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Toad Suck Car Club September 2009

Events Sonic Cruise  will  be  September  15   at  6:30  pm.       This  month  the  TSCC  Eat-­‐Out  will   be  September  24  at  6:30  pm.    We   will  meet  at  the  Hart’s  Seafood  at   226  Prince  St.   ArtsFest  on  Front  Street  on   October  9.    Event  times  are  4:30   pm  –  7:30  pm.    

Door Prizes Won By Names weren’t  recorded,   so  if  you  won  a  door  prize,   congratulations.

TSCC Newsletter

Meeting was  called  to  order  by  Vice-­‐President  Kevin  Mathis,  minutes  and   treasurer’s  report  were  read  and  approved.    34  members  and  guests   were  present.     Kevin  gave  a  report  on  the  car  show  that  was  held  August  22  at  Pickle’s   Gap  and  thanked  all  members  that  helped  out.    We  had  130  cars  at  the   show,  and  were  blessed  with  good  weather.     A  thank  you  letter  was  read  from  Jerry  Nunn.     Wendy  Wright,  manager  of  Dollar  Tree  will  be  moving  into  a  new   location  beside’s  Penny’s  and  has  asked  if  the  car  club  would  be   interested  in  helping  setup  a  show  &  shine.    The  opening  will  be  on   October  31.    Request  was  made  to  have  Don  get  more  information  fro   the  next  meeting  for  anyone  wanting  to  attend.     Guest  Dr.  Gayle  Seymour  has  invited  any  of  the  members  to  bring  cars   for  a  show  &  shine  for  the  ArtsFest  on  October  9  from  4:30  –  7:30.     Members  can  park  in  the  Log  Cabin  parking  lot.     The  Faulkner  County  Fair  parade  will  not  have  a  sign  up  this  year.    If   anyone  wants  to  participate  they  are  just  to  show  up.    

50/50 Won By Rosemary Watson  

Member David  Rolla  suggested  having  a  poker  run.    He  will  bring  more   information  to  the  next  meeting.     It  was  suggested  the  October  eat-­‐out  be  a  cookout.    More  discussion  at   the  next  meeting.  

Next Meeting

October 12,  2009  

Bob’s Grill  

Flyers were  read  for  upcoming  car  shows.   Motion  Made  to  Adjourn.  

From the  President:    As  you  know  I  am  away  this  week  for  a  few  days  vacation  with  my  family.    I  hear  through  the   grapevine  that  Kevin  did  a  great  job  covering  for  me.    I  want  to  personally  thank  him  for  taking  care  of  the  car  club  business  in  my   absence.   As  you  know  we  had  a  successfully  car  show  on  August  22  at  Pickles  Gap.    I  also  want  to  thank  all  the  club  members  that  were   present  and  helped  out.    We  were  very  busy  with  parking  and  judging  130  cars.    I  would  also  like  to  thank  Cindy,  Joanne,  and   anyone  else  that  helped  out  at  the  registration  desk.    There  were  2  guys  that  worked  very  hard  at  the  entrance,  Bill  Yates  and   Bruce  Hamm.    These  guys  were  at  the  entrance  most  of  the  day  directing  traffic.    Thanks  to  all!!!!!!   The  date  for  the  event  that  Dollar  Tree  has  been  moved  up  to  October  20.    I  will  get  what  information  that  I  can  from  the   manager  of  the  store  for  the  next  meting.   I  also  have  an  email  from  Gayle  Seymour  and  we  won’t  have  another  meeting  before  this  event  on  October  9.    So  if  you  want  to   participate  in  this  event  just  show  up  at  the  Log  Cabin  parking  lot  on  October  9  at  4:30  pm.   I  may  see  those  that  participate  on  October  9  and  if  I  don’t,  I  will  see  you  at  the  October  meeting.   Don  

Founded in 1986, the Toad Suck Car Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of any and all cars and trucks. Old or new, original, restored, or modified, there's room for you and your vehicle in our club.

Toad Suck Car Club P. O. Box 10177 Conway, AR 72033



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