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Samsung Charge Problem: the Galaxy S3 Frustrates December 19, 2012 | Posted in Features | No comments

Samsung Charge Problem: the Galaxy S3 Frustrates

The reception the Galaxy S3 has gotten throughout the world has in no doubt been very much welcomed by its maker Samsung. The electronic giants have impacted the world with arguably one of the best smartphones the world has seen to date, and currently shows no sign of slowing down. Packed with new and inventive features its 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 4.8 inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels demands the support of a powerful and reliable battery. The super smartphone has a minimum rated standby time of 770 hours and a minimum talk time of 660 minutes, however S3 users have reported difficulties when attempting to recharge Samsung’s flagship gadget. Running on Android’s OS version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) many users have now installed the recent 4.1 Jelly Bean update which boosts the speed of the processor and in-turn demand more from the battery.

Taking home this beast of a gadget there has been many frustrated users, after spending hours trying to acquaint themselves with their new toy, now finds they have trouble recharging the device. Waiting up to 9 hours for your phone to recharge is nothing nice and people are growing tired and confused. There have been reported cases where users say the charging percentage stays at the same number after hours of charging. Others say, for the first day the phone charges perfectly then from the second day it stops charging and the situation keeps alternating over days (charge, not charging, charging, not charging), while others say it does not charge with the main charger but works

with the USB, hope its not another cursed gadget.

Possible Solutions to try •

First of all, the phone should only be charged with its official charger which is provided in the box as other chargers have less output so they won’t charge the phone fully, the S3 requires 1000MA as opposed to the 500 or 700 that a lot of other devices use.

• •

Check to see if the charging port on the phone is damaged of if there is anything stuck in it. It is also advised that you let the phone discharge fully between charges a few times, this conditions the battery, lengthens the life and allows Android to optimise the battery life.

Another usefull advise is to be certain there are no apps running in the background and also that WIFI/data and most other things are off when charging. For most people when the battery level runs down to 15% or less, then it will take a while longer to recharge as the fast charge setting is automatically shut off, so do not let it reach that level.

If it goes down to 5% the S3 will shut down then you will have to charge it in the off mode and this will definitely be longer than you want. The way to avoid this is to unplug the charger after one hour then it should get above 15% and then it will charge faster

Getting your Samsung charge up to a full level via your computer USB will definitely take a longer time as the USB outputs a 500MA of power.

It is important that Galaxy S3 users accept that this smartphone is simply a slow charging device. When charging with the phone on, and WIFI/data and other things are off, the Galaxy will charge at a rate of 2% per hour while using the official charger from a wall socket. If you charge with the phone off under the same circumstances, it should charge at a 40% per hour rate. There has not been any word from Samsung on this charge situation but we expect them to come up with some solution soon. Users are frustrated and are hoping to get some news on the problem in the near future. Could this be something like the Apple Maps Jinx?

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Samsung Charge Problem: the Galaxy S3 Frustrates  

This article talks about the popular Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone, the problems when charging it and solutions to these problems

Samsung Charge Problem: the Galaxy S3 Frustrates  

This article talks about the popular Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone, the problems when charging it and solutions to these problems