removed by a professional today rather than dealing with the headaches and potentially huge financial liability if it later falls.


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Designing around a family fur baby friends, we love you too!), there is no better way to celebrate then by exFur babies are ploring some ways very important to better harmonize members of the family. Yet I’ve had your fur baby and many customers tell your home furnishings. me they feel like First things first, they must choose stylize the canine between their pets clutter. In my mind, and their decor. the dog necessities It’s true – our I see out and about furry friends in homes the most come with their are the bowls, beds, own clutter, full toys and treats. of bowls, beds, While those who toys and treats to prefer to hide these spread out. It can items altogether be hard to place a would benefit from dog bed over your carefully picked out a stylish and functional basket or hand-knotted rug, storage hutch, a which needs to be seen to tie together lot of the time it’s not realistic to be the sofa and the constantly putting curtains, after all. This chatter got me these necessities away. Instead, I enthinking. With the dog days of summer courage you to use items that enhance right around the corner (sorry, feline your decor and keep By Katie Laughridge Tribune News Service

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your frequently used dog goodies within arm’s reach. Start with the big things first, like the dog bed. We spend so much time picking out textiles and finishes for our own furniture, it’s a shame to throw off your space with a huge dog mattress.

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The home’s transitional styling suits every design preference. A gracious entry leads to the charming great room, anchored by a brick corner fireplace and mantle, and featuring wood flooring, that extends into the master wing, bedroom and closet.

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Downtown Office - 723 S. Main Street Bringing Buyers & Sellers Together .... Professionally NEW LISTINGS AND PRICE CHANGES 2223 E 32nd - “AS IS” 3bed 1bath 1car detached garage 1249 sq ft - $69,900 - Lori 24 Summit Cir. - 3bed 1bath 2car garage Close to Shopping & Schools - $119,900 - Lori 907 Lauren Ln. - 3bed 2bath 2car garage 1817 sq ft Close to Schools & Shopping - $179,000 - Lori 2412 S. Husband St. - 3bed 2bath 2car garage 1549 sq ft - $180,000 - Dolores 14 Yellowbrick - 3bed 2.5bath 2car garage 3458 sq ft SW Area - $379,000 - Tiffany 2121 W 6th Ave. - COMMERCIAL building for sale 11/12offices/SW area/6th & Ridge - $625,000 - Tiffany 105 Lewis St., Perkins - 3 bed 1.5bath 1537 sq ft UPDATED - $130,000 - Lori 4924 W 9th. - SGCC 3bed 2bath 2car garage 2202 sq ft 2Lots - $235,000 - Tiffany/Dolores 1223 S. Husband St. - 2014 Tiny Home Move in ready 625 sq ft 1bed 1bath - $83,500 - Dolores 5324 W. Country Club - PRICE IMPROVEMENT - $323,000 - Tiffany 732 Allyn - 3 bed 2.5 bath 3 CAR GARAGE 2205 sq ft NEW CONSTRUCTION - $360,000 - Lori/Donna 2318 W 23rd Ave. - 4 bed 3 bath/Sangre Schools/SW area - $298,500 - Tiffany 1001 W. Liberty Ave. - PRICE DROP/Furnished/Game Room/2192 sq ft - $195,000 - Ann 1001 Tobacco Rd. - ONE OF A KIND 4 bed 3 bath 3 car garage 3000 sq ft - $372,000 - Tiffany 5302 E. VFW Rd. - MOTIVATED SELLER MAKE AND OFFER HOME & 3 ACRES - $49,900 - Melissa 3106 N Madison Ct. - ACROSS FROM BOOMER LAKE 3be 2bath 2car garage 2042 sq ft - $297,000 - Tiffany 000 S. Country Club Rd - 40 acres looking for a new owner! Dream Land - $240,000 - Ann 7615 Cedar Hill - Very Nice 3 bed Mobile Home and 5 acres in Perkins Schools - $119,900 - Amy 001 S. Country Club - Nice 20 acres tract - $160,000 - Ann 1902 N Glenwood - 3bed 2bath 2car garage 1796 sq ft - $175,000 - Tiffany 5019 Clayton Ln. - “AS IS” 3bed 1bath 1car garage 1515 sq ft on 5 acres - $127,500 - Tiffany 323 S. Main, Perkins - 3bed 1bath 1car garage 1125 sq ft - $99,500 - Tiffany 2703 S Cambridge Dr. - 4bed 2.5bath 2car garage PRICE REDUCED - $259,900 - Donna 6605 W. Coventry Dr. - English Tudor 4bed 3bath 3518 sq ft - $395,000 - Dolores/Tiffany 1915 S. Iba Dr. - 4bed 3.5bath 3car garage 2766 sq ft - $339,000 - Dolores 3414 W. LaPoint Ct. - 3bed 2bath 2car garage 1845 sq ft - $232,000 - Donna 346201 E 810 Rd., Agra - 3bed 2 bath 1612 sq ft Updated 5 acres m/l - $154,000 - Kyle 726 Allyn - NEW CONSTRUCTION 5bed 4bath 3car garage 3142 ft 1 ½ story - $449,000 - Donna/Lori 9512 S. Union Rd. - 5bed 4bath 2car garage 4785 sq ft 9 acres m/l 2 out bldgs. - $525,000 - Lori 1905 Cowboy Ct. - 3bed 2bath 2car garage 1944 sq ft PRICED TO SELL - $220,000 - Amy 2015 S. Elvin Dr. - MAKE AN OFFER MOTIVATED SELLER NEW PRICE - 264,900 - Dolores 5115 Red Rose Dr. - SW/Over 2500 sqft Bonus Room ½ acre Lot - $355,000 - Tiffany 5015 ½ Bronco Rd, Orlando Ok. - 3 bed 2 bath 2144 sq ft on 5 acres m/l - $174,500 - Kyle S. 34700 Rd. Pawnee, Ok. - 160 acres of Nice Pasture land with Pond - $330,000 - Tiffany 207 W. Roosevelt, Agra - Tiny Home large Lot! 2bed 1bath 970 sq ft - $46,500 - Kyle 2415 Trophy Lane - Karsten Creek! 3bed 2.5bath 3532 sq ft - $599,000 - Tiffany 1214 Prairie Ln., Yale - PRICED TO SELL 3bed 2 bath - $92,500 - Tiffany 3215 S. Boomer Rd - Great Commercial Location - $2,900,000 - Tiffany 1328 S. Williamsfield - 3 bed 3.5 bath 2 car garage 1.5story 2455 sq ft - $359,000 - Donna 712 N Stallard - 4bed 2bath 2car garage 1804 sq ft - $238,000 - Donna 724 N Stallard - 4bed 2bath 2car garage 1970 sq ft - $256,000 - Donna 3337 W Charleston Ct - Berry Creek Garden home lot - $43500 - Donna 1228 E. Virginia - NEW CONSTRUCTION 4 bed 2 bath 2 car garage 1780 sq ft - $204,900 - Donna 4915 Briarcreek - .74 acre lot in gated SW area - $45,000 - Donna


3106 N. Madison Ct. - $297,000 - Tiffany - 1-2:30 pm 14 Yellowbrick - $379,000 - Tiffany - 3-4 pm

of, go even further and represent your furry family member in your own items. There is no limit to showing your dog love. From fabric to towels, art and statues there are canine items for every room in your house should you want them.

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mend placing them on small washable rugs that can be ordered in any size. Using cute containers for treats and toys is another way to hide the clutter from visiting eyes while still adding to your decor. Once the necessities are taken care

Stillwater NewsPress • Friday, July 5, 2019

519 E. Copper Canyon Ave. • $224,900

comfort and style. Porcelain dog bowls that match your own tableware are an elevated meal setting for pups. Still easy to wash and food-safe, they don’t pull your attention when walking through a fully decorated kitchen. I recom-



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Fear not! There are so many high-performance fabrics available now, in countless colors, patterns and textures that it’s easy (and dare I say fun) to pick out a bed for your best fur friend. No longer an eyesore, they can curl up by your feet in

What I need to know when buying new windows? By Paul F. P. Pogue

make a big difference in your energy bill by upgrading to Shopping for new more efficient windows. windows means READING A sorting through WINDOW LABEL an overwhelming Two labels proamount of numbers, vide vital inforoptions, performation on window mance factors and styles. But once you performance: the Energy Star label learn the basics, and the National you’ll work your Fenestration Rating way around the Council (NFRC) stats like a pro. label. Don’t overBefore you dive look these, because too deep into the they tell you quite a window buying bit about how much process, first consider whether your those windows can help you. The existing windows are nearing the end Energy Star label indicates the winof their lifespan. Aluminum windows dow meets energy efficiency guidelines generally last beset by the U.S. tween 15 and 20 Environmental years, while woodProtection Agency. en windows last Energy Star offers around 30 years. a climate zone map Efficiency also online that helps plays a major role. you select the best According to the products for the Department of Enarea you live in. ergy, heat loss or A NFRC certifigain through wincation label verifies dows are responsithat a window ble for more than meets their stan25% of residential heating and cooling dards and provides energy use. You can performance infor-

Stillwater NewsPress • Friday, July 5, 2019

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mation. This label rates a window’s U-factor, solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), visible transmittance and air leakage. These stats may look like alphabet soup, but they play a big role in how much energy you’ll save! Here’s a rundown: 1. U-FACTOR Between .20 and 1.20. A window’s U-factor is a measure of how much heat can escape a home by passing through the window. The lower the number, the better the heat retention. 2. SOLAR HEAT GAIN COEFFICIENT Between 0 and 1. This indicates how much heat from sunlight a window can block. The lower the number, the less you’ll spend on cooling. 3. VISIBLE TRANSMITTANCE Between 0 and 1. This indicates

how much light the window allows into your home. The higher the number, the more light is transmitted. 4. AIR LEAKAGE Between 0.1 and 0.3. This refers to how much air infiltration a window product permits. The lower the rating, the less air will pass through the cracks.



•  What kind of warranty do they offer? •  Are they familiar with specific local and neighborhood rules governing windows?

NEW LISTING - 5008 N. GARFIELD - 1 owner, 3 BD/ 2 BA / 2 car garage in the NW area close to Lakeside Golf Course. Most doorways and master bath are handicap accessible. Split bedroom arrangement, energy efficient, storm shelter, privacy fence around the backyard......$191,000

NEW LISTING - 1020 S ROSE ROAD, GLENCOE - 3 BD / 2 BA / 2 car carport on an oversized lot with privacy fence. Open living room and dining room, large storage building, sprinkler system for front yard. Country living just 15 minutes from Stillwater ....................................$135,900

704 W Hillcrest Avenue • $210,000

NEW LISTING - 26 CANYON RIM - 1 owner, 3 BD / 2 BA / 2 car garage in NE area close to schools. Formal living and formal dining room, lots of storage, enclosed sunroom with heat and air, beautiful landscaped yard and a privacy fence in the back yard.....................$184,900


602 S. West St., Suite A Stillwater, OK 74074 405-372-8326

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ers? •  Have they installed your type of window before? •  What certifications and manufacturer training do they have?

Wonderful home in Lakeshore area, a short walk to Boomer Lake, situated on a large corner lot with beautiful large mature trees. This home offers 4 bedrooms, and 3 full baths, 3 of the bedrooms on one end, so the 4th bedroom would make a great guest room or an office.


4902 W COUNTRY CLUB DRIVE - 4 BD / 2 BA / 2-car garage / a large fenced backyard with covered patio. Formal dining/living room and family room with shelving by fireplace. Large kitchen with dining area and pantry. Master bedroom has walk-in closet. Walking distance to Country Club House .........................................................................PRICE CHANGE $189,900 2008 COUNTRYSIDE DRIVE - Custom Built 3 BD / 3 BA / 2 car garage in SW area. 3 living areas, formal dining room and a large master bedroom. Kitchen has granite counter tops, pantry, big center island, glass cook top and double ovens. New workshop with electricity, insulation and garage doors. Outside has fire pit and trees all on a beautiful lot. House includes a storm shelter and many, many extras......................................................................$325,000


204 E NOBLE STREET, PERRY - 3 BD / 2 BA / 2-car garage ................................................ $134,950

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Beautiful 2.1 acre lot just east of Stillwater at 518 N Wildwood Acres Circle. This property has no covenants or restrictions. Lot has a variety of trees. The Storage building is 12’ X 16’ with concrete floor. There is a dry bed creek on the west property line Perry, alongOK with a shared fence. 703 Jackson, Easy access rural natural gas and Beautiful Craftsman Styleto Home on twowater, lots located in Perry, Oklahoma. Builtelectric. in 1920, this historic maintained paved two story County home features 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, 2,484roads. sq. ft. of living$48,500.00 space, unfinished basement

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with pantry and laundry areas, central HVAC and hardwood floors. NEW PRICE $149,900



Subhead: Hiring a window pro Besides the window choice itself, the biggest decision you’ll make with new windows is choosing who installs them. Make sure any pro you hire holds the proper license, bonding and insurance to do the work, and meets these qualifications: •  Are they fulltime window install-

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Pecan nut weevil and crop thinning One of the most troublesome pests for pecans is the pecan nut weevil. If you’ve ever been disappointed to find empty nuts on the ground with a small hole pierced in the shell, you know what kind of damage they can cause. Mid to late July is the time of year this pest usually shows up, typically just after a heavy rain. Spraying insecticide on a mature tree is not practical for most homeowners and soil applied products do not work well for this pest. Fortunately, the behavior of the weevil allows us to use a simple option to help control the population. Adult weevils crawl up the tree trunk to feed. You can suc-

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KEITH REED cessfully capture a good percentage of these insects as they begin their climb if you install circular weevil traps on the trunk. While capturing some of these insects will not eliminate nut damage, it can reduce it significantly. Even if you do have the equipment and resources to spray the entire tree, the traps can help you get a better idea of numbers to help determine if spraying is warranted. Keep in mind that

n Ope

2-4 y a nd

25% of the nuts you are able to reach. Two notes of caution: pecan trees are notorious for dropping limbs-take care that you don’t dislodge a large limb and hurt yourself. And two, be wary of any overhead electrical lines in the area. If you thin, try to keep notes on your efforts. Come harvest time, this might help you to better determine if

805 PARK PLACE, STILLWATER $169,500 3 Bedrooms / 2 Baths / 2-Car Garage

12622 Kelly Lane, Perkins $175,000

Home sweet home on a small acreage just east of Perkins. 2.37 acres and a roomy ranch home in popular Hidden Springs Estates. The privacy and deck will wow you. Secluded and quiet, this lovely setting has trees and a creek to explore and sunsets to enjoy. Loafing shed and storm shelter just north of the house. Spacious family room with wood floors and fireplace. Dining room plus a breakfast area or study, very nice updated kitchen. Good sized bedrooms with ceiling fans, carpet, large windows. Appealing bathrooms, recently remodeled. Relax on the covered front patio or cook out on the fun back deck, this is a home you will enjoy!

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5915 S. RANGE RD., STILLWATER $115,000 4 Bedrooms / 2 Baths / .92-Acres

3216 S. Hill Lane - Lot $15,000 PENDING Trent 3222 S. Hill Lane - Lot $15,000 PENDING Trent 304 E. Kenworthy, Perkins $26,500 SOLD Linda 1003 E 80th (10-acres) $100,000 FOR SALE Freeman 118 NE 2nd St., Perkins $115,000 SOLD Linda 5915 S. Range Rd., Stillwater $115,000 NEW LISTING Trent 1127 S McDonald, Stillwater $157,000 SOLD Trent 805 Park Place, Stillwater $169,000 NEW LISTING Trent 3204-3206 S. Hill Lane $179,000 PENDING Trent Trent/Linda 4723 W 8th Ave., Stillwater $222,500 GREAT PRICE 4015 E Triple Crown $325,500 AWESOME PRICE Linda Freeman Dilbeck Trent Hawkins Linda Klinger, GRI BROKER/Owner REALTOR Associate REALTOR Associate 405-612-4429 405-332-6911 405-612-0454



Page Provence, CRS, GRI Broker Associate (405) 612-0194

your efforts were worthwhile. For more information on this or any other horticultural topic, you can contact Keith Reed, the Horticulturist in the Payne County Extension office. Keith can be reached via email at keith.reed@, phone at 405-747-8320, or in person at the Payne County Extension office, located at 315 W. 6th in Stillwater.



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nuts a cluster, thinning will likely be helpful. Commercial growers can simply give their trees a short shake but obviously that is not an option for the homeowner. You can thin the crop using a frailing pole. These long bamboo poles are often used as a harvest aid but they will work for thinning as well. If you don’t own (or can’t locate) a bamboo pole, a long piece of pvc pipe works fairly well for this purpose. Thinning is not an exact science so it’s hard to know just how many to remove. I suggest starting with about

Stillwater NewsPress • Friday, July 5, 2019

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for close inspection. Note: If you went to Botanic Garden looking for this last year, it had been temporarily removed, it has since been replaced. Another helpful tip for ensuring a good crop, and one just because weevils that might seem are bad one year counterproductive doesn’t mean that until you’ve seen will be the case the the results it can following year. yield, is to thin the For more inpecans. A tree can formation on the only put so much pecan nut weevil energy into proincluding building ducing a crop. In your own traps, see years when we have OSU Fact Sheet high numbers of #EPP-7079 Biology immature nuts, this and Control of the means it is unlikely Pecan Weevil. The they will all fully Botanic Garden size up and mature. at OSU has a nice Removing some of example of a weethe excess nuts now vil trap. On your is a good way to renext visit, look for store balance to the the chicken coop tree. and you’ll find the If you are seeing weevil trap close large numbers of by, easily accessible clusters with 5-6


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Stillwater NewsPress • Friday, July 5, 2019

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Lot for sale by owner. 3/4 Acre Morrison. Praire Hills. Utlities and paved road. $19,900.00. Call 918-638-3644

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Available August 10th! Country Living!! Now taking applications for furnished one bedroom tiny house. Appliances included. Very secluded. Horses possible. $1,000.00 per month Bills paid. Call 405-269-3055 Please leave message if no answer.


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415 S. Benjamin. 2 bedroom,CH/A, lots of storage, carpeted, large yard, mowing included. $625/month 405-377-2136 405-338-8816


Duplex for Rent Large 1400 sq.ft 2 bedroom 2 bathroom, w/d hookup, covered patio fenced backyard, 2 car carport, 1309 Dryden Ct. $675 month. Call 405-743-1569 or 405-780-6185

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(This is a good idea prevents conflicts license mold reanyway; it’s a myth of interest; you can moval companies. that closing vents have more confiAsk if they’re fato unused rooms dence in a mold miliar with EPA increased HVAC tester who doesn’t standards, or seek efficiency.) stand to profit from companies with Periodically recommending separate accreditacheck for plumbing more work. Mold tion such as Mold leaks. Pools of unremoval can be a Removal Specialist checked water are very expensive job, certification from quick to grow mold. so you want the the Institute of InWHAT TO DO most reliable infor- spection, Cleaning IF MOLD DEmation. and Restoration VELOPS Most states don’t Certification. Once mold gets a foothold, it can be Open Sunday 1-3 PM difficult to remove. If you find it cov2422 Trio ering a small area, Ranch Dr. • the U.S. Environ$348,900 mental Protection Agency says it can This Cedar Ridge Bonus floor plan is set up for entertainment! With an added gameroom and two be scrubbed away dining areas, you will have all the space you need! thoroughly with a This 3 bed, 2 bath home has a split bedroom plan. mix of detergent and water. 2406 Trio However, if it Ranch Dr. • covers more than $299,900 10 square feet, or you don’t feel All Authentic Homes have quartz countertops, confident in doing undermount sinks, vinyl Lo-E windows, LED fixtures, it yourself, you and stainless steel appliances including a double oven. should call in the 2502 Trio Ranch Dr. • $325,900 assistance of a proYou will love this Sweetwater floor plan--3 bedrooms, 2 fessional remediabathrooms, and a 3 car garage! tion company. The best practice 6005 Hallie’s Meadow. • $305,900 is to hire separate This 3 bedroom home has an extra large master closet, double sinks in the master bath, and a 3 car garage. mold testing and remediating com6006 Hayden’s Brook • $303,900 panies. A tester THE RE/MAX SIGNATURE EXPERIENCE 2128 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, office, Dedicated professionals providing can confirm the unrivaled service.and 3 car garage!! substance is mold and determine the Hosted by: Jeana Coyle extent of necessary 101 S Main, Perkins, OK 74059 (405) 747-6977 remediation. Hiring 405-547-2000 separate companies

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Stillwater NewsPress • Friday, July 5, 2019

may need to get a dehumidifier. Make sure your Summer provides drainage systems are in good order. ideal conditions And also make sure for mold growth your foundation in many regions slopes away from of America. The combination of hu- the home so ground midity, rainfall and water and rain tightly sealed home don’t pool near the home. Your gutters envelopes help and downspouts mold grow out of should direct water control in a hurry. at least three feet Fortunately, you away from the can take steps to house. keep this problem If you have a from ever happencrawlspace, install ing. Follow these a specialized sheet tips to ensure a mold-free home for of polyethylene that prevents moisthe season. ture from seeping MOLD PREthrough and giving VENTION Mold needs water mold a foothold on the surfaces. If you to grow, so moisture control is your have a damp basebest weapon. Cook- ment, run a dehumidifier to keep it ing, showering, dry. running the dishKeep an eye washer and outside on soft goods in air entering the home all help mold storage. Clothing, paper and cardgrow. board all provide Make sure bathexcellent breeding room kitchen fans spots for mold if run properly, and they come in conthat they vent to tact with water. the outside. When Air circulation you observe excess slows down mold moisture on the growth. Even in walls and ceilings rooms you don’t of those rooms, often use, keep wipe it away the vents open so promptly. If you live in a particular- the air conditioner ly humid area, you runs through them. By Paul F. P. Pogue

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t Dr.

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Washington St. Garfield St. Clevelan

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n St.

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Wehr Ln..

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Rd . Walking Trail Dr .



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Stillwater NewsPress • Friday, July 5, 2019


Shadow Creek Ln.


19th Av.

18th Av.



Shiloh Creek

r. k D r. r. 15th Av. Old Forest D D roo stb hire ar Charleston Cypress Mill We orks alam Y Sh 18th Ct.

4th Av. 5th Av. 5th Av.

Scott Av.

Dells Av.

Wiley St.




10th Av.

3rd Av.



Woodlake Dr. Deer Creek Ct.


Lauren Lane

Keller Dr. Lakeview Ct.

d Dr.

18th Av.



try oven


Mercury Av.

Liberty Dr.



Lou Ct

Loper Billin gslea Ln. Ct.

Summer Hill Ct. Germaine Ct.










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land Ct . Ja Lind a


Westbrook Ct. 15th Av.

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Crestview Ct. Cowboy Ct. High


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Charring Cross


Sunset Av. University Av.

7th Av. 8th Av. 9th Av.

Country Club Dr.

Murphy Dr.



Crestview Av.

Aggie Dr.




la od


St. Tyler Av.

Farm Av. Olive Ln. Drummond Av. Athletic Av. Monticello Dr.

Arrowhead Pl.

Arrowhead Av.

5th Av.

Richfield Ct.

. Club Dr . Country Club Ct Country 14th Av. Woodland Ct. Oakfield Ct. 16th Av. Dr.


Admiral Av. Sherwood Av.

4th Av.

Prescot Dr.

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11th Av.

8th Av.

gle Tan

Kenslow Dr.


shir evon

Frontage Road 7th Av.

Ashton Ave.




Durham Ct. Ashford Ct.


Fairway Dr.

ointe en P Gard ill ng H Spri Deer Run Ct.

5th Av.

e Dr.




5th Pl.






Pecan Lake Av. Trenton Ct. Pecan Trail Ct.


Pecan Hill St.


Scott Av.

Miller Av.

Virgina Av.

10th Av.




rst D


Ct. Av. uita rgia Chiq d Ct. Geo woo Wild Brentwood Dr. n Dr. Peca Redbud Dr. Redbud Dr. Randolph Ct. Eskridge Av. Windrock Hartman Av. Cr. Tyler Av. Tyler Av. Highview Av.

Dr. nett Graham Av. Ben Will Rogers Dr. Eskridge Av. Eskridge Av.

Eskridge Pl.





Hall of Fame Av.

2nd Av.

9th Av.


Walnut St.

McElroy Rd.

Tyler Av.

Thomas Av.

Swim Av.


Tyler Av.

Eastland Dr. Marcus Dr.

Harned Av.

Mohawk Av.


Brooke Brooke Jefferson St. Moore Franklin

Oak Crest Rd.

8th Av.

Boomer Lake

Osage Dr.

oke r. Brollow D Ho

Hereford Dobi Ln.

1st Av.

7th Av. 8th Av.

. Dr

Lakeview Rd.

Farm Av.

8th Ct. 9th Ct. Trenton Av.

w illo


te S Preston Ln.

Eskridge Av.

4th Av.

Parkway Dr.


Airport Rd.

Newman Av.

Hillcrest Av.

Liberty Rd. Preston Av.

Rutledge Dr.

Reese Landing


Lakeridge Av.

Vena Ln.

3rd Pl.


Tobacco Rd.





Harned Av. Madison Ct.

Thomas Av. Frances Av.

Memory Ln. Country Ln.

Airport Rd.


Harned Av.

State Ln.


Cheyenne Av.


Newman Av. Hillcrest Av. Brown Av.



Arapaho Av.

Lake Sh



Ute Av.

Cherokee Av.



Rogers Dr.

Hartwood Av.


Richmond Rd.



Ranch Av.


gate Dr .


Stillwater Municipal Airport

Lynn Ln.


Britton Ct. B Dr. ritton Greenbriar Cr. Dr. Au d Ma ene D rieD r. r. Greenvale Ct. Ct. side C rook

Golf Dr.


Windmill Ln.

3rd Av.

Husband Pl. Northgate Dr.

Stonecrest Ave.

Stonecrest Ct.

Park Pl. Tower Park Dr.

Richmond Hill Ct.

nd St. Husba

Richmond Rd.

Lisa Ct. Lori Ct.

Windsor Cr.

Chateau Ct.

Amethyst Ave.

Falls Dr.

Lakeview Rd.




Chateau Dr.

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• All Open Houses are Sunday unless otherwise indicated.

d Win

Burris Rd.

Burris Rd. 177

Week of Sunday, July 7 , 2019

Real Estate Professionals 1. 3106 N. Madison Ct. 1-2:30 ............................... Tiffany 2. 14 Yellowbrick 3-4 ................................................ Tiffany Fisher Provence 3. 1421 S. Culpepper Dr. 1-3 .......................................Kim 4. 3012 W. Montera Ave 1-3 .............................Shannon 5. 519 E. Copper Canyon Ave. 1-3 ........................Susan 6. 701 N. Manning St. 1-3 ........................................David 7. 12622 S. Kelly Lane (Perkins) 2-4 .......................Page Coldwell Banker 8. 704 W Hillcrest Avenue 1-3...................................Mike RE/MAX Signature 9. 1911 Birchwood Ct 1-3........................................Beth P FRONTIER REALTY 10. 2502 Trio Ranch Dr. 1-3...................................... Jeana 11. 2422 Trio Ranch Dr. 1-3...................................... Jeana 12. 2406 Trio Ranch Dr 1-3 ...................................... Jeana 13. 6005 Hallie’s Meadow 1-3 ................................. Jeana 14. 6006 Hayden’s Brook 1-3................................... Jeana

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