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February 7, 2020

March 20 , 2020


The of homes U.S. homeowners who The percentage of sold in are single, according to the latest data December 2019 that were on the market available from the U.S. Census Bureau.

for less than a month, according to data from NAR.

news and listings for Stillwater and surrounding communities

4711 S Deerfield Dr.


Sunday February 9th

Open 1-2 pm


1117 S. Gray - $ 142,500 – Dolores “Bringing Buyers and Sellers Together Professionally”

Real Estate Professionals www.stw-realestatepros.com 405-372-5151

Open 1-2:30 pm

3510 E Dawson 4205 S. Briarcreek-$625,000-Donna

3919 W. Rutledge -$550,000 -Ann 4901 W. Crestview - $475,000 -Lori 4719 Santa Fe Ct.- $319,900 – Cole 2701 W. 20th - $225,000 – Tiffany 1919 S. 115 & 115 ½ Lakeview Rd.August - $179,900 – Melissa $349,000

Open 1-3 pm

for both units

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501 W 29th-$110,000 – Jack

Open 3-4 pm

5706 Garden Point-$483,000-Donna 726 Allyn - $419,900 – Ann 3100 N. Madison Ct. -$389,000 - Tiffany $194,900 6003 Gunner Springs - $328,000 – Lori

606 Carnes Cir.

Open 3-4:30

10 Arbor Cir. - $279,900 - Amy





’ Choice A


same workers start doing their jobs from home. Many are updating their computer systems and even offering cash incentives to employees who agree to do so. If this becomes a long-term trend – and I personally hope that it does – it will ease traffic congestion, save commuters hundreds of dollars a year in fuel and related costs, lower smog levels and reduce all sorts of greenhouse gasses. More important, it could help parents spend more time with their kids. What could be more important than that?

s’ Choice Aw


it makes to banks to virtually zero. Even after slapping on their profit margins, some lenders are offering 30-year fixed mortgages to borrowers at 3% or even less. *** Q: We are marketing our home for sale, but we don’t want buyers walking through our house and touching our stuff if they might have the virus. What can we do? A: You have a legitimate concern, although most cases that have been reported by government officials involve person-to-person contact – handshakes, a kiss or the like – rather than by touching a virus-exposed tile top, rug or other household item. Many potential buyers have similar worries as yours, fearing that the home they want to visit may be owned by a seller who has been struck by coronavirus. Precautions that

•R e a


the virus goes unchecked for months and employers fall behind on a building’s rent or mortgage payments because business continues to slow. What’s fascinating to consider is how the policies that the federal, state and local governments that are now encouraging Americans to stay and work from home could impact every facet of the real estate industry over the long term. For example, tens of thousands of employers who once insisted that their workers show up at their offices in the morning are now pleading that those ar


About Real Estate

sharp tariff hikes imposed on imports from China last year, which experts say added 7% or more to the cost of even a basic U.S. remodeling job. *** Q: How is the spread of the virus impacting office and retail property investors? A: Not by much, at least not yet. Most office and retail tenants sign long-term leases with their building’s owners, or own their buildings themselves, so the impact of the virus has been limited. That could change, of course, if

2019 BEST OF


News Press Stillwater


Many real estate agents across the nation report a noticeable uptick in the number of sellers offering “virtual” internet tours of their properties since the virus broke out. Advancements in technology can allow sellers and buyers buyers to see crisp, alike can take in360-degree views of clude the avoidance each room, as well of shaking hands as the property’s and washing their exterior, from the hands vigorously in safety and comfort of hot water after each their own home. visit. Concerned sell*** ers also can bleach Q: How is the countertops and tile virus affecting the floors on a more fre- construction of quent basis. new homes? A good real estate A: Not too well. agent can provide Builders, like agents more tips, but the who sell existing best source of advice homes, have seen a is the federal Cendrop in foot traffic ters for Disease Con- through their new trol and Prevention developments as (www.cdc.gov). health-safety con*** cerns mount among Q: Our sales potential buyers. agent wants to On top of that, shoot a video tour it’s important to of our home and remember that post it on his com- about 450 goods and pany’s website for materials used by an extra $1,200 U.S. builders – from (on top of his 6% flooring and fixtures commission) so we to countertops and don’t need to have cabinets – come from potential buyers China. With milwalking through lions of China-based our property. workers staying at Should we pay it? home rather than A: Probably, esreporting to their pecially if you will manufacturing facilimake a tidy profit ties, many American on the sale. First, builders are expethough, I’d ask him riencing shortages to pay for the video and seeing their conhimself with his struction costs rise. commission proThose increases ceeds. come on top of the


The nasty COVID19 virus’s toll on sales and home prices hasn’t been too severe, but that could change if its spread isn’t contained soon. DEAR DAVE: How is the coronavirus affecting the real estate market? ANSWER: So far, the market hasn’t taken a major hit. I’ve been flooded with questions about the virus’s effect on real estate, so I’m devoting this entire column to answering some of those queries. A recent survey by the National Association of Realtors found that its members have seen a relatively modest 11% drop in homebuyer traffic. But that could worsen in the weeks ahead, especially if more employers continue to lose business and are forced to lay off staff. Most workers who have lost their jobs or are afraid that they might lose them, understandably suspend their home buying plans. Fewer buyers equate to fewer home sales and lower profits for sellers. Any future losses will be partially offset by the Federal Reserve Board’s recent decision to drop the rate on the loans


Stillwater NewsPress • Friday, March 20, 2020

For now, coronavirus having limited impact on nationwide real estate market

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Tana Rutan

405.612.1496 David Heppel


What’s the best fence for my home? Angie’s List

sect-resistant and less likely to rot than solid wood fences. Plus, composite fences are often made from recyclable materials, which makes them a greener option. Keep in mind that composite is more expensive than wood and

Cole Graves Realtor Associate 405-334-3588

requires slightly more upkeep than vinyl. Styles to try: Composite works best for privacy, horizontal and picket fences. It can be purchased in panels to help save time during installation, though this may

Dolores Lemon CRS, CRB, GRI Broker/Owner 405-747-7822

make it difficult to customize. Aluminum posts Aluminum is a favorite for metal fencing thanks to its low cost and rust-resistance. Although it’s lightweight compared to other metal fencing options,



aluminum can be trickier to install than wood or vinyl. These fences are ideal for homeowners looking for home security, as they are difficult to climb and can be purchased with pointed tops. However, they don’t provide much pri-


vacy, since they’re generally made up of bars instead of slats. Styles to try: You can purchase aluminum fences in varying heights, with some as tall as eight feet high. They come with flat or pointed tops.

Tiffany Aranda GRI, CRS Broker Associate 405-714-1214

Cheryl Moody Closing Coordinator

Downtown Office - 723 S. Main Street

Bringing Buyers & Sellers Together .... Professionally

Donna Rhinehart GRI, CRS Realtor Associate 405-612-0509

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Dianna Norman Realtor Associate 580-761-3926

NEW LISTINGS AND PRICE CHANGES 2116 E. Will Rogers Dr.-4bed 2bath 3car garage 2237 sq ft-$275,000-Donna 10 Arbor Cir. - 3bed 2bath 2 car garage 1843 sq ft - $274,900 - Amy 2701 W. 20th - 4bed 2bath 2car garage 1876 sq ft CORNER LOT - $222,900 - Tiffany 8 Lots in the City limits - N Glenwood Ct - $420,000 - Tiffany 7821 Rebecca - Like New 4bed 3.5bath 3car garage 2963 sq ft with a Study - $429,900 - Lori 207 E. Maple Ave., Perry - 2bed 1bath 1 car garage Storm Shelter 1131 sq ft - $78,500 - Dolores 2111 Sunset Dr. - 4bed 3bath 2car garage Basement 2400 sq ft - $275,000 - Ann 2321 N. Dryden St. - 3bed 2bath 2car garage 1425 sq ft - $165,000 - Ann 7823 Pickles Gap - NEW CONSTRUCTION 3bed 2bat 2car garage 1798 sq ft - $224,900 - Lori 5706 W. Garden Pointe - 3bed 3bath 2car garage 1.5 story 2754 sq ft - $463,000 - Donna 3510 E. Dawson Ln., Perkins - 5bed 3.5bath 1.5 Stories 3292 sq ft on 1 acre m/l - $349,000 - Lori 2210 E. Main, Cushing - Commercial Property with Equipment 3781 sq ft - $339,000 - Melissa 4711 S. Deerfield Dr., Stw - Luxury living at its best Call for a showing - $3,999,000 - Dolores 501 W 29th, Stw - 3bed 2bath 1249 sq ft UPDATES! - $108,000 - Jack 80 acres - ¼ mile west of 56th & Rose Rd. - $340,000 - Lori 115 & 115½ W. Lakeview Rd., Stw - Duplex across from Boomer Lake 2bed 2.5 bath - $225,000 - Donna 305 Chronister Ave., Drumright - PRICED TO SELL MAKE AN OFFER 2bed 1bath - $48,900 - Cole 4713 W. Country Club Dr. - Nice lot for home in SW area. - $25,000 - Donna 411 E. Kinder Wells Blvd., Perkins - NEW CONSTRUCTION 3bed 2bath 1509 sq ft - $172,000 - Lori 6018 Gunner Springs - 3bed 2bath 2165 sq ft NEW CONSTRUCTION - $318,500 - Lori 6011 Gunner Springs - 3bed 2bath 2073 sq ft NEW CONSTRUCTION - $304,900 - Lori 407 E. Kinder Wells Blvd., Perkins - NEW CONSTRUCTION 4bed 2.5bath1892 sq ft - $199,900 - Lori 401 E. Kinder Wells Blvd., Perkins - 4bed 2.5bath 3car garage 1829 sq ft - $207,900 - Lori 606 Carnes Cir., Perkins - 3bed 2bath 2car garage MOTIVATED SELLER - $194,900 - Cole 3107 Esther Park Ct. - 6bed 4.5bath 5car garage 2lots 4400 sq ft - $928,000 - Tiffany 3607 W. Lakeview Rd. - 5 bed 3 bath 2274 sq ft 3 acres m/l - $249,000 - Tiffany 6013 Hallies Meadow - New Construction 4bed 3bath 2car garage 2449 sq ft - $360,000 - Lori 5913 Gunner Springs - New Construction 4bed 2.5bath 2car garage 2459 sq ft - $361,500 - Lori 5905 Gunner Springs - New Construction 4bed 3bath 2car garage 2449 sq ft - $360,000 - Lori 1109 N. Payne - HUGE LOT/4 or 5bedrm/3 full baths - $234,500 - Tiffany 4901 W. Crestview - 4bed 2.5bath 3car garage 2940 sq ft - $475,000 - Lori 4205 S. Briarcreek - 5 bed 3.5 bath 3 car garage 4774 sq ft - $625,000 - Donna 900 S. Fairgrounds Rd. - Calling All Investors 52 acres with 17 rentals - $950,000 - Jack 2114 W. Forest Ridge-NEW CONSTRUCTION 4bed 2bath 1942 sq ft-$291,900-Donna 511 Grant St., Agra - For sale or lease ($550.mo)2bed 1bath 1083 sq ft - $39,900 - Kyle 3610 S. Woodstone Dr. - NICE LOT READY FOR BUILDING - $55,000 - Donna 726 Allyn Ave., Stw. - 5bed 4bath 3car garage 3142 sq ft-$419,900 - Donna/Lori 1301 W. Richmond Rd., Stw - 4bed 3bath 3car garage 1.5Story 3450 sq ft - $535,000 - Tiffany 4723 W. Santa Fe Ct., Stw. - 4bed 2bath 2car garage 2011 sq ft - $312,000 - Donna 4719 W. Santa Fe Ct. - NEW CONSTRUCTION MOVE IN READY 4bed 2bath 2013 sq ft - $319,900 - Donna 3919 W. Rutledge Dr. - 4bed 3.5bath 2car garage 2 story 3715 sq ft - $550,000 - Ann 1001 Tobacco Rd. - ONE-OF-A-KIND 4 bed 3 bath 3 car garage 3000 sq ft - $325,000 - Tiffany 5520 W. Eseco Rd. - 3bed 2bath 2car garage 2 Ponds 0n 40 acres - $419,000 - Kyle 6605 W. Coventry - 4bed 3bath 2car garage 2 Story Pool PRICE IMPROVEMENT - $385,000 - Dolores 619 S. Fairgrounds Rd. - 2.75 acres of Commercial Property for Your New Business - $275,000 - Lori 9016 S. Country Club Rd. - 60 acres ready for you to build!-$475,000 - Tiffany 4917 Clayton Lane - 2bed 1bath 1car garage 1141 sq ft on 5 acres m/l-$175,000 - Tiffany S. 34700 Rd. & E. 0440 Rd., Pawnee, OK - 160 acres for your enjoyment - $330,000 - Tiffany 3337 W. Charleston Ct. - Your Dream Lot! - $43,500 - Donna

Stillwater NewsPress • Friday, March 20, 2020

low- to no-maintenance barrier. This material Whether you’re won’t crack or looking to add splinter and you privacy to your shouldn’t need yard, increase to repaint it at your curb appeal all. Vinyl comes or just keep your in several colors pets contained, in- and styles and vesting in a fence is cleaned easily offers a great solu- with a hose. The tion. But with all downside is that the options on the installation costs market, choosing more compared the perfect fence with other macan be overwhelm- terials, and reing. This comparpair costs can be ison of fencing high if anything materials and breaks. Thicker styles will help vinyl is often more you make the best durable than thindecision for your ner options, but home. the quality of the Wood barrier material is the Wood is an old most important standby for fencfactor. ing. It comes in Styles to try: a wide variety of Purchase white styles and price vinyl posts for a points and is gen- crisp picket fence, erally inexpensive or thick boards for to repair, but a privacy fence. it also requires This material also regular pressure works well as latwashing and seal- tice. ing. Wood can also Composite face issues like fencing moisture, rot and A composite insect damage. fence is a great Try cedar fencing option for hometo avoid some of owners looking these problems, as for a low-maintecedar wood connance, eco-friendly tains natural oils fencing solution. that deter insects. Composite is made Styles to try: up of a combinaWood works well tion of wood and for privacy, horiplastic to produce zontal slat, lattice a material that and picket fences. looks a lot like You can get more wood with far privacy from a fewer drawbacks. picket fence by These fences don’t placing the slats require regular closer together! sanding, painting Vinyl partition or sealing, though Vinyl fencing is they should be the best option for cleaned on occathose who want a sion. They’re inBy Jenna Schuster


Stillwater NewsPress • Friday, March 20, 2020

Plant selections for privacy screens Last week we talked about some of the factors to consider when choosing plants for screening purposes. Here’s the promised follow-up for some specific plants that should work well for most of Payne County. As in all landscape situations, micro-climates can vary dramatically across our area. There is always a chance some of these will perform better than others on your site. Broadleaf evergreen selections include: • American Holly Ilex opaca. This medium sized tree is slower growing than most people prefer but does well once it becomes established. A beautiful plant.  • Nellie R. Stevens Holly Ilex x ‘Nellie R. Stevens’. Medium to fast grower. This is usually grown as a large shrub instead of a small tree. This plant has been known to die back to the ground in extremely cold winters so it does best with some protection. (If it does die back, it will quickly regrow)  • Chinese Holly Ilex cornuta. There are many cultivars of this species in a wide range of sizes. It can also die back in extreme winters.  • Foster Holly Ilex x attenuata

x ‘Green Giant’. Medium sized fast grower. This plant is easy to get excited about because it offers the promise of very fast dense growth. Unfortunately, it has been plagued with issues for most people ‘Fosteri’. Very simi- care. who plant it. Like • Purposely lar to the American the Red-tipped phomissing from this holly but not as tinia, consider this list is Red-tipped dense. a short-term soluphotinia Photinia  • Southern tion to your screenMagnolia Magnolia x ‘Fraseri’. This ing needs. large shrub has grandiflora. The  • Atlas Cedar been terribly overstraight species of Cedrus atlantica. planted and is southern magnolia This slow grower being hit very hard will eventually bewill get too big for with disease issues. come a large tree. most screen appliIt should only be cations. However, Avoid in heavy clay planted knowing it there are many soils, especially will likely need to cultivars on the areas with poor be replaced at some drainage. market that work point. well. Look for  • Oriental ArNeedle-like ev‘Little Gem’, ‘D.D. borvitae Platyclaergreen selections Blanchard’, ‘Alta’, dus orientalis. This include: ‘Hasse’ as well as medium to large  • Arizona Cyothers. shrubby tree has press Cupressus  • Southern been a landscape arizonica. This is a staple for decades. Waxmyrtle Myrica medium sized, fast The species seems cerifera. This very large shrub can get growing tree with to always get wider a distinctive blue/ out of control in than its intended smaller landscapes grey color. These spot, leaving a but works well with plants do better mess when aggreswith good air move- sive pruning is atplenty of space. ment. Avoid plant- tempted. However, This is another ing them in tightly there are improved plant that can sufcramped areas with cultivars on the fer in our coldest solid fencing or winters so it does market. best when protected near buildings. The needle-like  • Chinese Jufrom north winds. group is difficult to niper Juniperus  • Leatherleaf work with because chinensis. This Viburnum. Viburthey tend to be is a very diverse num rhtidophylsomewhat finicky species with many lum. This small/ when it comes to cultivars. Pay medium shrub is moisture needs not often mentioned close attention to (especially winter the plants mafor screening but and poor drainage) ture height. Avoid it does well for us. and are plagued There are many vi- planting this spewith a variety of cies in areas with burnums to choose pest issues. Plants from, but not all are poorly drained in this grouping soils. winter hardy for are also subject  • Green Giant us, nor are all everto being heavily green. Choose with Arborvitae Thuja pruned to appear

Home Grown


more desirable in their retail setting. Take the time to read the label carefully to see how big the plants will be when mature. Also, check to make sure the plants are winter-hardy down to zone 7, or zone 6 if they will be in a location exposed to north winds. This is far from an inclusive list, but it should at least get you started in the right direction. As we talked about last week, think long and hard before committing the time, money and resources into a screen planting of just any single one of this group of plants. Diversity is your friend when it comes to a successful long-term plant screen.

contact Keith Reed, the Horticulture Educator in the Payne County Extension office. Keith can be reached via email at keith.

reed@okstate.edu, phone at 405-7478320, or in person at the Payne County Extension office, located at 315 W. 6th in Stillwater.

2410 N GLENWOOD DR. 3 BD / 2 BA / 2 car garage. Split bedroom arrangement with a separate whirlpool and shower in the master bath. Large open living/dining room, kitchen has roll-out shelves, with great storage throughout the house. Close to Boomer Lake and walking trail . ................................................................................... $174,750

215 S. MARSHALL - 3 BD / 2 BA / 1 car garage. Central heat & air, new carpet and newly remodeled bath rooms ................................................................. PRICE CHANGE $117,500

NEW LISTING- 3124 N MONROE - 4 BD / 3 BA / 2 car attached garage. Home is very open with large living-dining room with fireplace, kitchen has many cabinets plus a serving bar, and pantry. 3-1 split bedroom on a corner lot close to Boomer Lake. ......................$245,900

For more information on this or any other horticultural topic, you can 905 S BLUE RIDGE - 4 BD / 3 BA / 2 car garage in the Country Club area. Nearly everything is new from the wood floors in the entry, dining and family room to granite counter tops in the kitchen, bathrooms and utility room. Storm shelter in garage, wood bookcases around the fireplace and all of this on a large corner lot with shade trees. ................................. PRICE CHANGE $296,500

8023 E YOST RD. - beautiful fenced 20-acres grassland, custom built 4 BD / 3-car garage, a 30x50 shop with bath, wooden pergola with fireplace, fishing pond, close to Stillwater on PENDING paved roads and many extras. ..................................................................................$549,000

26 CANYON RIM - 1 owner, 3 BD / 2 BA / 2-car garage ............................ $178,900 SOLD 1524 E CIMARRON DRIVE - 3 BD/ 2 BA/ 2 car garage ..................................... $169,900 SOLD

Downtown office space for rent

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As homebuyers show concern over coronavirus, sellers are stocking open houses with hand sanitizers because of the dropped interest rates. She said she has seen an uptick from younger generations in particular. “I have had a few additional people who weren’t going to buy so soon reach out due to the dropped interest rates,” she said. “The older generation is concerned, whereas the younger generation understands they have a lifetime ahead to recover, so it’s not as dire for them.” The lowered interest rates are also affecting sellers who were planning on putting their home on the market within the next month; those sellers have taken


a step back because of the coronavirus, Dougherty said. “We don’t know how long quarantining will last. These sellers whose homes aren’t listed yet are trying to save market time and listing numbers. It is better for them to wait it out for a month and reassess,” she said. She said she thinks there might be a slight slowdown in the next 30 days, but it’s hard to tell with the speed at which events are shutting down and people are isolating themselves. Dougherty said there are a lot of people under contract who need to move, because they already sold their

home. “There are going to be buyers out there, people from a purchasing standpoint, halting because they don’t know if they will be relocating to Chicago now because of the coronavirus,” she said. She said she has a client who was looking to relocate to Chicago, but is stuck in real estate limbo: The airline where her husband is employed as a pilot is telling them to stay where they are. At this point, “there hasn’t been all that much of a change,” Dougherty said. But at the same time, “we’re all waiting in the wings for the next cancellation.”


ti Lis

5821 Woodlake Dr. 502 S Greenbriar Ct. $575,000 $189,000

Delightful setting with lake view, this amazing covered patio with granite bar, outdoor kitchen Brand new with exciting upgrades such glass and fireplace is theconstruction perfect spot! Gated community of Woodlake executive homesas feels privatetile and secure. Beautiful spacious home gas provides so many amenities! Side entry 3-car garage, gourmet back-splash, 5 burner range, innovative lighting and more! 3 kitchen open to the living room, both with outstanding views. Two living areas on first floor, formal beds plus 2.5exercise baths. stainless steel white dining room Kitchen or office, plushas a bonus room. Master suite appliances, has a two-sided fireplace, whirlpool tub and separate shower, double sinks, and access to the patio. Two bedrooms and a cabinetry, great pantry. bathroom upstairs. So many happy days to enjoy here, come take a look! See more of this home at www.WeLoveSellingStillwater.com

Fisher Provence, REALTORS®

(405) 377-1000


Page Provence CRS, GRI Broker Associate (405) 612-0194

Stillwater NewsPress • Friday, March 20, 2020

in California. survey didn’t come with coronavirus Both states, as a shock. Still, than states like Washington and he hasn’t noticed Washington and California, have major changes in New York. More If you walk into each reported more the local market specifically, there an open house in than 200 – and yet. hasn’t been much the near future, you growing – cases of “We’re currently of a change in the might notice a few not seeing change ways sellers show changes: More hand coronavirus. The survey was in behaviors,” their homes at open sanitizer or shoedelivered to more Hampton said. houses. less feet, perhaps. than 70,000 resi“None of the data “Some sellers The coronavirus dential members – is really showing have always repandemic is causincluding 7,000 much change in the quired that individing ripple effects in California and real estate market uals take off their in the real estate Washington – bedue to coronavirus.” shoes before walkmarket as hometween Monday and But Hampton’s ing in, because of buyers and sellers Tuesday of last brokerage is abidthe carpet,” Hampreact to the spread week. ing by the latest ton said. of the disease by Still, the majority recommendations The survey sugadjusting their from the Centers gests there might open house policies of sellers have not for Disease Control be a silver lining: and by capitalizing made changes to their house-selling and Prevention and In California, 12% on lower interest efforts. Just 4% the National Inof agents reportrates. of sellers removed stitutes of Health. ed an increase in A new survey their homes from Agents are advising sellers, who might from the Nationthe market and reclients that if they be eager to take al Association of financed instead. become sick, they advantage of lower Realtors found 1 Nationally, 16% should not attend interest rates. in 4 home sellers of agents said showings, and if Jodi Dougherty, a have changed how they had noticed someone living in broker with Downthey’re showing decreased interest a home currently town Realty Comtheir homes as the on the market is pany, similarly said nation looks to curb in homebuying, which grew to 20% ill, sellers should that she hasn’t seen the spread of the in California and inform agents and a major difference virus. Washington. As for cancel showings, in how buyers are Some of the sellers, just 10% Hampton said. reacting. changes include saw a decrease. He said it’s too “The buyers who ceasing open housMaurice Hampearly to tell if want to go out are es, requiring potenChicago will see a going out,” she said. tial buyers to wash ton, a Chicago broker and CEO change in homebuy- “Same thing with their hands and of Centered Intering and selling, as the sellers.” asking potential national Realty Illinois has logged Dougherty noted buyers to remove Corp., said the refewer confirmed there is more inshoes or wear sults from the NAR cases of people terest from buyers footies. In two states AFFORDABLE HOUSES IN PERKINS! where COVID19 has shuttered schools and forced limitations on public gatherings, the impact was 116 E Lewis - $115,000 1102 N Sharp - $115,000 apparent: Changes 420 S Stansbury - $112,000 Visit • 100% Financing available 1007 N Sharp - $118,000 were noticed among • Recently updated www.perkinsfrontierrealty.com 121 N Sharp- $119,000 PENDING 40% of surveyed properties and check out 905 E Pogue- $102,900 • Near schools real estate agents & golf courses in Washington and • Low interest rates 405-547-2000 one-third of those By Hannah Herrera Greenspan Chicago Tribune


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Stillwater NewsPress • Friday, March 20, 2020


1005 S. Knoblock walking distance to OSU 3 bed, 1 bath CH/A, single garage, W/D hookups , stove, refrigerator $850.00 per month call Julia 405-664-0549

House For Rent Morrison Single Family, 3 Bedroom bricked house, large lot, 1 &1/2 bath, and 1 car garage. 700/month, 106 Osel Ave. Call (918) 399-6190

Commercial/Business PATTON PROPERTIES FOR LEASE A premier space on Perkins road and Lakeview. Choose from 1200 to 4800 sq ft. Call Barry Patton at (405) -372-3900


Small efficiency 1 bedroom 1 bath cabin for rent $600/month. Rural setting, utilities paid. Cedar Crest RV Park. 405-372-3696





NOW LEASING! EFF, 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments, townhouses, duplexes and rent houses. Affordable with some utilites paid. Call today and don’t forget to ask about our specials. Carleton Crossing Office 1001 North Perkins Rd. Stillwater, Ok 405-372-7395 Oak Park Village Office 2903 North Perkins Rd. Stillwater, Ok 405-743-4266

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Lot for Rent! Valley Acres Mobile Home Park 2800 West Lakeview $275/month. 2008 or newer and in good condition. Cathy’s Management Services 405-372-5532

This forested home is a display of woods of the world The Seattle Times

custom African mahogany door (crafted by Gregory) opens to an elegant, purposely narrow entry, with walls of Sapele, an African wood. A signed Art Nouveau mahogany table by Emile Galle stands near solid rosewood deck chairs “from some steamer ship,” Wallace says. “My family was quite poor, so sometimes I come down here with a glass of Champagne and sit in the 1930s deck chairs that very wealthy people were going to Europe in and remember my grandparents. Both sides were poor, and they put me in a position to have these. And so I just kind of remember with thankfulness.” Hidden doors lead to a garage on one side and a vestibule on the other, which holds an 1820 French armoire of Caribbean mahogany (”my Ikea coat

closet,” Wallace jokes). Doors lead to “exactly matching” bedrooms on each side of the vestibule; they’re connected by a Jackand-Jill bathroom, and all are populated with wood pieces with some serious history behind them: a handcarved, refinished solid mahogany wall hanging from an 1872 mansion; a solid rosewood vanity, from about 1820; an intricate walnut carving with dragons from the 1870s-’80s. Back in the entry, curly cherry-topped stainless steel treads lead to a polished granite landing. “Through the house, you go from this polished black to this exotic wood to polished black,” Wallace says. “So there’s this checkerboard pattern.” Midway up the stairs, Wallace displays a collection of “Kashigata, a Jap-


419 E Blue Duck Ln.


New home sitting on 2.5 acres m/l with 4 bedrooms and 3 full baths. Features an open floor plan, mother in law suite and plenty of space for entertaining.

anese hand-carved craft,” he says. “I view them as little mini works of art, and I just started collecting them. I just love them because they’re wood and they’re carved.” Actually, Wallace’s entire home is a collected exhibition of wood, and wonder. And it is all hands-on. “I want people to touch this wood,” Wallace says. “This

is not a museum. This is a home, and I’d like them to experience it. In fact, this Emile Galle – he’s a pretty famous guy, but I want them to run their hands [over it] because it’s part of the experience with wood.” And what an experience it is. This wood is revered, and revelatory. There will be no chucking.

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lot of wood – and a lot of kinds of wood. There are more. “If the rule is you don’t mix wood, this home breaks that many, many times,” Wallace says. “There’s probably some species of wood I missed, but I don’t know what it is.” Wallace would know. All things wood – its uses, its variations, its feel, its very nature – have been ingrained in him since childhood. “My father worked for a timber company in Portland, and he’d bring home little samples of fir or cedar, so we’d make stupid things out of them,” Wallace says. “I remember as a kid, the company had a little patch of redwood, and they’d make these really beautiful redwood doors, and I remember when he brought home a sample, he said, ‘This is redwood.’ I don’t know if I knew what that meant, but I knew that suddenly there was a hierarchy, and some are special. That had an influence, because from 5 or 6, I would notice, ‘Ooh. This is a special wood.’ And so it’s something I’ve always worked with as an architect.” It’s also something he’s collected and, clearly, studied. The impressive

Stillwater NewsPress • Friday, March 20, 2020

chitectural Digest – the wood is always kind of disappointLAKE FOREST ing. I’m like, ‘Why PARK, Wash. – aren’t people makWe’ve all heard ing beautiful rooms about that eaout of Waterfall ger-beaver woodBubinga?’ I don’t chuck who absoget it. It’s really not lutely would chuck that pricey.”) The all the wood, if he floor: curly cherry, could. from Maine. The Good thing he sofas and chairs couldn’t. Because Wallace designed here’s how much as a graduate stuwood architect dent – and then Roger Wallace ended up building, needed for the with his carpenter contemporary, friend Brian Gregdistinctly curvy ory – are Paldao home he designed (from Indonesia and for himself in Lake New Guinea), with Forest Park – natAfrican Zerbrawood urally, among some trim. The ottomans seriously towerat the feet of the ing trees: “I’d say two shiny Eames a lot,” he replies Lounge chairs are matter-of-factly, of Santos Palisandwhen asked (you er, from South have to ask). And America. The legs then, when you ask of the stunning dinWallace to please ing table are Afripoint out all the can mahogany, with species, he leads midcentury chairs a masterly factful in rosewood. Cabclass on wood, art inets by Ross Day history, geography, are Jatoba, from craftsmanship, even South America, spelling – and truly and Western Tiger thoughtful design. maple, with smaller That destructive accessories in walwoodchuck probably nut burl and teak. should point his And tying it pointy little teeth all together, all elsewhere. through the house: Here’s what’s “just a normal cherin the majestic ry,” says Wallace. upper-level great “The base, the trim, room (just the great the door openings, room) of Wallace’s the cased openings, home: The walls are all the window surWaterfall Bubinga, rounds. That’s kind from Africa. (Origi- of the binder. It’s a nally, that is. Walvery medium-toned lace got his from wood. It’s not a real Edensaw Woods in red, and that allows Tacoma. “I just alme to play off the ways wanted to try other exotic woods Waterfall Bubinga and kind of neutralbecause I’ve always ize them.” been surprised to So yes. That’s a see – even in ArBy Sandy Deneau Dunham

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Stillwater NewsPress • Friday, March 20, 2020

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land Ct . Ja Lind a


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e Dr.








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Ct. Av. uita rgia Chiq d Ct. Geo woo Wild Brentwood Dr. n Dr. Peca Redbud Dr. Redbud Dr. Randolph Ct. Eskridge Av. Windrock Hartman Av. Cr. Tyler Av. Tyler Av. Highview Av.

Dr. nett Graham Av. Ben Will Rogers Dr. Eskridge Av. Eskridge Av.

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le r. G

D od

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rst D


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. Dr


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w illo

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Lisa Ct. Lori Ct.


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Lake Sh


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Washington St.

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Ute Av.

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Rogers Dr.

Ranch Av.


Richmond Rd.





gate Dr .

Britton Ct. B Dr. ritton Greenbriar Cr. Dr. Au d Ma ene D rieD r. r. Greenvale Ct. Ct. side C rook

Golf Dr.

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Lynn Ln.


Hartford St. Dryden St. Benjamin St. Burdick St. Burdick St. Berry St. Arrington St. Marshall St. Doty St. Blair St. Grandview St.

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One Broker Place 1. 419 E Blue Duck 3-4.............................................. Jason

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nd St. Husba

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