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January 5, 2018


As of November 2017, sales are 3.8 percent higher than the year prior and are at the strongest pace since December 2006.

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3011 W. Shiloh Dr. - $559,900 Custom built French Chateau style home in Berry Creek. Beautiful 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths and 2 half baths with impressive features that include high ceilings, eight-foot high solid wood doors, wide plank wood flooring, crown molding, custom cabinets and exquisite woodwork throughout. You’ll love entertaining and spending time with family in this open, spacious, and comfortable home. Berry Creek features a clubhouse and swimming pool for entertaining your friends and family. Alane Legrand - 405-747-6950. 1911 E. Wedgewood - $235,000 - Unique beautiful Tudor style home in Wedgewood addition with 3 Bedroom 2 Bath, 3 car garage and guesthouse. This stunning home has crown molding throughout and new carpet, new vinyl plank flooring in the kitchen, dining room, utility and bathrooms. Each room has been textured and painted. Home has a surveillance system, updated stainless steel appliances and custom blinds. Backyard has a 6ft privacy fence, wood deck and a walkway leading to the guesthouse. This home is one of a kind. Virginia Cussner 405-747-7601.

3011 W. Shiloh Dr. These homes offered by Century 21 Global REALTORS® (405) 624-2626 • 131 N. Main Street

Weekly Features: • About Real Estate • Classifieds • Open House Map Visit our web site at » Classifieds » Real Estate Weekly to download the current PDF edition and see participating Realtors. To advertise your home in Real Estate Weekly, call (405) 372-5000.

1911 E. Wedgewood


Stillwater NewsPress • Friday, January 5, 2018

FHA stops lending on homes with energy-efficient PACE liens Property Assessed Clean Energy mortgages were created to finance energy-saving improvements, but they’ve come under growing criticism from some regulators and consumer groups. DEAR MR. MYERS: We bought our home in 2015 with a Federal Housing Administration loan, and then added a new solar-panel system and made some other energy-saving improvements with a PACE loan earlier this year. Now, we’ve heard that the FHA will no longer insure mortgages that have a PACE assessment. So, where does that leave us? Are we going to have to refinance our current FHA mortgage with a nonFHA lender? ANSWER: Don’t worry. Although the federal government recently announced that it will no longer provide FHA loans on properties that also are encumbered by a PACE lien, the new policy won’t affect homeowners who already have a PACE assessment in place. PACE loans were created several years ago to fund ener-

About Real Estate DAVID MYERS gy-efficient home-improvements. The various programs are typically operated by local governments but funded by private-sector banks or other companies. These offbeat loans usually don’t require any monthly payments. Instead, the regularly scheduled payments are tacked on to the borrower’s property-tax bill, and the owner pays them as a line item when their annual or semi-annual bill comes due - just as they would for street improvements and the like. The repayment process, though, can lead to some serious problems. The first is that, if the tax bill goes into default and the tax collector must foreclose, the PACE lien must be paid off first from the tax sale’s proceeds. The lender that issued the 30-year mortgage for the borrower to purchase the house earlier would get only “second-dibs” on the

proceeds from the sale . In many instances, even if sellers with a PACE lien can find a buyer before going into foreclosure, the lien is effectively transferred to the new buyers. The buyers then are obligated to make those payments through their property-tax bills, again putting the bank that issued the purchase mortgage at risk if the buyers default later. The Federal Housing Administration’s home-loan program is financed by government funds, which means it depends on taxpayer dollars. When the FHA loses money on the sale of a home, all of us do. FHA acknowledged that fact when announcing its new restrictions on PACE-encumbered properties earlier this month, noting in a statement that the agency “can no longer tolerate putting taxpayers at risk by allowing [lien] obligations like these to be

placed ahead of the mortgage itself in the event of a default.” Most consumer groups applauded the FHA’s decision, but said that the agency needs to go much farther. Their “wish list” includes a lower cap on the rate that PACE lenders can charge, better state and federal regulation, and a ban on contractors and salespeople who make unfounded promises that the cost of the owner’s energy-saving improvements will soon be recouped through lower monthly utility bills. *** DEAR MR.

MYERS: My kids and I drove across the country for our fall vacation this year and passed through a town in Texas called “Turkey.” We didn’t see any turkeys there. What gives? ANSWER: There still are some turkeys around there, even if you didn’t see them. The town (population: 400) in the Texas Panhandle was named after settlers in the 1890s, who were greeted by huge flocks of the big birds from nearby Turkey Creek. The tiny town is best-known as the home of the late

country singer Bob Wills, the “King of Western Swing.” Turkey also is one of the more than 100 U.S. towns whose names might have appeared in your holiday feast. If you enjoyed a smaller dinner, you might want to visit Chicken, Alaska. Or you might want get a nice slab of ham in Pig, Kentucky. No great meal can begin without an appetizer. Start with a fruit plate from Citrus Heights, California, and cheeses from the fine cities of Colby, Wisconsin and Monterey, California. They’re good with a

glass of bubbly from Champaign, Illinois. A crisp green salad would be nice, which is where Cucumber, West Virginia comes in. Top it with the zesty red dressing of Catalina, the tiny island city off the coast of Southern California. Of course, you’ll need to have some side dishes to complement the entree. Corn, Oklahoma, would be a good place to start. Or maybe Spuds, Florida; Rice, Texas; or Fries, Virginia. Dessert could come from Cookietown or Pietown, both in New Mexico.

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Final chapter: The Good Life in 10 Retire with Rentals AUSTIN FRUECHTING

system that would work for an average investor like myself. This column has been a way to share our journey with others. To help those who may be seeking financial freedom and their own version of the “good life” for themselves. I hope that

it has been informational and beneficial in your journey. I truly believe that anyone can reach the same goal of retirement and financial freedom in 10 years or less if they take the time to educate themselves and invest wisely. Please visit my blog

at for more information and feel free to reach out to me from there as well. It has been a pleasure writing this column for you. Make 2018 the start of your journey to financial independence. Cheers!

Austin Fruechting retired in seven years by investing in rental properties. To learn more about how you can do the same in ten years or less visit www.goodlifeinten. com For questions or comments email

405-372-5151 Downtown Office - 723 S. Main Street

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piece the valuable For us, retireparts together in ment means we order to create a spend our time reading, volunteering, working on passion projects, being physically active, learning languages, traveling, Dolores Lemon hiking, hanging CRS, CRB, GRI with family and Broker/Owner 405-747-7822 friends, or any other number of hobbies and interests. Spending time and being productive in this way is Donna Rhinehart how we have found GRI, CRS Realtor Associate gratification – our Bringing Buyers & Sellers Together .... Professionally. 405-612-0509 “good life.” Helping others achieve this NEW LISTINGS freedom for them3202 S Perry Rd - 20 acres in Mulhull School Dist.-$60,000-Lori selves is one of our 624 W. Hartwood Ave - 3 bed 2 bath in great neighborhood on North side-$134,900-Melissa passion projects 3504 N. Ramsey - Dome Home 4 bed 3 bath 2 car garage 2643 sq ft-$165,000-Tiffany and one of the ways Jack Allred Broker Associate 10218 Brenna Dr - NEW CONSTRUCTION 4 bed 2 bath 1969 sq ft 2.5 acres-$285,505-Donna we’ve decided to 405-747-8647 spend our time. 10312 Brenna Dr - NEW CONSTRUCTION 4 bed 2 bath 2 car garage 1848 sq ft-$267,960-Donna We achieved our 6817 E 6th - COMMERCIAL PROPERTY Highwayw frontage-$138,000-Tiffany early retirement 925 Springdale Dr -2 bed 2 bath 1.5 Story Garden Home-$229,000-Donna goal by investing 701 W. Hartwood - North Side of Town OPEN SUNDAY 1-3 pm-$157,900-Melissa in rental properties 1003 N Cimarron Hill - 4 bed 3 bath 2 car garage With a shop!-$355,000-Amy that produce pasJennifer Oliver GRI 3200 S. Perry Rd - 20 Acres in Mulhall School District-$60,000-Lori sive income. Early Realtor Associate in my journey, I 1622 Fiddlers Hill - LUXURY- SW Area- Over 2500 sq ft-$446,000-Tiffany 405-612-4984 poured through 5324 W. Country Club Dr - UPDATED 4 bedroom 5 bath 1.5 story with pool $432,000 - Tiffany countless real es926 E. Brooke Ave - VERY WELL KEPT 3 bed 2 bath home - $126,500 - Jack tate investing books 3 Lots in Lost Creek Meadows over 1 acre each - $19,500 or below - Lori and resources and 780735 S 3500 Rd - Seller will pay up to $5000 in Closing Costs 10 acres 4/2/2-$159,000-Kyle was often disapLori Kastl 347368 E 800 Rd - 4 bed 2 bath Home in Agra Schools with 43 acres - $316,000 pointed in them. CRS Most contained only 416 E 60th St - 2 Acres close to Perkins Rd & Downtown Stillwater - $85,000 Realtor Associate 405-880-2844 a nugget or two of valuable informaPRICE REDUCTION tion, only discov4909 Oak Crest Rd - COMPLETED NEW CONSTRUCTION 4 bed 2 bath-$264,500-Donna erable by wading through A LOT of OPEN HOUSES SUNDAY JANUARY 7, 2018 1-3 pm nonsense. I had to Cheryl Moody 3807 Eagle Creek-$376,800-Tiffany identify what was Closing Coordinator 701 W. Hartwood-$157,900-Melissa worthwhile, then 405-372-5151

Stillwater NewsPress • Friday, January 5, 2018

Financial freedom and the “good life” can be yours in 10 years or less. Take control of your future. This is not a pipe dream. It does not require any special pedigree, talents, or large sums of money. My wife and I were able to retire from the traditional workforce in my early 30s. Our financial freedom was realized just seven years after the purchase of our first rental property. There was nothing special about us – no trust funds, no family money, no lottery winnings, no special leg up. In fact, we both came from very humble beginnings. We know that if we were able to achieve the dream of financial freedom, it is attainable for anyone. It is a truly wonderful thing; to be in control of exactly how you spend your time. You can call it retirement, but financial freedom is a more accurate descriptor. Retirement often conjures up images of a slothlike existence, collecting sea shells, just waiting for the reaper. Productivity is a big part of life satisfaction and happiness, and that happiness is maximized by spending your time on the things that bring you the most joy.

How to tell a story with trays was working with a Tribune News Service customer, helping her make her home a betAt its heart, good ter reflection of her design is all about style and personality. telling our stories. On our checklist My favorite spaces was styling the open are those that wrap hutch in her dining me up in the world room and creating a of the people who live there. The furni- display on her living room coffee table. She ture and accents we had lovely accents, select for our homes work together to give but what she was missing was a good glimpses of who we are and what we hold selection of trays. We fixed that! dear. To make her hutch Trays are the ultimate tools for telling less staged or fussy feeling, we used your stories in your trays to help it tell a home. I view trays series of interesting filled with tableaux stories. For example, as artwork, simple we placed a tray on a stages on which the shelf and filled it with one-act plays of our bottles of after-dinner lives come alive. drinks and glasses. It You will find them made her hutch not in just about every only functional, but room of my cottage, also visually appealholding things that ing. I used a tray in a are precious, like family heirlooms, and similar way to house tea cups in the bookeveryday, like our cases that line my TV remote and my dining room walls. readers. Since our cottage is The other day I

Stillwater NewsPress • Friday, January 5, 2018

By Mary Carol Garrity

Wake up with...

Mortgage ratios

family. Take away the tray, and you’ve got a cluttered mess. Add the tray, and it looks like artwork. I like to use trays in my kitchen to pull together things like Dan’s cooking utensils, vinegars and oils; the makings for my morning cup of coffee; or dishes and silverware ready to put on the table for dinner. Place one on your office desk to hold pens, paper clips and papers. In your family room, fill a tray with your remote controls, magazines and books. It’s a great place to put your reading glasses so you don’t lose them. Trays also make fabulous artwork. In bookcases, you can tilt a tray on its side and use it as a backdrop to a display, giving the space added depth.

Dear Dave, Do you have a guideline ratio for mortgage debt to income? – Levon Dear Levon, When it comes to buying a home, I always tell people to get a 15-year, fixed rate mortgage, with monthly payments that are no more than 25 percent of their take home pay. This type of mortgage is the only debt I don’t beat up people for having. Still, I urge folks to pay off these loans in less than 15 years. The average person following my plan pays off this type of loan in about seven or eight years. That’s a pretty big deal

Dave Says DAVE RAMSEY in terms of your financial security. And paying extra on your mortgage doesn’t have to be a strain. You can start by simply rounding up your payments. If the payment is $770, make it $800 instead, and apply the extra to the principal balance. If you want to get more intense, you could make an extra house payment each quarter, or go the route of bi-weekly payGood to the Last


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ments. To do this, simply make half a monthly payment every two weeks. By the end of the year you’ll have made 13 payments instead of 12. This will knock years off the length of your loan. Remember, your income is your largest wealth building tool. It’s so much easier to save, invest, and give when all your money isn’t flying out the door to make payments! —Dave draws 153,531 monthly unique visitors who view 219,548 pages! Stillwater

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so small, we have to use just about every inch when we entertain. Trays are an essential when we take the party to the living room, den or outside. I like to keep trays on my end tables, ready to fill with drinks or snacks when friends drop by. To make your drinks service more appealing, poke in an accent. Trays not only make everything that sits upon them feel special, they are also attractive workhorses, beautifully corralling all our stuff. For example, in my bathroom, I have a round silver tray on my vanity that holds a glass compote filled with my jewelry and a mug chockfull of makeup brushes. I filled in the empty spaces with little treasures that make me smile, like petite framed photos of my

1-3 Beth 405.742.4525

6209 W. Canterbury 1-2:30 Tina SUNDAY, JANUARY 7TH 1124 Stoneridge Dr. 12-1:30 Julie

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OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 2-4 PM 49450 S. 35000 Rd • Pawnee, OK $250,000

A horse lover’s dream place! Three beds, 2 baths, 2-car garage home sitting on ten acres. Barn has four stalls, tack room, washer, dryer, concrete wash area, two custom hitching posts, two animal sheds 703beautiful Jackson, Perry, OK pantry, patio doors and storage shed. Kitchen has cabinets, Craftsman Styleno Home on two lotstraffic located in Perry, Oklahoma. Built in 1920,Property this historic leadingBeautiful to cellar. With passing privacy is obvious. two story home features 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, 2,484and sq. ft.electric. of living space, unfinished basement has mobile home site with water, sewer This home is for family, entertaining guest making horse enjoyment. with pantry and laundry areas,and central HVAC andspace hardwoodfor floors. NEW PRICE $149,900

Personalized Service Personalized Service CALLCALLProfessional Results! ! Professional Results! W O ! N W NO Larry Souders

Larry Souders Realtor Associate Realtor405-780-3265 Associate 405-780-3265

Tommie Eberle

Tommie Eberle Broker/Realtor®, GRI Broker/Realtor®, GRI 405-714-2687 405-714-2687

Important landscape dates for weed control If you are a regular reader of this column, you know that one of the services the Payne County Extension Service offers is one-on-one advice for a variety of horticulture and landscape questions. Often these questions involve helping our clients solve a variety of problems. This week’s focus is on weeds. We will follow up next week with other gardening tasks. Prevention is key. And a key component to prevention is proper timing. Take a look at this list and mark your calendars now with a reminder because

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wish to prevent the winter weeds mentioned about from germinating. A fall pre-emergent, while not critical, can be especially helpful for controlling annual bluegrass in tall fescue as well as helping to control weeds in ornamental beds. This is probably the treatment most often missed or overlooked altogether since it’s often still 100 degrees or better and the last thing we have on our mind is “winter” weed problems. These weeds often begin germinating the first wet cool-off we get. Some years that is in the last part of August, and

some years it’s not until almost October. Once again, early is always preferable to waiting until it’s too late.

Horticulturist in the Payne County Extension office. Keith can be reached via email at keith.reed@, phone at 405-747-8320, For more informa- or in person at the Payne County Extion on this or any tension office, locatother horticultural ed at 315 W. 6th in topic, you can contact Keith Reed, the Stillwater.


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1013 E. DELLPENDING - 3 bed / 1.5 bath / 2-car garage. Large, fenced yard; close to schools and shopping ...$126,500

2106 WALKING TRAIL - 4 bed / 3.5 bath/ 3-car garage SOLD with storage. Original owner - custom built by Ron Walker........................................................... $580,000 1310 W. 11th - 2 SOLD bed / 1 bath / 1 car garage. ..........$89,900

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Stillwater NewsPress • Friday, January 5, 2018

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The next key date for weeds involves crabgrass control. When forsythia and redbuds are in full bloom, it’s time to apply. For us, this usually means the last part of March but I suggest marking the grass, cheat, henbit, calendar reminder these common isaround March the sues sneak up on us chickweed, etc. 10th as earlier is started coming up every year! better than later. Successful weed early last fall and Depending on control can begin are already posiwhich product you tioning themselves very soon. Warm use, a follow-up for rapid spring (over 50 degrees) application may be growth when the and sunny winter needed, especially if days warm. days of January, you are attempting As we get later February and early into the spring, the to control difficult March is the best weeds become hard- weeds like goosegtime to spray for rass or sandburs. er to control. Also, winter annual Check the product weeds. Don’t let the the herbicides that kill these weeds can label and note acname winter fool cordingly. also easily damage you, these are the Finally, target sensitive spring weeds you battle the last week of every spring. Weeds crops by drifting August if you off-site. like annual blue-


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Stillwater NewsPress • Friday, January 5, 2018


OPEN SUN 2-4 1802 N. Crescent Dr 3 BR/2 BA 2,210 sq ft. Metro First Realty Sharyl Pickens $205,000. Call (405) 314-5437

Real Estate Rentals

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Homes PUBLISHER’S NOTICE: All real estate advertised herein is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, limitation, or discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or intention to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination.” This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis.

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412 S. Lowry 2BR/1BA CH/A. Fenced back yard $550/mo. plus deposit Pets OK. 580-252-4590 or 471-4788 after 5pm.

For Rent: 4 Bedroom, 2 Bath home in executive neighborhood next to Stillwater Country Club. Large fenced yard in Sangre School system. $1450.00 Available January 1. 405-742-6903

First Month Free! Beautiful, huge 3 & 4 bedroom duplexes available 405-707-7277

Homes ATTENTION! NOW LEASING For Summer / Fall 2018! We also have Units Available For January 1, 2018 as well as for Immediate Move-In! 1, 2, 3, & 4 Bedroom Homes, Apartments, Duplexes in Stillwater And Surrounding Areas. campbellmgmt. com 405-372-9225 ext 0 to Schedule A Viewing!

Apartments 5512 W. 7th St. Crosswinds Duplex. 3/2/2. Yard care provided. Short-term lease possible. Pets allowed. Call (405) 269-4787 Highpoint Apartments walking distance to Boomer Lake. 2 bedroom.1 bath. Open Spacious lay out! Great bedrooms and big closets! Ample parking. $510.00 per month. $300.00 deposit. Call today. Henneberry Properties 405-743-4266 Henneberry Properties. Studio, One, Two and Three bedroom apartments, Townhouses, Duplexes and Rent Houses. Call today 405-743-4266


at Stillwater

NOW LEASING! 1 AND 2 BR Apts with FREE Amenities AND Golf Privileges!!

405.707.7400 Professionally Managed by Lindsey Management Co., Inc.


Oak Park Village 2903 N. Perkins Rd. 2 bedroom 1 bath apartments only $540.00 per month, $300.00 deposit. Swimming Pool and Laundry on site. Call Henneberry Properties 405-743-4266


Commercial property available now! 211 S. Main Call for more info. 743-4266

Manufactured Homes

at Stillwater

1 AND 2 BR Apts with FREE Amenities AND Golf Privileges!!

405-372-9910 Professionally Managed by Lindsey Management Co., Inc.

Lot for Rent! Valley Acres Mobile Home Park 2800 West Lakeview $240/month. 2006 or newer and in good condition 405-372-5532


University Estates 1903 State Lane 2BD/1.5BA 2CG. Fenced, ref. required. $750MO. 405-372-8051.

Virtual staging can make houses look too good to be true The Nation’s Housing Column

1909 E. 3rd Ave.

Real estate staging professionals also are concerned by growing complaints about digital misbehavior. Jay Bell – co-owner of a company in Atlanta that offers both traditional, physical staging and virtual staging – says that digital cover-ups of flaws in properties, including changing wall colors and installing make-believe moulding, are all out of bounds ethically. Though the National Association of Realtors has not issued specific guidance to its 1.2 million members

on virtual staging, Bruce Aydt, past chairman of the group’s professional standards committee and senior vice president and general counsel of the Prudential Alliance brokerage [now Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Alliance] in St. Louis, told me it’s all about “truthfulness.” Putting aside the changes to furnishings, “is the representation of the property what it actually looks like” in reality? Equally important, said Aydt, are there clear disclosures that photos have

been manipulated digitally? If not, he said, then it’s likely they violate Article 12 of the Realtors’ code of ethics, which requires agents and brokers to “present a true picture in their advertising, marketing and other representations.” Bottom line: Though most online photos have not been digitally altered, be aware that some may be. It doesn’t hurt to ask before you visit. Ken Harney’s email address is

Open Sunday 1-3

924 S. Kings - $219,000

Wow! Great home in a wonderful location. So handy to everything, just minutes to OSU, the hospital or career tech, the coffee shop, the grocery store, the pharmacy. . .very centrally located. You must step inside! This home’s transformation is absolutely wonderful! 924 S. Kings has it all. . . 2 living areas, a fireplace, pretty wood floors, an indoor storm shelter, 4 bedrooms plus an office that can easily be a 5th bedroom. That office/bedroom has Pella sliding doors with built- in blinds on the south side of the house with a parking pad in front of it. Perfect set up if you give music lessons or have a home business. Stylish and well done renovations inside, truly, a must-see. Nicely updated kitchens and bathrooms. New chain-link fence and 7 X 7 storage building. Plenty of parking, and 2 car attached carport with extra storage inside. Spacious floor plan with two bedrooms and full bath on both the east and west ends of the house. Large laundry room with plenty of space for hanging and folding. Central heat and air unit replaced two years ago. Westwood elementary. This 2440 sf. quality home offers more that you expect, come on in and see it. Immediately available..


See more of this home at

Fisher Provence, REALTORS® Page Provence, CRS Broker Associate (405) 612-0194



that had been digitally rearranged, repaired and enhanced. “The house looks like hell,” Nino said in a posting on the “ActiveRain” KENNETH R. HARNEY real estate network. “The carpet is dirty, the walls Could this happroblem: At what have dents, scrapes pen to you? Absopoint does virtual and broken minilutely – thanks to staging cross the blinds.” a concept known as line from spiffing In an interview, “virtual staging.” up the appearance Nino said his cliYou’re probably of a house to infamiliar with physi- tentionally misrep- ent was outraged and blamed him cal “staging,” where resenting it, misfor bringing her to experts come in and leading potential such a blatantly de-clutter a house buyers? misrepresented and replace or rearGreg Nino, a house. Nino’s blog range furnishings Texas realty agent to make it more with RE/MAX West post attracted thoureadily salable. Houston Profession- sands of online visitors and comments That’s fine. als [now RE/MAX Virtual staging, Compass], ran into from realty agents by contrast, rethe issue painfully. around the counquires no physical A client fell in love try, many of whom furnishings, just with a house listed deplored the use of high-tech wizardsoftware and imag- by another local ination. There’s no agent who included ry to make online listings look much limit to the types of 16 interior photos digital makeovers on her website. But better than they that are possible. when Nino and his really are. “This is misleadYou don’t like the client went to see ing the public,” said wallpaper? No the house, it was Nino. “It’s bad for problem. Get rid immediately clear the industry, and of it with a click. that the 16 photos bad for consumers.” Want that sagging depicted rooms ceiling in the bedOPEN HOUSE, SUNDAY 2-4 P.M. room to disappear? Prefer high-end ceramic floor tiles 3 Beds / 2 Baths in the master bath instead of the lino$ leum that’s actually there? More lush Hosted by: Heather Sneed looking landscaping? Click, click, click – you’ve got 911 S. MAIN ST. it all. (405) 332-5553 But here’s the

Stillwater NewsPress • Friday, January 5, 2018

WASHINGTON – Try to picture this real estate scenario – virtually. Like 90 percent of shoppers searching for a home, you start on the web, checking out listings and locations. You find a house that appears to be what you’re after, and you tap into the photos section of the listing to see the interior shots. Wow! The house is outstanding for the asking price. Everything appears to be in good physical condition, you’re impressed by upgrade extras such as crown moulding in some rooms, plus granite counters and premium appliances in the kitchen. You call your real estate agent and arrange a visit to the house. You both walk in and what you find is shocking. The walls have serious cracks, the carpets are stained and dirty. There are no crown mouldings, no granite countertops, no premium kitchen appliances. In fact, the kitchen is swarming with flies because of old food left decomposing in the sink. Get me out of here!

Yost Rd.

Yost Rd.

To Cimarron Turnpike


McMurtry Rd.

Quartz Dr. Duncan

Nancy Lee Dr.





mC t.

Perkins Rd.

Knoblock St.

Jardot Rd. Marine Rd. Burdick St. Manning St. Briarwood St.


Payne St.

16th Av.

t. is S Lew

Lowry St.

Lowry St.

Main St.

35th Av. 36th Av.

37th Av.

44th Av.

44th Av.

Hunters Cr.

Dr. Deerfield

Wild Turkey Pas

Vista Ct.


44th Av.

Cottontail Ln.

Jardot Rd.

Perkins Rd.

Husband St.

Western Rd.

Sangre Rd.

Timberline Dr.

Washington St.

Fountain View Ct.

Forest Trail Ct.



Hightower St.

S. Westchester St.

Henderson St.

Mockingbird Ln. Collins Ct. Colby Lance

3rd Av. 4th Av.

 Eastgate St.

Villa Dr.

Drury Ln.

Crestwood Cr.


4th Av.

Raintree Av.

Peach Tree Av. Stonegate Av.

19th Av.

34th Av.

Fern St.

West St.

37th Av.



Lydia Ln.

Main St.

Husband St.

Knoblock St.

Cambridge Dr.

Pioneer St.

35th Av.

3rd Av.

5th Av.

17th Av.

32nd Av.

. Rd

33rd Av.

2nd Av. 4th Av.

Jardot Rd.

Ransom Dr.


29th Av.

32nd Av.

Young St.

Pinewood Cr.

26th Av.

31st Av.


Oakwood Dr.

9th Av.


30th Av.



Payne St.

7th Av.

24th Av.

Mar Vista St. 28th Av.

Denver St. St.

4th Av.

25th Av.

26th Av.

Timbercrest Dr. Timbercrest Cr.

4th Av.

Payne St.

Blair St.



Wedgewood Dr.

Blair St. Payne St.

Eastern Av.

Cottonwood Dr.

Crestwood Dr. Crestwood Ct.

19th Av.

22nd Av.

Cedar Ct.

Matthews Av. Virginia Av.

21st Av.

22nd Av.

Denver Ct. Denver St.

Jardot Rd.

Wedgewood Ct. Wedgewood Dr.

Grandview St.

Stallard St.

Hall St.

Leigh St.

Burdick St.

James Ct. Springfield St.


Aetna St.

Hartford St.

Birchwood Ct.

Connell Ct. Connell Av.

Ct. Wedgewood

3rd Av.

Hartford St.

Lowry St.

Chester St.

Fern St.

Lowry St.

Chester St. Fern St.

17th Av. 18th Av.


Pennsylvania St.

Lowry St.

Lewis St. Lewis St.

Husband St.

Main St.

Husband Pl.

15th Av.

Skyline Ln.


Karr Ct.

Jardot Rd.

Stallard St.

Manning St.

Donaldson St.

Hartford St. Dryden St. Benjamin St. Burdick St. Burdick St. Berry St. Arrington St. Marshall St. Doty St. Blair St. Grandview St.



Whitney Ct. McElroy Rd.

12th Av.

13th Av. 13th Pl. 14th Av. 16th Av.

Young St.

Skyline St.

Canyon Rim Dr.

Skyline St.

Briarwood Dr.




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Dryden St.



Benjamin St.

Burdick St.

Perkins Rd.

Grandview Ct. Grandview St.

Manning St.

Dr .

Manning St.

Berry Ct. Arrington Ct. Arrington Dr.

Hartford St. Dryden St. Redbud Ct.

Star St.

Lewis St.

Hoke St. Husband St.

Masin St.

Duncan St. Duncan St.

Duck St.

West St. West Bl.

12th Av.


8th Av.

8th Av.

11th Av.

Redbud Dr.


7th Av.

9th Av. 10th Av.

Payne St.

Dryden St.

Hartford St.

Crescent Dr. Glenwo od Dr.

Husband St.

Main St.

Duncan St.

West St. Duck St. West St. Duck St.

West St.

Knoblock St. Knoblock St.

Hester St.

Washington St.

Benjamin St.

Park Dr.

Pa rk Sta Dr. rD r.

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Ramsey St.

Hester St. Knoblock St. Knoblock St.

Washington St. Bellis St.

Monroe St.

Ramsey St.


Cedar Ct.

4th Av. 5th Av.

5th Av.

5th Av.

Sunrise Av.

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Park Dr.

Star Dr. Dr. Park Cr.

Keller Dr.

Husband St.

Crescent Dr.

r. dD an


Ramsey St. Ramsey St.

Ramsey St.

Lincoln St.

n St. Monroe St. Jefferson St.


Monroe St.

Hester St.

Hester St.

Ramsey St.

4th Av.

8th Av.

Jefferson St.

Adams St.

Blakely St. Stanley St.

Pine St.

Gray St.

Orchard St.

Walnut St.

McDonald St.

Teal St.

Bluestone St.

Dr. dar

Maple Av.

3rd Av.


Willis St.


24th Av.


Maple Av.


21st Av. 23rd Av.


Elm Av.

Maple Av.

Brooke Av.

McElroy Pl.

Arrington Dr.

Elmwood Cr.

Elm Av.

Krayler Ave.

Will Rogers Dr. Cimarron Pl. Cimarron Dr. Leland Frontier Dr. Linda Av. Willham Dr. Ct. Boyles Ct. Willham Dr. Manning Ct.

Connell Av.


7th Av.

12th Av.

11th Pl.



Virginia Av.

Virginia Av.

Walnut St.

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Summ erlin Ct. Bridlew ood


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Washington St. Garfield St. Clevelan

Walnut St. Melrose Dr. Pine St. Redwood St. Gray St. Cleveland St. Stanley St. Garfield St.

Miller Av.

Western Rd.



August Dr.

Surrey Dr.

Dr . in

Kerr St.

d St.

McFarland St. . Kings St

Kings St. Orchard St.

Willis St. Willis St. Willis St.


McFarland St. Kings St.

Western Rd.

Dr. Ridge Dr. Ridge Dr.

Ridge Dr. Rid ge

Devon St. Wicklow St.

7th Av.

Will Rogers Dr.

Dryden Cr.

Hall of Fame Av. Mathews Av.

19th Av.

22nd Av. 23rd Av.

Krayler Ave. Ridgecrest Av. Brooke Av. Moore Av. Franklin Ln. Knapp St.


Black Oak Dr.

Cantwell Av.

Scott Av.

Scott Av.

Lakeview Rd.


Eagle Summit

Knotts Av.


Connell Av.

Connell Av.

Emma Swim Ave.


Fountain View Dr.

Dells Av.

University Av.

k Ln.

Doral Ln.

Franklin Ln.

Cantwell Av.

Morrill Av.

5th Av.

Lauren Lane

Keller Dr. Lakeview Ct.


Arbor Cr.

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st Wood

n St.

Scissortail Dr.


Wentz Ln. University Cr.

31st Av.

Woodland Trails Dr.

Pheasant Eagle Creek Ave. Ridge Ave.

Wehr Ln..


Deer Crossing Dr.

18th Ct.

24th Av. August Dr. Cambridge Ct.

Oxford Dr.

r. dge D Fox Le

29th Ct. 30th Av.

Inverness Ln. Fox Ledge Dr.

Ct. . nery ock Ln R dle Sad


32nd Av.

22nd Av.

Quail 25th Av. Ridge Ct.



Fox Ledge Ln.

Black Oak Dr.


Fox Ledge Ct.

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Murray Ct.

Willow Park Cr.

18th Av.

20th Av. 21st Ct.

Legendary Ln.


P low

Woodlake Dr. Deer Creek Ct.


Bristol Rd. Av. 24th Av.

17th Av.

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Scott Av.

13th Av. 14th Av.

15th Av.

Pioneer St. Quail Ridge Dr. 28th C t.


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Black Oak Dr. Countryside Dr.

Tanglewood Cr.


4th Av. 5th Av. 5th Av.

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19th Av.

Sawgrass St.


Fairfield Dr. Mansfield St. r Ridge Ct.

Hillside St.

Davinbrook Ln. Fiddlers Hill St. Berkshire Dr. Dublin Dr.

Fairfield Dr.


Westridge St. Hillside Ct.

18th Ct.

18th Av.

Shadow Creek Ln.

Country Club Rd.

Wicklow St.

Devon St.

Murphy St.

Shumard Ct. Oak St. W. Shumard Dr.

Pioneer St.

Sangre Rd.

Squires St.

Charles Dr.

Rid lue Sprin B gdal Wo e Dr. odc res t Dr. 11th Ct. Edgemoor Dr.

Iba Dr.

Oak Trail Dr.

Monroe St.

Airport Ln. Lincoln St.

Lincoln St. Lincoln Brooke Lincoln St. St. Hollow Ct. Monroe St. Monroe Monroe St. St. Jefferson St.

Liberty Ct.

Ivy Ct.

Cleveland St.

McFarland St.

McDonald St.

Willis St. Ridge Rd.

Country Club Rd. Windsor Dr. 2nd Ct. Kea ts D r.

Abbey Ln. Windsor Dr.

Oak Ridge Dr. Basin Ridge Dr. r. ge D

Greystone St.

Stoneridge Dr.

Westwood Ln.Westwood Dr.

Rd . Walking Trail Dr .


Shiloh Creek

r. k D r. r. 15th Av. Old Forest D D roo stb hire ar Charleston Cypress Mill We orks alam Y Sh

Vista Ln.


Richmond Hill Rd.

Washington St. Garfield St.

Hunters Ridge Land Run Dr.

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Preston Liberty Cr. Cr.

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Valley Dr.

Mark Circle

Charolais Dr.

Warren Drive

Valley View Sangre Rd.

Keely Ct.

Range Rd. Crosswinds

Stoneyb rook St.


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Lyndsey Ct.

Range Rd.

18th Av.


Lou Ct

Loper Billin gslea Ln. Ct.

10th Av.

3rd Av.



Austin Ct.



Stillwater NewsPress • Friday, January 5, 2018


Westbrook Ct. 15th Av.


Chapel Hill


Mercury Av.

Liberty Dr.

d Dr.

land Ct . Ja Lind a

Summer Hill Ct. Germaine Ct.










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Crestview Ct. Cowboy Ct. High



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Crestview Av.


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Sunset Av. University Av.

7th Av. 8th Av. 9th Av.

Country Club Dr.


Charring Cross


Richfield Ct.

Murphy Dr.




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St. Tyler Av.

Farm Av. Olive Ln. Drummond Av. Athletic Av. Monticello Dr.

Arrowhead Pl.

Arrowhead Av.

5th Av.

Aggie Dr.




. Club Dr . Country Club Ct Country 14th Av. Woodland Ct. Oakfield Ct. 16th Av. Dr.


Admiral Av. Sherwood Av.

4th Av.

Prescot Dr.

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11th Av.

8th Av.

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Kenslow Dr.


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Frontage Road 7th Av.

Ashton Ave.




Durham Ct. Ashford Ct.


Fairway Dr.

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5th Av.

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5th Pl.






Pecan Lake Av. Trenton Ct. Pecan Trail Ct.


Pecan Hill St.


Scott Av.

Miller Av.

Virgina Av. 2nd Av.

10th Av.



Thomas Av.

Ct. Av. uita rgia Chiq d Ct. Geo woo Wild Brentwood Dr. n Dr. Peca Redbud Dr. Redbud Dr. Randolph Ct. Eskridge Av. Windrock Hartman Av. Cr. Tyler Av. Tyler Av. Highview Av.

Dr. nett Graham Av. Ben Will Rogers Dr. Eskridge Av. Eskridge Av.

Eskridge Pl.





Hall of Fame Av.

1st Av.

9th Av.


McElroy Rd.

Tyler Av.

Harned Av.

Mohawk Av.


Marcus Dr.

Swim Av.

oke r. Brollow D Ho

Tyler Av.

Walnut St.

Reese Landing

8th Av.

Boomer Lake


Farm Av.

7th Av. 8th Av.

Parkway Dr.

Osage Dr.

Eastland Dr.

Newman Av.

Hillcrest Av.

Brooke Brooke Jefferson St. Moore Franklin

Oak Crest Rd.

Airport Rd.

Wiley St.


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Hereford Dobi Ln.



Vena Ln.

8th Ct. 9th Ct. Trenton Av.


Liberty Rd. Preston Av.

Windmill Ln.

4th Av.


Lakeridge Av.

Lakeview Rd.

Eskridge Av.


Harned Av. Madison Ct.

Thomas Av. Frances Av.

Memory Ln. Country Ln.

Airport Rd.

. Dr


Lakeview Rd.

3rd Pl.


Tobacco Rd.

Preston Ln.

State Ln.

Lisa Ct. Lori Ct.



Cheyenne Av.

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Harned Av.



Arapaho Av.


Newman Av. Hillcrest Av. Brown Av.



Ute Av.

Lake Sh



Rogers Dr.

Cherokee Av.


Richmond Rd.



Hartwood Av.

Keller Williams 8. 1909 E. 3rd Ave. 2-4 .......................................... Heather

gate Dr .

Britton Ct. B Dr. ritton Greenbriar Cr. Dr. Au d Ma ene D rieD r. r. Greenvale Ct. Ct. side C rook

Golf Dr.

Ranch Av.

Fisher Provence 6. 907 S. West Oaks 1-3 ................................... Sherri/Kim 7. 924 S. Kings 1-3.................................................Shannon

Lynn Ln.





Coldwell Banker Team Stillwater 5. 2020 E. Kelsey Ln. 1-3..................................... Delphine

3rd Av.

nd St. Husba

Stonecrest Ave.

Stillwater Municipal Airport

Park Pl. Tower Park Dr.

Richmond Hill Ct.

Husband Pl. Northgate Dr.

Falls Dr.

Real Estate Professionals 1. 3807 Eagle Creek 1-3 .......................................... Tiffany 2. 701 W. Hartwood 1-3 .........................................Melissa

Windsor Cr.

Chateau Ct.

Amethyst Ave.

Richmond Rd.

RE/MAX Signature 3. 901 N. Dryden St. 1-2 .............................................. Julie 4. 5006 N. Nancy Lee Dr. 2:30-3:30 ......................... Julie




Chateau Dr.

Stonecrest Ct.


Topaz Ave.

Chateau Pl. Peaceable Acres Rd.

• All Open Houses are Sunday unless otherwise indicated.

d Win

Burris Rd.

Burris Rd. 177

Week of Sunday, January 7, 2018

• Open Houses may be cancelled in case of inclement weather. If you have questions, please call the hosting REALTOR®.

Jardot Rd.

Perkins Rd.

Yost Rd.

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