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Toad Suck Car Club October 2009

Events Sonic Cruise  will  be  October  20  at  6:30   pm.

TSCC Newsletter

President Don  Searls  called  meeting  to  order  with  32  members  &   guests  present.    Minutes  were  read  and  approved.    Treasure   report  given  by  Jim  Bemis,  advised  there  was  approx  $8,800  in  the   treasury.    Approved.  

This month  the  TSCC  Eat-­‐Out  will  be   October  22  at  6:30  pm.    We  will  meet   at  the  Due  Amiche  Restaurant  on  Dave   Ward  Drive.  

Don reported  that  the  grand  opening  of  Dollar  Tree  had  been   moved  to  Oct  20  and  anyone  wanting  to  take  a  car  to  contact  him.     It  was  also  reported  that  the  ArtsFest  was  a  washout  due  to   weather.  

Acxiom Pumpkinpalooza  October  29   on  the  Conway  Campus.    3  –  5  pm.  

Update given  by  Dave  Rolla  on  poker  run  –  anyone  interested   should  contact  Dave.  

Christian Car  Club  trunk  or  treat  at   Chik-­‐Fil-­‐A  at  5:30  pm.  Contact  Michael   Biggs.  

It was  suggested  by  the  Christmas  party  committee  to  hold  this   years  party  at  Bob’s  Grill  on  December  14th  at  6:30  Motion  was   made  &  2nd.    Vote  was  unanimous  as  well  as  letting  the  Committee   use  discretion  on  amount  to  spend  for  the  party  &  gifts.  

Door Prizes Won By Will Leshego,  Path  Hollaway,   Larry  Jones,  Doris  Nunn,   Heather  Nunn,  Jerry  Nunn,  Bill   Parker,  &  Don  Myers.  

Don suggested  the  car  club  have  a  “get  to  know”  the  students  in   Kevin’s  class  at  Conway  High  School  who  may  be  candidates  for   the  scholarship  that  is  given  each  year  by  the  car  club  by  holding  a   hot  dog  cook  out  for  the  students  and  several  members  bringing   cars  to  the  school.    Kevin  will  get  approval  and  set  a  date.    Sonic  Cruise  will  be  Oct  20th  at  6:30        Eat  Out  will  be  Oct  22nd  at   Due  Amiche  Italian  Restaurant  on  Dave  Ward  Drive  at  6:30  instead   of  having  a  cook  out  previously  suggested.   New  officers  were  nominated  and  elected  for  2010  and  will  be:  

50/50 Won By Bill Parker  

Next Meeting November 9,  2009   Bob’s  Grill  

President –  Don  Searls;  Vice  President  –  Kevin  Mathis;  Secretary  –   Rosemary  Watson;  Treasurer  –  Jim  Bemis;  MOTAA  Representatives   –  Harrell  Bates  &  Bill  Helton.   Upcoming  shows  were  announced.   Motion  was  made  &  2nd  to  adjourn.    

From the  President:    It  was  good  to  be  back  this  month  after  missing  last  months  meeting.    We  had  a  lot  of  business   to  take  care  of  at  the  October  meeting  and  I  want  to  thank  everyone  for  being  patient  as  we  got  through  it  all.   I  am  going  to  take  this  space  this  month  to  highlight  a  few  non-­‐club  events  that  we  talked  about.    First  off  is  the  Big  Cruisefest   that  is  being  held  on  October  23  –  24.    Little  Rock  Convention  and  Visitors  Bureau  and  Arkansas  Pontiac  Association  sponsor  this   event.    This  is  a  great  event  and  usually  has  somewhere  around  500  cars  present.    Several  of  will  be  meeting  Saturday,  October   24  at  7:00  am  at  Stroud’s  Diner  in  Mayflower  for  breakfast  and  then  cruising  to  LR  for  this.   th

Next up  is  the  event  that  is  taking  place  on  the  Acxiom  Conway  campus.    This  is  celebrating  Acxiom’s  40  year  in  business.    This   will  take  place  on  October  29  from  3  –  5  pm.    They  are  letting  us  setup  a  display  of  cars  for  the  associates  to  view  and  there  will   also  be  other  games  and  such  going  on.    I  already  have  a  list  of  members  that  are  willing  to  bring  their  cars,  and  if  I  don’t  have   your  name  and  you  would  be  interested,  just  let  me  know.   Lastly,  the  Christian  Car  Club  of  Conway  has  been  invited  by  Chik-­‐Fil-­‐A  to  put  on  a  display  of  cars  on  October  30  at  5:30  for  a   trunk  or  treat  event.    This  is  the  main  fundraising  event  for  this  club.    If  you  are  interested  in  this,  please  contact  Michael  Biggs  or   myself.   This  year  is  almost  over  and  we  have  elected  our  officers  for  next  year  so  we  will  be  looking  forward  to  another  year  of  fun  in  the   coming  months.   Don  

Founded in 1986, the Toad Suck Car Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of any and all cars and trucks. Old or new, original, restored, or modified, there's room for you and your vehicle in our club.

Toad Suck Car Club P. O. Box 10177 Conway, AR 72033